Why can't the left meme?

Why can't the left meme?

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Why is the right obsessed with memes?

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Because they are 14yo kids maybe

Why can't the right satisfy a woman?
Because they can't get a woman to satisfy.


They can though

Watching the left try to meme is "uncanny valley" levels of creepy. It's like trying to watch a severe autist poorly emulate normal human behavior. It's always

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Because they have no sense of humor. Case in point.

Name one original meme the right has created since Gamergate

I'll wait


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a good sign that your political movement is serious is when you invest all your online presence and energy into caring about memes

It's hard to meme when you're focused on economics and actual politics, OP.

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The problem is that all of your "research" and "facts" are from Karl Marx, an unemployed bum with zero knowledge or experience about any type of manufacturing process, who decided to write about manufacturing,

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Arrigo Sacchi

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Fuck off retard NEETsoc this isn't the 20th century.

Why should "production" be expected to "produce" anything?

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nice projection m8

back to your echo chamber where you can virtue signal to your heat's content >>>Zig Forums

define proletariat for the class. go on, educate us.

The nu-left isn't made of of white proles anymore, just 3rd-world leeches and social outliers like trannies who want a big welfare check.

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Thot audit

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Because they respect wahmen.

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so you only accept economic theory written by factory workers?
researching and writing economic theory is work, and so is journalism
I wish rabid anti-marxists would actually make some arguments with content instead of this meaningless adhom drivel

It's more likely we see the entire left unite and raise a terracotta proletarian army to destroy capitalism tbh.

it's funny how Brownpanels guy and some others claim to be lolberts but suck gobber mint pole when it means somebody they dislike gets troled epic-style

fix site

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Cause right-wing memes are the voice of the status quo, that is why they're relatable. They speak to everyone who has been socialised in Capitalism and liberal democracies.
Take a look at:
Nothing more than uncreative jokes that have existed for decades, but now have been given new form. These 'memes' do nothing but reinforce the current social order, it's pretty funny how right-wingers think they're counter-culture.

not every one of us. I'm more into Sorel and Blanqui

See, this is the entire problem right here.
There was zero reason whatsoever for any single person to ever take "Karl Marx" seriously in the first place. His ideas were fucking idiotic in writing, and even worse when put into practice.
"Anti-Marxist" shouldn't even be a word, because nobody should even know who the fuck that retarded faggot was. It should be like being "Anti-Gary, the crazy homeless person who lives out of a cardboard box behind the 7-11 and gives hilariously shitty financial advice".

Memes are data concepts arising from organic banter and the exchange if ideas. An artificial organization created by hypercapitalist megacorporations to destroy workers has no room for human banter - only mechanical, cold and empty inputs of command and outputs of action.

The left cannot meme, and this is why. They'll try to write it off as '14 year olds', 'women' and other delusional fantasies - but when their centers of thought are policed on fear of death, they simply cannot meme.

keep proving me right

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If you're too dumb to click a link, I doubt you're smart enough to read anything if it was copy and pasted here:

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As opposed to the right?

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what arguments, user?

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Even if you go by the assumptions that ideas can belong to some kind of trademark like a filthy Disney's lawyer would, pol's meme are actually /int/ or /r9k/ memes most of the time

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and still there are no arguments, molymeme would get a heart attack with you
you're all over the place user.

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That comic initially came from Tumblr and spread from there though, so you're caught red handed doing what the pic is describing. Your lack of self awareness is amazing.

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This whole thread needs to be deleted.

How very capitalist of you.

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except they aren't, int gets it's meme from pol most of the time. They don't make sense otherwise, poo in the loo for example comes from pol, muh whiteness is also a pol meme, "muh" is a pol meme, nearly everything creative from 4chan for nearly a decade has come from pol. b is dead and largely irrelevant, fit makes some memes and most of those are just making fun of spergery in among their users or content creators


The left can meme, leftypol had great ones before it went full tankie. Authoritarians can't meme because they hate anything they can't control, capitalists can't meme because memes can't be turned into commodities without being destroyed in the process, and if Zig Forums ever got their ideal world the memes would dry up in a heartbeat.

(That's also why most "Zig Forums" memes come from other boards, and the few times they stumble on something good they run it into the ground ala "NPC".)

Name one.
Hell, even the "right wing cringe thread" here is nothing but leftists being cringey, because they don't know what "cringe" is.

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Cringy is related to creepy but also self aware and ironic enough to interlapse with edgy

Ricky Berwick is cringy. And Ricky Berwick is awesome.

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Bunkers was pretty fun.

the term was used before A Wyatt man's drawing and is mostly used independently from this peculiar form


Rightists are pathological liars…



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Every damn time.

Yeah, that's why Zig Forums is the most popular board, and isn't just a ban-happy exclusive club of trannies and anti-white Chink ethno-coms.

Tell me when you get mentioned on national news.

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Isn't legalizing prostitution supposed to be a lolbert goal? Are we finally at the point where even the most autistically pedantic ideology is ignoring their supposed principles to trigger people online. Is this all politics is from now on?

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They want the system to fail, that's literally it, and rejoice at it breaking down. Those lolberts who spent hundreds of hours in retarded online debates get to see their enemies suffer from the very system that their enemies supported.

The left ends up defending the status quo in a lot of situations, which makes it difficult for the left to be funny. The image I posted gets a lot of reactions from /v/ on cuckchan, but is it rightwing or leftwing? Neither, until someone starts taking sides. You either find the image funny, or are outraged over 'muh racism'.

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One thing I've noticed with the right, evident in this thread, is that they think they can win arguments without actually providing any arguments solely by appearing more smug than their opponents. They're more like the liberals they claim to hate than they realize.

Please don't do this cringeworthy shit.

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Yup. Or they will answer the 1/10th of the post, and usually the ironic or tongue-in-cheek remarks because that's all they can do. If a post lacks those, then they will just insult.

His best friend literally owned factories and knew plenty about it, not to mention that Marx WAS in fact employed as a journalist among other things. Also since when were Rothbard or any other libertarian moron working class people who did anything of any actual use other than paper-pushing?

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NPC is a /v/ meme.
"Designated shitting street" is an /int/ meme. "Poo in the loo" isn't even a 4chan meme. It comes from a song that UNICEF made.
Pepe was posted a few times on /v/ then blew up on /r9k/.
Zig Forums has never in it's entire history created a meme. It's coasting off the memes from Zig Forums and Zig Forums2, and the used memes from other boards.

Zig Forums is basically the meme equivalent to a cuck

Pepe has been around in some form or another for a long, long time, on disparate boards.
First as 'Feels good man', then sad pepe. then it exploded into irony and smuggies in the early 2010s, after that it was distinctly different to what it had been before.
the frog itself was not just 'posted a few times on /v/'.

The only good meme Zig Forums ever had was Nazifying Garrison. Otherwise, they're chronically unfunny - partially because they take this autistic procedural approach to memes. The reason anything on Zig Forums catches on is because it's an echo chamber, but their boomer-tier understanding makes them think it's because they're super meme experts and you have to do it a certain way. Nope, they just spam their shit-tier memes everywhere and then, I don't know, Carlgon or some guy like that will go "Yeah, these are dank memes, as a bona fide leftist liberal shill I approve." and it'll go back into the feedback loop. And then their MAGAChud relatives repost this stuff on Facebook, and watch YouTube videos explaining "how to meme" because they think they're in an actual propaganda war with Occupy Democrats and all the fucking FB liberal Trump gotcha memes which get reposted as much or more than whatever it is Zig Forums is pumping out right now. All this, and the memes aren't even funny, just really bitter.

Yeah, this. And "feels good, man" wasn't even relegated to 4Chan back then - it actually caught on a little outside the boards years before R9K's tantrum about it. By "reeee normies" it had been stale for some time.

You are like 15 years old, I guess

Why do the mods let shit threads stay up?

Because unlike you, faggot, I am not glued to my pc 24/7. I check the queue several times a day, but I gotta go to, you know, my fucking job.

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