Boer Aid/Assistance idea thread

Going off of >>11302647 's recommendation, we should start a Boer Support thread.I can't find any links because I'm at work, but I can do my part by at least creating the thread

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Why should we help them if we can't even help ourselves? Fucking retard. Fix your own shit before doing someone else's.(KIKE WAS GASSED FOR THIS POST)

Don't be a dumbass.

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Bump. Is it time?

Anons should make posters and spam social media.
If you faggots don't care about them at least care that media silence will redpill normies.

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How hard is it to set up a nonprofit organization and collect donations?

I'll be back in the states next year and im willing to spend 2-3 hours daily to work on something like this.

I know it's BPS but still.

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So you can't answer my question. Got it.

No. No aid for them. They created this mess all by themselves. They cucked and gave in to niggers. Giving them an escape from a fate that they earned by shitting on the legacy their ancestors built is a bad idea.
They must either kill or be killed, there is no middle ground.
Setting an example of there "being a way out" will do nothing but make us weaker. They will be attacked and imprisoned for daring to speak truth if we allow them into our own diseased nations.
Either they genocide the niggers and retake all the land (and more), or they die horrible deaths. Nothing else.

Are you fucking retarded? They fought this every step of the way gated community of the west vilified and outlawed all aid and support for groups that maybe didn't want to get killed by niggers.

This the type of American I hate the one that only thinks of himself and never for others. This mentality not only fragments what could be bonds between Europeans but allows jews to continue their agenda.

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All they had to do was say "no"
It took whites to vote the ANC into power.

I am more than open to assisting them, but they must either fight or die. Running away is no longer an option for any of us. They have their own culture and legacy to protect and defend. If they are willing to give all of that up and run away, they will definitely not fight for us either. In fact, they will be the first to beat the drums of retreat and surrender when it comes time to do what is required.

It's not easy. We could set up a cryptocurrency though and use it to securely, anonymously fund the revolution. We could also send them material aid, if we can get in contact with boers on the ground who would tell us how to deliver it.

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THey did say no you colossal cocksleeve.

>(((first post)))
Every time.

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This will inevitably be shut down as racist for classifying people by race. Whiteness isn't reals goy.

As a burger, I hate them also. We Americans I believe have a lot to offer, but I've never seen a group of whites so delusional about their role in the world, and what they believe themselves to be capable of.

It's a lot harder to fight for your people when the whole world condemns you for it just look at Rhodesia. Should the whole world be allowed to be destroy because your ancestors fought for the wrong side or would you believe that your nation deserves a second maybe even more than that chance? Its their struggle today it might be yours if you don't learn and how will you learn if they are all dead?

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The entire world condemns israel, yet they keep on doing whatever they want.
DPRK manages to say "no" and they are still alive as well.
SA gave up their nukes for no real reason and surrendered their nation to niggers because of a media narrative.
Every single hard fought battle, soil paid for in blood, just given up for literally nothing at all.
Their entire cultural legacy is now simply "I'm an African American too now!", so they can get some laughs from cucks terrified to ever point out the fucking obvious or stand up for themselves.

Report and filter the shills. The shills are anyone and everyone who says not to help white South Africans for any reason.

With that out of the way, I'm the user who suggested this thread, but I confess I didn't think anything would come of it.

Does anyone know what SA's firearm laws are like?

It's their struggle, and if they are unwilling to fight for their own nation and people, why the fuck should I ever trust them with fighting for my nation when the time comes? Cucks that refuse to spill blood and fight for anything, or even defend themselves. You expect them to do any different 10 years later over here? Because yes, we're talking 10-15 years at most now, probably sooner.(KIKE WAS GASSED FOR THIS POST)

I'd help them with arms and supplies. An example must be set of whites refusing to stand down. An example must be set which other whites can use. An example will be set either way.

Fucking obviously, but giving them a bump in the right direction never hurts.
Why do you assume that the whites in SA are sweden or UK tier cucked?
All you need to know about gun laws, note license very restricted

The niggers have been making threats of stealing land
The niggers have been using the military to murder farmers
The niggers just passed the amendment to steal land and murder farmers
Everything is broken and the only way to survive is in walled fortresses with armed guards and never go outside the walls at night

This is beyond sweden/uk cucked.

From all of these posts I can see you have no remorse for Europeans that are in need. You have my pity.


Be a damn shame if someone started sending things like these to South Africans, that's all I'm saying. It would be absolutely horrible and racist to send these pics to any south africans you might know. You should absolutely not do that.


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SA has one of the biggest PMC forces in the world. Gaining their support somehow would be instrumental to winning a war there. I'm not sure if they can be coerced on an official level, but targeting their white members with propaganda could get them to desert, or start shit that would create a spark for the conflict.

/r/ the twitter images of military jammers used during a typical "burlary"

I have nothing but love for all of them. Love does not mean what you think it means. The white world needs to be reminded of what we can do. My only agenda is ushering in an age of ultraviolence and a return to our most primal and pure behavior. All our enemies must be wiped from the face of the earth. No more running.

I know those burger feels user. The delusions are incredibly hard to break. "Greatest country in the world, everyone is jealous of our freedom and greatest ally. Defend democracy, based christian shitskin, etc, etc." It's all so tiresome. Sage for off topic.

Why would anyone send this shit anywhere? These are specifically designed to be creatable in the most dirt poor conditions with the most barebones materials. If anyone's going to send them anything it should be actual guns that shoot bullets.

The pictures, you retarded faggot.


Are there uncucked White settlements along the coasts or with waterway access?

If the whites are going to fight a war, the mountain regions would be optimal to negate the nigger's numerical advantage.

We're coming for you, schlomo.

We're a generation and a half, away from being in the same fucking situation as the Boers, in the USA.

Bodyarmor. If they have armor, they can do a hell of a lot more.

As we can see on these maps, however the mountain regions are predominantly nigger territory with white settlements dotting the landscape here and there. The "coloured" populace by the way are the native Khoi-san people who, while not white, also hate the niggers.

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OP here. I'm surprised it got pinned.


We need to find out, first of all, who in SA wants to fight. Are there any known SA militias forming?

On the demographic map
Orange - Niggers
Yellow - White
Cyan - Khoi-san
Purple - no clear majority

Let's say i have 1 million dollars worth of bitcoin. How would i go about aiding the Boer?

By taking the mountains, they could cut off the water supply to the cities. Blow the damns below and drop boulders into the streams to re-direct the flow of the water from the mountains. In a week, half the nigs would be dead.

Wait for things to heat up. After that I would say the most important things will be guns, ammo, tactical gear, gasoline and medicine.

Figure out who wants to protect themself, and help them.

Saffa here, I agree. Fix your shit and start a refugee program for us. The jews did it, so why can't we? We're hard working mother'effers and while there are poverty stricken camps, the layman has to deal with shit like this:" https:/ /

Story behind this? Guy tried to stab a co-worker at the equivalent to a dollar store. Go read those comments and keep reminding me about racist whitey. (((they))) are behind everything. Never ever apologize for your God given identity. Stay strong, keep your chin up and a tight upper lip. Once you unfuck yourselves, know that there's a force that's ready to make your country better. Better than the current refugees you entertain. Once you open the borders for us, we'd be happy to make plans. Until then, we'll stay and fight the good fight…. even if we go down, we'd rather go down in old age, in some hidden part of this beautiful country than be sucked into another pozzed shithole and see that same story happen again to a nation that was to blind to see. The scary part is, is that Africa is surrounded by seas, you guys could have stopped this but you fed them with arms, with communism, with glow in the dark (((assets))) - fuckit, even sticks and swedish and danish biscuits & salmon in tins while our boys died in Angola. And yes, we had our traitors too and good Rhodesia bled slowly… But how the portuguese turned their socialist eyes to the fall of Mozambique, or even worse, the fall of South West German Africa - you see, it is all cyclical and we are all guilty for hurting our brethren. It's time to unite. Siener van Rensburg was never the liar. Remember that user. Remember that if nothing at all, at least that..

Well that's simple.
alternatively, launch an boer ICO.

Give guns to the farmers if its possible. Until the war starts.

I'm pretty sure the rivers flow from the mountains where the niggers reside and not into them. Thus it is the niggers who are at an advantage here.

Can still simply kill those nigs and then follow through with the plan.

Maybe the right most hills would be a better placement as 2 large clusters are to the sides of it. From the looks of it it also has water as 1 river runs off it.

Reported for I am a d&c kike, ban my stupid non-white ass spam.

Oh right, you can't even call out the spammers on it.

Give a farmer a gun and protect the farmer
Give a farmer a CNC machine and protect the village

You need to read a fucking book nigger. Read about our nuclear program and how murica FUCKED us when they flew in their own operators and bulldozers to destroy everything. Your country has more blood on its hands than you wish to realize. It's dumb fucks that you that belong in Zig Forums sucking cocks or playing grey areas. Learn into history poes.

We don't hate Americans, we really hate "dumb americans" and they're a fucking joke. Including the zogbots who fly desks in afghanistan and claim to be vets.

Maybe your "white" uncle shlomo helped them since the last time I checked, white only consisted around 13% of the population in 96.

Can't help myself user. There are so many lovely jews on this knitting forum that I can't but not respond and share to their inbred khazarian ashkenazi minds some information which may change their hate-filled luciferian worshipping hearts into turning them over to Jesus Christ or somehow just enlighten them on the excuse of a spawn of which they are.

p.s. Why is Zig Forums banning IP's which reference Jesus Christ? Is this place really done and duck roll'd?

Im an American, I never said I hated all Americans just the ones that can't see beyond their nose.

I didn't say you hated americans, I said many saffa's hate yanks because they're so idiotic. Zig Forums changes a lot of minds user. A lot of saffa's lurk here. More than you care to think. We dislike the USA for what they've done to us, but many of us who are red-pilled from birth are aware of the Americans who visit this place and it's done a lot to change our minds… Them as well as Vietnam vets who fought alongside our guys when their local society didn't want them back. We've got a love/hate relationship. We see many of them as idiots, we see you with compassionate eyes and hope you are the majority that are simply the only ones brave enough to speak things as they are.

That's not how you spell (((UN))) and all the other garbage that decided to fuck Boers in every possible way. The moment Boers go wild and do whats necessary, U.S. and European (((peace soldiers))) would go "freedom" South Africa within 5 nanoseconds. That's why taking back control of the U.S. and Europe is paramount, to prevent it being used as proxy military for kikes to kill everyone that is endangering (((global piece))). Boers can't do their job before we do ours.

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Very much related.

Those UN peace soldiers don't seem to be doing much in Yemen or Syria or Libya or Ukraine.

Ah, good old (((license restrictions))).



This is why I suggest focusing on armor. Besides, the boers can fucking get guns. It's not like Africa is a very regulated continent. How fucking hard is it for them to buy assault rifles? FFS. They need night vision, they need bodyarmor, they need medical supplies, they need ignition plugs for explosives, and they need bodyarmor.

Move to Niggerland.
Act surprised when you get Niggerland outcome.
This thread is virtue signalling faggotry. It's like U.S. Christians sending aid to Israel.
We need to rebuild America into a nation of ethnostates before pissing into the ocean of (((world problems))).(KIKE WAS GASSED FOR THIS POST)

Pretty much. Also SA police has like a 10% arrest rate on criminal activity. The Boer could start arming up right now and they would probably be oblivious, since they're either incompetent niggers or white.

The kikes dont care for petty disputes between muslims but if a white country starts fighting against their jewish agenda thats the red line.

How powerful is the (((UN))) military anyway?

stop importing muds and swap them for us Mr. Goldstein. it is literally that simple but you'd rather project and bullshit like a fucking leaf because sitting on the fence and bitching about it is better than waiting for a time where you're sleeping with a gun underneath your pillow.

They're pretty shit in Africa. Read Gunship Ace by Al J Venter, or even better, Eben Barlow's Executive Outcomes. They're good for raping little kids or hiding in their barracks when the shit hits the fan. There can be no peace if they're not keeping the peace. Showponies that are as good as the mods on /b/. Badly trained, lazy and scared shitless unless there's a prossie or a kid to fuck nearby. They may as well go fly desks in Denmark.

I don't know what the fuck this even means.
I'm not sitting on the fence, I'm advocating for turning the U.S. into a nation of fucking ethno states, including ending usury and promoting (((right of return))).
Stop pretending like your virtue signalling faggotry has merit.

Hard to do when Russia is breathing down your neck. U.S still obliterated the other half of the middle-east. The moment Boers attack niggers they will be considered ebil Terrorist and land on the hit list. The only way to prevent that is if Boers have something Russians want.

I'm looking for possible entry points, not holdout positions.

Thank you user.

Bad idea. Against a human adversary, mountains are prime defensive turf. Against niggers, just set up your machine guns like sprinklers on a flat, open plain and optimize coverage. The glorious Zulu tradition of getting predictably chopped up by bullets they think their magic will protect them from may yet live!

Thanks for the chuckle.

Alright, I have never heard that one before. Wtf does this mean, user?
Give nothing back. Send all the monkeys to the islands.

What a load of shit. The Boers are the only economic value that South Africa has. The USA won't do shit to South Africa, and fact is, our military would immediately identify with the boers. The majority of our forces that mean a damn (not counting the mop-niggers here) are from the South. You really think southerners won't identify with Boers?

user, niggers do not know how to defend territory. They simply don't. Every fucking nigger I've ever met has been completely oblivious to their surroundings. Shit, do you know how common it is for niggers to get hit by fucking TRAINS!?


Denmark are pussies who assisted the commies in the Angolan Border War. Denmark were pro-commie/ at least the population was and supported the infiltration of communist terrorists that killed innocent people (including local africans and tribesmen and raped and pillaged their children). Danes are a fucking joke and tend to be lesbians. They have no respect and are like the swedes, flying a desk means that if you happen to be a pilot and you fuckup, you get sent to fly a desk. AKA you are kept out of action and you settle into boring and mundane bullshit tasks. A dane would not mind this administrative women's job because he is a faggot. So you fly a desk instead of a helicopter because you're a fuckup. Or you fly a desk because you you're not fit to fly in combat and you're better fit to an office job.

This is just our view of how things happened back in the day. Sweden was the worst which is why we're not really perturbed by their downfall. We're angry at the people who fucked us. Wouldn't you be? Ofcourse the juden were behind it, but so were the libshits of europa and the ones who glow in the dark.

n Boer vergeet nie…

Why did this thread end up being a shitty D&C?
>swedes are bad this one is hard to dispute

Remember brothers.
you can feel free to have infighting after we've solved the JQ and the shitskin problem, until then, cooperate and stop being a whiny bitch.

Regardless, we have to focus on the task at hand. Supporting the Boers and making sure the (((media))) can't hide what's going on.

As someone who lives in the Netherlands feel that it may be possible redirect normalfag attention to the Boers because Afrikaans is mostly just a variant of Dutch and they all have the same religion as what remains of the non-muzzie religious community here.
I have been brainstorming the last few weeks about organizing a pro-white propaganda company (informally). Some eco-SJWs have managed to vandalize a wall near me with anti-gov graffiti writing that just looks ugly, I think that I am able to easily beat them out by postering over them and not being a vandal rat. I also have been thinking of trying to talk to churches because appealing to the "help your fellow man" concept has the potential to be easy there. The downside is that I would compromise my anonymity.

rambling aside, let me summarize my thoughts for just the Boers: The Dutch should be the first to step up because of their connection. Get the leftist cliques to demand poor South African refugees who flee destruction and religious persecution whilst never bringing up their race. If the leftists bring up race then that's bad on them in the eyes of the apolitical and the easily swayed. Once they're here perhaps they will support the parties looking for their own interests, so the Dutch right wing will further rise.

How about a cryptocurrency who's purpose is to support the Boers? I have the connections to get it made, if we can manage some sort of backing for ICO. By using crypto, donors would be truly anonymous, and due to the nature of the media, advertising would be fucking free.

Anons I wrote a long post the other day about why we need an accelerated approach to South Africa and how blind my brothers are. We really need to hit our heads before anything is going to get fixed.

Like always this will hit actual farmers and not the Boers the hardest. There is only around 11 000 farmers in SA the rest are "naweek boere" or weekend farmers.

The gun laws are actually alright here just a very labor intensive and bureaucratic shit fest to get through.

You need to help later, not now. It would be very detrimental.

I think the first step we should take is opening up some kind of communications channel for boers in SA. We don't have much information on the attitudes of the people or the injustices committed against them, so it'd be a good idea to establish some kind of communication where they can speak about that shit and not rely on the media. We can be the media for them; we're good spreading shit that (((they))) don't want people to see.

So with that in mind; how should we contact these people? Do many of them use twitter? Maybe we could contact the farming orgs over there since they seem to be facing the most violence?

Fuck off kike. It's blatantly obvious (((who))) you are.

We need to establish legitimate partnerships with the existing and forming organizations in SA that we intend to support, while creating a network to fund them. This is why I suggest the cryptocurrency angle, as it would allow anonymous transactions to support them. There are MANY fucking whales that are redpilled in crypto. Shit, the majority of cryptotalk channels are full of redpills.

I am not a kike at all. I will try quickly justify why I am saying this hold on a couple of mins

How can we get the message out to the farmers, that if they get their land stolen, they should salt the fields?

I think you've got the best suggestion in the thread by far. This is probably the best way that your average user can contribute and give aide, besides making memes and propaganda. So the process we're looking at is:
I think most of the work is in step two, setting up a coin is easy nowadays, maintaining communities that uphold their value is the hard part. The coin will have to be tailored to solve problems that the Boers are facing, otherwise no community will form and they will not use it. I don't know jack shit about SA's money problems, but if we can convince the Boers that the coin is a better alternative to whatever they're currently using we'd have a big success.

See the thing about South Africa and Afrikaners in general is they are extremely forgiving and just "go with the flow". Most of the people here lose family members to brutal farm attacks, where people are literally tortured to death and then say things like "The bible says you must not hate, but I am finding it incredibly hard not too" then this person who just lost family members to extreme violence is barraged with things like "you must not hate!" "not all of them are like this" stuff like that. When you see that person a year later, he still "hates" black people but with the mentality that some of them are very good people even better than some whites. This is directly because of how ingrained "Jesus saves" culture is entrenched into South African culture. We are incapable to justify our own existence because of these two phrases "SA TURN BACK TO GOD" (see pic related) and everything happens for a reason. Whites here are convinced that if we just become christian enough god will let black people stop murdering us, they will physically get violent with you if you suggest anything other than simply arming yourself and waiting for LITERAL divine intervention here. This can be traced back to blood river.

The second thing is the middle class white people, the ones not in rural towns. Have it extremely good, large houses, large pay checks which affords them gated communities most of the suburban whites have a mentality of "at least its not happening to me" and will champion every good black person they have met when they meet very racist people. Now don't get me wrong South Africans are very racist yes but it can be divided into these groups (very roughly based on my 30 years of living here and being born here) 25% extremely racist 25% casual racists but believe in the not all of them are the same 25% apathetic just wants to make as much money as they can and avoid all politics 15% anti racist but not really 10% liberal whites who foam at the mouth at anything racist

Third they are extremely quick to anger but even quicker to forgive. A while back a anti white thing happened at one of our national restaurant chains. The white people started boycotting the place, a new articles came out mocking white people for doing so, then all of a sudden news articles came out about how a couple of stores have been closed down and people started saying things like "it doesn't help to be mad for that long" and started going back to the anti white restaurants.

Fourth because black labor is extremely cheap vs white labor, even white business owners employ black people for shitty jobs while young whites can't get jobs. We have devolved into a culture of extreme drinking and casual sex among the white youth that would make your American frat parties on movies look like teetotalism and piousness.

In short we are not ready for help, we need it to become a bit worse. Whites here have it too good and those that don't refuse to accept the reality. We are over 4 million people not a couple of hundred thousand like in Rhodesia. Things are changing rapidly and the time will soon come to help us if you want, but the time is not now. Blowing your load early by helping us will only worsen the us in the eyes of the world when the time comes for real help.

My english failed me tonight and I really struggled to express my self coherently sorry user

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You think we haven't tried this? Its seen as a criminal offence that will get you locked up with 100-150 bantus in a cell for a couple years.

Do you think Trump could be convinced to take these people in? This is 3.5 million people who would actually be of benefit to our country if allowed in, it would reverse the demographic decline of whites, and it's a rather clearly humanitarian thing to do.

Alright, I'll start contacting my connections and see what we can do. I know quite a few dev teams at this point, and have been keeping in contact with a few people working on coding new coins. I also have legitimate experience in marketing these and could probably swing a mil or two from investors if I play my cards right. Wish I had more to toss in other than my time at the moment. tossed my gains at saving a friend from medical emergency.

Well… check'd I suppose.


This is what I am saying with ramaphosa at the reigns and the economy doing what its doing. The time will soon come, helping us now will only keep us away from reaching the final goal, reclaiming South Africa as white mans clay.

Is there a figure in rapes and/or murders of white children that must be reached before it is 'worse' enough to act?

I think you're misunderstanding the concept of helping. There are many ways to help. What I want to see is a formation of an international foundation to support them, at first through advocacy (to buy time and gain sympathy) and then by providing material assistance in the formation of a new country with a separate government. Material assistance such as money, mercenaries, and equipment.

No white people in Suburbs need to have it worse, which is the majority of the white population here by far. Violent crimes against whites in these areas are quite rare actually and this is what these whites use to justify in action.

South Africans react they never act preventatively. If this has been Marxist propaganda effects over the last 20+ years I don't know but I would probably bet yes.

Support Orania and other places like that. Private security is a huge thing here and is sorted for the time being. If anything helping Namibia as a way to help us by proxy and to " storm in" when the time comes would be a much better thing to do for the time being.

Belmoral but they are very self isolated but worth it.