QTDDTOT - Space Elevator Edition

Every Star is Ours to Benefit From
Proponents of solar power know that only a tiny fraction of the sun’s total energy strikes the Earth. What if we, as a civilization, could collect all of the sun’s energy? If so, we would use some form of Dyson sphere, sometimes referred to as a Dyson shell or megastructure. Physicist and astronomer Freeman J. Dyson first explored this idea as a thought experiment in 1960. Dyson’s two-page paper in the journal Science was titled Search for Artificial Stellar Sources of Infrared Radiation because he was imagining a solar-system-sized solar power collection system not as a power source for us earthlings, but as a technology that other advanced civilizations in our galaxy would, inevitably, use. Dyson proposed that searching for evidence of the existence of such structures might lead to the discovery of advanced civilizations elsewhere in the galaxy, and indeed, since late 2015, astronomers have been arguing about a bizarre and now-controversial star, known to astronomers as KIC 8462852, whose light may indicate telltale signs of a Dyson sphere under construction around it.

So what are these odd megastructures, these Dyson spheres? Originally, some envisioned a Dyson sphere as an artificial hollow sphere of matter around a star, and Dyson did originally use the word shell. But Dyson didn’t picture the energy-collectors in a solid shell. In an exchange of letters in Science with other scientists, following his 1960 Science article, Dyson wrote:
< A solid shell or ring surrounding a star is mechanically impossible. The form of ‘biosphere’ which I envisaged consists of a loose collection or swarm of objects traveling on independent orbits around the star.

We are meant to colonize the stars Anons.

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Bottom line: A Dyson sphere would consist of orbiting solar collectors in the space around the star of an advanced civilization. The goal would be to ensure a significant fraction of the star’s energy hit a receiving surface where it could be used to the civilization’s benefit. Freeman J. Dyson, who in 1960 became the first scientist to explore this concept, suggested that this method of energy collection be inevitable for advanced civilizations.

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Huh, a space elevator thread.
Have not seen one of these in a while.
I wonder if it will last?

So how do we realize such a grandiose vision? In a 2012 lecture, Armstrong provided a highly abstract outline. First off, the entire building process would be carried out by automated, self-replicating robots. An army of these mechanical workers would be sent to Mercury to mine it for raw materials. He estimated that roughly half of the planet would be usable. Over roughly fifty years, the robots would multiply and build up the swarm of panels and satellites, until all of Mercury's raw materials are extinguished.

True, the depleted planet would be a husk of its former self, but would we really miss it? Armstrong even titled one of his presentation slides, "Sorry, Mercury, it's nothing personal…"

If you're skeptical of this plan, good, you should be. We're nowhere near actually accomplishing it, but it is fun to think about.

However, Armstrong does present a coherent argument constructing a Dyson swarm is entirely plausible. He reasons that if something is possible in nature, there's no reason why humans couldn't also do it eventually. He specifically mentioned artificial intelligence and replicating cells. With these two foundational tools in hand, all that's needed is automation and advanced 3D printing, which we're already getting good at. "Hence, scale is not in itself an insurmountable barrier," he said.

"Disassembling a planet is basically disassembling an asteroid, excepting doing it again, and again, and again," he added.

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Whatever we do, we better get on it. Space junk is getting pretty thick.

Is this the actual space elevator? W-where have you been?

Also my question for everyone is - what is the deal with cucks? I mean literal cuckolds: "people" who get off knowing that their wives/girlfriends are fucking someone else; add bonus points if it involves a racial aspect. I've heard the theories of it being about having an extreme self-loathing, and then the theories of it being about feeling so in control that this is a way to feel out of control for a time. Still though, it seems more of a simple case of mental illness to me, devolution even. Yes, I know I'm sort of preaching to the choir here but I just wonder if anyone has some hand infographics or something with actual scientific data about this that isn't simply just memes and whatnot.

Evidence shows that our resident microbes orchestrate the adaptive immune system, influence the brain, and contribute more gene functions than our own genome.
The realization that humans are not individual, discrete entities but rather the outcome of ever-changing interactions with microorganisms has consequences beyond the biological disciplines. In particular, it calls into question the assumption that distinctive human traits set us apart from all other animals––and therefore also the traditional disciplinary divisions between the arts and the sciences.

Arguably, the findings of microbiome research profoundly trouble the comprehension of the human that has sustained the traditional distinction between the natural sciences (concerned with the nonhuman) and the arts (concerned with the human as more than mere nature). Provocatively put, if humans depend on microorganisms, then what is at stake in the study of microbes qua microbes is not only an understanding of microorganisms but also the human. This doesn’t mean that the field of the arts can now be conveniently ploughed in terms of the natural sciences. On the contrary, it means that the stakes of the natural sciences exceed the expertise of the natural sciences and reach over into the arts. This makes a close collaboration of the life sciences with the human sciences imperative.

As we see it, it is important but not enough to argue that “we have never been individuals” [3]––or to suggest that human and microbial worlds are inseparably “entangled” [30–32]. What is needed, in addition, is a whole new configuration of research, one where arts and science are combined. The challenge is 2-fold. Researchers in the life sciences have to learn that the stakes of their research are bigger than their expertise, and researchers in the arts have to learn to think the human––philosophy, politics, and poetry––beyond the now untenable idea that humans are more than mere nature. The challenge is big, the opportunity even bigger: it is time, and perhaps past time, to rethink collaboratively––beyond arts and science divisions––what it means to be a living human being at home in a microbial world, one on which we depend and with which we are inseparably interwoven. Microbiome science has the exciting––the important––potential to catalyze the breakdown of the anachronistic barriers between the natural and the human sciences and enable a truly integrated understanding of what it means to be human, after the illusion of the bounded, individual self. The human is more than the human.

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His speech is all fucked, but this guy is pretty interesting.

It is also clear that historical migrations into Ireland have left a greater genomic footprint than previously anticipated; our consideration of autosomal data escapes the constraints of patrilineal genetics and has allowed us to detect a much greater Viking influence than previously estimated with Y chromosome data. Although the genetic imprint of the British Plantations is much harder to delineate, the inter-island exchange and clustering observed between present-day individuals from Northern Ireland and Scotland signals the enduring impact of these historical movements of people.

We consider the problem of constructing abstract representations for planning in high-dimensional, continuous environments. We assume an agent equipped with a collection of high-level actions, and construct representations provably capable of evaluating plans composed of sequences of those actions.
Finally, we apply these techniques to create a physical robot system that autonomously learns its own symbolic representation of a mobile manipulation task directly from sensorimotor data—point clouds, map locations, and joint angles—and then plans using that representation. Together, these results establish a principled link between high-level actions and abstract representations, a concrete theoretical foundation for constructing abstract representations with provable properties, and a practical mechanism for autonomously learning abstract high-level representations.

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I've seen a handful of videos from NASA that are somewhat suspicious. Not drawing any conclusions, but if any of the videos are fake I'm wondering why. What's the benefit?

Our experiments demonstrate that it is possible to take advantage of the molecular mechanisms of ligand-induced intramembrane proteolysis to trace neuronal circuits. We have generated transgenic animals in which neurons expressing an artificial ligand (‘donor’ cells) activate a genetically modified receptor on their synaptic partners (‘receiver’ cells). Using this system, called TRACT (for TRansneuronal ACtivation of Transcription) we have shown that expressing the ligand in a set of donor neurons can activate transcription in synaptically connected neurons in the Drosophila brain, in an anterograde manner. Using TRACT, we have confirmed the connectivity between ORNs and PNs in the antennal lobe, and have discovered new potential connections between PDF and PER neurons in the circadian circuit.

For the current device set-up, we have shown that concentrations of PLP as low as 50 fM become electrically detectable via our novel approach. Use of this novel approach for biosensing holds great promise for future applications in multiplexed point-of-care sensing of low-abundance biomolecules in a wide range of military and environmental monitoring settings and in clinical applications such as multiplexed biomarker detection in infectious disease and cancer diagnosis.

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inb4 flat earth retards.

You must have received my telepathic messages because I was thinking about you all day, baby.

Question: Electric universe. Will we confirm or deny it once we can math out quantum fields? If we get a Unified Field Theory it seems extremely likely.

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Dyson Spheres are retarded because they require a tremendous amount of resources to construct and they have no control over the burn rate of the star.

A far better option is star lifting–separate the sun or any other star into a larger number of stars or gas giants which will last orders of magnitude longer, and act as fuel reserves for us, which we can burn at our own pace.

This has the follow-on benefit of making us less of a target for alien species, as without the luminosity of the sun, we will be far more difficult to detect.

It'd be to prevent the masses from being able to study and/or dig deeper into the mysteries of not only our own solar system, but our Galaxy. Because if all the things they were hiding were released or allowed to be studied by outside parties, it'd be a large power loss in terms of the government. Control of information, especially regarding other life (conscious or not) is one of the few things they have over us.

that sounds horrifying if it goes wrong
like, end the universe tier bad if it goes wrong

Is there any place with un-cucked translations of the 1930's and 1940's speeches? Any time I look for something like it, I always get dumb or watered down versions with watermark and shit.

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Performing torturous experiments, even on Jews, seems to conflict with the reality of the holocaust. I imagine that the same (((narrative))) given to the holocaust was given to many of the officials.

My question: Who was Joseph Mengele in reality?

Listen to this.

I'd prefer to send them to america to kill all americamuts. Pretty sure 86% of world population agrees with me.

I'm not American. So this question is for Americans. But I've read somewhere online (a while back) that Americans can legally kill communists without being charged/indicted. Is this true? Does anybody have the documents that prove it?

While that thing is pretty cool in concept, it's an extreme waste. If we stay so close to the sun we might as well stay on earth or other planets, building such a structure around the sun would cost fuckload of ressources and time for no reason. Earth movement alone is enough to sustain our energy needs million times over. Earth heat even more so. So far in the future we might as well use nuclear fusion to create our own little suns too.

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In light of the recent thread we had on Environmentalism I'm gonna re-state the question I asked in the previous thread.
I couldn't find any information regarding Environmentalism in the Stalag edition of Mein Kamph, does anyone have any info regarding this? It would mean the world to me, as I'm currently compiling information on the subject.

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I can't help you with that particular text.
Environmentalism needs to start the way a strong philosophical argument starts.
List two or more apriori foundations for your topic. Then discuss possible problems and solutions. Then use posteriori arguments to narrow down what is possible and feasible in the present time. If you are good with words you can then discuss what could be feasible in the future if certain actions are taken at the present time and why they would be preferrable to alternatives that may already be possible or become possible in the future.

To go on extensively on the subject, you will need to use some emotional arguments. Emotional arguments are logically valid if they provide the value of the arguments. For example, it might not be logical to really have cosmetic exteriors of residential houses and any focus on it inside urban landscapes. But once psychology, which is emotionally charged, is taken into account; it is logical to have cosmetic exteriors of residential houses and focus on it inside urban landscapes.

A+ response user. Thank you.

wb, space elevator. It has been a while.

As long as kike shills like you fuck off, it'll be a very nice thread.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

Space elevator, the mineral user of Zig Forums

I don't know, I didn't realize until just now how bad I butchered that

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Just don't do it again. Shamefur dispray.

Alrighty Zig Forums, I'm thinking I'm gonna enlist in the military (burger here, btw), and I'm thinking US Marines, since I've heard it's the hardest.
Reason is because I've come to the conclusion that it'd be hypocritical of me to hold the views I hold and not have been in the military, despite the absolute state of currentyear military and it's servitude to ZOG etc… whatever. From what I've heard, the Marines have been least affected by the poz, and essentially my views on life and struggle compel me to join the military and not be like those parasites who preach about the vitality that conflict brings to a nation but have never risked their life once. (yes that's also a quote from LOTGH yes I watched it yes it activated my almonds about this kind of subject)

Anyway, my question is: any advice? What should I expect or prepare for besides "be in good shape before you sign up"?

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My quick reply will be to make sure your mind is ready. It is all a game but it is a "serious" game. You are expected to follow orders. You are expected to respect anyone outranking you any time even if they are wearing civilian garb.
In the basic training you imagine that your goal is to endure and overcome any struggle. If a sergeant says are you sick? go see a doctor. You have to say no thank you, sir. and continue in whatever task you were at. If you get told to do 30 pushups. Do 35. If you get told your face looks like a dog chewed it out and spit it up, you say thank you, sir. You are to follow orders when they are orders. You don't, however, ever accept a statement that tells you to give up, assume those aren't orders even if worded the same way.
You will endure lack of sleep in basic.

As for fears of what is "pozzed" don't worry.
Don't choose marines because you think it is the hardest, choose marines because you want to be a marine.
Expect that you will be challenged. Your sense of identity will be challenged. Your self control will be challenged. Your initiative will be challenged. Act like a leader even if you aren't in the official position of leader, and you will lead.
Don't know your age (dont say it, datamining is real) but the younger you are the better for military because it is a real career option.
Physical fitness? This one is interesting.
Think of all the typical mid level strength/endurance exercises and you want to train all of them. Chinups, running, pushups, swimming.
You will want to be able to run 8miles without stopping, at a light jog. You will want to be able to sprint 2 miles at your own pace, but a sprint not a jog.
Can you do 50 pushups without stopping? Lose some weight. It is better to be skinnier and be able to do more endurance than to be the strongest you can manage. Situps too, you will want to train your situps, flat on floor with your feet weighted down or secured.
If you want to be in excellent fitness far beyond what will be the requirements. Train up to being able to do 20 pushups, sprinting 2 miles, 20 pushups, 50 situps, then jog 8 miles.
If you are far below this standard, then get yourself going and at least meet the basic requirements for entry.

Remember, the mental/psychological aspect is what is the real struggle. Any healthy male can pass the physical requirements.
Always work as a team member and a leader. A leader can work on a team even if they are not the official leader of the group. An insecure ego will not be capable of that.

Dyson swarms are popsci nonsense. They operate under the assumption that alien species (or us in the future) experience permanent exponential growth, as opposed to the natural process of maintaining carrying capacity.

The idea that we would require such vast amounts of energy for residential, commercial, and manufacturing is unsubstantiated. And the investment cost of such a swarms may not even make sense.

They are largely useless for propulsion of manned craft, as the energy isn't mobile. Lasers would be fine for propelling drones, as their loss would be acceptable. Humans may need to divert course. At interstellar distances and high velocities, the idea of having to stay locked on a laser beam or attempt to re-establish a "connection" to the beam wouldn't be especially feasible.

So you are arguing for staying on one planet and reaching a carrying capacity. Then what? Wait for eventual depletion of non renewables or the eventual collapse of the sun?

The assumption is that some space nigger civilization couldn't figure out a simpler source of energy and therefore has to inevitably shit up their solar system with the equivalent of having a bunch of broken down cars and refrigerators all over their lawn.

I don't think we are getting off this planet until we learn to properly manage the human population in all of its fucked up genetic diversity, starting with (((them))).

This may or may not be worth making a thread about. This also may or may not get be banned from Zig Forums. Can some Jews and non Whites be good people, even allies? It's easy to prove that few Jews have power and wealth disproportion to how few they are, let alone compared to other Jews. While it's obvious a lot of them hate us, it would be silly at best and paranoid at worst to think they all hate us. Using blacks as an example they have on average 80 IQ, The key phrase being on average. Thomas Sowell is black and he's smarter than some white people. When does the law of averages turn into painting with a broad brush?

No one told you to evaluate all individuals based on averages.

Larry Niven should be pol required reading

No you imbecile. As you colonize new worlds you bring them to carrying capacity as well. Where did I even imply sitting here to stagnate?

If every earth like world had a few billion people on it, with advances in solar tech, you wouldn't even need nuclear or space based solar to produce the needed energy.

All that is required to never need to build such ridiculous infrastructure is the self control to not reproduce like niggers.

We are talking about sociological issues here. You don't build up those kinds of model because of 'muh based nigger' no siuch thing anyway

Fucking niggers is what you are.

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Unrelated to space, but I got my family to watch "Fred Leuchter the Legend of Auschwitz" and it was a really great early red pill. I then went on to look up The Leuchter Report for myself to see the lab results from the "gas chambers" walls, ceiling, and floors, but idk wtf I'm looking at. Can anyone give me a quick rundown of how to read this chart? ihr.org/books/leuchter/appendix01.html

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There aren't good jews

I am.no convinced that space.is the only option for whites. The earth is being ruined by kikes and shitskins. We need Aryan space empire now.

Fuck off kike. We aren't going to allow you to ruin our space civilization.

Bluntly, how to I cash out on my bet after we win?

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Id like to know where this type of nose comes from, where you can see up their nostrils when looking straight and level at their face, where the outside skin doesnt come down to match the level of the center cartilage at bottom.

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There are no good Jews. There are some good niggers but thats irrelevant. Niggers must be deported. Jews CANT be deported, they must be dealt with at home. They will scheme against us from a foreign country, deporting them was Hitlers only mistake.

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How unusual that a board now more famous for backing and supporting neocon kikes in every election worldwide is also promoting jewish science fiction as if it's real

"Space Elevator" while more retarded than pretending voting for zionist jews is really "based and fashy" is a topic that's never been banned from here, but every thread asking for proof of any jewish false flag or questioning why Zig Forums is backing kikes is shut down in an instant…

Really spins that gefilte stained dreidel

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What is it with skeptic/"I fucking love science" types and their constant attempts to interject themselves into scientific or technological achievement.
IFLS cultist:
>no, we have been to the moon and we can prove it because when we shine a laser at the retroreflectors we put there, we get back a signal.
Where the fuck does "we" come into anything here, unless the poster just happens to have access to all of the equipment required to do the experiment he describes?
retroreflectors are bullshit btw, they prove nothing

Fashy is a TRS word for rightist libertarian, just focus on white genocide and ignore the Trump bullshit. Real National Socialists understand whos pro-white and who isnt, we dont need to constantly talk about it and when we get into actual organization these bandwagon memers will easily be identifiable.

I wonder what the long term affects on living with 1/3 the gravity of Earth would be on Mars. Too harsh for colonization?

Gravity is very, very easily compensated for.

Just say "except".

We don't know honestly, it's suspected that microgravity (i.e. the shit you experience in orbit) not only fucks with your organs and bones but also inhibits with gestation.

There was a long term biolab experiment to research long term effects of Mars-like gravity but it had it's funding cancelled under King Nigger.

Carrying capacity scales with technology. In the stone age only a million or two could live in Europe, but now they're at more than half a billion. When we get access to space, it will be a natural progression from orbital habitats around Earth to those same places throughout the solar system. A dyson sphere isn't one big construction project, it's billions of little ones.

As for energy uses, there's tons. Intra-stellar transport will be huge, especially because people will want to move around and move bulk materials around for construction or trade. Micro black holes can be created by beaming a ton of lasers at one spot, which can then power space ships. Artificial matter could be made if we have too much hydrogen and not enough metals. Also, defense against threats is a lot easier when you can turn the output of the sun into a giant laser and fry any threats within light years. (See )

Maybe. That's why orbital habitats are better, because you can set the environment to exactly what you need, and you get more living space from them than from a planet. That's how we eventually end up with Dyson Spheres. ^

General rule: Policy is set by averages, personal behavior is based on individuals, but should be informed by averages. BASED JEWS are almost always untrustworthy (like this guy ), almost always stab you in the back, but there are a few that do follow through on good behavior. The only way you can possibly know that is if they are so vocal and unwavering that you couldn't possibly mistake them for anything otherwise, and are so before it seems like social pressure should be pushing them that way. We should know their names already if they exist, because the rest of the kikes would be trying to crucify them.

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Shit. Meant to link instead of .

The first is probably fine. The 2nd is definitely a kike, obvious from the fact that he's a compulsive liar.

Carrying capacity is affected by technology, but physical comfortable space is not. Nobody wants to live in an artificial O'Neil cylinder. They might put up with it under certain circumstances, but it would never be desired.

You could create more physical space on earth by moving manufacturing and warehouses into space. But these ventures would never be numerous enough to create a Dyson swarm when earth was at it's carrying capacity.

Lasers are not good forms of propulsion for massive ships filled with resources. The rate of acceleration would be piss poor and not good for intra-stellar anything but probes.

Your black hole drives and replicators are straight up mysticism.

Theoretically you could build your big death star laser I suppose. Or we could just use spacecraft to nudge dangerous asteroids into benign orbits. Unless you are talking about rogue planets or aliens or something equally ridiculous.

Need a racial identification specialist on this one, I know you guys are lurking. Its a common nose and must be from some part of Europe specifically.

Isaac Arthurs youtube channel is fucking amazing.
So many great indepth vids.

That one brick at the end there had quite a lot on it, it seems. We'd need to see where these bricks came from and do other tests to see if the conditions supposedly created in the gas chambers would lead to significant levels of cyanide in the bricks.

It's a tad weird that the colors of the two pills in the Matrix movie are the exact same with the "main" colors of Democrats and Republicans (blue and red). Doesn't deserve its own thread so I thought I'd post that here. What do you think?

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I'm going to Phoenix for a business trip. Any cultural uplifting spots to visit over there? Or should I just stick to the hotel room when I'm not in a meeting?


The GET foretold of this.

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I was about to give you this, then saw
and froze. Since you apologized it's yours.

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I believe that's the control sample from the delousing chamber in Majdanek. Leuchter made detailed blueprints with markings of where he gathered the samples. The only thing I'm having trouble figuring out is which sample in the lab results came from where on his blueprints. His blueprints are all linked under "Appendix 5: Illustrations" on ihr.org/books/leuchter/leuchter.toc.html

Japanese people having fun with swastikas. No sound on video because of the file limit… It's subtitled, anyway. I know it's backwards.


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I generally agree with Uncle Ted, but strict adherence to his ideas means our species is fated to expire on Earth–not a sentiment that I can cosign. Plus he's fairly silent on the JQ. How do you reconcile the need to preserve nature and destroy the techno-industrial system, but also develop the means to spread among the stars?
Is it really just as simple as removing kikes/shitskins? Based on the necessity of overspecialization, logistics, infrastructure, etc it seems like we'd still have "civilized" issues and challenges non-existent in a primitive state.

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It definitely is, as can be seen by things like HVAC and indoor plumbing. In space you have a great view, the ability to fly at will, and smart trustworthy neighbors. People will grow to like living in space, especially if it means having a great job and/or political freedoms. Not everyone likes living in cities I certainly don't but many prefer it to rural living for the extra amenities it offers.

Doesn't matter for unmanned cargo ships. Cheap light propulsion means you need no reaction mass. This simplifies ships enormously. A similar thing could be done for remotely nudging asteroids into reach for mining. They'll take years to arrive, but so did sail shipping and it worked just fine.

Maybe on the black holes, but there's at least some scientific backing for that and we won't know until we try. For creating heavy metals, I'm talking about fusion of lighter elements to create heavy ones. We've been doing that since the 1950s with a bomb, and 1980s with a reactor. It's easier when you've got massive amounts of cheap energy and no safety considerations to worry about.

I was talking about ayylimaos and did take it to be ridiculous. On a less ridiculous front though, humans have always been competitive. Space is the ultimate high ground, and the sun is the ultimate logistical supply line. If the technology exists, competition will drive us out there simply for military advantage. Those with the most solar-powered lasers or kinetic impact missiles win.

The thought of non-whites joining us in space deeply sickens me. What can be done to prevent the lesser races from leaving this dead world with us and sabotaging out interstellar empire?

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I am 100% serious if in a thousand years there's niggers on Mars I will fucking overthrow Hell and make Doom real. Keep nonwhites on Earth. The stars are for the White man.

Which private space agencies to invest in?

Let's give this thread a bump.

Also I remember reading an article about goons (chiefly Laissez Faire/Weird Twitter) influencing current left-wing internet culture, pointing out their involvement as journalists and takeover of communities but I can't seem to find it again. I'm sure it was some NRx/Dissedent Right site, anybody be able to help?

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"Goons" are literal kiddie gamers (some overgrown kiddies) and any such fanfic about them "infiltrating" government is delusional
Some awesome men happened to join some of their big groups in some games, notably own that died in benghazi on hilary's watch
theres no secret takeover by goons(Yes, we know that goons are pedophiles and kikes)

I remember us digging through some U.S. Republican candidate's skeletons in their closet (I think it was either Cruz or Kasich) and found a very interesting PDF from Alphabet Inc. (not sure on that one either) on memetics. Can someone post a link to it?

space exploration and colonization are noble and worthwhile goals, especially for White people once we take back our countries and our future.

that said, focusing much effort on foolish goals is a waste.

the idea of the "space elevator" is fundamentally flawed. it simply will not work on Earth. even the most optimistic estimates for material strength show that materials strong enough are unlikely to exist, at least without some as-yet-unforeseen breakthrough into "new" materials. However, even if a material strong enough could be found, the elevator still would not work (for long) because of two things: one, fatigue failure would cause the structure to eventually fail catastrophically. probably not in very many years, either. fatigue failure is an important engineering issue which most non-engineers know little about, but it is one of the main causes of parts failure in machines. second, intentional or accidental damage to the structure (anywhere along its length) would lead to catastrophic failure. this could be as simple as micrometeorites or space junk at the upper end, or terrorist attacks, or war, or accidental impact from ships or something. furthermore, when the elevator fails the falling debris would cause catastrophic damage to anything it hit and anything near where it hit. also, the outer end of the elevator would break up in space and remain in orbit as a massive hazard for later ships. far too dangerous and impractical.
It is mystifying to me that people keep talking about the retarded concept that is the space elevator. on an Earth sized planet, it will simply never work or, at very least, never be even the tiniest bit safe even if it could be built. Also, there are alternatives which are far superior from an engineering viewpoint (and a practicality viewpoint).
One of them is the "space fountain" which consists of numerous electromagnetic rings held in a tower-like shape by a stream of rapidly moving charged particles (which come back down to form a continuous loop). the lower rings would additionally have an outer shell to hold vacuum inside (to reduce friction on the particles). The particles would be made by massive particle accelerators at ground level. the structure would serve a similar function to the "space elevator," but would need to be far less high (still high enough for the ships, but no need of a "counterweight" and such) and also MASSIVELY less massive (thousands of times less). also, no magic materials needed. furthermore, far less issues with fatigue failure and if the structure failed catastrophically for some reason there would be far less debris.
another possibility is the launch loop which uses a long ribbon of metal which is spun by giant motors and magnets and whatnot. as it spins it tries to form a circle which pushes part of the loop into space. it would have to be hundreds of miles long, but still a microscopic fraction of the materials used in a "space elevator."
I do not know, of course, if either of these would work, but they -might- work realistically and reasonably, whereas the space elevator is either impossible or impossibly impractical.

On the issue of dyson spheres; they are so ridiculous it truly boggles the mind how anyone can believe that they could be built. I think the problem is a lack of understanding of perspective.
A far more practical and achievable goal would be the development and construction of O'Neill cylinders (or something like them). Each one would be self contained and self sufficient (the most robust form of reliable design, perhaps) and could house ten of thousands to millions (depending on the design size) in fairly Earth-like internal environments.
The asteroid belt has enough material for billions of ONCs, and the false gravity inside would avoid any developmental problems for those within.

I wonder how many ON Cylinders could have been built for the cost of all the non-Whites dragging us down in the last, say, fifty years…
One of the main reasons I have become a White Nationalist is because of how it pains me to think of all the wonderous things that we (Whites) could have done if we didn't have all these anchors and (((parasites))) dragging us the fuck down.

We would be out there now, if it wasn't for (((them))).

Sentences mentioning goverment in that post: Zero.
lmao, nice goondolences faggot.

I also want to see that article, I suspects it's based on dig taking place a few years ago that showed goons working as journos/editors fkr left-wing rags and big clickbait sites like Gawker and Buzzfeed.

Anybody remember the name of the guy who held a classroom hostage with a bomb in the 80s/90s?

Nope, must've not tried very hard.

So fake news?

Indeed, altruism has limits after which it becomes very detrimental to those that give.

Anybody else use Triumph of the Will as ambiance during workouts, and mute it so you can play triumphant music overtop?

I'm pasting my post from a different thread (which was deleted before I could even submit my post) that was discussing how "it's always a while guy who is perpetrating a mass shooting in the US". Anyone want to add to or make sure that I have this correct? It'll be a two-part post.


Are we talking shooters in general or just school shooters? If the former, off the top of my head from the past ten years or so in the US I've got:

Cases with an asterisk notes that motive was explicitly racially based:
>Umpqua college (had to Google this one - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Umpqua_Community_College_shooting#Perpetrator - says he was mixed race but also had white supremacist leanings… still makes him mixed)


Not sure if I'm missing any other major news stories. So going from this definition -which I think is a pretty good basis for criteria- of a mass shooter: A broader definition, as used by the Gun Violence Archive, is that of "4 or more shot or killed, not including the shooter".[14] This definition, of four people shot regardless of whether or not that results in injury or death, is often used by the press and non-profit organisations. it goes down like this:

White shooter meme is dubious at best and looks even more dubious if you were to go further and include gun violence as a whole (inner city shootings, gang shootings, etc. [note: you must include ''non-fatal results, too, if you're going to be honest… unless you think anyone shoots someone just for a laugh and no intention to kill]).

I should also add that if we just look at the mass shootings at schools there, 4 of the 5 (80% are by non-whites).

There's an article on Newsweek saying "white men commit more mass shooting than any other group". Of course it's a misleading headline, because well, the US is majority white. The data comes from Mother Jones who said 54% of mass shootings from 1982 were committed by white men, while 16% are committed by blacks. US "non-Hispanic white" population is 63% so whites are actually underrepresented. Blacks are 13% of the population so are slightly over-represented. And these are their own statistics they're using and misleading with, lol.

VDare has compiled a similar list of non-white of mass shootings. It's amazing how many of these have gone straight down the memory hole.

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Space exploration fantasies are the faggiest thing ever.

I got a ban repealed and now I can't make threads anymore, keeps saying no captcha was given. The FAQ gives me nothing on how to fix this.

The desire to ascend to the stars is shared by all great men mongrel.

A bunch of fags raised on teevee and science fiction fantasies, yeah, the type of dipshit who calls people mongrel.

There is some issue with the DNS bypass captcha. I emailed Ron about it yesterday and he got the site limping along again but the greater issue is likely still present. Make a thread on /sudo/ or just post in the existing bug report thread. If you make a new thread chances are it might not get noticed among the shitposting. However if you are too late to post in an existing thread it will be flooded with shitposts and reach the point where Ron will no longer check it because he assumes it is nothing more than shitposts after OP.

There is a very real difference between science fiction and hard science fiction. I have never owned a TV in my life, You lack aspiration. Even if communication over the expanse of space is near impossible why should the preservation of human thought be shunned?

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Mankind has always longed to touch the heavens. White men are the explorers. While the rest of the world sits and wallows in their own crapulence we set out into the great unknown just to see what was there. We are the visionaries, the dreamers, those not beholden to common sense and creature comforts. The ones who struggle against fate.

We are the earth's chosen children and it is our destiny to conquer the stars.

What's so particularly fantastic that we have to spread our syphilitic and decadent species across an expanse too vast to effectively manage any kind of civilization? Mankind will effectively never leave Earth. Space exploration will be limited at most to resource exploitation in the Solar System and perhaps research programs like what we do in Antarctica.

Nice, did you get that from Star Trek, or do you just piss in your own face every night?

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Spoken like a true kike.

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