Who is she pol? Why is she hiding pol?

There's even an online method of destroying a man. Can't wait for the mail to come so I can get comfy and read about crafting false allegations and destroying lives. How can I send Angela Confidential flowers?

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America can learn a thing from Duterte and offer a reward for every feminist hunted down and killed.

What she doesn't realize is this is what the backlash will eventually look like.

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lmao what is classical antique and how did it wind up?

Research the jewish story of Purim.
Jews think WW2 never ended and all Aryans are the first enemy to go.

Isn't it obvious by now that segregated workplaces are the future?

I hope so. I ordered this stupid fucking book because I wanted to protect myself at one of my jobs and read what is rapidly becoming the new modern woman's bible. We've got a herd of cuntosauruses (or is it saurus?) there and one of them got them into this. It's only 57 fucking pages and a retard could understand it; and thats what concerns me. With every page I read I am seeing more red. I can't believe we can get this but not a copy of "200 years together" in this country

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Be sure to post highlights for us to read, user.

Oh I will; I'm thinking of posting the whole fucking book; the XYs of the world have the right to know how deep this runs

God speed, user.

When will it come?

heres a sample to wet your whistles anons. Have to be at work soon so maybe I can post more later

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You misspelled Zig Forums.

You'll survive.

ahh, those were the days…

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We'll be waiting :^)

Just another reminder that if we want to have a future worth living for, we'll have to fight to get it.

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btw, someone needs to make a book on how to destroy a woman, and then try to publish it on Amazon, then sue in California, under the Unruh Civil Rights Act.

^ Cernovich explains how he's suing Medium, which kicked him off the platform, along with Loomer.

(Loomer not being party to the suit)

Nice attempt at shilling your book faggot.

mfw allison allegation

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lol this has been making the mra/mgtow rounds. He's going to upload it here. It's not his.

Such Allison.

How is that shilling for a book? Do you think a Zig Forumsack would buy that shit?

Here's how it works. kike sites - such as the very one here - advertise both sides. for example, when kike drudge pushes some lesser-known book, or other production, a website, check into it, yep, it's kikes, regardless of which side it is. example "book making fun of Trump" - it's a kike book being promoted. That's how it is.

So his suspicion is warranted. And, hell, this book is probably by a kike.

But op is going to give the book away for free keek and kikes HATE THAT, which is why i suspect his suspicion is really (((shut it down))) to defend fellow kike IP.

So basically "any press is good press." Still, I would never buy it so if I want to read any of it this is still the only way I can. Catch-22.

from the section on the DAMN online method. Have to leave now

and fuck no i am not shilling this piece of drivel. Don't read it. Don't even use it for toilet paper. I'm flat out requesting everyone ITT not even spend an asshair on this

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That's adorable


The funny part is that Margaret Atwood recently came out and publicly denounced feminists/feminism for trying to weaponize false allegations against men.

mfw i just found myself on stdregistry.com

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The only way to kill the book is to scan the whole thing. It's easier to scan books if you cut the spine. Then you can feed it into a full duplex scanner that lets you load up multiple pages. Let me find an example.

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:-( I'm afraid to look…

This will just encourage men to use false names and abandon (((social media))).

What they have fooled themselves to believe is that they are in charge. Literally any normal man could if he wanted to put a woman through a fucking wall. These fucking feminist whores don't realise this.

And they turned on her for doing so.

FWIW she was always smarter than then the reactionary ones.

This is just saying be a jew.

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tbh fb is kinda necessary, because phonebooks don't work anymore, as they don't have cellphone numbers.

They need to learn to respect the bicep, user. These female power fantasies are out of control, and it's not their fault - it's the weak men who enable them.

Then why aren't they huh? dumbass.

It's a PR manual, but the thing to remember is that a) the internet is forever and b) you better damn well be better at PR than your target.

I hear pic related has trouble getting work these days after her court antics.

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if i knew her name i would report her to everyone of those fucking sites

When you get it make sure to highlights the juicy bits so we can rub it on women's face anytime they try to fuck with us.

Yep. Find a way… any way… to not hire that poisonous bich.

No, he needs to scan the whole thing. That's all that kills books like this. I related this:

We need websites like this for women.


It will have to be onion-based :^)

The last time I dated a woman I met online was 15 years ago. Meet them IRL, you get a much better read and less drama.

I look forward to reading it.

You sound like a big guy:^)

The websites she's using are where you lie and say he cheats or whatever. These sites are probably mostly used by jealous bitches who want to ruin the happiness of you and your beau.

You think I use my real name on FB? LOL

Ignore the homo. There's a homo troll that's been slithering around here.

Everyone should have an uninteresting fb for employers to sleuth.

Post if faget

Can you make a .pdf so we won't have to buy it? It could be useful to learn their tactics and form countermeasures to defend ourselves.

This would be the DOX of the millenium. Can't imagine what her life would turn in to>>11301835

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op seems to be pretty lazy tbh

dunno, but first thought was a local cunt

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Scan the entire thing and upload it to /pdf/ so that anons can dissect this shit and devise tactical countermeasures.

There's a Kindle edition. Buy the book, screencap it on the desktop Kindle app, return it for a refund. You have 7 days and I don't think it matters how much you read, but you could always just take the machine you're using offline till the refund goes through.

This will count toward some secret total for the purposes of preventing abuse of the system, but if you're a new customer or haven't used their return system much it shouldn't be a problem.

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I went through this.
No man should ever have to endure loss of reputation and livelihood simply because some cunt was having a bad day.
The part that really sucks is that you, as both victim and plaintiff, not only have to prove malice of intent on their part, but, also, that you suffered some kind of financial, professional, or social loss on account.
It is my hope that the recent slew of false allegations in the media will lead to a reform of defamation laws in the US.

I would be more than happy to contribute a couple of chapters, if not pen the entire book myself.

idk man. They may have security tricks on the kindle edition.

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Scanning books is quite a bit of work, and most people are pretty fucking lazy.

Sadly while defamation laws do need reform, the easiest way to avoid this is to avoid troublemakers in the first place.

My startup company has no employees, only contractors. And when I do grow to the point where I need to hire, there will be no women, period. There are creative ways around EEOC laws (many I've learned here on Zig Forums, thanks shitlords) and as I've told many people, I'm running a business. Government can run a charity. Already "going Galt" to a certain extent to avoid troublemakers but I'm sure that there are a lot of people like me. The net result is that there will be a lot of sandwiches made and many fewer women in the workplace come 2025.

You've made your bed, ladies, now you can lie in it.

The piece of shit is only 56 pages. It can hardly be called a book.

Depends on the equipment you have available. If I had a physical copy of this book, I could just cut it at the spine with a paper cutter and then dump the entire thing on my scanner tray. Whole thing scanned to pdf and emailed to me. Total time for 56 pages? I estimate less than 5 minutes from start to finish.

Gibe PDF of this it needs to be studied for tactics.
Knowing is half the battle


Yes, but you aren't lazy, user. Lazy people are why sliced bread commands a premium.

pic: an Allegation Allison. No evidence at all. Pure allegation.

the fucking pic

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This is also how the mudpeople are working together to destroy any whites who will take the bait. Everyone has seen the "hate crimes" which turn out to be hoaxes, or the viral videos that conveniently leave out all provocation that makes the white person snap. But it all starts with these DAMN fundamentals, and with allegations and "crying out in pain as they strike you".

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Timeless advice, user.
Also, I wouldn't mind picking your brain, if you ever feel like starting a thread over in /biz/.

If there aren't any images to embed, a clean, flat photo with the current resolution itt would be fine enough to run OCR to make an epub version.
Simple enough. ;)

epub would be better, my OCR setup is all optimized for scanning invoices into ERP software.

tbqf make it txt. Formatting is for fags.

Not gonna lie: you're not wrong.
It was the liberal bent in the proofreading community that ruined it for me.
One of the senior admins in the one group was an openly-avowed Marxist, too.
Troubling, when you consider that these are the folks in charge of safeguarding written history.
Polite sage for off-topic.

Forgetting to sage…
Shoot me now…

Make notations of the entire thing on Kindle then go to your notes page online and cut/paste the entire thing. Have to do it page by page, then reformat backwards from your notes but you can do it for an entire book. read.amazon.com/notebook while signed in

Care to share some with this thread, user? This is all valuable knowledge.

You are correct. As soon as you start showing real power, they seem to lose theirs. We really had a generation of sackless men. I suppose a few decades back feminism was in vogue. They never realized how it would destroy their sons. There’s also a huuuge laziness factor to enabling strong women. I swear many boomer guys like to let their women make decisions for them because they shirk proper responsibility.

That was me for much of my life, thank God I had the strength of character to find myself or I probably would an hero'd 10 years ago.
And that is my deadbeat father. I'm living proof!

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Its very amusing how the tv show is an outgrowth of the intolerance of the left and especially bay area/hollywood politics of totalitarianism making the whole thing ironically kino.



You will never fit in.

This fucking bb3d8d cunt needs to go. Another nigger from reddit that doesn't give a fuck about anyone but himself, shitposting his way through thread with epic emojifacES!One1!
Fucking whore. I would be facing charges for putting this fag in a tree if he were in front of me. Soon though, it will be a required service.

o nooooo some boomer doesn't like meeee

FAB: Filter All Boomers

Without jews, such "bibles" don't have any meaning.

It's probably written by a jew faggot. Ebooks on scummy topics number in the thousands. The only people who will buy this, are too fat and ugly to utilize the methods. Also what that toc suggests, is illegal.

Plenty of apps that convert Kindle shits to pdf.

I checked. Not available yet in the main place.

use camscanner and you can go straight from your phone to PDF


They're in for a surprise when they realise within a few years that the era of jewish control was but a blip on the radar of history.

How to destroy a woman:

There are more ways, its just late and I'm tired of writing. Enjoy, niggers.

Oops forgot to add a few important bits;

Or u could just rape her

I noticed this id too. See . Pretty sure it's either female or gay.