Gay, Jewish and Black Infowars staffers turn on Alex Jones

OI VEH, He's a racist antisemite!

Two former dick pill staffers have filed complaints with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against the site's founder Alex Jones.

Rob Jacobson, who is (((Jewish))), alleges Jones bullied, ridiculed and humiliated him. Jones joked with staff who called Jacobson 'The Jewish Individual', 'The Resident Jew' and shouted 'Yacobson' across the office, Jacobson claims in his complaint. Jacobson also claimed that Jones called him 'Beefcake' - a homophobic slur.

A second ex employee claims she suffered 'harassment and discrimination' at the hands of Jones and other senior managers at Infowars based on her race. Former production assistant Ashley Beckford said she was subjected to sexual harassment and racial slurs by her colleagues and upper management.

She claims Jones groped her 'butt' during a 'side-hug' while 'pretending to feel sympathy' over an incident and asked 'Who wouldn't want to have a black wife?'

With blacks and Jews you always lose

In Jacobson's EEOC complaint, he states: 'I am Jewish, and my employer used racial slurs against me, calling me "The Resident Jew," "The Jewish Individual," and "Yacobson." My workplace was a syndicated radio show, so these slurs were mad publicly, on air.

'My employer also inserted my face onto the photo of a Hasidic Jewish man and circulated that picture around the office.'

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Are homos making up new slurs because "faggot" lost its impact? What a bunch of fucking beefcakes.

Huh, shit changes after 20 years. Vid related.

Filter master must have hit a particularly big nerve with exposing the crisis actors.
This shooting was high on the left's priority list.

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They've been preparing to take him off the roster for awhile now, thus the continual "growth" of infowars and the custody battle which forced him to admit that Alex Jones is a work related persona. He made a deal with the devils a long time ago because he was a rising nobody who thought he could do more good by peddling a few lies and not revealing the full truth rather than being silenced completely. Now that the brand is big, they're going to replace him and use the admission of Jonestein being a persona to keep him out of the industry by claiming anything he tries to start after getting booted conflicts with the persona owned by infowars.

I am ready as fuck for Punished Alex going through six million ways to name the kike without overstepping the bounds of whatever small streaming platform he's forced to use once he's freed from his shackles. Unless they just hit him with the heart attack gun on his way out the door.

Wow, Alex is too impressive lately. Come home, filterman.

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Keked, I feel memetic potential in this

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Apparently "butthurt" is homerphobic too.

But I hear that from a kike.

I'm sure it has nothing to do with outrage ratings.

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God damnit. Remember kids, cheesecake, not beefcake when searching for art.

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I laffed

I thought the same thing

Thi is just another attack on jonestein, and I just don't understand how a man who has been a disinfo agent for so many years, funded and does the bidding of jews 24/7 gets attacked like this, he deserves it though, same thing with his jew ex-wife.

Always record EVERY interaction you have with them.


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Das racis.

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Jews can't handle a little banter

Y-you too senpai…

alex jones is wall to wall jews but ppl are supposed to believe this?

the pussy faggot deserved it for being a civic nationalist kike lover, killed by his own poison

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Jonestein isn't going anywhere. Yes, he's being attacked by the jewish left, but he's being propped up more than ever by the jewish right.

But moshe, aren't we all? Gimmie a dap mah nigga

The dirty bastid put a debt upon me how can I get out of it? pic related

disability (((unknown))) despite being an obese fatass

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Serves him right for trusting Jews. As for the negress, what was he thinking in putting that walking shiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaat cartoon on camera?

Live by the civcuck, die by the civcuck.

Alex vindicated?

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What about when he explicitly states that the "globalists" are Nazis?

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I don't know man. I first heard of him because of his Bohemian Grove shit, and it turned out to be real. Then I heard him talk about how Nazis are ruling the banking industry. He's different now, but who fuck can tell.

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Top bantz.

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The Bohemian Grove "infiltration" was done on behalf of the jew Jon Ronson for a Channel 4 show,

Course not, it's bad even when he's baiting nazi's goyim! Especially! Oy vey!

I miss working at a small company.

My brother in law is a worthless faggot. Yes, everything is homophobic, now, because niggers (((again))) get all the attention the faggots used to get. And, somehow, limp-wristed cocksuckers are compelled to compete with porch-aitting dindus. Not ever wanting to be left out, kikes started screeching everyone's a Nazi (heil).

Because they're all lolcow and worthless, these groups are hated, abandoned, and abused by their fathers, kek. No wonder tigers eat their young.




Wtf I love controlled opposition deep state disinfomation limited hangout agents now. You can't say gay on Facebook without the gestapo showing up but the deep state is going to give constant exposure to a dude who admitted he is a performance artist who is going to defeat them, because giving your enemy free airtime is how you win propaganda wars!

Too bad he isn't Bill Hicks, they just molded him into that because Hicks got through to people. They did the same thing they did to original hip hop, wholesome family shows with stay at home moms and working class dad's, anything good that comes about gets hijacked, poisoned, then sold back to retarded golems as the cure.

Stop worshiping ecelebs you retarded fucking faggots. Every time one of you mentions any celebrated people you resummon them. If zero "alt right" people ever paid attention to the kike media again it wouldn't necessarily dissapear overnight but an alternate reality would instantly emerge.

Is Alex still the father of jewish children and a shill for Israel and the jews? Then no.

I'm pretty sure Alex is partially redpilled after the divorce from his Jewish honey trap. Maybe this pushes him over the edge into full 1488…

He's gotten even more kosher since the divorce. He's a neo-cohen now.

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God, I do love that filterman.

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That's exactly what I was thinking. Alex Jones isn't limited enough of a limited hangout, so they decided they're going to take him down, even though he was a bitch from the beginning. Listen to Bill Cooper, who died telling the truth about the Jewish-masonic conspiracy and 9/11.

I could park my car in the gap in that nigger's teeth

not only that, jewish is a race.

So, who is paying or helping the two sueing Alex?


Post your rare filter merchants.

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To be fair, I don't think Jones is a Jew or a Jewish shill. I think he is either willfully ignorant of the JQ, or well aware of the problem but in too deep to go 1488. If he were a total shill, he wouldn't have gone so hard on Pizzagate. I think that him being forced to apologize for telling the truth about satanic pedo action amongst the elite made it rather clear to him who's in control.

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lol so they're straight up assuming they were called a nigger and admitting thye never heard it?

He's a wellspring of entertainment, I'll give him that.

He embraces any conspiracy theory that's popular among Trump's base. That's why he covered Pizzagate, and why he's going full retard with the Q LARP now.

David Dukes revenge.

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Jonestein is a disinfo agent. He's a gatekeeper leading people away from the real conclusions. That's why, according to him, the "Saudis own hollywood". Ever wonder why he's one of the biggest 'false flag/hoax shooting' pushers?Not saying there's no validity to any of those lines of inquiry, but they're inundated with disinfo that keeps the proles busy while the real things get buried. I think he crossed a few wrong livewires with the Hogg thing and he's getting reprimanded by his bosses for it.

And yet I'd wager more people have become interested in alternative narratives due to his shenanigans in comparison to anyone else save for Art Bell.

I'll reserve final judgement for what he says after being cut loose from the gravy train. As far as I'm concerned, his rant about interdimensional vampiric forces trying to establish a foothold in the material plane through globalist cultists from Joe Rogoy's podcast is close enough to the truth to buy him an opportunity to clear his name when the chips are down.

But two of our fondest sayings are that the Saudis and Kikes are just slightly divergent cousins in the same evil, Semitic race and that the Saudis are controlled by the Zionists.
The "deep state are Nazis burrowed in from Operation Paperclip" stuff is far more distasteful, but ultimately, researching the links with Paperclip will intersect with the actual deep state participants such as the military-industrial complex, big oil, CIA, Bushes, Clintons, etc. To be sure, he's paid to play the role of gatekeeper, but his employers should be rather dissatisfied with the job he's doing. Not only is it rather easy for people like us to put his audience on the right track, but his maniac charisma has proven to be an even greater boon in this era of light-speed meme circulation. In fact, it's rather amazing that they'd tar him as antisemitic considering the potential that has for initiating a Garrison-like transformation.

Pretty much. He dropped a meme so hard on filterwars that the entire of the office couldn't let it go.

Why did the kike use a handwriting font?

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Let's call them the Daily Ishmael.

Couldn't have happened to a nicer disinfo agent.

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That's not a real meme.

Because, as stated in the OP, he's a beefcake.


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"Nazi" and "fascist" have lost all meaning in modern plebeian politics so don't pay attention to good goyim. Even Soros gets called a nazi I kid you not.

Right. It's actually the safest time, post-70's, to say whatever you please about kikes, niggers, spics. That's because they even call fruitcake faggot Democrats "Nazis" these days. It used to be that being called a Nazi was as bad as getting called a pedophile.

Soros the nazi is a simple way to deflect the fact hes a jew and living in israel
(not a true scotsman)
The fact that jews had a lifetime to start attacking him and hasnt done so, should tell you everything. (they mention him as a patsy)

"It burns like acid!!!"

I'm almost certain this was when a woman phoned in to complain that InfoWars never talk about "zionists". They both immediately moved to oy vey shut it down with strawman arguments that she was supposedly trying to blame everything on jews, then handed over to "their resident jew" so he could further attack the evil nahtzee.

So he's shamelessly trying to turn an event where InfoWars defended his tribe into an anti-semitic hate crime. Only a jew!

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Also an user made a webm of this incident and posted it here, but I didn't save it. Have this tasteful pic of Lee Ann McAdoo's milkers instead.

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Kill yourself alex and rob jacobson. We are not your personal army.

Scottish or jewish?

Duke is nothing. We are the future.

Rob dude kill yourself

Fucking kek'd
Best thing ive seen on my break yet

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I knew they were going to burn Alex jonestein soon, I think it was obvious for about a year or 2 and here it is…..

100 shekels the jew was in on this joke and probably started it before he decided to turn on AJ.

This jews work in groups and in systems to destroy you, (see pic) they are not "individuals".

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You men chyron's disease

What makes it worse is that Sperglin, who should know better, is going along with it and gloating about how he called it and Jonestein was "/ourguy/" all along.

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Never employ Jews, lest you get sued. They always turn on you, always.

lol found it and it's even worse than I remembered. The kike ASKS to "break in" first, and then when they hand over to him they say "resident jewish person", so it was phrased about as respectfully as possible. But nope, now there's money to be extorted it retroactively becomes annudah shoah that gassed him all over again.

Apparently ethnically Irish, although there's speculation she's a stealth mormon

I read that as obviously tongue in cheek though, it's just that "everyone now agrees all kikes must be gassed, it's a mainstream opinion!" thing he does, which neurotic oy vey'ing jews probably believe on some level.

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90% of black makes that hit the road when they impregnate one.

Jones has already had 2 Jewish wives, I guess marrying a negress isn’t out of the question. Kek Imagine Jones half black offspring. “We breakin the conditioning and sheeeit”.



Smart caller, but it's pronounced 'Habad' not 'Chabad' as it's spelt, just as in Chaim.

Yeah that would be lulzy, blacks believe in conspiracy theories more or less automatically and don't give a shit about hurting kike feelings. Farrakhan illustrates that they can go full jewdeath, get listed by the ADL and SPLC and yet still be sufficiently protected by their black privilege to meet with the fucking president.

Also these bullshit claims were immediately added to the top of the InfoWars wikipedo page. Apparently (((they))) are extremely butthurt at how effectively their Florida gun grabbing narrative has been opposed, and are lashing out at anyone involved regardless of their good goy credentials.

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He is a tool of the Jew. He is directly connected to the Council for National Policy (Jerome Corsi is on the board) and has CNP guests on his show all the time. CNP is very pro-Israel.

Your mistake is that you think Jews are the only iteration of kikes, and you don't understand things like the masonic-Jewish conspiracy, the British Royal Family being crypto-Jews and the dominant role of them and the Rothschild Anglo-Kikes in the grand conspiracy. The Rothschilds created Israel.

Jones hit the brakes on Pizzagate and probably fired Joe Biggs over it. He also shoahed the Sandy Hook pictures showing it was a hoax. Shills can do limited hangouts. In fact, that's usually what they do.

Soros IS a Nazi. He collaborated with the Nazis against his own people in WWII, and provided financial support to neo-Nazis in Ukraine.

larouchepub .com/eiw/public/2017/eirv44n08-20170224/04-21_4408.pdf

Ayyjay jr would probaly be a mix of Patrice O’Neal, Louis Farrakhan, Larry Elder and AJ.

No, Soros is a holocaust "survivor" whose father paid a gentile traitor with a jewish spouse (where have we heard that on before?) to claim he was his godson to avoid being interned. Soros accompanies said traitor to take inventory of some jewish property, that was the extent of his "Nazi collaboration".

I mean, by the crazy SHUT IT DOWN standards of Current Year, talking to the designated enemies of the J-left even ones like Duke that they obviously keep in the spotlight because they're politically useful, e.g. to constantly demand that republicans disavow in any way, shape or form actually is considered to be platforming them. So whilst this is obviously false, it's probably a smart argument for him to make, especially given that the rest of his case is equally ridiculous and seems very weak. Chances are his goal isn't to win per se, but rather to smear Jonestein and hope for an out of court settlement payout.

Attached: that jewgold feel.jpg (1162x850, 274.22K)

Not too smart of the jews to remove this incentive to not name them, though. The next generation of conspiracy theorists may well conclude that if they're going to get deplatformed and attacked no matter what, they may as well not censor themselves from the outset.

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Top kike. Like half the people on Infowars are Jewish.

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It's an actual kike name (Son of Jacob), although the various spellings beginning with J are far more common.
As for why they would spell it that way, I'd guess it was workplace bantz mocking his nasally voice? All that his complaint seems to consist of is willfully misinterpreting innocent statements and harmless JUST A PRANK BRO office antics as hate crimes.

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duke is going on warski tonight

Inb4 it gets shoah'd "for hate speech" halfway through regardless of what's said

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He also got divorced from his Jewish wife. Maybe we gave him the final red pill.

jewtube makes fuckloads of shekels from superchats on andy's show. but you're probably right

Hey there fellow goyim…

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He takes the position of some jews being diabolical and some jews are 'based'' alex jones supporters

Attached: alex_jones.webm (1280x720, 1.2M)

so jews don't like their traditional dress???

Then maried another Jewess faster than the ink on his divorce papers dried. Jonesy can’t get enough of dem jew broads. His first jew wife took half of his money, dragged him through an embarrassing public court case and won custody of the kids. One jew wife is a mistake. Two jew wives is a weird fetish.

their is some pic of him in a nat soc uniform