"Responsible Conservatives"

Bottom line: How bad will things get before fence-sitters join us?
Talks even hinting at accelerationism bring out the feds, shills and kiked blackpillers, but this is an important discussion to have–evaluation our current state and future. Disclaimer: any faggot promoting immediate violence or accelerationism will be identified, saged, hidden, and reported. The more there are, the more important the topic you know it is.
Dr. Pierce characterizes "responsible conservatives" as gutless whites who prioritize the economic over the spiritual and buy into basic right-wing principles, but do not act on them consistently. They refused to act during segregation because they had homes and boats, they refused to act during the (then fictional) gun bans because they had televisions and grills, and they refused to act during the quasi-collapse because they still had full bellies and minimal security.
The military talks of winning the "hearts and minds" of retarded arabs, but never the hearts and minds of our own people.
In this way, the responsible conservatives are a centerpiece. Kikes, shitskins, and the left are declared enemies. But these responsible conservatives could be beaten into submission to support (((them))), or realize they have something left to fight for.
How do we reach them? How bad do things have to get before they would join on their own?

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Never, they'll run to the nearest authority if shit hits the fan.
Only thing we can do is exploit and replace them rather than trying to convert them into the inner circles; never trust anyone who isn't on a watch list and is beholden to the system entirely.

Why would you want them on your side ? They're only with us because some of the thing happening right now makes them uncomfortable, they'll go back to their daily routine as soon as the TV is back on.

Even if it's hordes of shitskins?
Good point, although don't dismiss the role and value of "legals".

You can't rebuild a nation comprised of revolutionaries alone. At some point you need a populace.

They follow whoever leads as long as it doesn't make them uncomfortable.

They already worship hordes of shitskins. Our desert dwelling merchant friends.

I had a consversation about this a long time ago. Some people were convinced that their "redpilled" friends in the military and police would be a help in the long run, but I think there's an inevitable conflict that will happen.
The civnat cucks will want to win quickly and stop violence as soon as the immediate kikery is manageable. But the more committed will want to win forever, and will obviously advocate continued effort until unequivocal victory. This conflict will cause problems because people in the former camp will either stop fighting, or do things to hinder the latter because they will perceive further action as cruel or unnecessary.

Isn't something White people generally do, especially older conservative ones with a family. I honestly can't think of a historical example, only commies and niggers do that and it fails most of the time.

White man's reaction to shit hitting the fan is "don't make it worse, get the women and children"; a vast vast majority of the men will get stoic and patriotic. It's one of the problems with Stoicism, you stoically take it up the ass and ignore a lot of opportunities.

That's the alt right in a nutshell, look at all the reformed wimps mudsharks, rice mixers, homos and based XYZ mystery meat, as soon as you start telling them that you won't tolerate their degeneracy they call you a purity spiraler and fight against you. And that's why we need to be smarter and try to infiltrate politics and all kinds of positions of power.

there will always be bread and circuses to keep the herd sedated. the name of the game is control and it would be too much of a risk to just collapse the system. thats why bankers etc do small drops in the stock market to consolidate power.

no, this is going to be a slow grinding descent into austerity and communism surrounded by brown goblins and ruled over by homopedos through video cameras used to deploy mulatto frankenstein thugs.

it will be hell, there is no solution

Remember: sage, hide, report.

American, French, Irish, Serbian, Greek…
This is not an endorsement of any of them, by the way, so any attempts to derail the thread with "akchyually, that wasn't a real revolution because…" will be ignored.

He's not wrong, what they do is what we need to do to gain full control. We need to do to them what they want to do to us and win.

fence sitters are generally normies who only follow the hands that feed them. that means people need to build infrastructure, which means acting and INVESTING as a block. whites dont generally do this. curse of individualism.

there are not many in this movement that do anything IRL actually.


The first point was a correct observation. The 2nd and 3rd reddit spaced statements were pure blackpill. It's a clever way of luring you in with an innocuous idea, and then planting seeds of doubt with the subsequent ones.

Here’s the core issue friends:

The so-called “responsible conservatives” mistakenly BUT GENUINELY believe the nigs, spics and other browns will be fine once they reach a certain level of prosperity that the responsible conservative (RC) enjoys.

So the RC accepts shit like quotas and preferences and affirmative action and spics / nigs being given jobs that they can’t possibly qualify for because this (the RC believes) will bring about peace.

The RC thinks “once the browns live like I do, nice house, cars, middle/upper middle…once the browns have this, they’ll be cool and think like I do and we’ll be ok”

That’s retarded but I’m middle aged, pretty well off, white, 1488 in private. I see it. The RC tolerates social justice BS because they think prosperity will happen and fix everything, like it has for the RC.

How to fix:

Explain that very few browns can handle prosperity…or they’d have it. Data like the Minnesota trans racial study is great for this. (“Hey man, it’s genetic, it’s not whitey”)

Explain that blacks are scared into voting for democrats, but it’s not helping. Explain that liberal ideas are so stupid that they need browns or there would be no democrat party.

Point out obvious shit, like Africa = shit and Zimbabwe. The RC isnt dumb but they are social status. A property administered redpill to an RC has to come in a form which they’d be willing to share with their friends.

They may believe “gas the kikes” but they won’t say it among friends. What they will say is “I can’t believe South Africa is seizing land, especially after the same policy caused actual famine in Zimbabwe”

Or they might possibly say “our corporate media is owned by just a few people and that can’t be good”

That teddy Roosevelt quote about immigrants is another great redpill.

Anyway just some thoughts

The problem here is that unlike Weimar Germany which was still well over 90% German, the US is going to be a mudfest shithole before things become that dire.
A few hundred Zig Forumsacks having four or five kids each won't make any statistical impact.

No but teaching each of them to infiltrate positions of power will definitely make a difference.

True, that's probably the one final solution to the problem.

Sorry for that


Pierce suggested it in his books, Kai Murros, a Finish nationalist, pretty sure Rockwell did too.

In the Turner Diaries they didn't raise their kids to get in power but they had spies inside the system in order to fuck them up.

Most never will.

This may seem blackpilling, but its not.
What you have to understand is that most people are never going to be anything BUT fencesitters. That's what we've seen throughout history.

What people do is support a strong horse when they see it, and do whatever they're allowed to do in the context of the societal perspective.
As such, most 'lemmings' will never be involved to any meaningful extent in what we're talking about here - its not their way.

But its irrelevant, because they aren't necessary either.
What modern folk have largely forgotten is that you don't need the masses in great swells in direct support - what you need is to show strength, to BE the strong horse that people are motivated to get behind. Simply by doing so, you bring people to your side.
Once you have people by your side, your efforts should aim at reorienting the societal perspective to make it more and more acceptable to hold views espoused by the strong horse - people innately want to like a strong horse, as it were, thus once you have positioned yourself as such, the next step is creating the societal permittance for people to express their fondness for the strong horse in question (you).
Even 1-2% of the US White population would be enough to take the entire country via military force within 72 hours. Its a fact.
So, rather than trying to stir the great masses to your side, you SHOULD be trying to stir a tiiiiiiiiny and extremely loyal fraction of the masses to your side, and then to present yourself as appealing such that the masses like you - even if they won't come out to support you - such that when you make moves to take control, they're less-inclined to aggressively oppose you and the societal perspective is less-inclined toward motivating to such ends.

Slightly off-topic, but I noticed something interesting when selecting an image for the OP.

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The generational approach to infiltration can work… in the right circumstances, to the right people. The kikes pulled it off because everything about them - their culture, their social standing, their history, their genetics and most of all the cultural, political, technological and economic circumstances around them - fell just right after 2 millenia of wandering from place to place and trashing things before inevitably getting pogromed. It's a fluke of history, a fluke of evolution. You would need a ridiculous degree of inbreeding to establish the required genetic relations, a very strong ingroup identity revolving around butthurt and deceit and a host unwilling or unable to see you for what you are.

In short, it will not work for whites trying to infiltrate the ZOG. You can always get agents in here and there, but we'll never displace the original infiltrators using their own tactics.

ah yes clearly evidence that the OP isn't genuine

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How does one make an image like this? How does it work?

I have no idea.

did some jew trick you into cutting your balls off?
having as many white children as possible is always the strat
it doesn't matter if you think it makes a difference
more white kids is always better

Before we start thinking about the fence sitters in the outside world, maybe get our shit in order on here. Reading a number of threads on this board and you could easily class the vast majority on here as "Responsible Conservatives". Dare question the validity of the two party system and you're labeled a shareblue shill trying to deter people from voting so that Dems win.

The BLM riots and the NFL protests were a good sign that whites still hate niggers for what they are. It didn't take much chimping for people to stop worrying about being called racist.

I may be optimistic, but I have total confidence that if niggers were to lose their welfare benefits (say like getting Trump's Box o' Gibs® instead of EBT) and then have a full scale chimpout, the same group who boycott the Nigger Foosball League will gladly dust off the shotguns and fill some baboon asses with lead.

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Literally reddit


That's my point. So long as niggers shuck and jive like good little minstrels, whites tolerate them. The second they step out of line, they get pushback, even from boomers.

If memory serves it has to do with how thumbnails are implemented. You do something like this by taking an image you want to show in the thumbnail and raising its brightness (gamma), this image will take up all the odd pixels (for example). You will then need to take up all the even pixels with the image you want to show when it is clicked, this image will need to have a lowered brightness (gamma). This way when it is shown in thumbnail it will be one image, and then when you click it the image changes to the other image. I may have that completely backwards for the brightness levels, but that is the general idea of producing an image like that.

Number 1.
- List the things that would get a normie off his ass.
: Deprivation of property
: Deprivation of food
: Deprivation of income

Any others?

So far, I've got deprivation. Or the 'impression' of impending 'deprivation' will motivate a normie.

Number 2. (If anyone gives a shit.)
- Demoralizing Leftists. Turning any leftist into a left-hating reality drinker. What gets him/her to turn around?

: Deprivation of the drugs they are taking
: They are hurting the groups they are trying to protect (shitskins and refugees), by taking them out of their natural, safe, customary way of life. War, rape & torture.

Any others?
I don't know what goes on in their heads, because they can't understand hypocrisy.

Number 3.
- Ripping apart the unlimited debt-slavery-fiat counterfeiters. How to make the normies realize that the biggest money earner for enemies of their 'way of life' and our country is the kike-counterfeiter, the reserve/central bank. How do we link it in a normies head that the reason their life is shit and getting shittier is ultimately because of this 'process' of debt starvation.
Kike-Counterfeiters load up countries with debt via
: Unlimited rapefugess + welfare breeders
: Unlimited war
: Dollar based morality
: Unlimited sickness and weaponized vaccines
: Unlimited, rampant nignog destruction and dwindling police presence
: Children's education unsuitable for workplace, suitable for welfare and divisional attitudes
: Any number of ultimate shit tier debt inducing kike schemes

If normies could 'link' how the kike parasite of debt and money laundering of the reserve bank IS the reason for their countries problems, we'd be removing a massive mosquito parasite and inoculating them at the same time.

Ron Paul tried and only got so far. Can Kek go further?

It's all to do with economics Senpai.

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KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov was once talking about "useful idiots" that are used by the cultural Marxists to destroy a nation. He said you can line them all up against the wall and shoot them, but it won't fix anything. They'll be replaced.

Shooting a bunch of cops and military won't fix a damn thing. You have to think about ways to bring down the Zog Masonic cabal.

has anybody tried killing them?

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Well, yes. In a period from about 1939 to 1945 a very dedicated Austrian and his German friends tried to do just that. A shame he didn’t succeed.

The holocaust wasn't real.

((( ))) ← the echoes of bluepills

How? If the US goes communism, people would go to a more redpilled country; Ecuador and Chile come to the top of my head. Panana has a strong American (anti-commie) presence.

You know what Venezuelans did when they was so food? They went to the surrounding countries and got a job. Only the lazy fucks that expect their (((marxist government))) to do a thing have stayed in their country. Any starvation these people get, deserve it.

That is fucking retarded!
As long as you have bread and circus (unsustainable), people won't do shit. Otherwise NEETs would have done something.

We just proven your number 1 point to be incorrect… but let's keep going.

most retarded crap you posted so far.

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OP this is you how you reach them. Why do people bow to Religion of Cuck™? Because they are powerful. We must have enough very serious aryan warriors that even the libtards will be shutting the fuck up and giving us lip service. We don't need them fight, we only need a handful of people to actually fight, but we do need their support; and we're only going to get it by being willing militant white nationalists.

The only "Responsible Conservatives" we have to really worry about are the boomers. They are the only ones IMO who still really take the (((fox jews))) tier bait that gets pumped out from the left. Most of the younger generations of conservatives are willing to listen to the other side if you explain it well enough to them and can be pretty easily converted. As the years go by the boomers die more and more and the number of responsible conservatives or Regan conservatives will die. Same thing is happening with the left with the number of Kennedy Democrats dying and being replaced with a more radical younger Bernie Democrat. Soon there will be no fence sitters only Left vs Right.

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criminally unchecked quad dubs of truth

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The normalfag wont ever wake up. They just follow whos in charge and whats in. If they woke up tomorrow in Nazi Germany they'd heil Hitler and shoot a jew in the back of the head without blinking. In a commie world they'd bend over instantly and let the comrades ho to town on their wife. They bellong to whoever walks up to them and says Iam in charge, you follow me now.

fucking this….

dub-quad-dubs checked, my good fellow

Haha, I'm glad they let in the Low IQ shills. I must have hit a JIDF nerve. Must be so sad that when the reserve bank no longer sends shekles from US Tax Payers to Israel. When the 'black money' AID vanishies as too. Israel will just be surrounded by blood feuded enemies and kike haters. Jews will steal from each other and watch their shithole country go bankrupt from theft. Considering how desperate you shills are to keep normies unaware of the connection, it makes me want to hit you harder.

Thanks to you, I've now got some memes to build.

"Another US war for Israel?"
"No, I'd rather save money." Install image of thinking Pepe or happy enlightened Pepe handing out dollars to kids and autists.

You see stupid Kike, your lack of perception, your lack of creativity, your vapid hatred of all other humans shows how desperate you are.

Once Israel is embroiled in war and no one giving a shit about them, we'll be free to eradicate the rest of you scumfucks in our societies.

Oh, you've given me more Pepe ideas now too. They'll take me a bit to do.

So thanks you retarded fucking JIDF shill. I know where to hit you hard now. You're such a (((good))) man on your team. Keep em coming. Please hurt me more. I want more ideas.

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We can't really reach them. The only option is to build up strong men, and one day have some organizational strength. There's an unspoken agreement between nationalists and conservatives where they will vote for each other instead of a leftist, but otherwise the conservative will dislike us because it makes them realize that they aren't the ultimate vanguard of the nation, and are instead lazy middle-class cowards. In all honesty being pessimistic or "black-pilled" about the future is perfectly reasonable, but that doesn't mean you should stop fighting. We are going to need smart, strong men if we are ever going to defeat international jewry.

Thinking that there's going to be some mass awakening within the conservatives is delusional at this point. Rockwell tried it, Pierce tried it, it just isn't an effective strategy. If we're going to win we need to think differently.

Fence-sitter is a synonym of conscious traitor. At least leftards lack agency.

When did conservative become a bad word? Conservatives of just a few generations ago were nationalist, its part of the label. Conservatives wanted to conserve the status quo of white, moral, traditional lands. Its the kikes that infiltrated and subverted politics, moving us further towards Communism and globalism.

To be fair turkroaches are by far less tolerable than the average shitskin.

They don't have to talk about it. They do it everyday through slick propaganda and directing cultural attitudes.

Responsible conservatives are a lot like the basic bitch liberals who post Pray for Paris whenever a truck of peace hits or say dumb shit like I'm a feminist. They love to feel like they stand for something but at the end of the day they have no real political backbone. It's all bread and circuses. As long as the lemmings feel safe and fed they honestly could not give two shits about anything politically. Politics is nothing but a convenient identity they can latch on to feel like they are sitting at the grown ups table for five minutes.

Pics related are what's fed to white men to keep them passive.

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In addition. I really wonder if those average joe conservatives would even change their tune when 1st pic related on tv turns into 2nd pic related on tv.

Something I think these people are so brain dead that they wouldn't even notice that they are being quickly replaced.

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I like you, user. I'll also consider this idea. Shills are so useful, and it's funny that our enemies are the ones paying them to train us. Not that they have any other options anyway except suicide, of course

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"Conservatives" were never nationalists in the proper fascistic sense of the word. At best they are the types of people who hate other countries and love theirs just because they were born there, like a sports team. The idea that they want to conserve the white race and traditional values is a meme. What always happens is the left pushes a narrative redefining what those traditional values are, and then when the left tries to push their nonsense: conservatives react by appealing to those fake values. Most people are suckered into being conservatives, because they're the only institutional force against the left, but the fact that they end up agreeing with the same underlying liberal principles means that conservatives are never actually capable of winning - just delaying.

An example is how so many conservatives make a big deal about not looking racists, or better yet, calling the democrats racists. They don't understand that by agreeing that racism is the worst thing ever they are undermining their own structure. Because when a kid is told by literally everyone that racism is on par with satanism (racism is actually hated more than satanism) he's going to look at the conservative and leftist parties and conclude that the leftist one is the least racist. It's the one that calls people racists instead of trying to claim it's not. Better yet, most people actually are racists, but refuse to admit it. Even the leftists! So people can subconsciously tell that conservatism is permeated with some form of ethnonationalist idea. This is why PR cucking is such a bad strategy. People can easily tell what your inner beliefs are, even if you yourself don't know about those beliefs. I'm not saying to put on an SS uniform and go yelling that you're going to lynch every nigger you see. I'm simply saying that if you believe something then you should admit it and try to fight for what you believe in instead of tip-toeing around the issue.

No, that's a problem with retards who don't understand stoicism. You don't stoically take things that are unjust and which you can change, that's the opposite of stoic philosophy.


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Professional sports are really fucked.
The fact that they exist and people pay to go to stadiums for them is a sure sign of the decay of society. It is a joke.
The memes made like "dad and son hot dogs football game" and "every other sunday is football day" are all fucked up.
Normies disgusting normies.

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Along those lines, I've often had good reception of the idea that ALL foreign aid is ridiculous given that our country runs a deficit. That's actually a stronger move that incidentally achieves the goal of defunding pissrael while allowing the fauna in Africa to regain equilibrium and reducing US spending to the maximum degree. Also it's an easy argument to make and triggers no raycis alarms in the normalfag. I use this meme whenever I get the chance. Given how apocalyptic yet easy to dispense it is, I'd love to see that campaign go live.

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That description… Fuck.
Thats the world my bloody kids will have to live in.

There is a solution, but do we have the leader for it?

How the hell do you reverse the leftist filth without violence?

my thoughts were - we need a leader that will lead us to the only solution, a la final solution. Yes, violence. But who would step up? We need a real leader. not some fake bullshit faggot from TRS or some gay ass you tuber. Not even david duke tier - like these faggots at AmRen. We need a real leader that can take us out of this mire.

Why is it that at the first signs of attention, these faggots (>>11335889) disappear into the woodwork? The first sign of conflict and they disappear? (Milo, David Duke, Richard Spencer, AmRen)
Who in politics is really REALLY OUR GUY? Someone who won't back down at the first sign of conflict. Geezus man. This is why we have so many Black-Pillers around here. Because we don't have a leader. We are just floating around ANONYMOUS and alone.

I have no idea. If they would just stop the immigration and get some proper Christianity…

Why can't they understand? Why is their type of 'progress' (more pozz) the only progress that's allowed?
I would call real returns to gender roles and real returns to masculinity and femineity progress. Family staying together would be progress. Individual responsibility and consequences would be progress over the nanny state.
But they ALWAYS WIN. We always move further to the left culturally. It make me insane.

We can meme Day OF The Rope memes all day, but at the end of the day, I don't see it happening. We settle for little wins like a white winning a defensive battle against a nigger. We need to win big. Big and obvious. So big that the leftists, particularly the jews, will start to see the power and back off. That's when we will have a leader.
I've been on here looking for a leader.
I want a leader.
Please give me a leader.

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Salient point.

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I don't know. The real leaders haven't emerged yet. The mainstream seems so fucking entrenched.
I feel like bombing CNN and the BBC would be progress. I think they are enemy propaganda broadcasters and legitimate targets.
The leftist MSM isn't innocent or neutral. They are sponsoring one side; the leftist one.

Once the niggers, spics, jews, faggots, arabs, feminists, and progressives are knocked back on their heels a little bit, they need to be pushed over. Get them when they are off balance, push them over and keep them down.

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Its just endless PC this, tollerance that and anyone who questions their fucking naratitive is a bigot.

I don't know why we can't start with arrests - arrest for spreading false propaganda - 18 U.S. Code Chapter 115 - TREASON, SEDITION, AND SUBVERSIVE ACTIVITIES

Boomers (big majority of trad/neo conservatives) are complicit with the kikes. They betrayed both their previous Aryan ancestors as their future Aryan progeny, because…

I do not really get it tbh

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If it was the 50's they would all be before tribunals and hearings for their fucking bullshit.

McCarthy was trying to protect people from damaging subversive ideas. Maybe the center left and centrists can be tolerated but the hard left needs to be fucking dealt with.
The hard right needs to get EQUAL airtime and be taken just as seriously as the hard left.

And if that's unacceptable because the hard right are nuts then the hard left need to experience the same treatment.

Seriously user - you are being a pushover. do you really want to take it up the ass? We can try and play mind games against the zionists all day, but in the end, I condone violence. Just give me a leader.

These boomers are one of the main reasons why we are having this discourse today. They are the ones, not at fault, but the ones who let this happen. Even Alinsky programmed these boomers - particularly the hippies. If you don't have his book, read it and you will see.

goddamn right

By the way -
Welcome to Zig Forums
Your'e not going back.

See this woman?
She had the balls to start doing something.
to START doing something.

I've been here for years. I just hit moot-Zig Forums normally because it reaches more people. The quality of the discussion is significantly worse but your posts get read by more anons.

Yeah, but you notice that we all have to back off of statements made on here like, "I want to shoot my school" or, "I want to shoot so and so?" We constantly take a step back from those statements. We are so consumed with the idea that if we said something, that we will be held in contempt for it. Breaking out of that "Box," per se, is what I want to do. Am I afraid of openly exclaining that all niggers must die? Yes. So who is going to make it okay for us to say this? Some first amendment fuckwad jew that will twist it into some sort of hate-crime inspiring rhetoric? Jail time for you schlomo

what? everyone die?

Depends, if they're christian they'll thrive on being abused more since it's the christian ethos; born a sinner, White guilt, be a doormat.

Attached: christian self loathing.jpg (750x549, 535.76K)

The first order of business is to campaign to force them to reform anti-discrimination laws - like Title 9 reform. This should be top priority on the Republican platform.

Those laws are literally the legal teeth of political correctness and will overrule any gains in any other area, so they should be reformed first. Not sure why there aren't threads about this constantly. Until those laws are reformed, we're just LARPing and daydreaming.

Attached: 1499755359323.jpg (888x900, 46.52K)

Right-wing philosophers have recognized from the very beginning that only a small subset of very educated and virtuous men would understand it. It's almost the whole point, to have respect for hierarchy, natural aristocracy, and gradualism, in order to constrain the popular fervor, which almost always leans towards utopian egalitarian humanism.

This is probably right, but even more fundamental might be fixing the judiciary system in the United States. Our federal judges are not afraid of making shit up when it suits them, so they all need to go.

Can you be a more massive faggot?

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Only slaves wait for their own salvation to come. You want a leader to fit your ideals, become him


The real question is when are we going to join Conservatives and appropriate their networks?

Just dial 1-800-Tel-Aviv-HOTLINE to join conservative networks in your area today!!

Assuming you're earnest, that would be a waste of time. Even if you successfully turn some of their efforts to your benefit, you'd still end up with a bunch of "Harry Powell" lukewarm faggots who will eventually cuck out when things get tough. Having the guy to your left or your right bitch out at a critical moment can be fatal.

Many of them know but are cowards. They require authority, and we need to be the only authority who can keep them safe.

Is that even a word? haha

No limits. So I wouldn't hold your breath if I were you. These fuckers are the type that, should the power go out and society, completely break down, will invite a negro into their home and give them their last piece of bread.

It's fine though, because we don't need them. It's quality over quantity. If it kicks off and it will, these types will just cower in their homes. Katrina is the template to work from. Just two days without BigMacs and tv and they lost it. How many millions will die from diabetes after a week? Fat fucks can't get their meds and that's it. Stinking, rotting corpses pilled up like trash in Houston recently.

People really don't change and boomers are dumb as shit. Decades of not reading, yet imagining they know something because they hear 30seconds about something on CNN has left a zombie of sorts. The best thing to do with such types is use them as human shields.

Good post.

Conservatives aren't nationalist, globalist, socialist, capitalist, traditionalist or reactionary - they are simply an artificial position based around conserving whatever they perceive as a status quo. There have been Roman conservatives, barbarian conservatives, christian conservatives, pagan conservatives, banker conservatives and communist conservatives. They are a political retardant at best, they have no consistent vision - except an artificial devotion to maintaining whatever the status quo is. And if your political views do not have a goal to strive towards, a direction to push in, it naturally follows that your opponents will simply gradually push you towards their own vision.

Conservativism is a meme opposition. If you are here, you are by definition not a conservative since you already reject the current system and wish to supplant it with a different, better one. Why do you think it is easier to redpill a commie than it is to redpill a cuckservative? Natsoc and fascism are progressive movements at their core.

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Accelerationism is the counter to incrementalism which is fabian socialism/cultural marxism. The goal of the accelerationist is to make society unlivable and force its early collapse to both force the hand of whites who would resist if their luxuries and TV and electricity were taken away, but also to embrace the inevitable struggle and initiate the conflict early, before the enemy forces can fully prepare. Like Germany attacking Russia before Russia could attack Germany, which was the ideal choice to make and caught Stalin off guard.


It's what I think too, we need to worry about ourselves and try to get ourselves into positions of power. No amount of trying to redpill the world will change anything if no one moves their asses, we need to keep our surroundings pure, help each other when we recognize one of us and never forget our goals.

Most conservatives would disagree with you. The problem is that many have fallen for the civic nationalism meme.

Like theres no point to achieving a momentary victory when you still suffered losses and ground from your initial standpoint. Incrementalism, which is what we are fighting - is designed to hand us smaller increments if the speed is too fast as long as we keep in line in general conformity with the system. As long as we just keep voting fast or slow, it doesnt matter because they will achieve white genocide… faster, or slower, but eventually and inevitably. The public becomes outraged and they are given the slower increment, they perceive this as a victory but in the end.. nothing changes, 4 or 8 years later they are back on track at full pace on course for white genocide and they never really stopped any of the major problems during that 8 years anyways. Jews still run society, niggers are still raping 100 white women a day, legal immigration and non-white citizens will wipe us out with reproduction alone. We cant achieve drastic change in the current legal framework, stabilizing society isnt going to help us. A stable society is strong, its able to enforce laws and attack whites. A destabilized society cant do fuck all, then its just us and the enemy.
Accelerationism counters this by forcing them down the fast path at the same time as everyone is outraged. They see no change and they feel completely disregarded, disenfranchised.They become completely unwilling to participate in the system and seek to undermine it, maybe even at their own potential expense. It forces the welfare state to give out too much, it makes the pain associated with interracial violence and such unbearable and white people start to lash out. Society collapses and the nasties start to come out, start to force people down the race war path even if they would prefer to just keep watching strippers and drinking beer.