If Christianity Never Existed, Would Islam?


I have 2 theories on Christianity I'd like to test against some of the smarter people here (no retards, please, I've been formulating this for years and gone back and forth from Zündel and Devi's way of thinking to Chesterton's..now I'm..I want to establish a few facts with other smart people if possible).

Firstly, I think I might this week pick up copies of the Quran, Hadith, and Suras just to see how many elements of Christianity Mohammmed (piss be upon him) weaved into his own religion with himself as the central prophet, of course.

Without the elements of conquest that brought their bullshit on us and cost us Constnatinople(notice, niggers net al never mention this when discussing "immigration " and what Euros lost due to conquest…Orthodox not even allowed to practice their own religion in city that they built and the largest (former) Church in the world cannot even have services held there) I think that Mommedism works well for the sand peoples since it is basically an organic religion and they essentially have the impulse control of niggers. They CANNOT HELP raping females unless they are covered since they have nigger pulse control. This is probably good for them.

But, the central question here is, without Christianity would Religion of Cuck™ have ever evolved? If the answer is "Yes," then overall one would have to give Christianity a more positive role than it is generally given among most serious WN circles given that it was the only moderately unifying force that helped to fend off the Saracens at Tours and eventually retake Spain and defeat the savages at Siege of Malta, Battle of Lepanto and the Holy League, etc… If only Europe could have ONCE stopped all her squabbling and turned on the Arabs before fall of Constantinople with a thunderous fist, world would look very different today).

Also, can you imagine if the Mumammedeans had gotten to South America before Christians and proselytized them? Meso-american saagery combined with a new lust to die for their new prophet? The US would have had a far harder time flourishing since would have had to deal with them and send punitive sources and fortify area (although that may have been a good thing since would have given us a firm, uncrossable border and possibly even gotten an amendment in prohibiting all Religion of Cuck™ic immigration).

Now, my second theses on Christianity– why did this little cult on the far flung side of the empire end up exerting such influence? I've been listening to Gibbon on audio again and again, and I keep coming to same conclusion which he would not– Christianity arose at the time it did out of NECESSITY as a way for people to protect themselves from Jewish plundering once Jew Temple had been razed and they were at liberty to wander empire cheating people and following the legions to take slaves.

The counter to this would be "early christians were outlawed on the entire while Jews were given official status…when this changed Jews were only religion i empire not outlawed other than Christians, etc.. Mu response here would be, why would Jews prosecute Christians with such gusto if they had "official endorsement" from a sort of Learned Elders ofZion to Spread this as a subversive cult among the Romans? Having red Josephus fairly extensively, I know how average Jews viewed them etc.. and there is much to debate about place of Pharisees on all of this and the rest.

Regardless, Jew financial acumen/thievery/usuryn (and the coziness this gave them with the Nobles) cannot be denied. So what better way to protect against it than by setting up a religion based on a renegade Jew who "chased the money-lenders from Temple with a bullwhip?" How better to shame a Noble than to be able to call him out for associating and with and taking loans from a Christ-killer?

tl;dr– what would Europe have looked like had Christ and his cult never existed, and would the Mohadeemeans have come into being anyway?

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Also Hitler described the ancient world before christianity as "much freer" and it being a "setback of 1000 years" due to all the deliberate destruction inflicted by the hordes of hebrews, arabs and copts swarming out of the desert, to the point of we having to look at ruined places like Pompei to find the remains.

And no, Religion of Cuck™ wouldn't have existed without the "universalist" values of christianity, like one true dogma only, convert everybody and so on. mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker studied christianity in depth, had a lot of contact with Ethiopians and spent time in Byzantium. There is a chance it would have evolved from existing gnostic/monotheistic cults in the middle-east, especially Babylon, and directly from Judaism that was present in Arabia (judaism also influenced the goatfuckers), but it would be vastly different.

Your thread, however, has shit formatting...


I wasn't trying to insult anyone is actually sincere or has genuine festoons and wants to discuss, just the edge lord assholes thinking that are fucking cool and who often shit up threads. I intend to work this up into an article to submit to Dr. Kevin Macdonald and see if he;lll consider printing it since I think it isan immensely important topic in Western history that can NEVER be touched in anything even remotely mainstream for fear these cuckolds have of being blown up if they even conjecture what life in the West would have been like had Mohammmed never existed and COULD he or his bullshit have existed without Christianity?

I think there's a lot to this topic, would really be interested to hear from all sides and get opinions and hash them out.


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YEAH I know mate. My hand is infected as fuck, can only type with unhand at the moment and can't go to hospital to have treated or will be in debt for rest of my life given what my deductible is.

To be quite honest, for all AH's genius, he was NOT a great historian (his genius, I'm not disputing, but he had far too much work to carry out to busy himself with reading histories).

Being nowhere near as gifted as AH, I CAN busy myself with such things, and I can't exactly see…once Jerusalem was razed and the 2nd Macabee rebellion and the kicks were scattered to the winds, it's clear they saw (and STILL SEE) Rome to this day as their enemy, which is why they opened the gates for the muslims to spain, tried to send messages over the walls during Malta siege and only by sheer luck was the Jew seen by a child and they were abe to catch the kike before he fled and torture out of him what he had said..it was also a kike butcher who flayed alive the Venetian governor or Certe and ensured he suffered the most painful death possible (for this little nicety Venice replied by expelling ALL kikes from Venice).

My question to you or anyone else…have you read any of the mohomo'd the pedo goatfuckeran scriptures? I really don't want to foul myself with it, but the week I am going to in order to see how much he took from Christianity.

AH was, however, very much correct in that Saul of Tarsus was by far the most important spreader and writer in Christian history. Interestingly, the harbor where he was wrecked on Malta and is named for him was where the final battle between Christian and turn took place, and the saracen were slaughtered by the thousands ands such was the smelll that none dared go near there for over a week (OT, but if anyone interested in siege of malta or in battle of lepanto, just ask me, there is an amazing book that covers both the subjects, and a good free audio book from 1946 by a UK officer written just after war that covers just the siege)

Sort of, salty Israelites would have still funded mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker (shit-smeared bacon be upon him) and armed him with the Abrahamic tradition in order to launch a military and cultural conquest of the Arabs, but the form of the cult would have been slightly different.

Christianity is shit though, it is Religion of Cuck™ for Europeans. Semitic cultists created a Semitic culture hero (the fictional Yeshua) whose defining trait was to spread inclusiveness such that gentiles could be brought into the Semitic fold. The values attributed to Yeshua are degenerate filth only distinguishable from Marxism in that they rely on theistic justifications rather than economic. The reason Christianity became so influential is for similar reasons to Religion of Cuck™, first of all, secret funding from Semites, and secondly, it appeals to the lower castes of a society and promises them Semitic salvation if they rebel against tradition and hierarchy. This is what it means for Yeshua to be one who comes to turn sons against fathers, a statement which is absolutely anathema to the Aryan spirit.

If there had never been Christianity to ruin Europe, it would look like the Third Reich, everywhere and in perpetuity. European nations for European peoples with European cultures based in European spirituality.

No, since Religion of Cuck™ is a development of christianity under a certain social condition ie. 7th century "hedjaz" .
If there was no christianity, that religious tradition the jewish one, not trying to bait, but it's true would had never become widespread in that specific region, and thus would had never lead to the rise of Religion of Cuck™, considering that it was christianity who was responsible to making said tradition widespread in the area.

Based on writings of Josephus and others, I just don't buy your argument here friend. The Romans NEVER liked to "outlaw" any religion. Kikes got their special treatment both bc they were uniquely monotheistic and because they had money to buy influence.

Christians only became a problem for Rome when whispers of subversion and plots began to be attached to their meetings. And after the great fire was blamed on them(whether true of not), they were danced. Gibbons has a lot of interesting passages on this.

He writes that since most who had turned to Christianity were hopeless debtors, gamblers, and drunks they were happy to day for their faith, as it ensured the community would care for their family and that they would at least leave some legacy other than drunkard,,,their, whatever. i gihly recommend his passages on "ChristianMArtyers," who he argues were greatly overestimated for political reasons. NOW, if a Gibbons should come along and write that along the sacred Holohoax, he'd be both bankrupted and jailed. Shows you just how much freedom the Euros have lost since 1789 when this book was written, eh???

Do you have a source for this? I am relying one Falvius Jospehus, who has been shown accurate in most other things.

Pretty sure that would've happened with or without any other religious influence.

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Nah, Religion of Cuck™ itself is not that bad, it's much closer to your definition of christianity than you think, except that it drives a little further away from the truth. That part about being a mindless drone came with the ashari predestination, a few hundred years after mohomo.

You're probably right, it wouldn't be much different if it was pagan, christian, muslim or whatever, considering that the general populations remained the same.


A. could you just write mohomo'd the pedo goatfuckereanism since that word winter distracts the shit out me?

B. Can you give me sources where I can read about such things I'm not being a smarts and "Trying to test" you, genuinely curious. If such things exist, won't have to waste all week with texts of mohomo'd the pedo goatfuckereanism

again, I have to disagree with you by going back to same source– Jopsehus. And he actually took up arms against Rome during the uprising but was allowed not only to live but keep his lands. And in the works he writes on "the jewish war," though he does acknowledge that Rome won he doesn't completely kiss Rome's ass as one would expect a a vanquished enemy to do, but even does not shy away from criticizing them.

It's fucking sad but when one spends a few months with the classics, one realizes those authors were more free free in terms of what the could write.speak.publish than we are. If you have or can recommend texts that prove my assumptions incorrect, please do so.

Lospehus essentially writes that the kikes were punished for their revolt by having their temple razed and many who were active in it exiled, but other than that life for jews went on pretty much as normal. The jew kids weren't forced to give up their language, culture, and forced to learn "Roman re-educational manuals" approved by their dept of psycholoical warfare (as the germans were post WW 2).

Nah, that was an hysteric development made by gnostics. Religion of Cuck™ at the height of the ayyubids was much more mystically-oriented than christianity in the 300s and 400s, for example.

So much idiocy in one post. Of course Europe would be different if it hadn't been invaded by a religious cult whose MO is the destruction of European traditions and cultures, suppressing them so that Semitic culture can be placed in its wake and therefore Semitic rulers can be installed over the conquered peoples.

No Christianity? No Rothschilds, no court Jews, no Jewish ghettos, no feudalism, no wars at the behest of the Vatican, no suppression of the shamanistic castes and folk arts such as healing and faerie-mediation, no propagation of the urbanization scheme which Semites favor over the homesteading natural to Europeans. Everything which is wrong with our era can be traced back to the influence of Christianity as a vector for Semitic values and ideas, along with allowing Semites themselves into our nations.

Well, it's bad for Europe since it's an expansionist religion that Europeans need NOTHING to do with. I still to this dat look at a "Kosovar" woman, and I swear I can look into her eyes and tell she has no soul. They are like Zombies, with maybe a White phenotype but whatever made them European is gone.

I do agree that it it's good FOR THEM since it arose organically AMONG THEM where they realized that they…cannot handle booze, cannot look at females without raping, and all the other rules that either come from their founder or came into being over the centuries.

The problem with Christianity….although SOEM OF IT was able to be grafted onto the native customs (why did the Normans love St. Micheal the Archangel so much and build their greatest architectural triumph, Mt san. Michel, as a testimony to him? he was a WARRIOR, which they could relate to…)

You see this in the Scandinavian nations (or used to) and tings like rumors that on Christmas eve the barnyard animals talked to one another…all of this has pagan roots. Red Ice used to do a decent job of explaining this, but I think fucking Antifa took down almost all of it when they hacked and destroyed it, the fuckers)

Said sandnigger wasn't very creative, without Christianity he just would have bullshitted up another pagan sand cult and likely not got half as far as he did.

no it didnt
mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker went around slaughtering, enslaving and converting every dunecoon in Arabia before he died
with assistance from the jewish himyarite kingdom before they converted too
the first major contact Christianity had with Religion of Cuck™ was when the muslims ventured out of Arabia Magna and attacked a Roman legion on march through Arabia Minor
one the muslims say was a glorious win but Roman accounts as they were attacked by bandits in the desert

way out of my depth here, but aren't "the Suffis" known for being "mystical" and as a result are frequently blown up by other sunnis like the Salafists?

As Dr. Scheuer has been saying for 15_ years now: between the differences among sunnis themselves, differences they have with Shia, AND with the Jews, if ZOG would just GTFO and let them kill each other…as he said, we can sell arms to both sides and laugh as they fucking kill each other.

Instead, we've spent (even typing the number makes me want to weep) $17 trillion total on all these fucking wars and got NOTHING out of them, and the healthcare costs won't REALL hit us for another 2030 years. And what did we get out of it?

Imagine the highways, the beiges the tunnels, the airports, we could have built for 17 TRILLION!!!

arent you forgetting about the desert fathers, the gnostics, the mithraic heresies?

The military-industrial complex got plenty out of them, and the CIA further entrenched itself as the power behind international drug trade through acquisition of the poppy fields.

That's not the case. There were christian tribes in Arabia, especially in Yemen, and Byzantine influence was strong all over there, alongside with Sassanid, if weakened at that time due to mutual war. mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker was known to have visited Byzantium, and, if I recall, also christian Ethiopia. That was just their first military contact, if even that…

Buy he, himself, was genetically ARAB and they, themselves were ARABS. One tribe of…Vikings (actual Vikings..not Kangz history Channel Vikingz) may have conquered another and thus given them elements of their religion, customs, whatever….but it was all still originally Scandinavian.

The ket elements of a religion in terms of where it adapted were, IMO, A.genetics B. Geography. C. Climate

The pedo mohomaadeeaddans were not so far from their tribal cousins that you could call it "a non-native religion imposed by fire and sword" as one could say of Christianity imposed on…the Irish who lived 4,000 miles and in a culture completely different from where Christianity was born.

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I've read the fucker left Arabia

nothing you've posted here makes sense in any historical setting
these are arabs, apart from a satrapy in the north under Sassinid influence and the Himyarites restricting trade with India by sea the region was extremely insular and isolated

I know you're struggling to type, but assuming you meant "the fucker never left Arabia" and that was not the case of contact with christians before 629…

And what the other poster said was correct. Arabia was no insulated, it was actively influenced by both Byzantine and Sassanid Empires, was connected to trade routes to India and East Africa, had relations with Ethiopia and migrating jews and christians. They routinely raided both empires.

Other than the Persians (who fell much later) and what they eventually lost (Zoroastrianism), but a single "culture in that area had a thing to offer the world and they all lived in similar societies. Were this not true, within 100 years of his death (piss be upon him) they'd not have taken all of northern africa and been in Spain)

Are you fucking retarded? The middle ages were distinctly manorial with the urbanization only occuring during the early modern era, ie 1550 onward.

Hitler's personal views on antiquity and the middle ages were based on sources which are ironically far more opposed to the middle ages than the modern scholarship and hard archaeological evidence would dictate. Despite kikes and leftists spewing their hatred for it 24/7 the middle ages is considered far more advanced than antiquity in essentially all technical aspects, there was no lose of technical acuity or information as far as we can determine. Indeed the literature available to Hitler was what would now be considered and "Enlightenment" era diatribe. Regardless of his merits or flaws a man can only be informed by information he is in possession of at the time of his statements. Thus his positions offer little of value in the face of archaeological evidence and the uncovering of a vast number of period sources unavailable to him at that time.

Religion of Cuck™ as we understand it is largely politicized Arabism. muhomo'd the pedo goatfucker chose to combine arban paganism, political maneuvering(like the Koran's demands to share booty captured during raiding being central to its limited legalsim), and the vernier of an extant religious movement within the Levant. This was combined with a claim to gaining secret knowledge from a divine source and a claim to be the "true" inheritor of what to the Arabs seemed an extremely antique religious body(pre-Talmudic Judaism).

The intent seems obvious to combine dynamism, a material incentive(plunder), and an appeal to divinity an ancient tradition and apply it to a disunited body of arab tribes. After mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker's death when the booty dried up for a time the movement nearly died until his successors used a combination of force and promise of further plunder to revitalize it.

My argument is that Mudslimeism in some form or another was likely to come about among the Arabs. What exactly would be different is up to debate but the ideas of the Mudslime political/religious doctrine are designed to appeal to raiding mudmen and that is first and foremost the key feature of Religion of Cuck™ both as it existed historically and as it is now expressed.

Something similar would have come about, but as to how successful it might have been I cannot say as even the extant Religion of Cuck™ survived only because of happenstance and the will of individuals. This is true of many historical trends which are created via an imposition by the will of powerful individuals rather than as a nebulous social movement or as the result of environmental pressure.

Yes, it would still exist.





well, then lets all pack and go home lads, we have our answer. user, not sure how long you've been here or if you've read the thread, but you have people citing the bible, the church fathers, josephus, various classical scholars, and you really think you can just say "yes it would" and that it carries fuck all weight?

Religion of Cuck™ was created by the Catholic church to get the rabid shitkins on their side. Its why Jesus and Mariam (Mary) are mentioned a lot and both Christianity and Religion of Cuck™ share their end of days prophecies.

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For the curious, this is an amazing take on religion and AH's place as "Man Against Time" in her book "The Lightning and the Son." If you don't know who she was…I'm reluctant to recommend the kikeapedia encyclopedia since they do all they can to slander her but…anyway, kind of shitty audio quality but worth listening to….

But that is just not true, asides from the halt in trade and halving of the population, which aren't "technical aspects", the quality of art and architecture visibly declined. Sculpture was lost, as well as several Roman and ancient building techniques. Public buildings were destroyed as "sinful", especially temples and statues, which abounded the empire, were desecrated and used to make lime. The Romanesque churches were very rudimentar untill the arrival of Gothic Architecture in the 1200's. Literacy dropped from about 30% of the population to a few isolated clergy and even the bible was forbidden to be read. The philosophical academies left Greece by the time of the Edicts of Theodosius to Persian Babylon, where they later resurged under muslim rule, not because sandniggers were "advanced", but because they didn't persecute and confined certains texts as "heretical" and against church dogma.

The "dark ages" is not a liberal myth, christian apologist historiography, by the likes of the vatican and (((neo-cons))) is nonsense and demonstrably false. Archeology demonstrates that.


From Eliade's History of religious Ideas Vol. 3 - Chapter 33 muhomo'd the pedo goatfucker and the Unfolding of Religion of Cuck™ - 259. Allah, deus otiosus of the Arabs (which I suggest everyone read the source in this thread):
"Most probably, muhomo'd the pedo goatfucker was inspired by the night vigils, prayers, and meditations of certain Christian monks whom he had known or heard speak during his journeys. One of Khadija’s cousins was a Christian. Moreover, certain echoes of Christian teaching, both orthodox and sectarian (Nestorian, Gnostic), as well as the ideas and practices of the Jews, were known in Arab cities. However, there were only a few Christians in Mecca, and the majority of them were in a humble state (probably Abyssinian slaves) and poorly educated. The Jews were found in large numbers in Yathrib (the future Medina), and we shall see (§262) at which point the Prophet counted on their support.
However, at the time of muhomo'd the pedo goatfucker the religion of central Arabia seems not to have been modified by Judaeo-Christian influences. Despite its decadence, it retained the structures of Semitic polytheism. Mecca ( Makkah ) was the religious center. This name is mentioned in the Ptolemaic Corpus (second century a.d.) as Makoraba, a word derived from the Sabaean Makuraba, “sanctuary.” In other words, from its beginning Mecca was a ceremonial center around which a city progressively arose . In the middle of the consecrated territory, Hima, was found the sanctuary of the Ka’ba (lit. “cube”)… In pre-Religion of Cuck™ic times, just as it does today, the circumambulation of the Stone comprised an important ritual of the annual pilgrimage ( Hajj ) to Arafa… The Lord of the Ka’ba was supposed to be Allah (lit. “God”; the same theonym used by the Jews and Arab Christians to designate God). But Allah had already become a deus otiosus ; his cult had been reduced to certain offerings of firstfruits (grains and animals), which were brought to him conjointly with various local divinities . 4 More important were the three goddesses of central Arabia: Manat (“Destiny”), Allat (feminine form of Allah), and Al’Uzza (“the Powerful”). Regarded as the “daughters of Allah,” they enjoyed so much popularity that, at the beginning of his preaching, muhomo'd the pedo goatfucker himself made the error (corrected later) of praising their function as intermediaries before Allah."

archive.org/stream/3.MirceaEliadeAHistoryOfReligiousIdeasFrommuhomo'd the pedo goatfuckerToTheAgeOfReforms/3.%20Mircea_Eliade%20A%20History%20of%20Religious%20Ideas%20–%20From%20muhomo'd the pedo goatfucker%20to%20the%20Age%20of%20Reforms_djvu.txt

I wouldn't trust him in Against Apion, understandably, when it comes to the subject of ritual murder.

Josephus like all writers in antiquity has his own political bone to pick, regardless of whether he is correct or not. This was expected of historians in antiquity and an important part of reading texts from that time when engaging in political analysis is to recognize that the idea of an impartial historian is itself a modern conceit. As far as can be determined the converts were either of the poor, middle, classes, or rural affluent. The military also became a common source as things went one. The urban upper and middle classes had much lower rates of conversion as evidenced by their tombs and material relics. And important consideration is that conversion was not as important as many others even as late as 20 years ago thought as birthrate may well have been the major factor. The Pactrician classes had long engaged in adoption nearly in preference to procreation within their social class and thus their prominence within the population waned as they had fewer children while the rural gentry came to dominate. Given that this rural gentry was still rebelling against Roman central authority even in Julius Caesar's time(he had to put down rebellions in Italy proper and seek support from separatist movement during his wars it is little surprise that the decline of urbanite Patricians lead to the slow dissolution of the Roman Empire as it had done little to court true loyalty even in its own backyard. Whereas the Eastern Empire under a new theological rule and justification for its existence was able to endure, also because this divide in birthrates was not nearly as prominent among its own population.

It should also be noted that Religion of Cuck™ only rose in the Levant during a recession of the two major powers the Orthodox Byzantium and the Zoroastrian/Nestorian Persia which had exhausted one another in a 200 year long series of wars. This combined with plague which reduced the population of the Levant to 1/4 of its previous size created fertile ground for a political movement based upon raiding as the settlements were more isolated and less able to muster substantial garrisons for their own protection and could not rely upon distant state capitals to send and army of reconquest in a timely manner.

Note that the Arabs were crushed every time they met a force that Eurpeans of time would consider moderately well appointed. They may have been a "warrior society" but that does not indicate they were competent in the prosecution of war.

Do you even know what a mystery religion is? Hint: it has to do with initiation (i.e. death and rebirth: What is baptism?)

What equivalent does Izlam or Judaism have?

"Bar Mitzvah" and Shahada…

No, this is politics.

I read a good book, The Great Siege: 1565 by Ernle Bradford. It's factually correct, but written in detail in the style of an adventure.
Post the audio if you can.

As for whether Religion of Cuck™ would have come, no.

Go to your local doctor about your hand, they can clean it up, drain the pus and prescribe antibiotics. It wouldn't cost much, far less than hospital.
Don't leave it, you could end up with blood poisoning which can lead to serious secondary effects, loss of your arm, blindness, stroke, etc.

From what I understand "Bar Mitzva" just means they are old enough to be subject to or under the religious law i.e. "adults". Shahada is just an oral recitation of faith/witness/testimony. What hierophanic symbolism!

No not really, in the still urban areas of Italy and the Mediterranean they did not decline.

You are comparing sculpture an bas relief with painting and tapestry; which are completely different mediums. If you look at painting in antiquity you will see just as much stylization and lack of perspective as in northern European painting of the following centuries. Indeed the first actual evidence of perspective in art in the 1300s was dubbed "painting in the style of sculpture". Not to mention that Roman and Greece styles of decoration never penetrated far into Europe nor were their styles perpetuated by living masters imported to the regions of Europe held by Rome.

As for Italy and the Mediterranean, sculpture was carried on the much the same as it had been though due to the break up of the Roman Empire there was significantly less wealth available to be funneled to the arts in many areas which had lost prominence. Naturally such areas do exhibit a decline in both the number and quality of pieces as not only lines of artisans but entire populations moved to other areas and left some largely depopulated.

And there is the problem of comparing exemplary pieces from antiquity to sub-par pieces from later centuries as evidence of a decline in a given craft while ignoring the quality of common pieces in antiquity as not particularly high.

This of course completely forgets the vastly superior metallurgy, animal husbandry, agriculture practices, fortification, and siege-craft of the following centuries which I as referring to when I spoke of "technical" aptitudes rather than art in particular.

As for the rest of what you wrote, it is in fact bullshit promulgated mostly during the 18th century. Not that that the writer's of middle ages own low opinion of their own time and aggrandizement of antiquity didn't contribute to the impression. They didn't have a methodology by which to compare their material situation to that of antiquity and philosophically saw the word in a state of slow decline, ironically a position many Greek and Roman sources also held.

that one is available in audio. just go to yt, post his name, the great siege, audio. don't want to link since I think that helps the jews track them down and take off.

I have (or had) tis one in audio before the Jews shut down my account:


The merchant would exist in one form or another. They've been around for 5,000 years. Their cult is genetic, and the jew thing is just a convenient surface that they use to network and infiltrate, a brand.

either you're a pedantic retard, or you don't understand how the intersection of these 3 religions at this time shaped the world for next 1,400 years

this is interesting, thanks. Will look for the text, as I like to read in the original latin since this is how I was taught to read this sort of text and since then cannot change, much harder for me to read it english since I translate it back in my head.

I'll have to disagree. By my estimation the biggest "problem" is the existence of whites with the propensity toward what we would call hedonism, modernism, or liberalism. Is maladaptive faggots survived in our societies because they were either compelled by others to not express their maladaptive traits or the environment never offered them the opportunity to do so. With both increasing wealth and decressing social control these behaviors began to be expressed, until at this point the "liberal whites" have birthrates of 0.9 and the "conservative whites" have birthrates of 2.7(higher than any demographic in any industrialized nation, even shitskins cannot breed above replacement rate in a modern society). Modernism is poisoned bread, it kills those who indulge in it. Which would me the problem would be self-correcting if libshits and kikes didn't import mudmen to act as a voting bloc to maintain their bullshit to begin with.

I don't see the problem as top-down plot but rather and an emergent property. Kikes as individuals with similar natural predispositions engage in limited conspiracies that fuck up everything. Liberals whine and socially signal their lives away while contributing nothing. Niggers nig. Saracens saracen.

They are all trash and must all be exterminated. The solution is to reduce them all to ash. We won't need constant vigilance if only the cruel and strong are remain, because then neither weakness(as exemplified by modernity) or tolerance for the other(kikes and muds) can hurt us.

Also minutia is critical, data analysis is critical it is what distinguishes us from the lower forms: liberals, kikes, muds, ect. We examine data and from that make predictive models which are then tested both with new data and anecdotally.

I came to my conclusions about the kikes not through feelings but through years of careful examination of what the kikes were doing. Now I want them all dead. Hilter would not have smashed the skull of a puling kike-child with a jack handle. I would relish such an opportunity.

Don't mistake an interest in minutia for being a soft faggot unwilling to do what needs to be done.

Am I the only one in this thread that remembers that a Jesuit from the 90s left the jesuit order and said that one of the best kept secrets of the catholic church was that they groomed muhomo'd the pedo goatfucker to be a "prophet" so that they could make Religion of Cuck™? He later died under mysterious circumstances. Aside from the extreme similarities and proximity of Religion of Cuck™, you have a direct connection.

The term "dark ages" came from the late 1300's, by renaissance authors like Petrarch. It's not a liberal myth, it predates liberalism by almost 400 years. It was just a recognition by these Renaissance artists, who were looking to revive the european tradition, that art in the previous period was bleak and uninspired due to church influence and fear of hell or something - and that was considering what they saw in Italy and the Mediterranean itself, because they were Italians.

Don't want to handpick too much here (I picked at random), but just compared the pics of medieval art with ancient frescos found in ruined places. Just the theme medieval themes show a twisted mentality, an anti-natural one. All of these declined. The laws of perspective were re-discovered in the 1500's.

Regardless of how much, they declined in quality, and especially in number (they were even deemed as sinful). Look at this statue from the year 600 b.c (3rd pic)

We have no idea what the "high quality" pieces of antiquity were, because they were deliberately destroyed. We only have what we find and it, on average, is better than the best works we find from the later period, which are all catalogued, never have been lost.

Not everything declined, of course. Such useful crafts like these would have improved in a more rural, militaristic society. But even then, you can see smithing and gold-crafting techniques being lost from ancient times (look at the ancient Sarmatian grave goods, for instance), because arts declined.

Attached: article-2478381-190A754B00000578-558_634x641.jpg (500x263 68.27 KB, 36.86K)

But these religions have circumcizion, ritual purification, circling the stone, using the cube hats and certain turbans and so on. You can't say they are "devoid of mystery".

"or something?" I suppose I shouldn't be surprised you write like Beavis and Butthead. One of the few genuinely smart woman I've ever known advised me on my Master's thesis and despised this term, and after I time I came to share her disdain.

The Jewess–the niece of Morgenthau— in her terrible book (for which she had a great team of research assitants due to the publicity the Jews gave her first, even more awful book on WW !) "A Distant Mirror" gave credence to the idea that during "the Dark Age," the idea of "time and the passage of time and history itself ceased to even exist. The demented Jewess was a fuking terible writer with no concept of European history, though from her uncle's
Morgenthau Plan" she certainly knew how her tribe aimed to destroy it.

The very term "Dark Ages" makes me instinctively revolt, as if no history, writing, work or progress at all was going on? entire idea is just dumb.

Oh yeah, no surprise jews would write shitty half-demented stuff to defecate upon history, doesn't change the fact that the "Dark Ages" is a ''Renascentist" term that reflects a tangible decline in culture under the auspices of the prevailing mentality of the time, besides natural conditions. It was a term used by every credible person, among others, National Socialists like Hitler and Rosenberg.

If "liberals" or "protestants" use the term to push their even shittier ideas, doesn't change it's truthfullness. The only people who have such a massive issue with it are those who fantasise the perpetuation of "dark ages", like neo-cohens and pedophile church-apologists.

The term does not imply a lack of history, writing, work or "progress" (this itself a very questionable word and mindset), just a decline, in an obscurantist time that set us back, a time of gruesome tortures and mentality.

You're retarded. That thread is your mouth outrunning your brain.

And Hitler is now the authoritative source about life in the antique?
One historian, name I forgot, mentioned once, that for modern Europeans hypothetically visiting the Romans, they might appear as strange and exotic to us, as the Japanese today.
That is, I seriously doubt that corrupt Rome, as corrupt as the orient today or more, were many, most people were slaves, did live in squalid little holes would be so appealing to modern people socialized on a Christian-European background.
Of course there are “we wuz kangs” Europeans and jews posing as them, similar desinfomartion/manipulation as with with niggers. That make-believe idiots, who would like to see us dumping 2000 years of European history and culture like the muslim eager to destroy it, see them self as Caesar or at least senator, not as a slave piss pot collector.
Rome‘s religiosity would look much like that of India. Did you have visited India? Interesting gross, disgusting, unhygienic, superstitious, amoral, dangerous, homicidious, for a holiday, nothing I would like to live.
That cleaned up picture of India of today came only to pass, because British “Christcuckery” ended the worst atrocities.

Jewish religion was indigenous in Hedjaz, southern Arabia long before Christianity and long before Rome – fact. Estimations vary a lot, but a significant proportion of that area was jewish, say minimum 30 percent before they became majority muslim.

Things that never happened

Literacy was less then 1 percent in most of Europe, particulary the north.

Oh a snake handling prot and his lies.

Nobody said Rome wasn't corrupt or that the population at large lived any better than at other times (the majority of people in the european countries lived in "mudhuts" and other agricultural buildings suited for that lifestyle up to the 19th century), but the conditions of these populations declined after it's fall, despite the over 50% drop (90% in the case of the city of Rome) which would make for better conditions - you don't need any "special authority" to see that.

The deliberate destruction of culture, which was not itself a product of Rome, but of European minds and blood and which predate the empire, is not arguable. This is not a "we wuz" type of things, because we are europeans (well, not counting you), these were our ancestors.

Sure that is not just you shitting things up. Temples full of Monkeys? Holy cows in the streets? Drinking the water from "Holy Rivers" they shit upon… Yeah totally the same thing.

Have you seen "christian" Philipines? Gross, disgusting, unhygienic, superstituous, amoral, dangerous, homicidous - they even have "self-flagellating" contexts sponsored by their churches. The same can be said of Dutch-colonized Indonesia, not very "cleaned-up" by their christianity are they?

Oh look denial. Where are the buildings now? What are the Edicts of Theodosius establishing that temples would be turned into brothels. But, yeah highly literate greece was just 1% literate, I'm just making things up!

To say that reading the bible was restricted due to church policy and even forbidden to be translated from latin to the local languages, which only happened in the 16th century is "protestant lies". Kill yourself Spic torpedo, this is not the board for your apologism and bullshit.

The religion part of mudism is a ripoff of a bunch of religions:

skip to 1h18m20s


but, as he points out, mudhamed only converted 150 arabs preaching the religious part, and what made mudism what it is and a success was perpetual war against all non muds, so it doesn't matter that he cribbed off of christcucks and everyone else for the mysticism part, the meat of it is the later warlord doctrine. It can be said it all started with jews though, he was in medina which was half jew at the time, declared himself the new prophet that everyone must follow, everyone laughed at him, eventually got annoying and kicked him out, that's when he left to mecca to preach his cobbled together religion, fail at that with just 150 converts in 15 years, then went back to medina and slaughtered all the jews that mocked and wouldn't bow down to him. As recorded history and present day, sword is mightier than the pen.

Silly question OP.

If Mohhamed (piss be upon him) took bits from various other religions, that doesn't mean that without christianity he wouldn't have created his own mish-mash religion. Some for of Religion of Cuck™ would likely exist, but would look different.

You have to understand that the move towards monotheism is a near universal phase.

Religion of Cuck™ took heavy influences from Arianism - which was a Christian heresy. However, the Arabs (and local Jews) had been awaiting for a prophet to come to them.
mohomo'd the pedo goatfuckeran religion is essentially
I don't think you need Christianity to influence such. Perhaps they would have made a Zoroastrian version of Religion of Cuck™, so even more dualistic religion would have been born.

Despite this being (((an obviously kiked out thread:)))
Asalaam aleikum, I'm a white revert (Roman Catholic background), AMA.
I am not wasting time with any insults or out of context quotations or Jewish pedophilia slander against the Final Prophet.
How quick (((a tribe))) who engage in the ritual sexual abuse of children due to theological mandate are to schmeer, oy vey!
I spent 15 years with these materials and world histories before reverting, I have been in many countries (ones you won't go to) and seen many things you haven't being busy subscribing to (((Hitler, illegitimate Rothschild architect of modern Europe,))) on a computer.
Fire away.

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It indeed does imply just such a thing if a likeness as widely read as tuchman says it does. You can try to argue or equivocate all you want, but the fact is that the only time Joe Sixpack will encounter the term is in his community college history course and the book by that jewess.

As for your bullshit about "being angered by use of a term on an image board." then fuck why are any one of us even here? Why not go watch the electronic synagogue and watch girls shake it to crack daddy and the party crew? why do any intellectual questions matte here?

You obviously haven't been here long, but the video "With Open Gates" and the tens of millions of views to got, the image from here with the star of david and clinton's face used at the DNC. Just about all the tenets of wha the Jews call "the alt.kike" derisively (since they don't want to admit they're facing actual national socialists) originated here.

shit. why "discuss" anything at all and not just all turn up the electric jew ???

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Hitler could only repeat what he read somewhere, like me, he didn‘t research it.

He did not say they would look like Japanese, you retard. It was his impression, personal opinion, that the Romans are as exotic as the Japanese for modern Europeans. I think that is a good idea to work with.

Hello Shlomo, shabat is over, go clubing in TelAviv gay bars.

Every time I read something like that or “living on trees” or “slaves”, I remember, can visit the old houses my ancestors did live in 200, 300 or 500 years ago, or that of others of my tribe or people. Mudhuts they are not. A little bit rustic, but that was the time.
Hey I can visit the poor houses, welfare settlement of 500 years ago, still in operation, quite comfy, even sophisticated.

You are just a ignorant idiot, knowing nothing about India nor Rome.

>Have you seen "christian" Philipines?
Have you seen pre-christian Philipines? Headhunter and canibals.

Hmm, in Rome?

Strange “Brothel” were Christian mass was celebrated.

Jerome's Vulgate Latin translation dates to between AD 382 and 420.

The Bible was translated into Gothic in the 4th century by Ulfilas. In the 5th century, Saint Mesrob translated the Bible using the Armenian alphabet invented by him. Also dating from the same period are the Syriac, Coptic, Old Nubian, Ethiopic and Georgian translations.

fragmentary Old English Bible translations, notably a lost translation of the Gospel of John into Old English by the Venerable Bede, which he is said to have prepared shortly before his death around the year 735. An Old High German version of the gospel of Matthew dates to 748. Charlemagne in ca. 800 charged Alcuin with a revision of the Latin Vulgate. The translation into Old Church Slavonic was started in 863 by Cyril and Methodius.

Alfred the Great had a number of passages of the Bible circulated in the vernacular in around 900. These included passages from the Ten Commandments and the Pentateuch, which he prefixed to a code of laws he promulgated around this time. In approximately 990, a full and freestanding version of the four Gospels in idiomatic Old English appeared, in the West Saxon dialect; these are called the Wessex Gospels. Around the same time, a compilation now called the Old English Hexateuch appeared with the first six (or, in one version, seven) books of the Old Testament.

The complete Bible was translated into Old French in the late 13th century. Parts of this translation were included in editions of the popular Bible historiale, and there is no evidence of this translation being suppressed by the Church.[11] The entire Bible was translated into Czech around 1360.

in 1478, a Catalan translation in the dialect of Valencia.

The earliest printed edition of the Greek New Testament appeared in 1516 from the Froben press, by Desiderius Erasmus, Erasmus was Roman Catholic,

During 1517 and 1519 Francysk Skaryna printed a translation of the Bible in Old Belarusian language in twenty-two books.[12]

That is an incomplete list, missing several translations

If you take the word to it's extreme, then a retard can decry there was "no history", but I explained already how it means a decline, and discontinuity, and absence of the elements of the past. As for modern academia, who cares what they talk? It's mostly bullshit anyway.

As for your fit in regards to me using fear of hell "or something", for describing something (what constituted their mentality) I'm not fully aware of, on an imageboard. I mean, I'm not writing an essay, have I not been clear? Why would you care so much about it, typing like this doesn't mean I'm turning this board into an "eletronic synagogue". What the fuck are you going about, I've been browsing here for nearly 4 years… Chill.

No, but something similar would exist. Religions we're primarily a method of turning local practices into law, meaning that one would have sprouted up anyway from that region. However, it wouldn't have spread as far, most likely.

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OP, your starting point isn't far enough back. Your studies would benefit from a look at Zoroastrianism, in terms of a progenitor religion - the origin stories and dogma regarding Zarathrustra himself are very revealing when compared to the prophets of Abrahamic religions. By all means, read the texts you mentioned, but one you should look into is the Avesta.

It's worth mentioning that the ideology contained there is from Iranians about 4k years ago. Significantly earlier than the desert satanism called Judaism and from an entirely different genetic lineage. Also noteworthy is that the Indo-Iranians became northern Indians and Europeans eventually.

One last remark - your long-winded and profane analysis frankly reeks of arrogance and clouded judgment from anger. Step back further in time and you'll gain a better perspective on what shaped the formation of each of these religions - they each pilfered from something much earlier.

God only knows what Zarathustra's followers pilfered from before their time - perhaps civs from 10-12k years back.

Attached: the-prophet-zoroaster.jpg (600x450, 40.48K)

It would still exist, just in a different form. Religion of Cuck™'s main theory is basically the idea that there were a bunch of different prophets all over the world, one to every culture. Abraham, Buddha, Jesus, Lao Tzu, etc. He was the "final prophet," and prophet of the Arabs. So from a Muslim perspective, Religion of Cuck™ would still exist if Jesus did not. From a secular perspective one is also inclined to believe that Religion of Cuck™ would have still existed because Judaism was well known in Mecca at the time. I, as an Esoteric Hitlerist, also agree that it would have still existed. In an ideal world there would be none of the Abrahamic religions, but in all honestly Religion of Cuck™ contains the most spiritual truths. Some of those Sufis are turbo-red pilled to the point that they're smarter than many Aryan Hindus.

But Hitler formed his ideas and world view from these inspirations and is quite an authoritative figure on a NatSoc board. To claim the Romans would be like "japanese" is just not true, not only is their cuisine and habits (like not eating bugs and algae) very different than ours, but so was their buildings (not rice paddy shit) and morality (mos maiorum, honor and so on) much closer to us. You of course don't see the nonsense you're talking because you entirely miss the importance of blood. This because you're non-white, and too infused with the christian mentality. Have you considered we don't want your input of ideas here, Paco? If you spoke the truth, maybe. But you're just spewing dumb, deranged, sectarian fanatical ideas that don't belong here - this is not your church group, this is a natsoc board, a movement that draws inspiration from many others places that you deem unnaceptable. You're good person, go fight the "masons" or something in Mexico, but don't shit up our NatSoc views with your fanatical apologism.

As for the "mudhuts" and so, I've already said they are not primitive buildings, but farmhouses, longhouses, some of stone even, stuff like the German Timbered houses that were appropriated for agricultural societies - and there was nothing wrong with, as you were the one decrying the roman population for living in them.


A tribal society, not influenced by westerners. If christianity improved brown people, which it didn't, the countries are shitholes but now with consumerist shit due to western powers being used to implement globalism, it certainly wasn't the case for Europeans, especially if you see the destruction and repulsiveness of early christianity. European blood improved these places - it improved even christianity, from it's jewish origins. Why should we even bother with the Philipines, do you think we have a "mission to lift-up" brown people. That is the problem with christian behavior. Christian african countries are today worse than they were in the past, due to the actions of missionaries keeping the niggers artificially alive, inflating their population with food aid and medical services.

Thanks for proving my point. These buildings were ruined and abandoned. Now what about the thousands of cities, full of public buildings, all across the Roman Empire? You see them in ruins, theaters were abandoned - because all acts that weren't "morality plays" were restricted. Libraries were burned or looted by the early christians, the texts destroyed or confined to church properties, the ones who weren't viewed as heretic by the church. Much of the knowledge of the past being lost. The temples were destroyed or caniballized to build churches, the burial grounds were dessecrated. But, yeah christians dindu nuffin…

I take you haven't read the Edicts of Theodosius then, who punished people with DEATH for even looking at the ruined temples and recognized only judaism as a parallel religion of the Christian Roman Empire…

Doesn't change the fact that church policy was to forbid it. They explicitly forbade it in places like Catalonia, because it was being used to foster heretics like "the Cathars" and the "Waldensians". Latin masses were the norm in most of western europe, up to very recently. They did not have the liberty, or indeed the means, to go translating the bible freely. Thus it was such a big deal for Martin Luther.

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No, Cucktianity and Religion of Cuck™ has been created by the jews in order to mix everyone together and control them.
Jewry is the one true religion and it is the
religion of the devil.

Check 'em

Attached: Check 'em, goyim.jpg (271x214, 8.88K)

By "He" I mean mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker.
Also I'm amazed that these discussion destroying filters are still in place. It's been like a fucking year now and I'mkikey still thinks it's funny.

I kind of fucked up the image. This is what I meant, agricultural buildings in continued use since immemorial times - perfectly fit for such lifestyle. These were the norm even for most citizens in the Roman Empire, before and after it's fall…

Attached: Walsrode_Heidemuseum.jpg (644x522, 306.44K)

The only good filter has been earlobe spacing but then again, this kinda ruins the meme.

Almost certainly yes, it would just have been different in the irrelevant details. muhomo'd the pedo goatfucker wanted to found a religion to serve his own ends and would have just stolen more from other religions and/or pulled more out of his ass if Christianity wasn't around to steal from. The end result is essentially identical, from the point of view of the non-moslem world.

The only reliable answer is that it's impossible to tell. You can't extrapolate what a continent of countless related yet distinct peoples would have looked like if a central shared cultural element were removed many centuries ago. Maybe we would have conquered the stars by now, or maybe we would have been killed off and bred out by shitskins.

I err towards thinking that having a single (mostly) shared religion was probably instrumental in limiting how damaging conflicts in Europe were (no wiping out your enemy's population because they're also Christians) and ensuring that it could unite to some extent when necessary. Plus, the vigor with which kikes oppose Christianity tends to support the position that it is good for whites.

You have been proven wrong, not only be me but by others as well.
You still insist to play dumb and misrepresent what I or others wrote. OK that is what to expect from a shill.

Probably, because before Christianity you still had the Mosaic religion (Judaism), and Religion of Cuck™ has a lot of that wrath of God stuff in it…Jesus was just a prophet to Muslims.


Sure thing, Paco :^)

Keep fanatically promoting christianit - not even that but only "Catholicism" here and asshurtly screeching that will surely make this NatSoc board a reactionary christian for spics like you.

Good attempt OP.
Unfortunately, we can't have civil discussions about christianity anymore, always the christ vs antichrist cucks.

Religion of Cuck™ is Judaism.
mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker was a Jew.
Which means either you believe an angel gave mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker the Quran or a bunch of crafty Jews did for the purpose of using Religion of Cuck™ as their sword.

That can never be satisfactory answered, because it is hypothetical.
Much of the creation of !slam is shrouded in mystery and legend, it is by far not as well researched as Christianity. Some theories claim that the person of Mohumed and the events are pure legend, made up.
The question of Christian influence on the creation of !slam, was renewed some decades ago when a German schoolar suggested, based on older Religion of Cuck™ic texts, that !slam is a bastardised version of a Christian sect. Deliberate or not, mistranslations led to the Koraan as we now him today. That gained prominence with the catchy “grapes not virgins in paradise” slogan.

No, of course not.

So you're saying you know the 12 apostles existed and you know who wrote the letters etc?
you have an illusion about the beginnings of christianity


Another theory, jews create a mesianic anti-Christian movement, incorporating Arab tribes as sons of Abraham, that latter forgets, covers up it’s jewish beginnings.
This theory has the advantage it mirror exactly jewish-muslim collaboration to destroy Christianity.

Or, Jews created Religion of Cuck™ to allow mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker to conquer Arabia with some further funding because Christianity had been so successful in subverting Rome and invading Europe. All of the Abrahamic religions are falsehoods born from twisting Aryan religions toward the political aspirations of Canaanite tribes.

No. There are major beliefs of Religion of Cuck™ that are taken from Christianity, e.g. about Jesus and Mary, and parts of the Koran are copied from the Arabic Infancy Gospels of Jesus. The Dome of the Rock has these inscriptions (among many others): 'The Messiah, Jesus son of Mary, was only a Messenger of God, and His Word which He conveyed unto Mary, and a spirit from Him' 'Far be it removed from His transcendent majesty that He should have a son' 'Your servant Jesus
son of Mary. Peace be on him the day he was born, and the day he dies, and the day he shall be raised alive! Such was Jesus, son of Mary, (this is) a statement of the truth concerning which they doubt. It befitteth not (the Majesty of) God that He should take unto Himself a son.'
So, denying the main beliefs of Christianity is very, very important in Religion of Cuck™, so important, they were inscribed inside one of the most "holy" sites of Religion of Cuck™.

Seems to me history would have gone similar without christians. The symbols are different, the dates of major events would be different, sure but conflict with that part of the world was inevitable, Religion of Cuck™ is a construct of the people, it didn't just appear. Consider natural sand nigger aggression, jealousy, etc, If it wasn't called Religion of Cuck™ it would be called something else but it would be the same shit it's always been.

I can imagine the Spics not going to America but trying their luck in north Africa. So Aztecs and Inkas are not challenged with an colonization attempt, just occasional visits by Portuguese and Dutch trader/raider. The Aztecs rich in gold and silver gain knowledge and possession of the white mans bang sticks. Eventually learn how to mine, smelt and use iron and steel.

Would be interesting if the USA could them self establish next to armed to the teeth cannibal empire.

The USA has no money to establish itself. The US revolution was financed with Spanish/Mexican money.

The US would have been established along similar lines to our own history. The entire "discovery," exploration, settlement, and nation-building in NA was directed by Freemasons seeking to establish a New Jerusalem as the seat of power for the Zionist world order which had sprung up due to Christianity. A Muslim presence is SA would make little difference anyway, since Muslims and Christians answer to the same Semitic masters.

was that so hard?

Another variant, Spics neither going to America nor to the Philipines.

The mudslimes coming from Borneo conquer island for island. There is a conflict with already established Chinese traders on the main island, but the Chinese have to cede control to the mudslimes like in the rest of Indonesia (Malaka).
The place we know as Philippines is part of the Sultanate of Brunei from Taiwan to Java.

The point is the US revolution was financed with Spanish/Mexican money, that would not be available from an Aztec cannibal empire.

The Masons would have just tapped a different source of wealth, such as the stores of the Vatican. From the point where Semites gained control of Europe through Christianity, the founding of the US was inevitable.


Yes, because Religion of Cuck™'s main influences are Talmudic Judaism (which muhomo'd the pedo goatfucker experienced because the Judeans had been kicked out by the pagan Romans) and Arabic paganism, with some Zoroastrian and heretical Christian trappings. Had Christianity not existed Religion of Cuck™ would be mostly the same except it wouldn't mention Jesus, Mary, etc..

I dispute your notion that Religion of Cuck™ works well for Arabs and the like because it's basically Arab militarism combined with Talmudic Judaism. Sure it got them a lot of territory early on but it's a shit system to live under and thoroughly suboptimal in an evolutionary competitive sense, especially because it promotes extensive racemixing re.: Arab conquerors taking all the native women they can get their hands on as sex slaves. They turned basically the only peoples that gave the Muslims any success (the Persians, who made up the vast bulk of Religion of Cuck™'s "great men") and turned them into Afro-Arab mongrels who couldn't build a rifle let alone successfully command an army or formulate chemical sciences.

Far from repressing their poor impulses, Religion of Cuck™ enables them (polygamy and unlimited sex slaves being the most obvious example) and merely directs the problems outward. Want to rape and pillage? Just do it to the non-Muslims over the way. Religion of Cuck™ doesn't solve any of the problems of the Arabs and other related peoples, it merely channels it away.

Yes because Semitic cults already existed in Arabia even before muhomo'd the pedo goatfucker. Christianity has 0 influence on Religion of Cuck™ besides putting Jesus - Isa as one of the prophets before muhomo'd the pedo goatfucker himself.

Muslims are peaceful conservatives. If jews turned Constantinople into a satan worshipping hellhole like they did the U.S. and E.U., then Muslims taking over was a good thing.

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If Zoroaster and Mesopotamian/Sumerian/Assyrian/Egyptian religions never existed, would Judaism, Christianity, Religion of Cuck™?

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