The woman problem

There is a serious problem with the left as the she-woman man hater's club. The Democratic Party, the Labour Party, and many other institutional parties have succumbed to the man hating menace. How do we rise above feminism? How do we cultivate the incel vein of wrath towards women and use it against the powers that be?

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Even the folks clinging to electoralism don't give a fuck about bourgeoisie parties.
We harass incels so they drift to reactionary politics and bring down those with their incessant moaning that white women won't fuck them.

#MeToo, campus rape hysteria, censorship of everything that offends feminists, etc. etc.

What's the next step of your master plan?

Abolish women.

While I'm sure this is a thing, what does this have to do with "man hating"? Is being against rape inherently anti-male? If so, then they are right, if not, then go fuck yourself.
The incel genocide will be a just genocide.

You sound exactly like the type of cunt OP was talking about.

Oh no, a brainlet incel who thinks the world is divided into men vs women doesn't like what I have to say.

You know goddamn well that 99% of what feminists call rape isn't actual rape, including but not limited to:
But please keep being a disingenuous cunt. It's only going to make it easier to get people to agree with us, meaning you won't have enough supporters to genocide anyone.

If you're talking about burgers, that isn't us and you're too new to remember the Great Salt Harvest of 2016
first I've heard of it
I prefer Velma tbh, but n/b
We don't. Because it has buttfuck nothing to do with the MoP.
How is posting longwinded edgy rants and having blue balls good praxis?

That isn't the left. I'm guessing you're some schlong from reddit or something whose only concept of 'the left' is your cringe compilation of SJWs and Cuntonites.

It's been primarily used against men, and considers making a failed pass, making out with someone who's had a sip of beer, or looking at somebody funny to be rape. It's pretty much designed to enable say-so character assassinations, and has been used ably for same. It's spread to workplaces too.
Does it ever get cold up there in your ivory tower?

Fucking wew. Yeah I know false rape accusations are a thing and that shit is scary, but 99%? This is what incels actually believe.

Yeah I havn't really heard about this actually happening, much less being something that has taken over our institutions.
No, kill anyone who self-identifies as an incel, goes to incel forums and talks about incel things. They are filth. It has nothing to do with how often (or if at all) they fuck.

You do realize that having a false rape Accusation could completely ruin your reputation right? All it would take is a particularly vindictive or crazy woman to claim that you raped her and people will believe her no matter what, even if you didn't even do the act.

This is mainly due to things like either treating drunken sex as "rape" or having regrets about having sex and calling it rape after the fact. Hell the definition of "rape" has been extended so much and become so subjective that even looking at a woman or even accidentally saying the wrong thing can be called "rape" after the fact.

This really has a risk of people abusing laws and things for personal gain. Not to mention that even if the person is found innocent, the damage to their reputation is already done, they will always be seen as a "Rapist" even though they didn't even rape her.

Hell, there has been a study showing that suggests that between 10 to 50% of rape allegations are false.

He is.

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Also, false accusations are practically an everyday thing now.
I'm willing to bet that every single person in this thread has at least one friend who has been falsely accused of rape, even if it didn't make it to the "having to go to court over it" level.

He will have to learn on his own.

You already said this, and it's still not true.
Yeah, there definitely is a risk of wrong judgement by the courts, as with literally all cases.
Did you just pull this out of your ass? You don't think the girl who falsely accused a man of rape is going to suffer consequences among her peers?
Oh I thought it was 99%. So even though you have actual data, you decide to completely exaggerate the numbers to paint women as all being horrible liars just out to get you?

Did you watch the male feminist video? That is you.

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He specifically said "what feminists call rape", and was being generous with his lower estimate of merely 99%, probably taking into account the possibility that a feminist might actually correctly identify an actual rape by pure accident.
"Feminists". The type of "people" who call Isaac Newton's work on physics "a rape manual".

And I'm saying these people don't exist outside of tumblr and the incel mind, and have definitely not taken over any major institutions.

Unless we go mainstream, nothing's gonna happen.

Femicunts have the mainstream left by the balls while we spend 24/7 shitposting on chan boards. Maybe that's the problem.


Creating an identitarian movement in response to another doesnt solve the problem
You dont

Did you go to community college or a real university? You cannot escape it. Unless you are complicit in the dumbfuckery why we all know that you are.

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No I didn't go to college or university.

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Socialism is feminism, deal with it

Feminism has become hijacked, like all idpol, by big corporations and the capitalist system. This whole diversity thing has the added benefit of creating new demographics to placate would be radicals.

And infact most feminists today are post-modernists and post-structuralists not socialists.

Just a reminder that idpol is the same side of the same fucking coin.

OP is the clumsiest attempt at divide and conquer.
Know the secret to get out of fucking inceldom/landwhaledom? If you are inapproachable, either fix it or lower your motherfucking standards!

Then you have never experienced the oppressive and intellectually stifling atmospheres that are educational institutions.

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lol, enjoy your society collapsing then

We should never have given women the right to vote.

We should never have given incels the right to breathe.

Socialists strive for the liberation of the entirety of humanity, and that included women. Fifty percent of the population is not going to be kept enslaved due to generalizations and sexism


1. Stay calm, be patient, and know what you're talking about. The left-liberals have been soaking in toxic IDpol for many decades, and though it is bad, it is an easy step away to socialist feminism, genuine feminism. (If you are not a genuine feminist, you're not quite socialist yourself). "Radicalizing" a progressive "SJW" ought to be easy, most especially if they're from the working class or a fallen middle class background.

2. Most women don't hate men for no good reason. We're generally the group of people who have the answers to what ails the world, so be that cool, confident, debonair socialist. That romantic figure who loves all humanity and the Earth's flora and fauna. If still a little soft around the edges, show you aspire to be that man, you can lead men and women, and elk even, to bring down the ruling class, the fascists and all the other misogynists!

3. Learn to love yourselves, comrades. Each case of "involuntary celibacy" is different, but struggle on, take the challenge. Above all, be happy with yourself.

Oh fuck that bimbo.

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shut up whore we all know you have rape fantasies like every other """"feminist"""" woman

I think people into BDSM are ill in the head.
And no, rough sex isn't the same thing as rape fantasies either. Not surprisingly I'm a switch


Unless you only have sex in the missionary position for the sole reason of procreation then you're fucking ill in the head and should be thrown in a lunatic asylum.

Nice casual sexist chauvinism there, it definitely makes me want to organize the working class with you.

Go away, liberal. No place for feminazis here

Go away newfag.

By "we" I mean us socialists though. Sorry for the confusion. First draft.


this but unironically

If you're gonna tone-police that much over that little, I think any potential movement needs you about as much as a sweater needs moths

Why do I keep coming here? It's the same inane threads over and over again. Is there nothing better to discuss?

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Is there a better place you know of to go?

To be fair, saying that men have the answers to the worlds' problems rather than saying that the communists have the answers to the worlds' problems is pretty fucking retarded.

This is your brain on feminism.
BTW this is user is a larping tankie that's really a hardcore radical feminist. Used to get into fights with her all the time.

Back to Zig Forums with your dumb ass. Only living in the imperialist core can allow you to so vehemently hate other proles based on identity. Feminism is really only a problem in the US. China doesn't have this problem, they've got 40 million more dudes then chicks and even those foid chinks don't hate their men as much as western women do.

Not what I said at all. Wanting to genocide incels isn't about protecting women, it's about cleansing the left of the most degenerate filth poisoning our movement.
I guess compared to this board I am, but I literally never talk about feminism outside of this place, and the only reason I talk about it here is because I'm being pushed to it by the idpoling faggots wanting to constantly talk about how women and fags are destroying western culture or whatever.
Did you just assume my gender?

Is it really divide and conquer if the left is actually divided on gender issues?
Yeah! Know your place, you don't deserve a woman that takes care of her health, who the fuck do you think you are!

Right… just want them all dead because….reasons.
Feminists does not equal women lol. OP was criticizing feminists and their bigotry toward men and how it pervades the left.
Please shut up

The majority of child abuse is done by women, do you support killing all women that abuse children. That'd get a lot more support then killing men complaining about not getting laid, which isn't a crime in most people's minds.

I gave….reasons.
I know, but read the fucking thread name and accept that in the mind of the incel, women does actually equal feminism or 'female supremacy'.
Yeah and as I said I don't buy into that shit. Feminism isn't and has never been about hating men. Some Tumblr accounts isn't the democratic party or the labour party.

Look at this shit, when I say kill incels, all he hears is "kill men", because in his head there is literally nothing else than men vs women.

It was a joke, but I'm a dude

I guess you don't realize your reasons make you sound even more retarded. And should we kill female child abusers as well?
They complain about the status quo, which is deeply feminist in the west.
So why do so many feminists blame all men, even poor men, for their plight? That's like saying Nazis don't hate Jews, they just want a better world.
No but I did hear kill all marginalized men, guest you think only incels struggle with romance. You know there are a lot of handicapped incels, and statistics bear it out, if you're in a wheelchair, you are far more likely to be an incel.
Nah, most of them are frustrated with women, are you supposed to be happy with shitty gender relations, you don't seem to hold your feminists sisters to this standard.

I know, it was a bad joke because you are a humorless tawt

This has absolutely nothing to do with incels, and to be clear, I don't actually want to kill incels, I just despise you. Again, not for your inability to get laid, but the incel community in general with your rampant misogyny.
Wake me up when they start complaining about capitalism.
Again, just like there are dumb incels who blame women for their plight, there are dumb feminists who blame men for their plight. Then we have the big brain feminists who make a structural analysis of how genders interact and how power structures are built. But then you'll scream "lol liberal gender studies!!!" and go back to studying how your gender is oppressed by women.
Not going to repeat my answer to this for the fourth time.
Nope, you're not supposed to be happy about it, but you're also not supposed to become a retard.

You should totally watch this video on incels.

Because fucking moderators will ban us everywhere else?

You do realize you can be misogynist without being incel right?

You know how many bitches I've been with?

Enough to be misogynist while probably being the antithesis of incel

Hell I can name off the top of my head six I actually gave a shit about

Than another fourteen I fucked but didn't give a shit about

And there's still more than that way more. That's why I hate women it's always the same crap

So if anyone is the incel its you. Atleast compared to me.

So congratulations you're just a suicidal lunatic. You do not know dae wae of the d'ebil

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I'll watch it if you watch this

What the fuck is this post supposed to prove? Yeah you're a piece of shit too.

I just lost 30 Autism Level and will finally fit in on this board. Thanks.


good point fellow Nazbol

being a piece of shit is awesome you cunt

Honestly the only thing this interaction proves is that using the word incel as an insult is categorically ineffective outside of reddit. People who are not involuntarily celibate brush it off and people who are incels self identify as them. It is about as effective rhetorically as calling you a leftist because you think you are one. Despite that you are really just a liberal without the life experience of university to know better.

I don't use the word incel as an insult. It may seem like that to you because I have unfavorable views on the incel community. Pretty much the same way I don't use nazi as an insult.
I don't get why I'm getting bullied this much for not going to university. It's like you're so asspained that you can't put me into this liberal-college-student-box that you have to attack me for it.


sage in all fields

It proves that being an uncle isn't necessarily indicative of being a misogynist. I lived in a small town and I was friends with the most popular guy. The had the drink called "date rape juice" that they'd serve at parties. It was a fruity drink that was extremely high in alcohol content but with their special recipe, you could barely taste alcohol at. They used to warn their buddies to only drink in cup and wait for an hour an a half before drinking another. They wouldn't warn women though, they'd get near black out drunk because they weren't aware they had drunk the equivalent of 4 to 5 shots in one sitting, and "date rape" them.
Anyway this guy was extremely handsome, very sought after by all the women in town, and a card carrying feminist.
If he was here he'd be piling on the incel hate with you. Him and his buddies have raped countless women while you clutch your pearls at men that by their own admission, have never slept with anyone.
Oh and every spinster save one has been deeply reactionary. Spinsters are the other side of the coin of incels, do we kill them as well?

*It proves that being an incel

You were friends with a rapist?

We were friends long before he started doing these types of things. I stopped being friends with him after I found out about this stuff.

we need pussy control

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Not him, but there is a clear divide between "STEM" and "humanities bullshit" so thick that you could cut it with a knife.
Thankfully, I was on the STEM side. It's (still) an atmosphere of open and intellectual development. The "humanities" side… when everyone makes fun of college for being a SJW idpol censoring clusterfuck, they're taking about the retarded humanities majors.

Every male feminist is like that. I think the rhetoric must be a cover up or a way to assuage their guilt. A lot of male feminists are creeps.

It increasingly affects the sciences. Women are just too stupid to study STEM so they can’t cry rape there.

"Male feminists" are serial rapists 100% of the time.

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i’m a shut in that rarely talk to people let alone women I listen to a bunch of youtube personalities and have heard this often, but mostly from the right, so i just dismissed it as something that group believes now. but hearing it here is definitely odd


Come on, user.

to be fair, i've heard of quite some cases as well, but it might just be that there isn't any special correlation between the two and woketard male feminists just rape and abuse at around the average rate (amusing in its own way) but you tend to pay much more attention to such cases

How are things, Ms. Steinem?

Why should a woman, who cares about her health date a guy who doesn't?

Incels are more likely to take care of their physical well being than roasties are, and when they supposedly do its just insathots exclusively doing exercises to make their asses bigger, never about actual health or fitness. Its laughable honestly.

1. fucking lol
2. Spotted the incel
What drugs are you taking?

"Spotted the incel"

ok, AIDS magnet. I guess better incel than faggot.

This is what I am talking about. This is why nobody likes you

do you think I really care if people like me? do you really I'm invested with that crap?

I don't need to protect myself from anything. I know I'm not an incel. but see how people think its an avid descriptor of people who cry about "muh wammens rights". ad hominems are a bad look and at this point I'd rather marry an Arab woman than any white women where I live and I'm being dead serious.

furthermore, its a nice way to piss off overtly sensitive fucks like yourself when you get sand in your vuh jj every time I do it. its funny af.

Do you not know what gymcels are and do you actually think basicthots care about their health beyond sex appeal? I don't care if you call me an incel, like the other user said that insult only carries weight with redditors. I actually do put a lot of effort into my health both through diet and exercise, not to be attractive to 3dpd roasties but for myself, cause as far as I am considered thats all that matters. Humans are garbage and I don't need any validation from them so I am not really incel by the original definition but like Jim Profit said if you're a male with an opinion you're an incel to most normalfaggots at this point.




Sage this thread already. All idpollers and obsessive anti-idpollers alike will be sent to gulag.

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Cool story bro! Your anecdote about you and your rapey friends really changed my mind on incels I guess.