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never forget the forty-seven minutes, goyim!

I'm framing this fuckkn shit. This is HILARIOUS. SO ANTISEMETIC

Here's the whole article goys.. Hartford Courant. go get em goys.

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Have at it. You don't simply spread lies about the goy.

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Masonry cuck?

No, Kek I just picked up the paper and saw this, i made the first Hogg Thread here. That's why this shit is hilarious

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Crisis actors boasts of snubbing Trump White House invitation
Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students David Hogg and Cameron Kasky appeared on the Friday night edition of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher
“I hung up on the White House the other day,” a smiling Hogg said, saying the timing of Trump’s invitation was “very offensive considering the fact that there were funerals the next day, there was mourning we still had to do.

“I ended on this message with them. I said, ‘We don’t need to listen to President Trump. President Trump needs to listen to the screams of the children and the screams of this nation,’” Hogg said.

“We appreciate that you are willing to let us rebuild the world that you f****d up,” Kasky added later, after saying he was willing to accept the collective apologies of older generation.

But fellow student and shooting survivor Kyle Kashuv, who created a mobile phone app to help his classmates get emotional support, slammed Hogg and Kasky for the “inflammatory roles” they played on HBO. He even predicted one might win an Oscar for the performance at Saturday night’s awards.

Hogg and Kasky are mentally ill maybe I’m wrong and such crazy behavior is normal now in the USA. One can sense the glee the RT team must have on the USA dismantling them self

Thank God I can crane my neck at a perfect 90 degree angle for more than 5 minutes, otherwise, how would I ever get the news?

Lmao. My thought exactly. Why the fuck do some phones do this infuriating shit?

polite sage for derail bitching

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OP is a faggot
No, I'm not going to waste more time pretty-fiying it 4u

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(((Craig Timberg)))

Is it just me or are media outlets namedropping Zig Forums more than cuckchan?

its almost like they want to slowly flood us out like on cuckchan.

I'm sure that is just a coincidence.

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They were namedropping Zig Forums constantly when the exodus happened due to gamergate bullshit, don't even pretend they don't know about the existence of this site.

I know that, Im saying why exactly would WE always be targeted in the media when the same exact information is being reposted on cuckchan and other "conspiracy" sites.

I remember SVU did an episode about us during gamergate and another show recently mentioned this site. Why wouldn't they use a more popular site?

You may as well be asking why people aren't using Facebook since 4chan uses Google captcha for posts.

Same hebrew had an almost identical article in the washington post, business section. The other author was called Harwell. There was a thread but I can't find it now.

Checked, I remember some of it.
I agree with this guy, because of the fact that it does seem odd, fagchan and others are far more popular, it is a curious little tidbit.

It feels like a coordinated effort by (((them))), we weren't the first website to mention the Hogg hoax (Reddit spread it originally, nor did we spawn it) yet the mud flinging is coming our way at all sides from the media for a Youtube video unaffiliated with Zig Forums. Gamergate at least was related to us, we've been namedropped for content unrelated to our users frequently as of late.

Given the recent kike takedown regarding stormfront and der stormer (which seem to be back now?) we could be due for a shutdown if the internet censorship laws pass making sites responsible for users posts ( normalfags exposed to our site would kvetch until we're gone ).

Staff surprisingly kike free.

Happened on my laptop too. At least my laptop doesn't know when you tilt it, like phones do

I told you so. I got flamed for saying this would happen a few weeks back.
It's a targeted attack related to the Q boards exposing the MSM propaganda.

Here me Out anons. Is this crazy? Am I too far down the rabbit hole with this theory?
Let's be honest, Zig Forums holds a lot of power. It scares the international Jew. I started noticing media subtly attack half/full after the HWNDU shit. When (((They))) Realized that a bunch of AUTISTS from all over were able to crowd source info, and use HumInt IrL to find and remove a flag 4 times just by using some Tismo, I think it scared them. Zig Forums is effective, and the fact that anons can assemble within minutes to accomplish a task via internet and have things manifest IRL is fuckin scary to (((them))). And I have a funny feeling that (((AlexJones))) and this (((Qanon))) bullshit was 1, to get people supporting Government in a subtle way, and 2, the kikes way to find out where and how anons go to assemble and like that paper says, "Stage Operations" in a way. I think Jones led (((Them))) here and to other platforms using Q and a few other methods to essentially get Zig Forums shutdown, and make it look like he and Zig Forums went down fighting. I've never seen a shooting so FAKE in my life. Or the people (((they))) used to "Crisis act" be so sloppy and obvious. I feel like since Vegas There is/has been an active operation to subtly get this shit shut down. And when I see something like this in my hometown news paper (it even mentions Jones) I think the shit was done as B8 to smear and then try to justify in the public eye shutting Zig Forums down. Freespeech is done lads. And NOONE is going to fight. It's bullshit. And once platforms like this are gone there will NEVER be a place like this again with the potential of spreading info so quickly again. It scares them because if Zig Forums had to, Zig Forums could probably organize IRL action all across the country if it had too. And that's one thing the government is afraid of. The media corporations act like they want all alt speech shutdown because it's hateful whatever, but THE ONE thing that REALLY scares the ZOG is the rapid spreading of Info and a quick response. Zig Forums holds a lot of power. and no anons shouldn't take it for granted. We may need a "dark corner" of the web soon to assemble a massive response. I just have a bad feeling that this shooting shit and going all the way back to Vegas possibly earlier is being done to shine light on and break up any threats to the Gov. just my opinion

the article is a reprint of that article from Washington Post, says so right on the byline in the OP. Standard newspaper practice

numerology, it used to be yours kike, but here our chaos is counted in order, and 66 dubs for you is fitting, have fun writing about us changing the world

They're hoping to overwhelm us with newfags at a rate that triggers demographic replacement. That's pretty much how cuckchan got assaulted into the state it is now.

Should have kept it to the hogg threads nigger.

Those fucking heebs. They are OUR digits filthy rat cock-suckers.

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It's like they failed to realize we've already delt with these fuckers before. This isn't our first time the kikes invaded. Hell many anons here went through a purge and this is the drain that caught them.
Biggest mistake they can make is bringing attention to this place and making normal humans aware of the war raging in the heavens. This is our realm. There is no demographic shift. We will consume the kikes in fire and fury and whites will be awakened.
Such is the way of things.

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SVU episode was a general site because they wanted to touch on the point that it was everywhere. Redchanit was used because reddit and 4chan were the names people knew.

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LOST: my sides. If seen please return to…

Acid Man did nothing wrong sage for off-topic

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Uh, no. You were clearly never there and aware watching it all go down. halfchan is and always has been the mongrel masses of idiots you could ever hope to gather together. Zig Forums coalesces both because of it and in spite of it. The exodus happened because the mods and hover hand owner went postal and nuked gamergate and then Zig Forums. Funneling more people into our sphere of influence doesn't work very well for them, just more fodder for redpilling, they even had major issues with shills turning redpilled. Armies worth of shills and paid posters couldn't break our will. They dipped so low as to hire pajeets to try and dick with us, an endless flood of a billion street shitting should have worked on paper, and pajeets are cucks so who gives a fuck if they redpill. When nothing worked and after watching our views start to spread and propagate everywhere they went final solution.

I am glad they hit gamergate before Zig Forums with the nuke option, /v/ faggots gave us this home ready and waiting for when they ass fucked Zig Forums and glorious it is. It is not the flood of fools whom shit on halfchan, its the mods.

Yes, it abbreviates to ICE which is amusing.

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user, did you not realize we are actually at war? You might not be fighting in irl trenches and lobbing artillery at your enemy yet, or them rounding up your families and going bolshevik on them into an shallow mass grave, but thats coming and is now impossible to avoid. You are at the cutting edge of the future of mankind on this mongolian finger painting board. Fucked as that is to say.

Our enemies play for keeps and will not go down without being final solutioned for real this time. Never forget that, they will use ALL of their power, influence and authority to counter anything that goes against them in any way. And lets be honest, we are exactly the worst kind of redpilled to be the ones leading the charge for (((them))). This ends with either us or them dead. This is the way THEY have decided it will be.

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It's just a jew local to you jewing in your jew propaganda outlet. wow, such excitement.

pic related

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capped for posterity. thanks user

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Hang on. Let me turn my fucking monitor sideways, you fucking retard.

I'm unironically triggered by this. I can't wait for the Trump curse to get this "kid".

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t. newfag
4chan was hit multiple times with floods of newfags, thats how they lower the bar. ffs the 2010 reddit invasion is remembered as "good times" on cuckchan now when it was the beginning of the end.

The Jews are trying to flood us with normies to break our unity. Their direct attacks on us show how close we are to routing them and breaking the Jewish media consensus. Go ahead and stage another school shooting story kikes, give us our chance to destroy you completely! They can suppress us, they can kill us if you like, but we will never capitulate. The truth is with us!

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How about that. More proof of kikery.

You’re evidence of that.

This kind of shit makes me want to become the nastiest most creepy sorceror/necromancer that knows The Talmud and Divination by heart…just to stick it to these assholes.

This is worse than what the WP did, instead of having them in brackets showing that they added it for context, they replaced them with parenthesis making it look like it was part of the quote. Regardless the numerology being Jewish was not what user said nor meant. It's just the media injecting words to paint us a certain way.
Along with the WP article they pretend that all Anons think the same way and always are with each other.
>definition of normie
Couldn't they have done 10 seconds of research on the internet instead of just making something up that is blatantly incorrect?


Is it possible that these misinterpretations and misunderstandings by news outlets are intentional to keep normies uninformed on imageboards to keep them from getting interested and absorbed into the topic?

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After copy/pasting this article, it looks exactly like a double spaced reddit post.. I wonder why this is?

OP, the next time you make a thread like this, at least do a web search of the title of the story your posting, and include a link to the online version..

When the bong government bans porn in April, they'll ban Zig Forums too and make you post your info to post here. Mark my words.

I now realize you were talking to me the whole time, while I haven't posted itt yet b4 you made this post, although you knew I would see it.

You fucker

CRIMINALLY unchecked digits. I suppose you have to now. Just be careful user, when you stare into the abys the abyss stares into you.


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does your local paper have any writers of their own or do they just copypaste from the washington post?

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Sorry Fam, it was just a half a page buried in the mid section of the paper, I'm lucky I even noticed, it almost went unseen, thank God For my coffee habit, I never read the paper, I doubt it's online. It's a CT paper

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Oh, they introduce the anti-sex league. Will they have nice scarlet sashs?

At least they didn't call us a forum!

yet again

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(((Timberg))) is a kike, his dad was in Vietnam. I looked into both of the writers and they're for sure Glow-in-the-dark CIAniggers. WaPo reporters and they both stink.


We already saw the article the first time it was published in WaPo, the actual source of the article. Do you not know how syndication works?

They can reduce the signal to noise ratio to static though, which seems to be the current strategy.

47 minutes damn those fuckers are on us like kikes on an over due loan. I wonder how many have converted and how many are questioning their former beliefs.

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You can't convert genetics, user. Have some self-hating kikes realized the reality of the situation? Maybe, but never trust them.

Im not talking about the kikes that shill here but their pets both private and government funded.

Depends on how much blackmail and debt the kikes have piled on their heads, most likely. Mortgage payments and student loans don't pay themselves. Every useful idiot justifies themselves by saying "well at least I'm taking care of my own self/kids/family" while they work daily to aid the genocide of their own damn race.
Really, the most pathetic part is that non-whites stand to lose too, because if whites are wiped out, every single non-white will be irreversibly enslaved by the kikes, then mass murdered when the kikes achieve full automation for industry. The only non-kikes left alive will be the ones they breed so they can rape, torture, murder and cannibalize them.
Seth Rich, a fucking kike himself, chose one kike over another kike and got shot in the back for his troubles. The kikes have no loyalty, honor or decency and every useful retard shareblue drone or government worker monitoring this place should full well know that they're 100% disposable to the kikes they work for.
A very sad state of affairs.

All sides use that though.

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Your local paper, like most local papers, is merely an affiliate of a much larger media organization. This means that they can, and nearly always do, run major national news stories written by non-local writers with much more resources and insight than your local bumpkins.

tl;dr It's fucking nothing. Your local paper doesn't know what an atechan even is.

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sup kike

It's called Syndication, aka how to Kike "local" media from the top down.

>Hey Chaim, instead of hiring that smart kid from the local college that's always trying to pitch stories here, let's just reprint wire service garbage we know fits our (((agenda))).

So true.

Tronc Inc. owns most including OP example the Hartford Courant. And the McClatchy Company owns a bunch as well, all linked together spreading their agenda to the unknowing public…
Example; Tronc Inc owns Chicago Tribune owns Tribune Media owns Food Network and Cooking Channel.
Maybe why purple hair at the cash register Illegals in the back cooking, Hipster owned; Brewery, Restaurants, and Bakeries are all the same?

Why is the post still up.

Why are these images all rotated when opened?

Taken on phone

Fuck off yid, we were exposing the media long before that Qmeme came to be.

Rachfaggot is right though. I live on the opposite side of the planet, and our local newspaper (which services maybe 10,000 households) is still owned and operated by the same (((group))) that print the WaPo, NYtimes et cetera. Remember (((they))) went through China and bought every single newspaper outlet and literally memed Mao into power.

Stop postings this disgusting hag of a kike, you piece of shit.

Rules 1 & 2 weren't there to protect us, it was to protect them.
God bless.


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The problem with finding a "dark corner" is that as with eosturmonath pol you have to first reach people on here, which has already been infiltrated by glowing niggers, enterprising journalists and shabbos goyim. But I repeat myself. They will follow anywhere we go. Not saying we should stay, just that we might need to become nomads, or some other approach. Failing to adapt is what got our race in this mess in the first place.

Furthermore, if I were glowing in the dark, I would try my hardest to herd you like cattle onto a site of my own choosing. Just a thought.

They're so far behind the meme wars. They don't even know.

I myself post on multiple websites. As raw as 8/pol/ is I don't think its a good idea to get all of your information from one source, no matter how good it is. Furthermore, our ideas spread like wildfire (so long as they exclusively deal in facts/truths). I suggest you find multiple online communities to be part of user, there really are not too many of us so use yourself to great effect.

Nice, CIAnon.

There's a group of Zig Forumslacks on tumblr, which is great for sowing memes, bantzing with leftyfucks and redpilling the cuckservatives there. Youtube comments are nearly consistently woke, and just eavesdropping on my lil brothers and their friends, it sounds like Generation Zyklon is a real thing.
But you know as well as I that we can't hide behind our screens forever. I thought we had plenty of time, but as gun confiscation nears fruition and the economy edges towards the cliff, I think we need locally rooted committees of correspondence that are impervious to infiltration. Masons didn't bring down the monarchies by writing letters to each other, thats for sure.

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Reminds me of this webm.

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You hope too much. The election wasn't power. It was just another torment.

Oy vey six million memes

Seems like All media Local, National, Tele, Radio, are all script readers….
I'm even questioning "ALTMEDIA" at this point.
I was taught at a young age to not trust anything i hear, and half what I see, so I've always paid close attention to current events by reading Opinions, and every outlet I can aswell as research the issue myself, and it seems like EVERY form of media has been weaponized finally. Very difficult to find ONE genuine outlet. One has to look to multiple videos\Reports\Comments from the area…. aswell as knowing the history of said area

You know you can turn that off on your phone, right? It's just an option called auto-tilt.