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Chinese Infiltrators Among Us

Tl;dr: the Chinese have a massive spy network comprised of virtually the entire Chinese population worldwide.

So I was talking to a friend in manufacturing and a friend of his told him that he had spoken with someone who worked in Chinese manufacturing. The guy told him the process by which China steals the plans to manufacture American goods and the make copies of them cheaper:

First the manufacturer sees a western good he wants to make.
Then he goes to the government and asks them for help getting all the data necessary to develop it.
The government asks the entire network of Chinese people worldwide for these plans.
3 or so months pass while waiting.
The plans are then delivered to the government and the government provides financial assistance to manufacture these goods.
If within the given time period the plans are not delivered, the triads, working for the government, find the Chinese people who could have delivered the plans and kill them as an example to the others.

So basically China can aquire the ability to manufacture any goods that Chinese “Americans” or Chinese “Europeans” have access to - without any research costs. This means that if you are a western company, you need to either not hire Chinese or drastically limit their security clearance.

Obviously this is all 3rd hand information, but it sounds legit and I thought maybe some anons would have more info.

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Enjoy a chink free first post.

Regardless of it's true, be loyal to your own race.

Requesting greentext story of user who learned Chinkspeak and worked with the Chinks in Steel trade or something and became redpilled on just how cheap they are. Chinks work with the mindset of "you get what you pay for" and thus are very quick to scam and be general cheap asses.

Why don't you post a link or proof, faggot? A good start would be that screenshot of the greentext story some user had about getting steel in China for his company.

lol nevermind, found it anyway.
It's a good read. But a quick TL;DR is basically The Chinese are Hyperkike insect people. Do not trust them.

You won't get rid of the Chinese infiltrators without getting rid of the Jews.


nigger, I don't have proof or I wouldn't have written that sentence. Learn to fucking read you little autist prick.

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This tbh.
At any rate, these ethnic groups are working entirely for their own interest. It would only be right in us, as Whites, to start working for our own interest. And that practically boils down to simply wanting to keep our race alive. So it would only be logical to counter these anti white practices by other races.
I believe it's the Jews primarily that wish to see Whitey gone so that (((they))) can control the other more in line races.
Chinks just want to make profit and have very little to no standards or morals. This can be seen with just how they operate. From torturing dogs for consumption to polluting the lands, air and water at an astonishing rate to the point where it's outright toxic to live in the country. China has basically no regulations in their manufacturing or infrastructure… Meanwhile here in the West we are forced to adhere to too many environmental regulations.
The fact that those who make these rules see the entire planet as equal means we suffer more for what Chinky China sweatshop workers are doing. You could effectively add up all of Europe and America's impact on the environment and multiply it by 2 it wouldn't be anywhere near as what's really happening in China and the East.
Scandinavia are particularly 'green'. While traditionally they've always been somewhat more conscious of their environment, the entire idea of environmentalism has been corrupted by Jews and hippyfaggots to basically mean "whitey needs to live in mud huts and not have children because humans are bad lol" without even pointing out what sort of humans are actually at fault.
That's the issue of treating everyone equally. None of the other races are cowing to this. Only whites, because we're conditioned to believe that we're the fault of everything and so we must suffer while China continues to destroy everything

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(checked and heil'd)
Thanks for posting it on the thread.
That greentext stuck with me. At least the message of it. While the Chinese are not explicitly raping our women or beheading our men on the street like Blacks or Arabs. They are still working against our interests and are very deceiving about it. Like Jews, they attempt to hide their business and not come across as dangerous to us, that's the job of more thuggish races… The Chinks have a bit more brains than brawn and their numbers work in a hivemind.
Chinatowns are still entirely anti white and I wouldn't be surprised if they would openly attack white people if they weren't too busy selling them shitty chinkfood

Chink whose family has been living in Indonesia for a long time, AMA and I'll try to answer the best to my ability. I've lurked for 2+ years here already, since /gg/ and /gamergate/ were a big boards.
First things first, a few obvious questions I would ask if I was an user
Well, gamergate, to put it simply. I was a redditor, and although you might say >>>/reddit/ at that mention alone, everyone was a newfag at one point. Hell, even the originalfags (ie the VERY VERY FIRST OLDFAGS predating 4/pol/ and remembering 4/new/) must've been new on the SA forums.
Going back to Gamergate, it was the Internet drama that essentially redpilled me on the voracity and absurdity of feminism. This was what spurred my first foray into the chan-connected web, after r/TumblrinAction was essentially mistreated and blacklisted, then having the gamergate boards here linked. From gamergate, I found interesting posts - I've lost my old hard disk drive, but I recall seeing and saving those infographics on Femnisim, its jewish connections, the kalergi plan, all these youtube videos and even fucking Cuckadd was redpilling to me… It was too much for me and brought me into what would be considered depression - I was just your average liberal then, and recalling that thinking multiculturalism was a great thing and that conservatives were all evil. Multiculturalism is shit, and should stay in the fires of hell, and I'd think of myself as a reactionary these days. Interestingly enough - the psychologist I was sent to basically got me to read Nietzsche(!) I know that psychology is jewish in nature, but that move in retrospect is highly unusual and I'm forever thankful that he made me do that. I couldn't browse reddit or even the wider web for a month or so. I couldn't even think straight until he brought up Nietzsche. He said that drugs were never the solution to psychological problems, finding ways to deal with those problems are the solutions.
And well, when I got to browsing, I finally had the balls to go to Zig Forums and was trashed for being a newfag - rightfully so.
Well, that's how I got here, lurked in ernest since around mid-2015. I remember the kek threads and the attempted demoralization during election season.
Funny thing is that now, I find myself at home in the YouTube comments section whereas I used to think of it as cancer merely 4 years ago. How things change…
The whites brought us industrialization. Space Travel. Electricity. Sure, we chinks have brought gunpowder, independently developed paper, and at least the idea of the compass, but after the Ming dynasty fell to the Qing, we've been steadily declining - just pure stagnation from the conquest of Xinjiang onwards. We were able to force the Russians to recognize our claims in the treaty of Nerchinsk, but it was whittled down by foreign powers, and we deserved it for being overconfident pricks. We haven't made a meaningful contribution to humanity in a long time.
I seek to change that, but I believe that whites are the way to go - for if we are to progress forward and conquer the stars, as is our destiny, then we must advance ourselves off this tiny blue prison we call "Earth". Which race has been trying to do that most? Whites. Therefore, I choose to support whites because indeed of a long-term selfish ambition - I actually want to mine asteroids and get stinking rich off of that LUL.

This is a big part of it too, having to make their blueprints known to do business there. They have multiple ways. Nowadays they are also just buying up high-tech companies abroad and it all becomes theirs by default. Or they pose as a customer/potential partner and try to pry as much info out of you as possible before giving you the flick and doing it on their own.

Either way they are a scheming, deceptive people and just because they aren't mugging you on the street or robbing your house while you're not home, you can't let your guard down with them.

There was a law, OP, where China demanded access to any tech stats of anything made in China. Go look it up.

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The Chinese government has no concerns for the environment - same as the soviets. China has always been shitty though, it's always been so heavily populated and it is where the black death originated, after all…
That Riot though, and cheating? Either my friends keep me out of that circle or it's a unique case.

What do you think of the Chinese holocaust, The Rape of Nanking? Real or no?

Exaggerated. But really, massacres are just a part of war and (((Human Rights Violations))) are never pursued if the winning side commits them. The Romans did it, People in the Medieval Era did it, the USA did it - Genocide is part and parcel of being human and stopping it is preventing the growth of weak human strains. It prevents natural selection because the strong no longer are specifically selected for - thus the gene pool is diluted with bad genes that would otherwise be eliminated.

better them than g*rmans


Mostly fake. So much of it is fake that Iris Chang, one of the fabricators of the lie, killed herself once people started poking holes in her story.

Link please. I need this.
I've always thought the CPC was suspect with Nanjing, and believe it or not I had always thought that the Japanese might not actually be bullshitting.
Drop em redpills here mate.

not actually trying to sage thread.

Your daily dose:

It's all right. Sage netavistockd.

I doubt this story is right, but Chinese people are definitely smart enough to see that we're bringing our manufacturing there and basically teaching them how to make things.

Niggers would cry and say they are being held down and exploited.

Chinese view it as an opportunity to learn from a more advanced civilization and they just copy and learn.

Sage Negaeted :P Silly filters.
Wow. Nanking was actually treated well by the Japs. I knew it! The Japs are stubborn but not THAT stubborn - they have their honor and pride, but it doesn't go so far as to making falsehoods!
Frankly speaking, we must reconcile, for if China and Japan are to clash again, it will be the end of our two great civilizations.
Fuck the CPC.

/* chinkgen.cpp */#include #include static const char *prefix[] = { "B", "CH", "W", "P" };static const char *suffix[] = { "ANG", "ING", "ONG", "UNG" };int main(int argc, char* argv[]){ srand(time(NULL)); unsigned n = (argc == 1) ? 4 : std::stoul(argv[1]); while (n > 0) { std::cout

29 million Chinese shills will defend this.

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Spot on. Chang bong ching chung

The NSA does the same thing, but more efficiently.

Mainland Chinese are cancer.
If you thought Shareblue was bad and obvious, wait till you see these guys… They're even worse at shilling.

10/10 shitpost

I've always wondered if those numbers can be taken seriously, as you have a 1billion population communist state that envelops a huge part of the "asian" in the general chink population.

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As president, Bill Clinton essentially wiped out any strategic advantage the U.S. had by selling advanced U.S. missile technology to our enemy, the People’s Republic of China.

That “administration’s voluntary release of all the secrets of America’s nuclear tests, combined with the systematic theft of the secrets that were left as a result of its lax security controls, effectively wiped out America’s technological edge,” David Horowitz writes in the recently published, The Black Book of the American Left Volume 7: The Left in Power: Clinton to Obama.

Unlike the administrations that preceded it, the Clinton administration accepted millions of dollars from the military and intelligence services of at least one hostile foreign power. All of this was done in exchange for illegal campaign contributions from a massive totalitarian country determined to eclipse the U.S. as a world superpower.

President Clinton also lifted security controls, allowing thieves to access other vital military technologies, while disarming his own side and opposing needed defenses.

“One of the key technological breaks China received, without having to spy to get it, was the deliverance of supercomputers once banned from export for security reasons,” writes Horowitz.

“Supercomputers underpin the technology of nuclear and missile warfare, and not only for firing and controlling the missiles. A supercomputer can simulate a nuclear test and is thus crucial to the development of nuclear warheads. But, according to a Washington Post editorial: ‘In the first three quarters of 1998 nine times as many [supercomputers] were exported [to China] as during the previous seven years.’”

“This transfer,” he writes, “was authorized three years after the spy thefts were detected. What rationale—besides stupidity, greed, or some other equally indefensible motive—could justify this? What responsible president or administration official, at any relevant level in any government, would allow the massive transfer of national-security assets like these to a dictatorship they knew had stolen their country’s most highly guarded military secrets?”

Back in the 1990s, as longtime Clinton bagman Terry McAuliffe, now governor of Virginia, set records raising money for the Clintons. In that era congressional investigators unearthed an elaborate Communist Chinese money-laundering scheme.

Under it money was funneled to the Clinton organization through businesspeople, including Yah Lin “Charlie” Trie. In that case, 94 individuals either refused questioning, pled the Fifth Amendment, or fled the country. Trie accepted a plea bargain with federal prosecutors in 1999 in exchange for providing information about questionable campaign contributions from China.

McAuliffe helped a company called Loral Space get seats on official trade missions. He reportedly convinced the Clinton administration to overrule national security officials in order win approval for a Loral deal that gave Red China critical missile technology. Loral’s chief executive officer became the Democratic National Committee’s largest donor and McAuliffe became DNC chairman.

According to a Wall Street Journal account from Clinton days, a bipartisan congressional inquiry “found Beijing has stolen U.S. design data for nearly all elements needed for a major nuclear attack on the U.S., such as advanced warheads, missiles, and guidance systems. Targets of the spying ranged from an Army anti-tank weapon to nearly all modern fighter jets. Most wasn’t done by professionals, but by visitors or front companies. Lax security by the Clinton Administration is blamed in part, and satellite makers Hughes and Loral are criticized.”

China’s theft of American technology gave it a 20-year head start in developing its own nuclear warhead delivery system, Horowitz writes.

Hughes and Loral, large contributors to Clinton’s campaign coffers, gave the Chinese technology to deliver nuclear payloads.

“They were able to accomplish this with indispensable assistance provided by the Clinton White House that allowed them to circumvent technology controls instituted for national-security purposes by previous administrations,” writes Horowitz.

Then-Rep. Curt Weldon (R-Pa.), who was chairman of the National Security subcommittee on military research and development and is fluent in the Russian language, characterized the six years of Clinton’s administration that had thus far elapsed as “the worst period in our history in terms of undermining our national security.”

When Weldon visited Russia with 10 other congressmen a Russian general threatened them, saying that if the U.S. deployed ground troops to Kosovo, Russia could throw America into chaos by detonating a nuclear device in the sky near the eastern seaboard that would destroy every computer chip in the country, disabling telephones, airplanes, and electrical grids.

Such are the fruits of appeasement.

Incessant propaganda from the Left during the recent campaign and the post-election period, has stressed President-elect Donald Trump’s connections to Russia while downplaying or ignoring altogether the Clintons’ relationship with the Kremlin.

The connections of Trump, his family, his campaign staff, transition team, and would-be cabinet members to Russia are being microscopically examined and hyped daily in the news.

But Hillary Clinton’s team also has ties to Russia.

Her campaign chairman John Podesta became a member of the board of directors of solar energy startup Joule Unlimited in 2011. Eight months later Rusnano, a Kremlin-backed investment fund announced it would invest around $35 million in Joule. A few months after, about the time Podesta joined then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s Foreign Affairs Policy Board, Rusnano Chairman Anatoly Chubais joined Joule’s board.

Podesta has been less than forthcoming about his relationship with the Russian government. “What he doesn’t like to talk about is the business he’s done with a Kremlin-backed investment firm and the lengths he’s gone to avoid scrutiny of this relationship,” the Wall Street Journal reported Oct. 23.

And in August the FBI and Justice Department announced they were investigating the Podesta Group, a lobbying and public relations firm co-founded by John Podesta, for any connections to corruption that occurred in the government of former Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych. Russia-controlled Uranium One retained the firm in 2012, 2014, and 2015, to lobby Clinton’s State Department and was paid $180,000 in fees.

Uranium One shareholders gave the corrupt Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation more than $145 million in donations in the period before Hillary’s State Department approved a transaction giving Russia control over 20 percent of U.S. uranium. And as Russia, which initially didn’t have a controlling interest in Uranium One, was gearing up to take over the company, Bill Clinton received a whopping $500,000 for a single speech on Russian soil.

And when he was president, Bill Clinton wasn’t exactly hostile toward Russia.

As journalist Bill Gertz wrote years ago, Clinton sent “a billion dollars to Russia earmarked for its ‘nuclear disarmament program,’ even though the government’s own General Accounting Office has already determined that millions of these dollars are going to Russian scientists working to build new nuclear weapons for the Russian military.”

Like Clinton, President Obama has written big checks to the nation’s enemies, sending $150 billion to the crazed mullahs of the Religion of Cuck™ic Republic of Iran. Religion of Cuck™ists have penetrated both of our political parties but only Democrats –the party more amenable to subversives— have two sitting congressmen, Keith Ellison of Minnesota and Andre Carson of Indiana, who are Religion of Cuck™ists.

While the Clinton administration was working to improve relations with China, “the Chinese themselves were systematically plotting to penetrate the Democratic Party, subvert America’s electoral process, and—with the help of the president himself—infiltrate the administration and steal America’s advanced weapons arsenal.”

That doesn’t sound a whole lot different than Obama’s nuclear so-called nonproliferation pact with Iran, which in reality green-lights Iranian adventurism by helping the mullahs get their hands on nuclear weapons technology to use against Israel and the United States.

In the modern era Democrats have a long history of aiding America’s enemies, interrupted only by brief periods of tension.

After the brutal shellacking Democrats got at the polls Nov. 8, no wonder they’re doing so much saber-rattling against Russia.

They need an external villain to prevent their own grassroots from rising up against them.

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No, I asked about that. He said it was a separate issue. This is about stealing info from companies not manufacturing in China. They just have Chinese employees with access to the info.

This Chinese guy supposedly has decades of experience in this. He said he’s never seen the gov turn down a request.

Tiananmen Square massacre in Chinese languge " 六四天安門 事件 "

Good idea, user. Shills btfo

The real kryptonite to Chinese shills is to remind them Chinese isnt a race or ethnicity and that they are actually a whole bunch of distinct peoples mashed together under communism. Indians too, North(west) Indians arent the same thing as the brown shitheads and the asiatics in the east.
Also, the 50 million of them dead and the destruction of 4000 years of history can be pinned on Jews instead of Mao.

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Keep a copy for every china thread imo.

Water is wet. Go back to half, faggot.

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I thought it was a glorious redistribution of human energies from few to many.

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This is one of the most important thing to keep in mind when considering China- any positive thing you hear about them is misinformation from Chink shills. Ever hear anything about Tibet/Taiwan/Hong Hong being a shithole before the CCP took over? Ever wonder why you never hear about the countless atrocities committed by the CCP, and anything that does gets blamed on the corporations instead (think pollution and suicide nets)?

Actually not just under communism but under one empire for thousands of years, but yeah.
A bunch of nationalities banding together to become a great one - much like Occitans and French - The langue d'oil are all very different, but to be fair ethnically aside from the Bretons, possibly the lorrainers and definitely the Alsatians the Northern French aren't so different from each other. But yeah, if European countries are a merger of 1-2 distinct peoples in general, China is a fuckton of em. Even the CPC acknowledges this to some extent, but do not recognize ALL the ethnicities.
Wikipedia page is basically good on telling us what ethnicities they DO recognize.

I'll keep that in mind, tiananmen/天安门 is very sensitive to the mainlanders.
There's been a Chinese Diaspora for ages in SEA, at least, but it's new to the west and Africa… Wiki again provides a good overview but not a full picture.
Ethnic groups:
Check bit on the bottom: Ethnic groups in China, those are recognized!
Overseas Chinese:
I don't know much about the other Chinese because Indonesian Chinese still keep together in close-knit families (like the clans of old, but that was done away with in the Suharto era) and not really have much contact with other overseas and mainland Chinese (at least my family, anyway. It might differ from family to family but we keep our families separate for the most part. (ofc not during weddings and whatnot) or even mainlanders.
I'm still here boys - Indonesian Chinese so I can't give really good insights into the mainlanders but I CAN give good insight into the overseas Chinese - at least in SEA.
Use 门 and not 門 btw, the latter is Taiwanese (complex) and therefore NOT mainlander (simplified)Chinese.

Lol, HongKong & Macau are miles ahead of Mainland China. There's been MASSIVE immigration of mainlanders there, CPC are trying to eradicate Cantonese culture and dialect, as they're doing to Wu Culture.Taiwan ISN'T EVEN DE FACTO PART OF MAINLAND CHINA, and frankly it hurts me to see China split like this because Taiwan is basically a US puppet, but the CPC are (((communists))) nontheless.
The destruction of the mandate of heaven was the worst thing to have happened to China in recent history, not just the wars of humiliation and the unequal treaties.
I wish China had the Nerchinsk borders, but at this point it's better to have good relations with Russia due to the (((US))). Also Communists.

By the way, ever wonder why Fujian is a large source of Chinese immigrants?
"Descendants of Fujianese emigrants make up the predominant majority ethnic Chinese populations of Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines."
This is because the Wu are a Seafaring people, always looking outwards and looking for adventure! The wiki page doesn't say this, but I was told this by my grandparents.
Well, that also explains why I'm here, since I'm adventuring across the Internet.

This needs to be posted in every thread.

This is such obvious bullshit. You are claiming that chinkee government sends chinkee triads to find AND kill the chinkee people who could tell them how to do it like whitey. This is obviously jew-christian shit tier LARPing.
Chinkee does not think like jew or degenerate christian whitey. Chinkee is pragmatic. Real life chinkee government would send chinkee spy bureau to find and buy whitey's secrets from expat chinkee or greedy/angry whitey. That is a practial action plan which over time will give China a greater standing in the world. Your larping, not so.

I'm gonna go spam that in chinktube videos. kek

It's also Japanese. Keep in mind that guy is a nip, he can write that form easily on his keyboard. The mainland chink form he'd have to copy-paste like most of us here.

The anti-Japanese sentiment didn't even really exist until several decades after when the CCP decided to push it for its own ends.

Checked. Seems like it would be a bigger tit twist to use the Jap form just to point out it's the Japs that fucked them up that are also calling out their "massacre."

This. I worked in Chinese outbound M&A. Technology transfer is a big part of Xi's economic and trade policy. They can see the US, Japan and Korea getting ahead of them in automation and it's worrying the business wing. But, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." is just as much of an American business axiom as, "You get what you pay for." is a Chinese one. They've tried upping IP enforcement lately, but it's too little too late. Without a BIT making court orders mutually enforceable, anyone with anything worth stealing knows on-shoring there is a huge risk.

Some of the Mainland cities have created special visa classes and rules in hopes of importing engineers with some experience, but turns out people don't like to get cancer. You can't get the competent ones unless you're willing to pay for hardship and relocation. Not to mention the Chinese government is known for being about as reliable, in terms of its visa rules, as a freshman sorority sister.

There is no such thing as a trustworthy Chinese statistic. It's actually a major problem for the government there and partly why the Great Leap Forward turned into such an enormous disaster. Give a province any incentive to cook the books, and they will.

They've also smuggled in enough arms to arm every chink in the GVRD comfortably.

These are timely as #steelgate is breaking:

We have plenty of chink spies, industrial, military, and political spies, too bad the CIA fucked up and managed to get all of their assets killed in Chinkland.

This is EXACTLY why I left my last company. They imported parts for John Deere, Volvo/Mack, club car and many other manufacturers of goods in America from China. Many of these parts are made with cheap steel/AL and sold to said company for pennies on the dollar making any American company unable to compete. For instance, they imported thousands upon thousands of boom pins for these large John Deere tractors for something like 8 bucks a pop. These pins were massive. Probably 2.5” round, 10 inch or so long, CrMo steel, heat treated and coated. No way an American company could sell that for 8 bucks. But you impose a nice tariff on these products and BOOOOOM. Now suddenly companies here in burger land can compete. I’m glad I left.

Holy shit, this. I worked out there last year. Never again (even though I lived on the Island and only went to the mainland when I absolutely had to). I'd rather live in Jersey with the goombas.

this isn't Reddit, Wong. fuck off.


Obviously user, read Sun Tzu and open your third eye.

Never mind industry, if there's ever a shooting war expect your telecommunications to go POOF pretty much right away. Have you see how many Chinese nationals work in data centers and telecom controlling critical infrastructure.

Probably the sanest thing to do if it ever starts up is go to these places and just shoot Chinese on sight if they try to get in.

So perhaps buying the BaoFeng radio wasn't the best idea?

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I well know it. I just thought that anons might want to ask stuff, but I actually ended up learning about the Nanjing "massacre" . I never really had strong feelings about that one anyway.

Which do you recommend, DMT or buggery?

Chinks never tell the fucking truth

One of mine was stolen by a lot lizard. And my Kenwood cable, which was worth more than the radio.


It's a funny thing with the chinks. They're great at mass producing working crap that doesn't require skill ro work once it is at a static point. Once you require skill like with a proper antenna and getting into materials build quality etc. they take a fucking nosedive. Those monks they have out there aren't practicing to fight, they're trying to get a god damned signal.

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Copy & Paste-able text:


六四天安门 事件

6/4 (june fourth) tian an men event/event

Filthy chinks.

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Well, kick out Trudeau.
Checked btw.


The word filter isn't in place anymore. I just like saying Tavistock whenever I can on political boards as a dig against Jason Lucas, who goes by the handle Trinity, who covertly banned the word Tavistock on Godlike Productions. He likely works for Tavistock. Tavistock.
The problem here is, China has a massive jew problem, and Japan is suffering from an infestation of talmudist Koreans. If you can identify the D&C points they're using, that will help. Taiwan seems like a particularly difficult issue to work out. I hope they get left alone though because they make some nice computer parts.

Idiotic american and european businessmen are worse than chinese spies.

These "businessmen" should be publicly hanged for treason, and Trump should carpet bombs the chinks.

It does not matter how they are getting it, they are able to act on it because no US regime has had the stones to attempt any enforcement of our patent laws. Without patents, you don't even need the plans, as most tech is easily reverse engineered.

Ahh.. a fellow Chinese - Indonesian. Quite a pity that local [[[Imam]]] accused chinese as commies.

A fellow SEA chink? Nice.
Dealt with some northern mainlanders recently and they are major assholes.

A great example being the bootleg firearms.
They can make you a pistol that shoots, but don't expect the sights or safety to work because they don't understand it either.

US patent laws explicitly don't apply there. You have to register your patent in China first, before anywhere else, or it's fair game. Naturally registering it in China means the CCP gets dibs on deciding what to do with it. If they want it for any reason, well good luck.

People do regularly try to enforce patents there. Whether or not it works depends entirely on how much economic/political power you have. Apple or Microsoft can push the CCP around a bit. Joe engineer is right fucked. I've seen major LCD manufacturers get screwed badly. The amount of influence you need to have has to be non-trivial. That or you can convince the CCP that you can realistically shut down your factory and go elsewhere. I hear these days that the latter is proving increasingly effective at getting some form of restitution. That said, once it's stolen in China it can't be unstolen. You'll never entirely stop the bleeding.

chinese are redpill nip proxy stupid

every one crys about beans yet in actuality chinks are more of an influx who will all vote dem just to destroy white man as they send their preggy over here to go right on welfare wi\hile they go to college on white dime to then further displace whites from the jobs in the society they buil oh and they get preferential treat,ent in a white built country because they are a sub human ….the ultimate mud race is already yellow as they are brainwash to do what the head commie says some disgusting fart bag chink …

wake up



while you are woried about worthless beans the dinks are flooding us faggots.

That's it, it's official.

#1 immigrant to the US is chinks ,they have alkready destroyed canada and not a peep in msm about it in fact call it out your get racist anti bleh bleh shoh or ghosted like the fuckers that cried about clinton (bill) selling our weapons designs to the fucking dink man now look at em hifalutin superiority and ability to strike ..gotta love your sell out demorats though right

nice bait
the powers want ww3 to stimulate the economy



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They don't even need an actual war, just the perceived risk of one to fuel a cold war arms race. Then they can stimulate the economy through further advancement on technologies which double as tools to control their own populations. Things like autonomous factories and drones, autonomous intelligence gathering and analysis systems, intelligent weapon projectile systems, EMP weaponry, a whole line up of next gen technologies that most nations wouldn't even have access to yet on paper, who would beg for it with the right price. The idea would be to render nuclear weapons insufficient to sustain M.A.D as autonomous systems could fuck over a nation in stealth before anyone could respond to the threat. The result is global panic from the military sectors and desperation to upgrade everything. It's either that or full scale nuclear war immediately (which might be useless, if the autonomous weapons already exist and were shielded. Then they just rape everything in a post-nuclear wasteland anyway). Lots of money made on a high risk gambit that at best results in not a single shot fired. At least that's how I'd imagine the smarter elites would think about it.

That much is true

Checked, might be mistaken for Taiwanese though.

And their bootleg videos. They always film vertical because of their squinty eyes putting their reference in letterbox.

No, we'll just start dealing with thieves as we should have from the beginning. Perhaps when enough of you fucks have your hands cut off and your tongues cut out the government will care about it's people and reassess the needs of its people.
The Japs didn't do nearly enough to you fuckers.


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No such network is needed. When they want to rip something off, they

1. Convince the manufacturer to set up production in China at lower costs. This is by far the most important.
2. Simply buy one, take it apart, and reverse engineer it.
Or 3, in the case of restricted technologies, they buy it from Israel, because jews have already so thoroughly infiltrated our government and have all technology that we develop.

Wrong. Jewish subversion of your government predates your current asiatic predicament. They are the ones who have facilitated asian immigration.

And yet, such a network appears to exist…which is the point of the thread.
Do you have any idea how expensive it is to shift over your manufacturing to another country? Manufacturers aren't ignorant of the dangers of doing business with China either. Not just espionage, but crappy products as well. Good luck with this because it's only going to work a fraction of the time and will take forever.
Time consuming, requires a decent degree of knowlege and skill, and not result guaranteed. Knowing WHAT a thing is made of also doesn't tell you HOW it was made. The manufacturing process etc.
And the Chinese aren't?

Dude, understand the point of the thread and don't just write your own fanfic for how you think corporate espionage works.


That's just stupid. China does spy, so does the US, Russia, Germany, etc. What they don't do is kill random people for shits and giggles, that's how you ruin your spy operation, not how you run it. The KGB for example had sleeping agents in the US for ages (same goes for CIA in the USSR), shit worked because they didn't off them whenever they felt like it.