Whats the mentality behind Nazbol?

Whats the mentality behind Nazbol?

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The LHP, adversarial wisdom/dark gnosis, anti cosmic transgression etc

Simply the mentality of the wise one that realized that enlightenment has failed and we need to sacrifice people to the gods if we want to destroy the bourgeoisie.

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When being a tankie ain't edgy enough, you become NazBol.

Pure retardedness.

Nazbols are Zig Forumsturds LARPing as lefties. Notice how every single one of them goes the autistic way of "muh white aryan" race and "muh ethno-state".

Nazbolism is merely white identity politics with a leftist leaning.


these are not nazbols, but pol larpers.
you have been deceived by Zig Forums, congratulations.

this. though it can intersect with Christian "White" Magic too.

Niekisch was a God among men.

too bad most lefties don't even know who he is.

"they are what I say they are because I said so"

Shut the fuck up Adolf


That article might say something profound . I'm stumped what it might be, though.

I've got more from this article on LHP and RHP:

inversion of liberalism, to the extent that it also rejects what is shared by the /left/ and liberals, like universalism and rationalism (contra irrationalism)
something like this

Sanity is for the weak

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take your meds


"Shitposting is fun."

I don't know, but I wish I had a nazbol gf (male)

As the century unfolds we'll see the legitimacy of the liberal, democratic nation-state continue to erode, add to this resource repletion and overpopulation, and the result is that the center cannot hold. The expected reaction of the west to these developments -fascism- cannot deliver on its promises of a galactic lebensraum extending forever. Only a NazBol Imperium -sacred and proletarian- can overtake civilization and develop it in a more natural, solar, traditional direction, away from the ideology of everlasting expansion common to liberal capitalism and fascism, an ideology that is not sustainable and will bring nothing but ruin.

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Asserism's trolly cousin.

Nazbowl is hell

It is mostly to be edgy, but Nazbol is less fascists pretending to be communist and more communist pretending to be fascists

There's this dating site called wasp love for example and oh my God the bitches on the far right are HAWT. Why can't you ever find a leftist girl who isn't just a liberal whore or like some clinically bed ridden autist?

I saw this one fashy cunt who was 54 years old and still made my peepee erect. There's 24 year olds who can't do that.

Fascists stole all the decent women if the nawalt even exist at all. Nazbol are taking them back. You're welcome ingrate.

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schizo post

Socialism in one country. I am not Nazbol, but I can see the sentiment.

You certainly do not need the Nazism elements but the mentality of state socialism and development of social patriotism (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soviet_socialist_patriotism) in the building of the state apparatus/dictatorship of the proletariat may be necessary to prevent counter revolutionary behavior in the early immediate stages. Once the society is developed and unified you can focus your resources on world revolution.

real life Nazbol isn't even racist. watch a documentary on it, or read the wiki entry ffs…

I tried signing up but the verification link doesn't seem to work. (I was honest on the application. I put "Marxist". Hot right wing bitches would probably find out sooner or later anyway.)

It might have been a waste of time anyway.
Slavoj claims dating sites are a poor substitute for falling in love:


Nazbols are so dumb and gay. It manages to get the worst elements of the left and right into a soggy pile of shit.

Democratic conservatives like Winston Churchill have more character than embarrassing incels.

There are many problems with this article.
This is the disease called "immanentization of Eschaton". Although class consciousness or any kind of ideological awareness can resemble an image of Sophia's re-awakening, the two operates in completely distinct levels.
Just an analogy, the assumption of Dugin is baseless. And quite frankly non-sensical, even though, yes, gnosis can be very useful even for mundane everyday's stuff and Marx's marxism would have been 100 times powerful if he was gnostic (which he wasn't)
Please, race idolatry is plainly blaspheme to me, a direct road into the Archons' arms

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most internet nazibois are just edgelords

I'm not a subhuman burger that cannot live without chemicals.

"Haha, hello my totally fellow Nazis. Say, nazism is great, but you know what's even better? Communism! We should all be communists instead, haha!"

This proves everything I said about LARPing. Nazbol completely destroys the LARPer's world viewpoint because it violates his sacred calf of 'Left vs Right'. His NPC-tier brain shuts down upon the thought that ideologies aren't limited by a binary spectrum. The 'le rational centrist' is included too. Since, centrism just means peak liberalism, he sees the Nazbol as the complete repudiation of the precious liberalism he loves so much. And since liberalism is linked with the very idea of democracy and freedom in his mind, he creates the idea of Nazbol meaning an Orwellian state. The lolbert/centrist only sees politics in terms of freedom vs oppression and thus has the very same 'you're with us or against us' mentality. Never mind that Limonov is a figure who is in favor of democracy and even some socially 'progressive' attitudes long as it doesn't interfere with a Russian nationalist agenda. (This is why you see plenty of girls, even the ones who you'd expect to be in an antifa group, within Limonov's Nazbol movement.)

On the internet, Nazbol is just a general repudiation of the 'left-right' dichotomy created by LARPers based on an inaccurate view of early 20th century history. It simply sees the issue of globalist liberalism for what it is and seeks to create a new set of politics to deal with the capitalism of the 21st century. Honestly, I dislike the label myself as I despise the Bolshevik movement for what they did to the radical SRs/Left SRs as well as what they did to the socialist Ukrainian nationalists, Green peasant armies, and Makhno's anarchists.

9/10 of those are catfish and the other 1/10 uses myspace angles. Irl the package doesn't match the advertisement.
t. fucked some lolberts and christian conservatives

Ironic nazbol=funposting or shitposting about ideologies
Unironic nazbol=The usual red-brown mentality rebranded with memes

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Nazbols are just Zig Forumsfags shitposters. They want socialism exclusively to "aryan" people; aka white idpol garbage.

They should just fuck off from the internet altogether along with tankies.

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It's Communism+Racialism. They believe in the main basic doctrines of Marxism ( proletariat take over,class struggle). However they also promote total ethnic identity, preservation of the race (through violence if necessary) and social Darwinism like the nazees did.

It's basically just communist's pretending to be fascists,most of them will get tired of NazBol and move to be full Marxists (just look a the BO of fascism,he's a great case study on this).

t. complete illiterate and red lib morons

t. red-brown

No. If you refer to irl Nazbols, they are merely Russian Strasserites, aka third positionists (white idpol with left wing tendencies). Zig Forumsfags merely adopted them since both hate jews.

Long-story-short: Nazbols must fuck off back to Zig Forums. Why in fuck we even have a nazbol flag is beyond me.

We also have a Nazi flag, it is to spot them even more easily.

Nazbol found that the problem that kept western marxism backward and subjugated to bourgeois egemonia was that marxists of the 2nd Internationale and even in the 3rd Internationale too still had their roots in liberalism, poisoned by positivism, determinism, linear and quantity focused way of thinking, with a 19th century mentality. They never proceeded to reform themselves thorough marxism and reform marxism to real conditions.
When Lenin defended himself against the Revisionist Inquisition affirming his orthodoxy he wasn't wrong, but still he lost some ground recognizing de facto a religious dogmatic criteria of legitimacy. (Btw Giovanni Gentile was a very important influence on Lenin) So this is the original sin of marxism-leninism. MLs in the vast majority never really understood the jump that Lenin and Stalin made them do, they may act as they did, but they don't really think as if they really did. They still liberal, not in the moderns sense obviously (well maybe some yes), but 18th/19th century liberals most definitely.
Nazbol doesn't care, is born virgin, and Juche doesn't care either.
Robespierre was the first nazbol. He told them: Here's a tree, he's le Être Supreme, worship him. That's what really get him killed I think.
So, nazbol disrupt the magic frame that the ruling class, that is in the occult by millennia and knows how to fuck around with the masses, put around us. That's why nazbol is strawmanned, memed, disfigured, false-flagged as hell, instantly suppressed on sight with the help of Left and Right, the capital's watchdog. Even if it is irrelevant and funny, nazbol could break the conditioning (lol) in a matter of seconds.

This. It's why I use the bowl flag.

You hit the nail on the head of positivism. I'm not a Marxist because I believe in humanity, but in spite of it. Socialism keeps people from being totally depraved psychopaths. Nothing more. Doesn't mean it's perfect, doesn't mean it can't mutate, doesn't mean there's one easy answer.

Capitalism is human nature just not in the way conservatives claim it to be. It's not natural to have five kinds of radiation exposure around you at all times while blaming smoking for cancer rising.

But it is natural for people to seek out oppression or to oppress. Hence the psychopath.

If these libertarian turds just wanted to be left alone the last thing they'd advocate is unbridled capitalism. You know what's worse than the government imposing a seat belt law? An apparatus around it where you gotta get to work somehow and there's no method readily available except owning a car that eats up half your pay.

And that's assuming you aren't magically banned from the private roads but somehow the road warrior moderators aren't taking liability for every car crash. Why the hell not?

So nazbol. Edgy racism and sexism just helps ease the pain.

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Cool logo? Nazism without the concentration camps? I don't think anyone knows what is is beyond those two points.

What are the bullet points of the ideology?

There are currently 4 nazbol threads, 3 of which are complaining about them.

How can one meme ideology cause this much butthurt? It's because nazbol is a sore reminder to most leftists that they are actually liberals. Acting as a court jester, the nazbol can attack the left for all of its idpol, but shield itself in post-post-post-irony and anticapitalism. I've said it in the woketard thread, nazbols are usually leftists that have become disenfranchised with how subverted true leftism is, and want to have some of the fun shitposting the right engages in a lot. Having disdain for his former comrades, the nazbol can relentlessly mock them for being red liberals. Just look at this thread, the sheer asspain they generate for simply being mentioned. Often people online (plebbit, twitter, on the chans) will try to label them fascists, but these accusations always fall flat. You can't make fun of the court jester, he may be clownish, but he's made you the butt of the joke here.

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im glad you're back here gadsdenfag (or plausible gadsdenfag impersonator). i missed you since I stopped going to the other board.

well what's stopping you from going there and staying there, shitpost-kun? it's the internet, be free little timmy
on halfchan Zig Forums you can gossip about your very favourite opinionstubers among other outrage-addicted aesthetics-as-politics extremely-online republican-except-edgy kiddy-boomer alliance members
anti-capitalist rightwingers haven't been able to identify capitalism since the 30s, and even then were in a tiny minority
nationalist class collaborators are eternally doomed to find out that 'their' state is that of the bourgeois class, and the interests of the state are thus the interests of the local bourgeois class

It began as a Russian meme (is to say not serious).

If you can read Russian language, you can learn a lot about its beginnings (It was sort of like Pepe the frog as a symbol of Trump MAGA stuff)

Unfortunately informattion in English language treats it like a serious thing but in RF it was basically a meme/joke to fuck with people.

Western people who adopt it as a serious thing are bizarre. What fucking idiot would believe in mix of nazism with its polar opposite Marxism

I come to Zig Forums when I want to seriously discuss capitalism. The board is slower, and attracts others who are like minded. If you're not effortposting, you're wasting your time going on infinitychan. There are other posters on Zig Forums and Zig Forums that are willing to talk about the other side's beliefs and engage with them, and being able to flesh out my mind is a form of exercise and mental clearing for me. Independent media is also important, as capitalists will not allow dissent on their platforms. I want to hear leftist perspectives on lots of issues, but often there is a lack of response. I wanted to discuss Julian Von Abele with other leftists, but I see that neither Zig Forums or Zig Forums had said anything about it. I also noticed no discussion of Pelosi and Schumer meeting with Trump.

Content creation is important and should not be shunned. Maggie Mae Fish made a 56 minute video on how fightclub is secretly fascist, while rightwingers discuss the yellowvest protest. Young people use youtube as their news and commentary increasingly, shunning the platform is just hubris. Where are the videos from leftwingers on the yellowvest protest? I could only find MRN doing a video on it. Don't give the fascists the entire platform.

why don't you come over here with your big fat nigger cock and try and make me shut up?

huh… ok.

I'm pretty sure the underlying instinct of National Bolshevism must be the desire to be as edgy as humanly fucking possible. It's literally a fusion of two of the most hated ideologies of the 20th century.

Right wing populism, and white nationalism specifically, prey on the working class by telling them the problem isn't that they're oppressed by an exploitative economic system, but rather by vulnerable groups ethnic and religious minorities, immigrants, and women. I can see how something like National Bolshevism could develop in people who gain a tiny bit of class consciousness and develop Stalinist pseudo-communist sympathies, while still being sympathetic to Neo-Nazism. Of course, the ideology is completely incoherent since its adherents remain victims of the divide and conquer strategy, and since not socialism and fascism are inherently corporatist.

National Bolshevism is somewhat useful though, because it's so disconnected from reality, and so moronic, that it's a good way of weeding out reactionaries hiding in the online socialist community. I specify online, because I've never seen anyone retarded enough to admit being into this shit IRL.

Incorrect you anal-retentive mentally ill greenie, the G A N G

does not discern between niggers, spics, chinks, gooks, wops, rice niggers, other kinds of rice niggers, thieving siptars, subhuman burgermenschen or even jews


is about one thing first and foremost:

Human supremacy. We are destined to terraform the universe and we are not going to let a bunch of shortsighted fools that are too busy picking seeds out of their feces to see our cosmic destiny as caretakers of the very fabric of being, with a direct phone line to GOD, stop us.

The Sionista and the Financier Class will be removed. The BEIC will crumble, its proxy burger muscle deflates as we write these words. Multipolarity will ensue, exponential growth and the beginnings of a physical solar system economy.

when men walk on mars among the indigenous flora and fauna then we will hopefully be free of the suicidal greenie menace

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Either you're a very dedicated troll, in which case well done, or you're the most hilariously delusional retard I've encountered in quite a while. Which is impressive as well, in its own way.


the beauty in all of these irreverent shitposters is that they also act as the perfect cover for a 20k strong non-mechanized paramilitary organization that can move seamlessly across the borders of eastern and western Europe. I can literally tell you about it right here on the clear in front of all the alphabet mafia cunts and they still wont believe me

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This. Nazbol is all about establishing the Human Empire. These ideas were already in the mind of Dante as an example, who also happened to be a member of the Gnostic Gang, so the perfect synthesis now we have. Gather all human power, discover every secret, overthrow the evil Demiurge from the nature's throne.

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Silence Biomass

You dare to call D&C at the G A N G, when your Gedankengut is nothing more than sloppy seconds malthusianism?

You lift your Birkenstocks over your head and you masturbate vigorously, into your own mouth, as you wallow in the anti-human psyop that is environmentalism. In the meantime we are going to cheeki breeki this shit and remove the Anglosionista burger menace

We pity you, creature. You too can be rebuilt.

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The retardation and/or trolling intensify… interesting (and fun)

Being a communist who hates jewish bourgeoisie is shitty but it's less shitty than being a nazi. It's hopefully a stepping stone for racist idiots to become comrades.

PRECISELY, the Noosphere will be alight with femtosecond mindbursts from psykers across the system, racing to find the next source of energy that will propel us further into the maw of space. We shall wield matter itself, colonizing at an exponential rate, taking our seat next to THE CREATOR

Best wishes to you komrade we shall meet soon I am sure

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at some point socialists will have to reckon with the fact that, since wealthy Jews have the most to gain from liberal capitalism, they will always be the strongest line of defense against marxism.

There is zero reason to point out Jews as a distinct part of the bourgeoisie

don't bother trying to use reason with them, user

their entire position as self-justifying resentment toward the world due to no-pussy is entirely absent of logos and they will fight to defend this absence as absurd as it may seem

They use d&c on all worker revolts. Knowing your enemy is important. Nazbol will save the Ixachitlakatl

It's the first step towards actual communism for white teens who are still idpozed. Also it's a meme.

What does Bizzarro Nazbol mean?

Russian posters on Zig Forums


It means that they want you to give them the Destructo Beam or suffer the bizarro consequences. I hate all of them except Turtle Face.

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Do you mongoloids ever discuss anything relevant or remotely interesting? Or do you always just masturbate over your own broken ideologies, desperate to find a niche you fit in?

That's what happens when you have a kiddy porn reddit like these moderated shit holes

I like Nazbol because it pisses off Starbucks socialists to no end.

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Wishing you were white and wishing you were a woman at the same time.

Yeah, man. I love their screeching.

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Name one.
In russian nazbol movement there isn't something like "le rational centrist".
It really is bolshevism mixed with nationalism.

It's what happens when you want a workers revolution but also know race is a thing

This will never work. As proven times and times again.

What about Juche? They've stopped the army of capitalism in it's tracks by pooling their resources into nuclear development. One tiny nation of Nazbol is able to defend itself against ZOG Occupied Government single handedly, proving the superiority of command economies

I was there.
It's a shithole no one wants to live in. Not even you.

Believing in the world revolution is like pretending that war can be resolved by the clash of all forces in a single place in a single instant. Read Von Clausewitz, faggot.

nazbol is natsoc for low Autism Level poor people who don't understand economics


no, feudalism with korean characteristics doesn't work.

It does make you a reactionary though

so socialism in one country does work, after all.

Wow, another starbucks revolutionary

LOL. Red-brown. It is a term created by russian liberals to describe people like KPRF, or people around magazine "Zavtra" or another "national-stalinists".

But how opposing red lib cringe makes you red brown?

That's not a meaningful argument, friend. From all of your posts that I've read (since it's easy to tell when it's you), you seem hypersensitive on any issues advocating for minorities, women or LGBT people. What reason is there not to support LGBT? What reason is there not to support women's equality? Why should a communist not oppose racism? Was the Soviet Union an "idpoler" for enshrining women's equality constitutionally along with making inciting racial hatred punishable by law? If supporting those things makes me a liberal, so be it.

I was not talking about women rights or racial hatred, so don't understand how it is related to my post.

And why should I support LGBT how they are related to communism?

Do they deserve to be treated like shit and discriminated against for having a different sexual preference?

No, they don't. And do we deserve to bombed with their shit in media and everywhere?

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Why not? Why should a homosexual or a transgender person not enjoy the exact same rights as any other person?
I don't see it in the media that much. If you're not actively looking for stuff, you don't see much on it everyday. As for stuff like "rainbow capitalism", that's annoying because it is an obvious marketing stunt. I don't care if people have different sexual preferences or want to be seen by society as a different gender than they are, it doesn't affect my life.

No, they don't deserve to be threated like shit, I mean.

>I don't hate niggers gays, honest
Either you're a bigot or you're a socially repressed dipshit who can't handle sexuality in general and both are personal problems that you need to fix.

My english is not good.

Fair enough, but why don't they have the same right to do in public what they want as long as it is in the limits of the law? If you don't like pride parades (as I don't either, despite being bi), don't go to them, don't look up stuff with them

I don't know, how many nazbols are outside Russia (or post soviet countries, respectively). But I think their number is VERY small.
The nazbols in Russia are people who are fascinated with both bolshevism and nationalism.
But they are mostly not antisemitic or racist, thats a myth. (Maybe there was some antisemitism in NBF, which splitted up from oroginal NBP, but of them dont exist anymore, and in "Other Russia" there isnt racism and antisemitism at all)

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In other words, the most sensible ideology ever with all the elements that matter. Communism itself already combines freedom from capitalism with freedom from the state. The next step is to realize this freedom belongs to a subject. The proletariat is only the subject of the transition as in fully destroying the bourgeoisie, it liquidates itself as a class in the process. Once the proletarian state has fully laid the grounds for the productive basis for communism, then class will fully disappear, and what will remain is the purified classless tribe able to truly unite without any fatshit nonsense like "class collaboration"

NazBol works if you do it in the right order:
White workers of the first world need to rise up and form a proletarian empire to defeat all other bourgeoisie. Third world revolution always fails eventually after a degenerated worker's state. True internationalism requires conquest, and not in the name of capitalism as previous colonialism did but in the name of a new communist colonialism to make a White Worker's World State, and bring one nation to the world just as there will be one class, the proletarian, and only then when one class, one race, and one state be triumphant can you begin to wither things away to where there is no class conflict, no race conflict, and no state conflict.



This is true only dumb dumbs don't realize this. The entire failure of the left has been ironically the belief that national borders should somehow stop aggression agains the bourgeoisie, and that revolution will somehow succeed in weaker nations just because it's easier to start.