The bill changes section 230 of the CDA, the law that protects website owners from liability for what their users post, to carve out an exception for instances of human trafficking. Site owners can be held liable and subject to a criminal fine or imprisonment for not more than 20 years.



Voting on the House Floor is scheduled for THIS TUESDAY. Start spreading this information on as many websites as you can before it's too late. If you know anyone with a large audience try and get them to spread the word. ==If this bill becomes law then it's GAME OVER for free speech on the internet.==

CM confirms this effects 8ch:

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Ahh yes, child porn is the standard ZOG method of shutting down dissent in and out of their organization. What do we do if this comes to pass?


Relax, Schlomo.

Human Trafficking is "out/in, no niggers, call XXX-XXX-XXXX" like on Backpage. Mode already scrub CP, it would just get rid of doxing.


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Whatever they're paying you, it's too much.

Works both ways. Or have they forgotten the retribution they got from the advertising crap they pulled with gamergate? Either way, unconstitutional. Corporations are people thanks to their kikery so guess what? No censorship for you. The government can't demand it or pass a law demanding it. Kind of one of the reasons they can't get rid of that NAMBLA crap. Now it's coming back to bite the kikes in the ass. PRECEDENT, MOSHE, IS A BITCH. OY FUCKIN VEY

what this guy says

—–End of thread

No. Ending the thread is intellectually lazy. There is plenty of time to read all the threads here. tons of time.

This guy is right.

So why am i still here? Because this is law is a kike move, and when we take our time to dissect the kike moves, we see a clear kike, gassable pattern. The kikes are terrified of unrestricted global communication. They are terrified that the Goyim are knowing too much. They are terrified that they are losing the entertainment industry to anti kike gooks. They are terrified that the sand niggers WILL kill the kikes in Europe.

I look forward to the day when we can gas the kikes. The old kikes, the young kikes, the hook nosed kikes, all the kikes need to be gassed. They post child porn on our fourms, and they think that the normies here will be scared off? Have they not realized that it was the CP that they post that is the biggest redpill? I never see nazis post CP on antifa sites, but i see kikes post CP on nazi sites. The almonds would not shut off once they were activated.

Now is the time to act. They can't juggle it all, they are scared, and they do not have the resources to counter our memes. Every meme campaign we do will be more effective now than ever. They over extended themselves, and as such it is now time to act.

They aren't going to use this law against their own propaganda tools. Overly broad laws like this are only ever applied selectively to either shut down those who are a threat to the system or periodically to justify their existence. Don't be deluded into thinking this would ever be used against the likes of Faceberg or Google. Especially since the gave the Senate version of this law their approval.



You make it and enforce it first, then it gets to work its way through the courts. It's doubtful anyone except actual child porn sites has standing at passing. This could do a lot of damage before it's overturned, and there is an exception to the 1st Amendment for the prohibition of obscene speech. NAMBLA doesn't count because they don't sit around and swap child porn officially. Officially they're just a political organization dedicated to lowering age of consent laws. They can, and have, been busted individually when members swap CP. Obviously this case is close to the line. The chans aren't dedicated to sharing child porn. But it's a closer legal call than you make it seem. Phelps got away with what he did because the Court construed his speech and organization in general as political, and therefore highly protected. Pure obscenity is still on the books as an exception, and it hasn't been tried in awhile. The precedent is not so strong. Arguably this law is still too vague and over-broad to be enforceable. But, again, it's arguable. They wouldn't have tried so hard with all of those harsh anti-copyright theft laws if they thought they didn't stand a chance against the 1st Amendment. And this is essentially very similar territory.

This could just be a PR move, to force Trump to veto it and to refuse to protect "trafficking victims" and make his "base" look even more child-hating than the current full-court media press wrt Parkland is.

why are you CIAniggers saging this thread?

This is a kike disinfo thread. Same shit was posted to /v/ and is being heavily bumped. Abnormal activity for this time.

Whoops, meant to sage.

Meh. After the tech community completely sold out their principles when the Fag Anglin's Thai Fuck Shack got taken down while defending internet freedoms against the feds pedo claims I really could give a shitless. On both sides of the fence they deserve to feel the almighty dick of the federal government at this point for their apathy.

why sage the thread though? its a valid topic, let people discuss it

He's misunderstanding how precedent is applied and that standing exists.

I was going to feed him a (You) and I realized I shouldn't. But for the record:

You know how I know that you're not from around here?

it's /thread you fucking retard.

I also think this may have potential to undermine this place.

Because this is being heavily pushed on like 5 different boards. It's obvious there's an organized effort to get people to see this which is extremely odd for this time. It just screams unnatural.

Someone posted in the GamerGate thread, and a couple Anons spread it across the site.

Take your meds, your paranoia is going up again.

So 8gag would stay the same.

————————— END OF RINE

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No shit Sherlock. In reality, it'll probably be used against file sharing sites like Mega first. I think this is really just a better thought out backdoor SOPA/PIPA/etc. The ultimate target is the same, but this way you can make your opponents look like horrible people and maybe shut down them down entirely.

Also, this came out of the Energy and Communications Committee, which is the most cancerous there is in the whole House.

Somebody might want to pin opposition to this on us/Republicans/Trump. It's still a horrible law. If there's some way we can drum up opposition to this by pretending to be Democrats or getting leftypol in on it, that might be worth doing to limit the damage. Make the opposition seem bipartisan.

Ah, sorry
Meant to respond to

This bill passed in the Hillary timeline and the world is a better place because of it.

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Fellow Zig Forums users I have some sex slaves to sell for cheap. 5% of the value goes to Zig Forums as usual for aiding our international sex trafficking operations.

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codemonkey says it will affect the site

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thanks dad, but we pretty much figured that, now how to kill this stupid bill. We already know the cucks will try to pass it, so there needs to be some other organized effort, or second line of defense in case they do and magically doesn't get vetoed. start spreading it is my first thought, typical calls to congress but more normies need to get pissed at it I think for congress to back off.


We have basically no alternatives for free unfiltered discussion mediums, everything else is cucked, censored and moderated to hell.
Fuck these kikes

Obama, Bush, Clinton didn't pass a bill like that before.
That just mean they were OK with CP.

revert back to drifting IRCs if we have to


world is a better place because of it INDEED

Of fucking course it will. Just be bipartisan in your efforts, and wear the mask of internet freedom / rights activists rather than kek, user, etc.

Amazingly, this law is broad enough that it could probably apply to email services. Even though Google obviously isn't a target, making the argument that they could be at risk frequently and publicly might force them to weigh in. Either they say, yeah we moderate/censor our email services for child trafficking, or they have to admit that the law is potentially bad for them too.

Also, the supporters are going to paint Backpage et. al. as the official target. That will score them huge points with conservative married women, fyi. We might need a tailored outreach strategy for moms.

=One More Thing From a Legal Standpoint=

A lot of Congress people / whoever is pushing this is going to try to hide behind the recklessness standard. The idea they will propagate is that ordinary site moderation in places of discussion will be adequate protection. Again, the first target is probably file sharing because that isn't censored/moderated at all. However, we're talking about child porn/abuse/trafficking here.

For Zig Forums not to be doomed if this passes, my guess is users would have to start donating money to fund the websites ability to moderate and censor any human trafficking related shit, most of which would probably be false flags. The major problem with this is a lot of us are poorfags, some others have the extra money but might be too stingy to donate when they could use that money for other shit.

There's countless dead boards. Just one archive of the falseflag in them would be enough. Jim should add a feature to delete dead ownerless boards after a certain amount of time of existing while screening for the newer boards.

In the event of a concerted attack, it wouldn't be enough. The mere fact that ownerless boards could exist is probably sufficient to meet the recklessness standard. This law basically requires internet-wide surveillance and moderation.

Is fucking everything. Hell, your normie messenger app on your normie phone probably qualifies.

That's a good idea. although sucks that all this new regulation would have be put up in the first place. Mostly unrestricted freedom is the major selling-point of Zig Forums..

If Zig Forums goes we go into a bunker. There's several, and some will be pretty hard to ban.

Hey Jim, how's it going?

I don't see enough backlash against this on twitter, you fags better get to work.

user, this is the final straw. They're finally killing off all opposition. It's probably going to take more than shitposting to stop it. A lot more.

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The real question is
What should we do about it?

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There's little time left. I don't think there's enough time to do something drastic.

Mass-suicides soon.

as of now just spam the fuck out of this info literall

Spam Trump's twitter feed while you're at it.

that counts as everywhere
another idea is have the internet start doing what we usually do, ddonging some sites to get their attention. Start thinking of creative ways to get them scared or normies to notice.

fixed that for you

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Make internet rights arguments about it in the normiesphere. Try to rope in lefty Congress people.

Don't. Given the atmosphere around Trump and children at the moment, I think this is a bad idea. Unless you're doing it from a fake lefty account. There seems to be a bit of a game afoot.

That "dead website" thing really caught on. But we'd need more mainstream normie websites on board. Barrage companies that host email services and ask them if they think their moderation of millions of accounts is adequate to avoid fines whenever someone is caught sharing CP over email. That might get the attention of Google, Apple, Yahoo, etc.

I'd drum up a form email, but it's late and I'm barely keeping pace with this as it is.

Did anyone else notice how Trump completely cucked out after his son's wife got the threat and that car that rammed into the white house or something?

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yes, I have noticed, something isn't right with him, cant even explain it with chess.

they will always follow us unfortunately, to the ends of the earth they will always send some stupid nigger to ruin the good.

not if you do it by force :^)


In what regard?

Didn't some dumb bitch do that already? Ram into the white house gates like a year or so with her car?

Gun control, Syria, DACA, the wall, the muslim ban. It seems like the Trump admin just can't get any of their promises off the ground, and now they're forced to push for dem policies that everyone hoped to avoid by voting for Trump.

haha its just chess my fellow pede, shills will never understand!

Nothing has happened
Nothing has happened. Pulling out over night was never going to happen.
March 5 is less than two weeks away and no bill has come forth. DACA is done.
Being built. You miss the sticky?
Its was never a Muslim ban tho.

Governor of florida raising purchase age to 21 is nothing now

Except 50 tomohawk missiles. That's nothing to boomer trumpcucks though
It's getting voted on March 5th, dumb kike

8ch server need to move out of USA.

Make a entry on this on kno ur maymay. That'll publicize it to every tard on the net.

Except legislation was enacted for stricter measures on weapons. Background checks are mandatory and some accessories were banned as well as the legal buying age was increased by 3 years. I would hardly call this "nothing"

Except it was. Trump literally said "muslim ban" during his presidental campaign, and now he got cockblocked by a bunch of corrupt judges, what, thrice now?

There are still US troops on syrian soil who have set up military bases and aren't planning on pulling out any time soon. That doesn't seem like peace to me, rather the gov just decided to get involved there under the table or hire mercs to do their dirty business there.

Remains to be seen, but ok.

Not nearly as quickly as would be optimal. ICE is also not really deporting spics at optimal rates either.


Maybe we all just need to move out of the USA.

I am not in USA. Is there a chan bunker for us to relocate in case?

I already mentioned IRCs are probably safe, chan wise I am not sure. If they hit this place there are a myriad of umonitored IRC networks.


We better need 24/7 mod to keep the cps out.

Anyone else get banned for from 4chins for no apparent reason?

Last thing I remember doing yesterday that could have pissed anyone off was post pics related to overrepresentation of the (((privileged))) class in the /ptg/.

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Some people reported that they were banned in Florida. My guess, someone's using certain ISP's to flood halfblood with spam of some kind. There's no way to know what kind, of course, because they have zero transparency.

BG checks were always mandatory less it was a private wall. As for a 21 purchase age that's only been proposed in Florida and hasn't been enacted. Bump stocks are a novelty item.
And? That was to be expected and its won every time and will continue to win.
Withdrawing overnight was never a realistic expectation. Trump has made it known he will not be ousting Assad. Matt is has made it known that Assad was never behind the gas attacks.
The dems have been to busy running errand over the memo shit to get anything done and now we're playing rigamaroo over this school hoax. DACA is done
lel walls are built in a day and ice didn't just round up 400 illegals in one go.

Youre full of shit faggot.

Do this in a different fucking thread.

Except it didn't. The judge basically said nuh-uh can't do that, and Trump just ate it and shut up.

It very much is. After ISIS got shredded by the Russians they simply moved on to plab B which is dividing Syria into multiple states. The groundwork is already being laid with the 30 day ceasefire. The kurd regions are going to be just like Donbass is right now in Ukraine, a quasi-independent, unrecognized state run by a local mafia clan.

The only thing that's being built is a tiny section of a wall spanning 2km and only into that 2km range was it authorized. While they aren't built in a day, the wall is simply not being built, period. Call me when Trump authorized the wall along the entirety of the southern border.

Trump agreed with gun control measures and that is what is important. No matter how small, he set a precedent that he is willing to enact gun control and budge to dem pressure. He cucked out and there is no excuse for it, period.

and filtered

When have you once seen google, Facebook, or twitter be held accountable for fucking anything?

Continue lifting and be ready for the call.

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this is from december


Sticky please.

But >>>/8ch/ is hosted outside of the US right?


Zig Forums is hosted in California you idiot.

https : / / 8ch . net is my homepage.

Fuck, I live in California.

Maybe you would offer him the money to take his server out of USA.

Wasn't it hosted in the Philipines?

Not saying this means anything. Just pointing it out.

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It affect all of the websites. All they can shut them down is to post the cps on their servers and they goes to the jail so that mean they need 24/7 modding.

I can’t wait for Trump to personally kill every leftist off the internet once this bill passes

They manage it from the Philippines, everything else is hosted in Commiefornia.


Even better, Trump will only focus on the extermination of /trannypol/

bump because mods awol again

This is Drumphs America.

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Based schlomo screams when you beat him digitally with censorship. Who gives a flying fuck about him? I sincerely hope that faggot goes blind.

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This is (((them))) fighting back the only way they know how.
Go D&C the limp-wristed Zig Forums if you aren't an actual shill and want to help. You aren't helping by constantly henpecking at Trump and ecelebs that are doing far, far less damage than MSM, globalist kike backers or (((D))) politicians and cuckservatives.

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Fucking kill yourself.