Brit/pol/ #2758: Godly Lads Edition

Nigel Farage promises bitter fight after Brexit delay – 'Brexiteers won't roll over'

Non-UK citizens from EU countries are getting letters & forms to encourage them to vote in the EU elections in this country

Rapist whose deportation to Somalia was stopped by plane do-gooders is back on UK streets

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first for kim

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Here's some stuff that hasn't burned down yet lads

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for Deuteronomy 22:5 tbh

nth for suicidal thoughts

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For the Second coming, Thot Patrol edition

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Forget patrolling, make sure you aren't being dragged down

that looks fun

Kill all women who wear trousers tbh

We live in literal hell lads.

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good lads


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How about all the men who wear women's clothes?

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Of course, look at the smile on it's face

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*kills the sun king*

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There's going to be muslims outside Notre Dame tomorrow with signs of peace and love and the media will make that the story

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The clown world memi introduced me to the idea of The Absurd. Our world is chaotic and unpredictable - absurd, though we only take note when a crisis emerges. Living in a world that does not make sense is incredibly challenging, you can try to remedy it with religion but I doubt it works for everyone. The clown world memi finally allowed me to accept the absolute chaos of this world for what it is. I freed myself from the grief wrought upon by this world. The clown world pill - the absurdism pill - in my opinion, is a better alternative to the blackpill.

that pic is cropped perfectly

If only you'd taken a cursory look at current politics.

Nobody wants to live in a clown world you aren't supposed to embrace the world. It is a reflection of all the subversion that's destroyed us, and supposed to make those who wrought it look as guilty as they should.

So eventually they pay the price

I remember reading The Killing Joke when I was at my most depressed and suicidal in 2015, and deciding that I'd see my life as a comedy to try and cope with it. No new thing under the sun tbh

I like this gif lads

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I'll never accept this shit, my well of anger never runs dry. Coping is for faggots

I know the feeling, learning the truth about the world really fucks you up and there's not really a mental support structure for you to deal with it. Just realise that you're not alone lads and there are plenty of people like you out there, and that it's alright to focus on yourselves sometimes and not feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, at least that's what I found helped myself.

Take your sorrow and turn it into anger seig zeon

Based post.

Comfy post.

I like this gif

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Imagine the feeling when we finally live to see the turning of the tide and the liberation of our nations from this tyranny, there will be no greater feeling.

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Or maybe some of us will see it from the next life.

reminds me of daftie lass

Just had another cheeky steak tbh. Sous vide is the best gadget

wtf is happening to her legs?

drunk on red label again, will smoke and then eat mexican foos tbh

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They're in the process of being broken at the knee joints.

She was last scene entering Facebook hq before this performance

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I hate it but I click it every time

le ebig intern post

how the fuck would that happen though? sauce?

She was a gymnast, that's the moment just before she felt that her knees had locked and buckled under the force of her landing after a jump

I'm not lying lad tbh

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>ywn get the local lads together to take down the republican liberal regime in the name of Christ and then get your head blown off by a republican sniper

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you'd think not locking out your knees when you land would be acrobat 101 tbh

Don't even need to bring politics into it.

this literally is happening to me at work with this girl

I've said this a few weeks about, not to brag but because it was weird for me to not even think about it. This black med student asks me do I want to go back to her place after some conversation. She was from Malawi, her head was the most niggerish thing I've ever scene, nose the size of her lake Malawi, those skull cheekbones. Straight up said NOOOO!!

I sent her this

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Very true, but tbf to the boon everyone fucks up especially under pressure

yeah I dont fancy black lasses either

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I seem to get way more attention from black and brown women than I do white, do you find that?

women are generally attracted to things they think they cant have tbf

posting french music lads


there must be a longer vid right?

Could have just said "no"

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Yeah there was this mixed race girl who came in and flirted with me but then her little kid came along and I lost interest jej

Yeah, mainly because i am in london though, i like lightskin indian girls so i dont mind

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Didn't mean to spoil that smh

they're having a minor emotional incident lad

I really do not allow myself to get near them because I foresee myself getting into a bit of trouble with the black lass, them being so fucking annoying and me being revved up to 10 these days with aggrp. I find Asian woman utterly autistic and transparent in showing their interest tbh, which was a surprise.

Boots girls tbh

Honestly the French revolution was the fucking worst and you can see pretty much every cancerous idea around today in it.

Mixed lass with a druggie mum was into me back in school tbh, only realised like 3 years after.

which type of asian, the chinky kind or the poo kind?

slavic costa girls who come in to buy milk and smile at you tbh

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Korean, Jap and Chink.


love women to be honest


That but replace Costa with Poundland and B&M

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Trump was right about Notre Dame smh, they should have done something like he said.

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retail love tbh smh

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wtf did he said?

Trump ought to do what Trump said tbh

well, at least someone is happy that Notre Dame burned down

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Air drop water at the start on the part on fire. The French said it would have been dangerous. Instead they watched it destroyed with zero chance of survival

Such fucking retards, that goes for Varg too.

This is going to be major cringe fuel in the future, just like noughties-era atheism is now.

P*gans and niggers united in their hatred for whitey.

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not quite the same, the pagans don't like christianity, the wogs just hate whites

she's still going at it

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who cares?


I don't see any difference.

Notre Dame just burned down, and you're saying "who cares"?

And you're still filtered

Christianity isn't white, but white peopre are white

He's right. They should have left Wakanda alone. Smh.

Im saying who cares about some random persons opinion on twitter?

Many Blacks are Christians and would be upset about burning the 'house of God'.

who cares about your opinion on here?

who cares about you?

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