New amendment to the Constitution removes all your rights under the Constitution

New amendment to the Constitution removes all your rights under the Constitution.

Text - H.J.Res.48 - 115th Congress (2017-2018): Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States providing that the rights extended by the Constitution are the rights of natural persons only. | | Library of Congress{"search":["nolan"]}

It removes all your rights because all persons are registered as corporations when they are born. (This has been amply researched. Do not believe it, research it yourself).

The bill removes all the rights under the Constitution of those who are corporations.
Thus, everyone in the U.S., practically, under this bill, will loose ALL RIGHTS UNDER THE CONSTITUTION.

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Yeah that's just sovereign citizen BS, this is not gonna affect citizens. Show me a single case in the US where an actual person was deemed to be a corperation in a court of law.

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You are an agent of the Rothschilds, of the banking cartel and an agent of disinformation. Court records prove it. Do your own research.

I'm going to need to see evidence one way or the other on this one.

Go get fucked, this is the truth. Do your own homework or shut-up.

If this bill does in fact remove rights of people from corporations (which are not and should not be treated as people) I'm all for it. I'd say it's just slightly more likely to be the case than a bill removing rights from all citizens. OP good catch but you're taking it the wrong way if it means what I think it means.

you're practically begging for the gas chamber


Do the research, you will find it.

STFU. If you are not willing to research it, you deserve to be gased nigger.

I am not taking it the wrong way. It removes all rights of all those citizens of the corporation, a.k.a. Washington D.C. All citizens are registered as corporations upon birth.

If none of you have heard of Martime Law, the TDA and such, you are ignorant and need to research all of this.

That is a shit pit of unfounded accusations you shill. Evidence is out there IN ALL U.S. COURTS OF LAW. I am not covering for any Jews nor anyone you shit tard.

Is this what circumcision does to people?

No difference if you want to loose all your rights under The Constitution idiot.

Sorry but your brain washing shit-pit of accusations is not working shill.

The law is only worth as much as the people upholding it. Won't affect you? It has affected you for 200 years, and unless something drastic is done it will all be over soon.

There doesn't need to be any evidence since the logic is the crux.

If OPs amendent is no big deal and doesn't change anything.
Then why would that amendment be needed?

Why would it be needed.
Can you answer that question?
Why would you need an amendment that does nothing?

Gas chamber is a kike fetish and not white. Regular execution, bullets in the head or guillotine

Someone is.


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Firstly, I am not the OP.
Secondly, I am attacking the notion of an amendment that "does nothing".
The amendment could be purely a hypothetical fantasy thing.
That does not change the fact that shills who would go "lol this changes nothing, let them adment the constitution" are enemies.

Again, if an amendment "does not change anything" then why would it be needed?
Because "it doesn't affect you" is a blatant lie.

Nice try, though, jew, but I am trained in this.

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I haven’t implied that anyone must be gassed should they disagree with me. I only said that gas chambers haven’t ever existed and are the fruit of Jewish narrative and fantasy. Why execute this way when they are much more efficient methods ? The fact you’ve misunderstood my post this hard clearly shows that you are the retard and one of OP’s shill friend. You leftypol faggots will never stop raiding here thinking you’re achieving anything of value ? Kill yourself faggot

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The abstract for sections 1 and 2 seem to remove the rights of corporations, organizations, and political parties to free speech.
If I'm interpreting this correctly, under the proposed change:
- NO LONGER IS FREE SPEECH BY BUSINESSES PROTECTED "(((bake the fag's cake you dirty goy)))"

Dont forget to filter kikes

My sides the most reputable real news site on the internet

It seems that you're fixating on that.

Imagine that this amendment goes into effect and kike lawyers start to tell people that they're not people, and so cannot exercise free speech.
It's not plausible for that to happen without causing revolt.

Regardless, I've highlighted this screenshot to support what I've said. Either way you feel about it:

What can we do to stop this?

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Why can't you just link some shit to bolster your argument? In willing to hear you out but you just spamming "do your own research" really makes me think youre full of shit tbh.

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Provide reasonably believable evidence supporting what you're saying in your own thread. Right now you're filling this thread with meaningless commands. I don't think you're a shill but I'm going to filter you anyway.

Please if anons with legal experience have a more in depth understanding of this we'd like to hear it.

What are the ramifications of this sort of change?

so does anyone have the actual amendment instead of the editorialized sparknotes version?

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I'm not clicking that shit.

Zig Forumsacks should pay attention to what actually matters not bullshit like OP


This bill in Congress may be why (((somebody))) did the Parkland shooting.

See the "ALL ACTIONS" section toward the bottom of the page.

On Feb. 14, the day of the shooting, you'll see they moved this bill forward.

If you look at the Findings section of this bill, they list out alleged acts of "white supremacist" violence."

Remember that on Feb. 14, they were calling Nick Cruz a white supremacist. That same day, they moved this bill forward.

So it basically makes a seperation between (((corporate personhood))) and being an actual person? sounds good.

if you understood the sovereign citizen method is that every person is BOTH a natural person and corporation. the sovereign citizen movement is a renouncement of that corporate personhood, which is what forces us to pay taxes, etc.
for example we pay taxes on behalf of our corporate personhood, and can be jailed on behalf of that corporate personhood, as long as we agree to represent that corporate personhood.

im not saying thats true or not, im just arguing what sovereign citizens actually believe.

with that said, seperating the 2 and giving them 2 different sets of rights would help make them distinguishable, which would help sovern citizens, as well as help free us, as well as hurt corporations who use their "rights" to protect the owners. "it wasnt me, it was the corporation i own!"

it doesnt make sense for either Zig Forums or sovereign citizens to shill against it, which makes me believe this torpost of all posts..

so are you trying to argue that what i said is correct, but sovereign citizens believe something different? or are you just being a dick.

OP is not bullshit. And the bill you quote is less impacful and less significant then the bill this thread covers, since all people will loose all rights under the Constitution.

Removing the rights of organizations or corporations to exercise SPECIFICALLY FREE SPEECH removes the rights of corporations to refuse service based on personal values (Recall the Christian man sued for refusing to decorate a cake for a homo wedding) and the rights of organizations, such as nationalist, white supremacist, etc, from being protected under free speech.

Essentially the only speech protected is when you personally make a statement, outside of corporation/ organization/ political party.

Interesting to see the same "natural person / juristical person" deceiption in the USA we see in Germany. Americans were tricked into being an US citizen, a fictional person of the "The US" Corp. founded 1871? Germany is kinda different because the legal state has been enabled by coup and Versailles treaty. Our enemy is common, the war is global and Germany is the key to peace. Peace to a world war that started 1914, only one year after Wilson sold the Americans by FED Act.

Sorry, you are wrong. And you posted that same crap on two threads on this board.

It's true. A continuation of the commercial system set up by Rome. Corporations are fictitious persons, to gain the protection of the law and to remove responsibility from the owners. Enabled business to survive its owner and grow into eternity, monopolizing everything. It's still a limited hangout conspiracy theory though. Meant to distract you from the real problem, the Jew. There's nothing to gain from the information except the knowledge that the current system is your enemy, and you already knew that. You can't go to court with it, because obviously they don't give a damn even if you are right. So concentrate on removing the Jewish grip on civilization.

You have mis-interpreted the bill.

You already have no rights in the District and Federal courts. This bill now removes all your rights under the Constitution in the Supreme Courts of the States and also in the U.S. Supreme Court. Thus, it must be repudiated immediately.

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Sorry but YOU are wrong kiddo.


An amendment proposed isn't an amendment added. Amendments are proposed every year, none have passed in over 25 years. It takes a lot to add an amendment to the Constitution. This will do nothing because it will not be added. Stop crying over nothing.

This is not about Canada but the U.S.

I do. But I'm not doxing myself on an anonymous board to prove myself to some other user.

You already live in a kike dictatorship and your kind is slated for destruction. This law is just further confirmation of that fact. The solution is to remove the Jew, lest they will just try again and again, no matter how many times you might be able to defeat the bill.

What thread?

No, your kind, imposing the dictarship is slated for destruction.

Reread the post.

Also, last time I checked Louisiana was in the US

what part of the bill leads you to believe that? can you quote the specific part?

from a sovereign citizen perspective.
people will notice their rights are removed. right now they dont notice because corporate personhood = natural personhood in practice. giving the 2 seperate rules will make people aware of whats going on. this is a good thing.

check your username newfag. anonymous (you) has made every thread on here for years. stop acting like youre not 1 person.


Just because the evidence is not posted does not mean it is not true you idiot.

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Montreal, yeah. Not in the Beauce.

Someone posted an image of Canada. This has nothing to do with Canada.

Scan and post your licence and I will mail evidence to your home address.

You saging your own thread ain't exactly brilliant either.

Because anyone born registered as a citizen of D.C. is registered as a corporation.

The shills really, really want to shut this thread down.

Wonder why?

Nah user, you're a just retard because you don't believe baseless claims presented with no evidence.

I have not made every thread for years. Stop lying.

And this bill is a piece of shit, not good.

This wont pass because if it dose it would spell doom for many corporations that rely on the protection under the Constitution. Thank about that for a second. This is just another throw to take control and socialize large companies.

Look up the maritime law, and sovereign citizen. Because of a loophole in law, in order for you to pay tax to the government and such, you're classed as a corporation.

Many people make claims but not all present the evidence and proof. Do your own research then come back you kikes.

Because posters here are retarded:

In the US, purchased French territory and conqured Spanish territory has a different status than colonial City of London territory.

Go to law school but just don't join the BAR or the masonic lodge. You'll find out this is correct.

Does it mean that the government could then censor any and all corporations?
Since first amendment would not apply to them

It must be ratified by the States, no?

Audio is broken for some reason. Just look it up faggots, its truly convoluted. I'm not even an American but wew you faggots are new not to know this. Its like getting mad about the holohoax.

Basically yes

Poor show, chap.

Precisely. And the bill directly targets the rights of corporations under the Constitution. Alas someone who gets it.

You are retarded and sill do not get it, do you?

This thread is AIDS.

A natural person is a human.
A legal person is a company, corporation, NGO or a government agency.

Where have I heard this person is corporation lunacy before.

OP is a glowing CIAnigger. Run him over with your car.

Entrapement attempt.

Now watch it, newfags.

The key to getting this to work is to show the court that the incorporation was materially fraudulent. Such as, when you were a minor and got a driver's licence or a SSN/SIN. You didn't have the power to contract, neither were you informed that this was an incorporation.

Material fraud. No limitation on that.

t. cost his jurisdiction millions of dollars, pissed off a lot of judges and cops

Posting finger was a little itchy there, whoops.

What do you think personal bankruptcy is? Do you think a human beings are commercial entities?
Like everyone else you were born into bondage, into a prison that you cannot taste, see or touch

Go suck off Mahabone. You masons know we're correct.

If the sovereign citizen thing works then why are they never able to show some records or footage of it actually working? The people who say it doesn't work can usually point to some court documents and often even videos of judges just laughing at these people and not giving a shit about their sovereign law ploys. I'm open to that off the wall ideas can have merit, but in all the discussions I've had with these people it always, inevitably ends up with them saying "omg, go research it, without anything more." Only allusions and half-stories. So if it's true, I guess it's proponents are it's worst enemy, because you sure as hell aren't doing a good job of promoting it right.

As far as I can tell it seems like a cult of desperate people who have found a field that's so large and hard to get an overview of that they're able to larp for a while while they go bankrupt, and some snake oil people selling them hope.

How does that affect your status as a citizen of D.C. and thus a corporation as a personna?

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Because then everyone would start doing it and they would lose power. They withdraw cases or play legal games.

The thing is you can't use this to steal money. If you do that, they will fuck you ten ways from Sunday.

Yes, because it is telling the truth.

Sure thing TRS

This. You get it.

Yes, as censor all citizens of D.C. US citizens, which are registered as corporations upon birth.

Natural persons if registered with a Birth Certificate are registered as citizens of D.C. .given a TDA account and a trust in the name of the all caps corporate entity.

I mean the people who claim this has worked for them of course. Why aren't there any of them who can show to anything?

Well stated.

Nicely stated, you tell em.