Operation Redstick

What is this shit?

This is the next 'It's Okay To Be White'.

Why should you believe me?

Because this is cost-effective, simple, and very low-risk. Just wear gloves so you don't leave fingerprints on anything. Nothing in this thread is illegal, but that's no reason for bad OPSEC.

How do you, user, help?

Assuming you're interested, you buy the cheapest USB drives you can get your grubby little paws on, and you fill it with redpills. Then, you drop them off anywhere normies gather. The idea is for normies to find them, plug them into their computers, and read the redpills. This will trigger some, and it will redpill others. Either way, we win.

Can you, the user participant, be tracked if you do this?

No. Unless you do something retarded like put your address in the USB drive itself, nobody can find you. Buy the USB drives with cash.


Again, nothing in this operation is even remotely illegal unless you're in occupied Europe or Canada, but that's no excuse for poor opsec.

Now for the resources themselves.

HTML templates:


This is another user's(Not mine) redpill folder. You can also put these things on your USB drive if you'd like: mega.nz/#!YwgCgRQL!pwzvh5qGIUtcoZAhQ1IIG5fX_wLZwG2hTTIZOd35cwo


1. Carry something. Depending on your state and country laws, you may or may not be allowed firearms. If you are allowed/have a permit, carry a firearm. If not, carry what you are allowed to carry. If you live in an extremely fucked nation like
Britain where self-defense is essentially illegal for whites, well… I'm never going to tell you to break the law, but do what you think makes you safest.

2. Additional info

When citing sources try to include:

- a screenshot
- a live link to the website
- an archived link to archive.fo
- a local zip-archive from archive.fo

3. You want to drop these in white, heavily trafficked areas. Libraries, public parks, movie theaters, schools especially. Remember your target audience. At the same time, you don't want to be seen doing this if at all possible. If it's a cold day, take advantage of it. Wrap a scarf around your face. If it's a hot day, wear sunglasses and a hat, or anything else you can think of.

4. If you get into a confrontation with someone, swallow your pride and walk the fuck away. You are not a Navy Seal. You are not a Green Beret. Violence is your absolute last resort. It's not worth going to jail over. Just take your USBs, go away, and drop them somewhere else. If you want to debate someone, fine, but use your better judgement.

5. Be aware of your surroundings at all times, and have fun.

6. Heil Hitler.

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Other urls found in this thread:


A big thanks to the fine people at >>>/redstick/ for coming up with this. More redpills can be found there. I claim no credit for anything in this thread.

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How you will feel when you are in the concentration camp facing the death squad, Moishe?

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Keep it there

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Low energy m8.

Why do you think its posting? The fear amongst Jews is almost palpable right now.
Mods should show the post history onvermin this obvious. There's no excuse not to.

Remember to report and monitor.

Yes, that lump in your throat you're feeling right now is all the fuel needed to know you're scared shitless that the plan has gone off the rails. Sure you post your little porn picture in an attempt at triggering someone here. It wont work, it never has, it never will. The foundations of your project are crumbling, shaking, disentergrating into the shitpile your superiors created. Meanwhile Israel is dealing with a deavy influx of arabic and african men who routinely tame your litigious and aggressive women. May your alimony bills be large, and your lawyers pockets have holes in them.

Did this prove to be remotely successful in the last several threads? This tactic has been around since fucking floppy disks being left in coffee shops.

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The only people who will pick up USBs and look into them are niggers and retards/Chan users with comp knowledge.
Faggots larping with as little exposure as possible
Go outside, run for office, go to council meetings

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Man, (((you))) guys really don't want this to take off. Thanks for the indicator that I'm doing something right.

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That's a stupid name. USBpill would be better not that it matters I'm just being a picky faggot

This sounds good, but we need a repository for this. Something like a zip file filled with verified redpills so to save anons busy work to compile this stuff. Cheapest USBs I've come across have all been at least 4 gigs or more, that's more than enough space.

I think the normalfags will like this. Like an urban treasure trove.

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Bump. Leave them on campus grounds and outside high schools. We must redpill Generation Zyklon.

Thanks, found this

This should have been in the OP.

I tried to include some stuff like that in the OP, but of course I didn't get everything. Glad you like the idea, though!

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We really need much more info on here. I wouldn't be convinced with just two facts for each section.

This is well made and all, but it's incredibly shallow. This needs more content.

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Gimme a sec, I'll post more material.

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Updated expulsion graph.

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And some webms to throw onto your USBs.

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It's about 4 years out of date so who knows how many links still work, but the Redpills of Zion is always a good source.


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This fucking mong only cares about attention whoring.

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I already got my sticks from the last thread it's pretty simple.
Also a lot of kvetching happening here which is always the sign of a good plan.

Have a bump, let's see how far we can go with this.

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Here's the extra content you wanted, I'm done for the night. Mods, please sticky if you think this is a good idea.

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Actually, have some more.

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Ok make sure to cite good sources.

Some faggot posted a graph about rascism being correlated with iq so I found the original study and the r^2 variance proved there was no correlation.

So his info proved the opposite point he was trying to make

Good work bud

Here you go:

Why not just fill them with gore, fucked up webms like the Degeneracy Clockwork Orange one, Moonman songs and brazilian executions with lots of worldstar hiphop vids as well. A normie has the attention span of a commercial and has been conditioned to hate learning for himself and also secretly wishes to gaze upon the abyss. Show him that abyss.

This is so accurate.

Nows not the time for goreposting. That comes later.


you can mail a USB drive also, but make sure you wrap the envelope in foil because US mail can collect the data wirelessly, also there are Chinese drives spying on us so be careful to test to make sure your SD drive doesn't have a tiny processor in it

it costs money though, see if we can't get the DOJ to hand over the two cargo containers of USB chips they seized off the coast of NYC and Miami in 2014, use 1GB they're cheaper, lowest I found was .50c

a sd card would be better

where does one get cheap

Consider that the vast majority of the worlds population are niggers, spics, arabs, and non-honorary Asians, it makes sense that a high IQ race dominates billionaire status despite being such a small segment of the population.

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The dollar store, user. We're in 2018, USB drives are pretty cheap nowadays.


Hope that helps.

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That doesn't matter though. Just because of sheer numbers there are more smart niggers and chingchongs than smart kikes.
your picture checks out.

I'll try to translate some redpills into my main language. Must be careful since we don't have freedom of thoughts here.

Bonjour monsieur Snail!

Not a bad idea; I heard people also talking about writing out fascist propaganda or website addresses on dollar bills (maybe a link shortener to a repository of red pills would be good) and putting them back in circulation.

>(((EU))) is a blond goy

Well, Europe is still white for the nonce, even if it's under invasion.

Its still implying that Germans are behind it, not (((Germans))).

Yes, because Germans are the only blonde people across all of Europe.

The normie cant read a graph and stats make his eyes glaze over. Now a hundred vids of shitskins abusing dogs and kicking cats and attacking women and children will do more for our cause than for any infographic. A picture speaks a thousand words and a video speaks millions. How many of us were redpilled by stats alone?

Good point.
Also, "honorary asian" isn't literal, It's just a way to differentiate the sub 80 IQ monkeys from the semi-civilized ants. Anime is very effective for normalizing Nazi imagery.

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I have those too. I'll post after I bathe.

The first image is just a wordier version of the original. Trim it down. Unfortunately I can't find the original right now.

Ever seen a blonde kike?
hard mode: that isn't mixed to below 50% nor has its hair died

Remember to upload cartel videos. Make it clear that it's of a piece with Aztec sacrifice, and that it's nothing out of the ordinary for Mexicans. If it wasn't for drugs giving them the excuse for gory homicide, they'd still be ripping out human hearts for the Butterfly Spirit or whatever.

Yes, of course we've seen blonde kikes. I broke off an early-stage relationship with a blonde when I found out her mother was a Jewess. Stop being dumb.

I guess hard mode is too hard for you then.

Kikes mix with other races to blend in. It's kind of their thing.

You're not very good at this.

the basic bitch normalfag belief is that "The damn Germans are ruining Europe again". The fact is that poster is a half-truth because the people behind it are not ethnic Europeans, and are not blond.

It helps that Hitler's Nazi party understood very well how to be aesthetic as fuck. HUGO BOSS. HUGO MOTHERFUCKING BOSS.

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Digits and rage

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If somebody steals from me I should be allowed to defend my property as I would defend my body. A store owner should be allowed to do the same with his products.

The greatest lie of the modern era is as follows: "All Men Are Created Equal"
More accurately it should be "No Two Men Are Created Equal But Through The Law Are Men Rendered Equal In Their Responsibility To Uphold Civilization."

This is a powerful one.

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Fucking niggers, however that's why you don't relax around blacks. Be prepared to defend yourself or at least carry a knife.

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fuck, user. I was just relaxing and having a lazy evening. Now I'm mad. I need to work out

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After you work out, take a nice long walk and leave some flash drives around town.

Maybe, although I don't know how fruitful that will be.
I live in an area highly populated by nogs. There might be some closet 1488ers, but given their attire, accessories, and vehicle stickers, I think the whites are essentially basic bitch Republicucks.

Needs a stronger orator

Freshmeme meat. I'm learning to draw.

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Eastern europe is trash and should be removed from the EU.

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hey, you don't like europe, we don't like eastern europe. So why fight? Get your dirty ass out of europe and everyone is happy.


Bathroom stalls and a sharpie work excellent too btw

It doesn't matter. You only make one point at a time with a meme. If anyone doesn't like it, then let them make a better meme.


A qr stamp would be dope

Killing niggers from MG nests in parking garages

This right here works better mixed in with the facts and better to start with the entertainment to get them hooked. Why do you think kikes put so much fake positive imagery for the shitskins, fags. So in some way they are associated with those positive things like sports and fun. So by putting niggers and shitskins doing typical subhuman behavior it can redpill easier when their unconscious brain has the shitskins linked to their violent and shitty ways from the shock imagery an videos of innocent Whites just attacked in which there is plenty of these especially on worldstarhiphop. I mean for fuck sakes the autistic White kid some niggers kidnapped, then tortured should of caused a riot against the cave monkeys but, (((they))) suppressed the fuck out of the story.

The passage in the second image is completely made up. Not in the book.

>I see a group of men teens who are probably no good; I should go to another side of the road but they're black and that would make me a neo-nazi white supremacist racist privileged white male for racially profiling them. I haven't done anything to them anyway so it's not like they'll harm me or someth…

I would have made him eat that dull fucking knife

learn to box and carry as much weight as possible (preferably muscle mass), after that, be of the right ilk/ideology/subset/substrata of milint overlay that watches everything (((eye))) etc. make sure youve got bats and knives and shit at home

smoke weed, reform for it, its performance enhancing, gen needs it