About Positive Christianity

How did the National Socialists deal with the churches in the Weimar Era? And what were their (public) policies and beliefs?

They demanded freedom of religion, provided they do not threaten the German Race. The party stood for Positive Christianity but was not bound to any creed - as point 24 of the party programme dictated, something crafted mainly by Alfred Rosenberg and Dietrich Eckart, later called the "spiritual father" of the Third Reich, and influenced by the whole Germanist scene of the early 20th century, especially the Germanen Order and the Thulean Society that filled the ranks of the early party.

Now that was a purposefully broad descriptor. But why would they call the christianity of the main churches as "negative"? Here is some on their beliefs and works:

"In the case of the struggling young Christianity, for example, the Jews, quick as a flash, began hanging onto its coattails. Consider Paul, properly called Schaul, who was a rabbinical student. As a Jew, Paul certainly knew that of all the peoples of the world the Jews, first and foremost, needed their souls saved. 'Go not … to the Gentiles, … But go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel,' demanded Christ (Matthew 10:56). Paul ignored it. He went to the Greeks and the Romans and brought them his 'Christianity.' A 'Christianity' with which the Roman Empire became unhinged. 'All men are equal! Brotherhood! Pacifism! No more privileges!'… And the Jew triumphed." - Dietrich Eckart, "Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin, a conversation between Hitler and Me" (Eckart was honored in the second book of Mein Kampf)

"Today we recognise that the highest central values of the Roman and protestant churches, as a negative form of Christianity, do not correspond to our soul, that they stand in the way of the organic powers of the peoples determined by the Aryan race, that they have to make way for the latter, must allow themselves to be revalued in the sense of a Germanic Christianity. This is the meaning of the present search after religious truth." - Alfred Rosenberg. "The Myth of the Twentieth Century".

"The Party stands on the basis of Positive Christianity. Christianity is not dependent upon the Apostle's Creed" - Hans Kerrl, Reich Minister of Church Affairs.

Thus, under such arrangement they could use christian symbology and history, without being bound to christian doctrines or politics, something that was tolerable to the many vocally anti-clerical NSDAP members (like Rosenberg, Himmler, Hess, Bormann, Darré, Goebbels, Ley, Schirach and so on). It was also an important thing in order to gain power in a very christian country, and especially the loyalty of elements of the army, which always had shaky loyalty to the NSDAP and required massive bribes not to turn entirely inoperational because of treason, like Italy (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bribery_of_senior_Wehrmacht_officers).

It's important to notice, though that these efforts failed, due to the incessant opposition of cucked priests and bishops. Political christianity, the party of Angela Merkel today, was, at times, the main opponent of the NSDAP inside Germany - the priests opposed eugenics because "abortions are sinful" and even propped up militant groups like "The White Rose", in the middle of the war, effectively siding with the Rothschilds and the Soviets over the European people. No longer in need to gain power, the whole Positive Christianity psy-op and point 24 of the party programme were abandoned by 1941, leading to things like Bormann stating "National Socialism and Christianity are irreconcilable" publicly and Hitler ordering Rosenberg to draft a 30-point plan of a National Reich Church to replace both denominations.

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Now, the importance of saying this, as can be clear of NatSoc history, is that the churches are not the ones who will save us from international judaism, none of them are our allies - they use their massive resources not to oppose degeneracy but to actually import migrants into Europe. The hostily between the Third Reich and the churches was there for a reason. All of the churches are our enemies - not that we have outward hate towards them or they can't help at cases, but simply because they are not us, all of them oppose us. It's NATIONAL SOCIALISM and white BLOOD that will lead to the destruction of international judaism.

That goes as a saying to all those out of Zig Forums, although many of them aren't even white, who mindlessly apologise for the churches out of a faux "IDENTITY" and throw a meltdown over any slight criticism of the christianity, despite them being involved with pedophilia at cases and propping "missions" in Africa, feeding the niggers and keeping them artifically alive. Those who say so do not out of "hate of christianity", trust me, all we wish was it to be that simple and they to be our greatest allies, but we can see beyond that and it's time you fanatical apologists do that too and understand the NatSoc perspective. Stop parroting negative christianity.

Now, these efforts led to the creation of the "Deutsche Christian" movement, which was to unite the german protestant churches under Hitler, but as I already said, failed - and were carried out together with Kirchenkampf, that is, the systematical persecution of churches, in order to control them and remove their influence on public life. Religious schools, publications and associations were closed. Several priests were imprisoned and executed, even more so during the war, in the conquered territories, leading to several "Christians Martyrs of the Third Reich" and so on. Here is a list of a few notable ones (sorry for kikepedia):

Honestly there were countless people, it's an statistic:
The shill groups they propped up (effectively siding with the Rothschilds and the Soviets over the European People):
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/20_July_plot (done by catholics primarily, not even actual kikes)

Also important to notice that even then, elements of the Wehrmacht turned out as disloyal, especially those formely associated with Political Catholicism, like Paulus who turned on Germany, Stauffenberg who tried to assassinate Hitler, and the Abwehr military intelligence that gave false information to the army, the radar codes to the allies and so on. All part of the so-called "Schwarze Kapelle" along with christians and "german resistance" groups who cooperated with the Western Allies.

Nope. But…
The christian aryans are the ones who established the 3rd Reich. Without their help, nothing would have got done. pic related

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Good post.

Im not sure i have much to contribute to this subject. Hitler was a strong advocate of Christianity, but was thoroughly well read on religions including eastern, ancient, and esoteric religions. The full cuckery of the actual text of the bible had not yet been expressed by the church, and so the church still acted as a source of morality and beauty at the time.

The SS delved into paganism and esotericism, going back to before even indo-european pantheon style religions to bronze age sun worship and animal cults.

Ultimately the Reich was Christian but also made a conscious move to reintroduce pre-christian symbols, stories, and holiday customs. Their morality and political structure were also very pre-christian.

I'm very skeptical of Christianity, both it's actions historically, and the ethics advocated by the text. Western metaphysics and epistemology have very much been informed by Christian ideas and we have that to be thankful for.

Can anyone post the Hitler quote about National socialism being explicitly Christian and there being no room for nonchristian ideology within the movement?

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This one?

You do realize that this is an out-of-context passage from a journalist's remarks of a Hitler Speech from 1928, of which no original script survives. It's not just patently untrue, considering the several party members who were openly critical of christianity (Rosenberg, Himmler, Bormann, Hess, Darré, Goebbels), it was also indeed against the party programme.

It was translated by (((Richard Steigmann-Gall))), a "scholar" whose declared thesis was on how "christian" the Third Reich actually was, despite the overwhelming evidence against it. This, to get white christians to feel "guilt" and cuck, something the chosen people love to do.

Indeed, the German people established the 3rd Reich. These denomination numbers, however, look very different inside the NSDAP, especially the SS, the intelligence units being over 90% non-christian. And, as I said, the help and loyalty of those directly involved with the churches and political christianity, always waned.

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The plan was to make Hitler a new messiah AFTER THE WAR WAS WON. Kind of like Religion of Cuck™ has muhomo'd the pedo goatfucker but also Jesus. In practicality the new Adolfian Christianity, would be as close to mainstream Protestantism or Catholicism as Mormonism.

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Thanks, user.

Do you happen to know the context in which that was spoken? If not I'll go look it up.


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These allied propaganda pieces, the Rothschilds using christianity to rouse whites against "muh evil natzees", is something that really makes one think…

Also, I haven't seen the original (because there isn't any, most likely), but I'm pretty sure it's a "creative translation" of atheists - those who were indeed barred from membership in several NatSoc organizations. I think such description also goes against what is said on Mein Kampf multiple times.

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The point there was allied propaganda using it against the Reich…

It was a speech to members of Political Christianity if I recall…


The Allied propaganda illustrates how Christianity was used to mobilize the 'west' against the unchristian racialism of the Third Reich. All are equal in Christ. The Nigger christian is better than the Aryan Atheist.

Beat me too it.

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And here (((you))) are using allied propaganda against the christian that died fighting for the axis powers

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Good post, but I will just point that "rational wiki" is a leftist propaganda site (not that kikepedia isn't) but here are some other interesting links.


Consider reading third-reich-books.com/product/positive-christianity-in-the-third-reich/

With the media and internet 'leftist' you simply have to understand the bias and read into it to find the truth.

Note I don't care about NK or Iran or Cuba, but they are a thorn in the (((Globalists)) side.

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Better reads would be these.

The Myth of the Twentieth Century:


Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin:


Also an interesting exerpt from another book, dealing with negative christianity as a jewish tool:

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Hitler probably favored the Green Deists The USA's Mason (before infiltration?) founders were also Deists as they would be more willing to 'see' that God's will was nature's will and if the state fights for Nature (Good Genetics and Ecology) the state is fighting for God and therefore a believer in God should fight for the Third Reich.


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I think theres something important to be learned from positive Christianity, which is that the trappings and aesthetics of Christianity can be maintained to ease the transition to a new religion (whatever we supplant Christianity with).

Essentially do the exact same thing that Christianity did to paganism in regards to maintaining aesthetics and practises and the like, while altering the actual doctrine being taught.


Also, how many anons see the purpose of religion as

1. The truth
2. A useful tool for raising birthrates, building strong, stable societies with high social cohesion, etc.

Obviously a religions needs to contain at least elements of something true and profound to be effective, but I don't see that as the main purpose.

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I see religion as #1, but I see organized religion as #2.

Yes, it is easier to keep closer to what people know but enact either very slowly, or suddenly like lightning, the changes. For example like lightning:

Odin the ALL FATHER was the Father of Jesus

Learn from Emperor Xi of China:

This is why Pierce's Cosmotheism and Creativity failed. They didn't start from a Christian flock, the religious traditions collectivist whites are used to… and really there is no need to get rid of Jesus, just change the incentives.

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Except that Yeshua is a Semitic idol and thus those who worship him debase their souls by bringing themselves closer to the racial soul of Semites.

Hello nu/pol/

(((Total coincidence.)))

I dunno user, the guy on the left seems about as middle eastern as algebra.
It seems to me that after two thousand years the European Jesus is a different figure in interpretation than the original.
Culturally, in the manner of his use, he's closer to Tŷr or Horus than the semitic deities.
The strings, or chains it seemsb attached are horrible, but you're doing something hilariously close to referring to Trump as Drumpfe. The entity as it is can hardly be viewed as the same as it was.

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He will not divide us!

this is what kills imageboards

So as long as the criticism isn't from "muh viking neckbeard LARPers" it's ok? You out yourselves way to easily yid. Thanks for the filters though.

Maybe I'm just weary and too high strung at the moment, but we're under shill assault and have been for days.

We've had positive Christianity since 0AD.
As in, it has been crumbling ever since and in a few more thousand years we will be back to the true, old gods.

What Christians today think about this, especially non European ones, has no bearing on that.
They will die while Christianity is still around, but future generations will eventually regain their souls after Elohim, the devourer which wants to be everything any people ever made, has been cast aside fully.

Hello jew.

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user my ADHD can't wait that long…

Religious Chan

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>(((white))) artistic rendering
Looks like a fucking jew.

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Not what I said, read the thread.

It's a blink of an eye on the grand scale.
Both in time and in numbers of humans that lost their souls, aka the connection to their true gods, after getting "filled" with a cuckoo faith that tried to absorb:

Since it is quintessentially jewish (doesn't matter if jews come in different flavors, they're all unsavory) it never *truly* replaces someone unless they either willingly exorcise their soul or get exorcised.

The soul thing isn't just a theory, it's a fact.
That's why Christianity is not a wholesale standard enhancere for the world, niggers are still niggers even if they're Christian, because niggers that still have a soul for their nigger gods to channel through gain nothing because nigger gods are useless.

European gods, on the other hand, create art, music, science that couldn't be contained by "we're all poor and sit in a yurt, we won't have public service or graven images of anything" Christianity.

It's also why Europeans the more *truly* Christian they become the less radiant they become, since Christianity is a shit tier faith that would be nothing without the true gods defying the drabness by still channeling through people who retained their souls, at least partially.

It's the difference between a fully exorcised, glazed over bible thumper and a "christian" that goes againt the church, creates shit, science, observes pagan customs, even if it's with a new paintjob, loves nature, doesn't just focus on the afterlife, etc.

The former has lost their soul and cannot get it back (case in point, Christians cannot believe in the true pagan gods after enough exorcism, because they require a soul and not a magic incantation "I accept Jesus Christ as my savior", wheras people with a soul are naturally 'in love' with all the little non biblical, non christian "customs" that got carried over through the milennias.
Like Yule/Christmas, it's not in the Bible and nothing about Christmas is truly Christian.) and the the latter has the soul diminished, it's still there.

Those who do not have souls have no afterlife, since Elohim is a devourer, not a giver.
These peole will merely return to a state like they were in before birth. An eternal sleep without dreams.

Hitler knew this, too, by the way.

"Gott Jehova. Gott der Rache. Er wird Dich…fressen!"
"God Jehova, god of vengeance. He will…devour you."

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Are you getting this from somewhere, or are you practicing for /tg/ worldbuilding?

I must say i find it both amusinng and horrifying to see this idea of the Rothshilds just becoming richer and richer without any point. Whats the difference of having 50 billion and 60 billion? You have all the luxuries of a lifetime at your fingertips plus power and theyre just doing jack shit but collecting more poointless cash thatll undo everything theyve built in the end.

My God….the jews really are such a short sighted people.

How does one reclaim a soul user?

I suspect they're going to do something with that peninsula they named after themselves in Antarctica. Maybe set up their own sovereign nation on unclaimed soil. Make it the 'real' Israel, or some bullshit.

Just like there's no way to iron out the evil from Semitic bloodlines no matter how many generations you mix with them, there's just no way to remove the Semitic nature from the idol Yeshua. Only materialists who put no stock in the spiritual truths of the world could think otherwise, and their opinions do not matter in the arena of religion.

#1 belongs to the Esoteric doctrines of religion. #2 belongs to the Exoteric teachings given to the masses.

IIRC, I remember reading something about how Jesus would have hated organized religion? True or false?


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It revolves around his instructions to the disciples being "organized religion" but then is any spreading of message "organized religion"?

How did (((Mit Brennender Sorge))) affect National Socialism? Did it cripple the fighting spirit of the Germanic Armed forces?

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In a similar way that you can be against a government but for the people, it's a great thing to call out injustice or evil anywhere. The churches are infested.

This doesn't mean the faith is somehow bad or against the white race. You neglect to mention the political Christian movements were right wing and it's against scripture to impose a Christian political party anyway.

Rosenberg was put in job to job to shake up the Reich and Hitler consistently spoke out against church leadership while praising the faith, copying to Swastika from a Catholic church. The Kirchenkampf was to topple the political blocs of protestant ministers, who better than someone who has a strong bias? Similar to FDR and Morgenthau, appointing someone as an attack dog is best when they have hatred toward what they're trying to stop.

Hitler was actually inspired by the very anti-jewish and Christian mayor of Vienna.

Watch "The Greatest Story Never Told" to learn about the 3rd Reich. It's long but fantastic.

Should we "drain the swamp" of the church? Shouldn't the church help supplement nat soc?

Without reasoning accompanying your conclusions, this is worthless.

Think for yourselves.

Really now?

filtered & reported for D&C

You can't get back that was devoured, unless its corn.
That's why it is impossible to reconnect for anyone who was sufficiently Christianized.
Thankfully those are few, since all you see in Europe and co, you know, all that "Cool Christian Stuff" was done by people who still had some of that left since the fully exorcised die out without leaving much mark.
Again, case in point: Reality.
If people truly had accepted private prayer, no graven images and stuff, like good followers of Jesues teachings, then we wouldn't have:
Castles with splendid "Christian" things inside, no huge cathedrals, no saints, no beautiful Mary's etc.
No memento mori (aka, you die if nobody remembers you you might as well never have lived, a very worldly thing considering Elohim is supposed to be all knowing with infinite memory so us remembering should mean and does mean little to the truly golemized)
No Christmas no nothing.
It's sad that people have lost their souls to the void, to the empty promises of a jew larp god, but, again, it has been crumbling since day one and in a few more short milennia all of our people will have souls and retain them again.

I'm getting it from reality, but I don't have much time nowadays, I've been making this argument in several threads though and so far it could not be challenged.

The more Christian the less of your peoples soul you have, and it is ALWAYS just a varnish, or leech on top that feeds on the truth underneath, no matter who is afflicted by Christianity, the real gods of any people still shine through.

Santa Muerte for the Aztecs.
Amaterasu and co for Japan.
Uselessness for niggers.
And the many, many pagan customs and behavior in Europe, hell even the weekdays in many European countries are named after pagan gods.
Which is 100% incompatible with "The conquest of Europe by Christianity, the one and only truth." some claim has happened.

But it hasn't happened.
It was a larp people tried out, revised it countless of times (denomination) while it steadily crumbled away.

America is the European nation that is lagging behind the most.
They are the most afflicted in a bad way.

If you think Eastern Europe is "super Christian" then you're suffering from a massive case of "So much paganry that you can't see it anymore" or you're not European.

In fact, Slavs are one of the MOST connected with paganry people in Europe.
Not only do they have things like "dual faith" but the umbrella term of "slavic paganism" encompasses WAY A HUGE LOT MORE people than "nordic paganism" ever did.

And, yes, "slavic paganism" is indeed a real term born from the fact that eastern europe is so damn teeming with it.

It's another symptom of having no soul, no need to even to look into it because Elohim "filled" the body with void.
And it's the reason why I do not know a single Christian or have ever come across one who would be a Christian without the reward of heaven, but, instead, the only reward would be "A good christian life with all the 'super duper morals and philosophies and teachings'" but no heaven.

They wouldn't be Christian without heaven, because it's the promise that they will get(become) a soul again.

But there is no heaven once the soul has been sucked out, it's gone.
Reality, again, speaks bounds for that. I just dont have the time right now/currently to drive that point home (again).

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Case in point:
Throw any Christian or Atheist or any other non polytheistic person, into the dark cold forest at night with shit around them and they WOULD feel the spirits of the wild dancing and pacing around them.
Likewise, if you erased all, each and every current trace of any spirituality on Earth, but kept the human capability of spirituality then we would get thundergods again, harvest gods, death gods, water gods, spirits, gnomes and the like.

When people would hear thunder in the sky they wouldn't recreate the bible, but they would create a thundergod, different name, etc, yes, but that's what would be created.

It requires larpers to go around and convince people that the truth they know and feel is actually Christianity, even though nobody with a real soul would create this kind of thing.
Hence the hebrew roots. Made by peoople who don't know manual labor, no specialists and want to be EVERYHING good in any given country.

The ones that name themselves after gold and gemstone or sugar and their equivalents in other countries they parasitize.

Eveything pans and checks out.
That's the beauty of looking at reality and not dwelling on who put whom on the stake or who burned which library or who chopped this tree or that.
But how things panned out and if it makes sense in the actual context of christianity or paganism, and in that regard, paganism is the clear winner, because that's how reality is.

We are in the situation we are in, with all the customs remaining despite having not "shared creed or bible or beliefs or gospel or evangelism" because it lived underneath and created everything "non biblical but cool" because people with souls that defied the drain of Elohim still got channeled through by the gods of beauty, justice, creation and co.

It' really truly is that simple, and, since Christianity is the same thing as communism, I know that "simple" is rejected by those who read "theory for their entire life" and everyone else is a brainlet (in Christianity the smart ones get a halo, of course, it's the same thing though).

But, I live in reality. Not in the past. Don't care if Hitler was Christian or not. He wasn't, almost noone in Europe is, but I don't need to discuss this because it doesn't matter.
I just care in what is done today, how things are, and i do not live in a conquered continent but a recovering one.
A field that starts to blossom again after burning itself with dumb shit people were into for a few years.

And 2000 years are NOTHING in the grand scheme.

We have what we have because it was done by people who did it the way they did it.
Simple as that.

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Just replace Him with Mithras or Horus then.
They are functionally the same but they are not semitic.

In other words, monotheism is unnatural to humans.
That's why there is the holy trinity, too, etc.
I would say "not even Christianity' could resist that, but, again, Christianity never existed in Europe as it should have but has always been just a thing truly powered by the true gods still working through the people via their souls while the foolish himans tried out that dumb shit.

You know, like people who get their morals and worldviews form Dr. Who or Star Wars.

Autism is a trait of our people, sadly, but we'll get over it. We've gotten over it since day 0.


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This is a dangerous meme. Jews have been enacting nefarious longterm plans for ages, and that combined with their nepotism has positioned them on top all over the world. Would jews have been a problem for this long if they were not formidable? You need only look at the many infographics available on this board, and on your own computers, that jewish foresight has devastated generations of whites. Pic related.

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I think the term 'positive Christianity' meant traditional family values which is literally the only positive thing I see about Christians.
It is clear that all prominent NDAP leaders left Christianity and of these many believed it would slowly die with the rise of the new German youth. Very Nietzschian.

{ youtu.be/SSzZiXJPJPA?t=76} Lesion from the man himself.

So you actually didn't lose but you lost and we lost because when we didn't lose we lost?

This copypasta is still garbage. Watch TGSNT

Go away, American.

Read Mein Kampf and the despise of Hitler at them, who aligned with socialists, did not oppose Weimar degeneracy, endorse the Versailles treaties and so on - while bothering themselves strongly with the NSDAP - they were just "burgeouis" people who misuse religion to herd the goyim into voting with them.

Although political christianity, especially catholicism and ultramontanism, was a way bigger problem back then.

I don't think that was the case, as far as I recall, the Swastika was already used in the Kapp putsch and was the symbol of the Thulean Society, associated with the early party, and several pan-germanist movements that sprung in Germany in the early 20th century.

Go back to you containment at Zig Forums, retard.


Reading the Table Talks and it's obvious Hitler is generally hostile towards Christianity. Sure he appealed to it in his speeches since Germany was largely Christian at the time, but it's clear the many NSDAP members envisioned it "withering away" (to borrow a commie phrase) and being replaced with an authentic Aryan religion.

The NSDAP experimented with the Thingspiele in the 1930s, an open air theatre, like some kind of mystical pagan spectacle, a hearkening back to the Alþing, but it was considered too radical at the time. Hitler represented the more conservative element of the party compared to Goebbels for instance.

"The Myth of the Twentieth Century" has become my bible ever since I read it by the way. Rosenberg was a smart man with lots of good and interesting ideas.

Nope. He has a point. If Christianity/God is true, then a project to eradicate it on a world scale will likely fail.

This. The SS High Command understood the German masses well. Take into account the time period as well. Suddenly switching to Paganism would have done a lot of damage to their country. So they planned for Judeo-Christianity being eroded and replaced with Positive Christianity. Which then builds the foundation for a Racial Pagan spirituality to be introduced into the youth.

If so, let it be and let the truth triumph…

everyone on here has seen TGSNT and knows the points it makes inside out you donkey. It's just a introductory piece of national socialist rhetoric to clear the name of 'nazis' and set you on your way to the grander world of NS. You start at the TGSNT you don't dwell their, it's a great documentary but it's just that, a documentary. Some parts where he demonstrates the Christian values of Hitler and the third Reich are half truths at best. Third Reich inner circle were working with a nation of 90% Christians so it was necessary to put on a pro christian facade while actually rooting Christianity out

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I trust Dennis Wise more than the average shitposter on here. He has remained consistent in his message throughout the years and throughout his other documentaries and interviews (unlike some here, but that's offtopic).

Table talks was a hoax by the same Swiss who made the fake Hitler diary. source ww w.richardcarrier.info/archives/10978

You have your spirit, soul, body and in many Aryan religions a fourth aspect: the dream, the heavenly palace or collective consciousnesses.

Soul is consciousnesses plus a human ego and intuition, to reclaim a soul requires firstly humility or even ego death if you have a really bad attitude, and intuition can be improved through good health, tranquility and meditation to become more sensitive so that you may learn thy self's body, dream and spirit in order to harmonize them so that they may work towards one unified will.

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Faith is either about the truth of what we want the truth to be. Whichever is the case, it's a battle we can't afford to lose, because our vision is the only one that creates a world worth living in.

Don't be misled. People who give up on faith give up on the future.

newsflash, christianity today is wholly heretical compared to original texts since rome

Can you back that up?




heavy involvement is not the implementation of their religion into ours, retard

Why do you LARP dipshits love to cherrypick so much? Why do you completely disregard Christians like Poles or Hungarians who are still heavily nationalistic?

Because I'm from one of those countries and the church is full of libhshits and the priests preach tolerance, women's rights and diversity, that's why.

fuck off you blind fool.

Because for most the Hun or Pole Christianity isn't the one we deal with on a day to day basis. They are the exception not the rule.

Kinda funny considering, that as a pagan, I attend mass more than the "based catholicucks" The churches are fucking empty except for tourists.
Hungary is a Christian nation in name and constitution but not in spirit.

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Hmph. With the way Orban goes on about it you would think differently. But I could see this being the case.

I just see Christianity of ancient pagan stories with an added semitic influence. Its well established that Saints were actually adopted pagan motifs to get the reformed people more accepting of Christianity. Even Jesus draws parallels to the the story of Baldurs death.

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Like that one saint that cut down da holy tree, right? Well estabilished my ass

okay, name the part in either the new or old testament that says that donkeys are evil and satanic.

maybe at this current time we need as many good white children being raised as possible, but this is not necessarily something that should be encouraged for all eternity. societies reach equilibrium and at that point it is natural for birthrates to decline. overpopulation is not something to take lightly, and once all of the nonwhites are gone we dont want to be left with a people that treats r-selection as a virtue

Why the fuck would I argue against you with your own holy book? The Donkey is an inferior and unclean animal according to indo-european tradition and egyptian tradition.

If you want birthrate to go up, strip away womens' rights.

Christ was cool; Christianity is not. (((YHWH))) can never be cool.

He doesn't have a choice, given that his party is full of KDNP members (KDNP is a christian party that basically aligned so closely with FIDESZ that they merged.)

Also, Odin replaced Tyr, who gave up his hand as sacrifice to save the world from the consequences of degeneracy (Loki). After Tyr gave up his arm so that Fenrir could be bound, he became from war god to God of rule by righteous law, and was replaced by Odin who also gave his own eye and life up for knowledge.

There are many paralels, but my opinion is that Christianity basically had to mirror pagan customs in order to be accpeted, and even today, paganism lives on.

Absolute truth.