What did Putin mean by this?

Yeah I know BBC is horseshit, but why Florida?

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You ever been there? Then you'd know.


The resident bootlipped nigger spokeswoman for the Pentagon who represents all of us fine White people in our blood lust for Russian children also had something to say about the video's graphical quality. Greats minds, eh?

large parts of this country need to be cleansed with nuclear hellfire. he would be doing us a favor tbh

CENTCOM is in Tampa. It's responsible for coordinating USAF work in the Middle East and parts of Asia.

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Poor Jeb

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Why is the name highlighted?

don't know I got it from Zig Forums

Simple, tovarisch.

Whoops, forgot my Rach. Here's two for good measure.

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Damn. If this happens you anons need to have a memorial thread for us Tampa Bay peoples. I know there’s a few on here

The cold war is bullshit, always was, still is today.
Orwell's 1984 explains what it's about pretty nicely.

Tampafag reporting

I will make a Shrine for you, Out of Dead kikes Skulls and Spic Tendons.

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Good riddance to all points south of the I-4 corridor. Much love Tampanons. Your sacrifice will not be in vain

Burn the cities so that civilization may survive.

They also "dropped" a few on Mar Lago. So probably a polite Russian gesture at Trump as well.

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Reminder rach poster is a Russian Kremlin agent. Read the post and explain how that is the position of any American.

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Which part of my answer requires additional details? I can't teach you what you won't admit to not knowing.

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If dubs Putin will get assassinated and Russia will call America a Fascist state and nuke the east cost of the US, putting us in the Hotline Miami timeline.

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The Jews did this.

Just filter the faggot like everyone else does.

More importantly, (((whose))) district? Think.

(1) because Florida is identifiable from that angle
(2) because Cuban Missile Crisis
(3) because military targets and cities

As was pointed out in the dead thread, they also said they have long duration nuclear powered cruise missiles. If that is the case they have Pluto. It is a doomsday weapon. It is a last line of retaliation, "if you fuck with me so help me God I'm killing us all" kinda thing.


That's saying fuck you in a whole new way.

Beautiful state, successful economy, best beaches in the world… Yeah, it really sucks.

Are you really dumb enough to read the kykeposting about the panhandle and the Miami shitskin crime sprees and assume the whole state is like that?

A Cropto-Jew is in charge of both the Russian and American nuclear arsenals + hundreds of millions of hostile white Goyim that must be killed = WW3.
Instead of forming an alliance w atleast the mexicans to remove the jews from power, you guys fell for the the oldest Jewish trick in the book, divide and conquer.

Well that's one way to stop isreal's golem slave-state

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William Pierce talked about Trump in 1999.
7 min mark

He just name-dropped Trump as one of the people who criticised Buchanan.

Daddy is Putin's good and close friend, so nothing bad will happen.


No he revealed that the Jews chose Trump as their puppet. You still think trump is your guy? hahaha

Trump attacked Buchanon throughout the campaign as a "Hitler-lover."

Trump told NBC's Tim Russert that Buchanan was "a Hitler lover" and the choice of "the really staunch-right wacko vote."

"I think Pat Buchanan is a disgrace. Anyone that's in love with Adolf Hitler, frankly, I am not a big fan of. I am not doing it for that reason. But Pat Buchanan has come out, essentially, in favour of Adolf Hitler and I think it's a disgrace." Le ZOG Empruh Trump

During an appearance on Meet the Press, on the topic of Pat Buchanan, he added, I guess he's an anti-Semite. He doesn't like the blacks, he doesn't like the gays … It's just incredible that anybody could embrace this guy.

Bay Buchanan, who acted as Treasurer of the United States under Ronald Regan, and is Pat's sister, later said that she didn't "understand why he [Stone] would want us in the Reform Party in the first place," if he was going to bring in Trump and cast Pat as a Nazi sympathiser.

The new Netflix doc' suggests that it was all part of an elaborate dirty tricks campaign, backed by Stone, designed to damage The Reform Party by pushing Buchanan to the fore of the party, before destroying his campaign.

Based NeoCon zionist jewish puppet FTW


A lot of people overlooked this about Trump.
There's a chance that Hillary was the ringer and Trump was chose to win. I'm not even going to mention the Goldman Sachs cabinet and all his kids marrying Jews.

The one man who everyone should be worried about is Pence. He runs around all day thinking god is talking to him so he will do whatever gods chosen people tell him. He may think that he's the one to usher in the second coming. Jews Christians and muslims all believe a great war must happen before the return of whatever god. A liberal Jew translated and posted this as a warning to everyone of what Jews really believe and what will happen when Israel is mighty.
Start at 6 min.

do it

Checkin those Satan trips

The date is. It was uploaded by some t*rk 4 5 6 years ago according to that pic.

It’s amazing how easy it is to spot the rachposter even without the fat dyke
Reported and filtered

Because it's the farthest away from Russia.
California should be the one getting nuked first, anyway (then Seattle).

they are prepaying for the WW3 this 3 june 2018



It's a threat to the Jews who control the USA. He wants them to know they'll die before anyone else with no warning. Also US special forces command is in Florida.

you're a moron

He should target California instead. It’s not too late!

They hate that weasel Hogg too.

Floridanon here, we are covered in spooks.
Massive, experimental, secret military bases, sattelites for intelligence agencies, etc.

Its not impossible to stumble across shady meeting innawoods either, the cia scene from Batman basically happened in a field here not too long ago, and there are constant (and even famous) ufo and abduction reports near our experimental bases. We even home PMCs that nobody is supposed to know about, those PMCs are contracted by the CIA to do all that lovely foreign wetwork. If youve ever heard a story of a random florida "consultant" group getting blown the fuck up in iraq or some shit, that was a CIA contract.

Florida is part saltlife rednecks, part invaders, but mostly military or intelligence. Ive always been shocked that we werent on target lists.

Georgia-fag here who visited Florida many times, can confirm Florida needs to be nuked.

Quad dubs confirm

You forgot the big airbases and the everglades test range for lockheed martin.

Yes, I am aware of that. It's a huge reason to be very wary of Trump today. I'm not on your level of black-pill, I still hope he is the civic nationalist he pretends to be (obviously he is not a white nationalist), and he could still become a stepping stone. But lately, it's getting harder to believe.

Seems like a veiled threat against Trump since Mar-a-lago is there.

I really think it's about centcom. They're responsible for coordinating usa air action in syria. And the Vlad is talking about policy of nuclear response if allies (Syria) are attacked with weapons of mass destruction.

thanks user, I've been looking for this.

Apparently their new rocket can do this

Interesting, propably what he meant by infinite range.


Literally where the Finders Cult had their main base.

Isn't Mein Kampf one of Trump favorite books though, or is that fake news?

I think it's pretty clear he isn't a stepping stone.




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He meant that Russia is 25 years ahead in missile tech, 15 years ahead in propulsion tech, 20 years ahead in warhead tech, and about 30 years ahead in general WMD tech.

Which is absolutely correct.

Russian tankers are getting to drive tanks whose design is less than 5 years old, meanwhile our tankers are driving designs older than their parents.

This is the simple truth of the welfare state, it doesn't spend on military development.

Oh by the way? Russian government takes 17% of its peoples product, whereas American takes over 28% of its peoples product. By the definition of socialism, America is more socialist than Russia.

Let the Ben Shapiros of the world explain that.

Who the fuck even thought of that whole concept? It is like something an evil super villain would come up with. And the scary part is the USA actually spent 7 years trying to get it working.

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I sent Trump a copy of The Communist Manifesto. Apparently he read it, because he's a gun grabber now.

Hitler noticed this about Trump too.

Russia also has a much more efficient MIC that is largely nationalized. It doesn't have bases in however many hundred countries around the world. It doesn't have to export all of its industry in order to bribe occupied vassal states to keep it going. The US spends obscene amounts of money on military development. You're trying to pawn the blame off onto food stamps or whatever and arguing to funnel more back into the military when the core problem is the military's poor results for what they are spending. That's not even getting into the issue of you specifically agitating for more military power in order for a non-White country to threaten a White country.

Putin to faggots in charge of the west. I know you are on your last legs and getting desperate to avoid getting strung up by your population so are looking to attack someone and redirect the building rage. If you actually are harboring the delusion that attacking my country will not result in your utter extermination let me remind you I don't give a fuck at all what happens to you. So here is the shit that has YOUR name on it. 15 min out btw.

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I read the flamethrower soldiers had to be able to sprint a kilometer with 70 pounds on their back to make the grade. Most people couldn't break into a jog to catch a bus.

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What's the difference? Their color on a television map come election day? State income tax rates?

San fran
Silicon valley
And just being a petri dish of festering fuck, Florida gets the rope too, it just needs to wait it's turn.

Sounds pretty superficial.

Listen here faggots, we are nothing like California, we have more weapon rights and legal precedent for RWDS than the rest of you, just because rich jewyorkers buy summer homes down south doesnt mean they can change the good ole boy militia culture in the north.

He is but Usa is giving free tech since F-117 fail.

All of them BTFO Russian forces one way or another, but their warfare didn't include fucking nukes. Russia is another arm of the ZOG.

Florida is great, once all the boomers die it will be a literal paradise.

No diss or pisstake
or a half baked
a 4.2 earthquake
in your babymaker.

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By the time the last Boomer dies Florida will be more lagoon than land. For attempting to convince your fellow citizens to put away their water wings you have been sentenced to receive one of Vlad's fiery penises right onto your kippah, kipper.

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Do you have any facts to back these up or just going to continue spouting kike lies, Jew?

How much Systema will I need to train to impress Putin enough that he will nuke Parkland for us?

I pray it's all true.

Interesting position. Not arguing. I see you're new here. Lurk 2 years before posting please.

Russia would never directly attack the US.

Checked. The other guy is a kike or a retard. Possibly both.

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Can't wait

fuck your hats

Don't worry my fellow tampafag. TB is well protected

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FloridaFag here. End our misery Putin

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"Bulyash. I drinking wodka with good friend Boris Danilovich. I saying I want go to Florida, see thees Mickey Mouse character. I want see beaches and American alligator. Then I watching tv and I see what I get instead."

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Putin knows where the jews are and adjusts his aim accordingly?

Sounds good to me tbh.

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Gotta love the command&conquer videograpy

nuke disney and piss off all the homos

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