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ITT: we post maps showing the military installations and other places of strategic importance including news media centers and such for various countries of interest.

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You might be poor, you might not even be armed, and you might be a civilian… but that doesn't mean there isn't a Humvee or what have you laying practically unguarded that you can't get your hands on when the time comes.

A map of where all the prisons are would be desirable as well, to release members of the aryan brotherhood and such.

we are getting closer to a point where succession might be a reality. i pick Washington state. close to canada and it has lots of resources as well as coastal access which will be handy for the obvious trade embargoes we would have to deal with from other states still in the (((union))). yes, they are libs but those demographics can change

people confusing succession with seccession makes me worry about this movement

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Interstate highways are not made for you to get out, but for military to get in. Remember that.


Reminder that Lake Kinnaret, or the Sea of Galilee, is the only fresh water lake that Israel has. Be a real shame if someone dumped a few billion tons of silica gel in it. Uweee heeee heeee!

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Useful if you want to pitch them against niggers for no other reason than to stoop to their level if necessary.
Otherwise, get the fuck out of here with that stupid idea. We need strong Men, not savage prison wiggers pretending to be Nazis with edgy tattoos.

How is this datamining when the data being mined is government secrets and not at all the personal details and preferences of anons?

This. I don't care what the fuck they are doing as long as they're willing to fight on the right side. All prisoners that get out and aren't willing to fight for us would of course be killed in their cells.

When I think about, any and all prisoners that are willing to fight the government should probably be let loose, even the niggers and stuff… just the chaos they will create will help get the RaHoWa going. Only the pacifist prisoners should be shot. is already being blocked by my ISP. Currently Tor gets around the block.

I am planning a counter-strike on these faggots. I want them to realize that for each step they take to censor us, they will lose something dear to them.

The Dirlewanger brigade was a miserable failure because while an army of thieves and murderers and rapists sounds terrifying on paper, what happens in practice is that they are too individualistic and unwilling to listen to orders and the chain of command rapidly breaks down as your men all duck off to steal, rape and terrorize innocents rather than fight the enemy.

AWD is that way you mouth-breathing federal agent.

Then don't use DNS of your ISP and use a VPN, preferably not one of these israeli intel ones like hola. Government agencies are filled with diversity hires, competence is very rare. Even though there are backdoors, it is highly likely that nobody will be able to use them unless you are a very high profile target to begin with. Backdoors are probably more useful for the private companies that installed them than the government, because they are still somewhat meritocratic. After all, they rely on investors and monthly profit targets.

If you're a pacifist you can fuck the fuck off then. You're so god damned pussified and scared you won't even say a bunch of LARP on here never mind actually fight.

Only the shills deal in absolutes.

I've been making and posting plans forever as well as threatening to blow up, firebomb, kill, etc. all sorts of ZOGlings for years now.

They never do shit to me.

You shouldn't be calling me an FBI agent.

You should be calling me a LARPer or keyboard warrior because I never do shit.

All prisoners should be left in there until all food resources have thoroughly run out. After the guards have left their posts, Civs, should keep them in until each one starves. Letting them out would cause more chaos. Why let out packs of wolves in every state? Fuck all of em. The more unnarmed Cuck Civs and prisoners the better. Fuck the AB that r in jail. Their Not AB for the right reasons. They're AB so they don't get gang raped by packs of niggers. Individually their nigger Tier retards

This could possibly be quite a big deal anons. Remember when KimJongFuckNut gassed his brother in an airport? Well the state department here in the US made a statement and did an "Investigation" saying that "We will not tolerate WMDs at anytime". The US just said this today. At the same time as NK was considering possibly denuclearizing in a pact with SK. Now our ZogCuck in Chief is tweeting he's ready to "Go Hard" (nigger Tier tweet) in either direction. I think (((they))) want us disarmed for a near future conflict…. We are probably going to light up a few of our own cities to justify action. Don't put it past the US ZOG to do some bullshit like thatz

AB is tied to Mexikanemi and a few other Aztlán groups

"i was just roleplaying" is not a valid legal defense bro, the fbi and every law enforcement agency knows this :^)

nigga you ever driven a humvee? they suck. and enjoy having your dick chewed off by an air force guard dog. you are better off with a toyota or nissan truck and a swivel mount on the back.

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Er it's not the only source of water. In the Strava thread user decided to check out the Dead Sea for esoteric purposes, apparently there's some massive fresh water aquifer that exists under the Judean desert Conviently in the area Lillith is supposed to be entombed it's near the Jordanian border and is why they have those structures going out into the Dead Sea.
sage for off topic

Then you aren't looking to do anything than share a google search. So the thread is useless. So whatcha sliding cunt?

Get the fuck out kike.

Most important bases in OP's Pic, From West to East. For Hawaii and Alaska Fags, since you're isolated just target any of the few military bases in your state.

Mcchord AFB, Washington. Also Called Joint Base Lewis McChord, as it is one large facility combining McChord and the Army garrison Fort Lewis. Major troop and equipment center for The US Pacific Command.

Travis AFB, California. Major transit hub for military aircraft coming to and from the Pacific, East Asia, and Oceania. Lots of cargo planes and obscene amounts of fuel to capture.

Los Angeles AFB: California. Co-located with a major Marine Corps garrison (can't remember the name, sorry this is all from memory). Not much else to say. Any AFB co-located with an army or Marine Corps installation is automatically key, for obvious reasons.

All the bases in Colorado. Peterson, Schriever and the Academy are closely grouped in central Colorado, while Buckley is farther north up in Denver. Not plotted is the Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station, otherwise known as NORAD. Yes, that NORAD. It's right next to Peterson. Also right next to Peterson is Fort Carson, a major Army garrison.

All the Bases in Montana and the Dakotas. Not really air bases so much as ICBM silo farms. Gain control of them and point them at D.C, and the civil war is over before you know it. Heavily guarded, as it should go without saying.

If you want to go chasing ayy lmaos, head to Kirtland AFB, New Mexico, aka Area 51.

McConnell AFB, Kansas. Smack dab in the middle of the US for a reason, as it's home to our intercontinental bomber and UAS (drones) fleet. Also it's the closest air base to Fort Riley, another major Army installation.

Goodfellow, Laughlin, Randolph, Lackland and Brooks AFBs, Texas. Major concentration of air power, as well as adjacent to Fort Bliss and Fort Hood, both major Army garrisons. Fort Hood has the largest concentration of active armored vehicles and tanks in the entire US military.

Whiteman AFB, Missouri & Scott AFB, Illinois. I'm getting steadily drunk as I type this, and I'm having trouble remembering why they're both important, just know it is. They're the two closest air bases to Fort Leonard Wood, another major Army installation.

Arnold AFB, Tennessee. Along with Scott mentioned above, closest air bases to Fort Cambell, Kentucky, which is yet another major army garrison (almost like they co-locate for logistics purposes or something).

Getting bored of this, last one's I'll cover are Eglin and MacDill in Florida. Eglin is a research and development base, it's where they test stuff not spooky enough to go to Area 51. Bound to find all sorts of crazy prototype shit there. MacDill is the US Central Command (middle east) headquarters. Storming that would shut down higher command of a region where thousands of soldiers are deployed, which would seriously fuck up the military and be a big bargaining chip for the government to give up the fight.

TL;DR raid an Army base first faggots, they have more equipment and weapons and the fuel and ammo to use them.

This better be a joke. Because the Aryan Brotherhood is not the friend of the white man. Unless you have a fuckton of money and drugs, then you can buy their allegiance temporarily…but we all know you don't. They're more likely to fight as guerillas for the cartel or even the Mossad than to align with any white cause. That racial angle is literally just a recruitment tool which applies very loosely even in prison.

I wonder how many of these permanent US airbases that cost $1.5 billion each have luxurious pro class golf courses?

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Threads like this are why I stopped coming to Zig Forums on any chan site. How the fuck far down the rabbit hole are you that you're talking about raiding a military base? In what universe would an opportunity arise for some limp-wristed keyboard warrior to steal military equipment? Do you guys ever leave Zig Forums? Are you aware how the real world works? Even in a chaotic situation where law breaks down, the people browsing this board would be the last types to be able to pull this off.

There was a time when this board had real discussions and happenings. Shit like this is just embarrassing.

You don't need to raid a base, just the arsenal. Red River is the closest to my area, and its where most of the military's wheeled vehicles go to be repaired and prepped for storage. Other strategic targets include oil refineries, dams, ports. Capturing a port on the west coast is essential if we want reliable foreign assistance from Russia or China. The gulf and eastern seaboard have important ports as well, and some will need to be captured for assistance coming from the east. Additionally, airports are also worthy of consideration, as anons who might like to come from foreign countries can take a flight and be here. They are also useful for moving freight and contraband.

Protip: the most important things to take in the beginning are in order:
2) Heavy AT weapons like TOW missiles
3) Light AT launchers like AT-4 and Carl G
4) Portable but powerful arty like howitzers and mortars
5) Medium/Heavy machineguns and grenades

Focus on things that multiply your effectiveness at the fireteam and squad level. Tanks and IFVs might look nice, but unless you have a very large and powerful force, they are not worth the maintenance and upkeep.

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I find it amusing that you think we are all paranoid virgins. Go kys.

Speaking of South Africa, are regions that still have good farmland visible in jewgle maps presently, or have they ceased updating? I don't anticipate anything good happening there, but really just out of curiosity and I'm too lazy to look myself

If you're not already on a list, you are now. I encourage anons to look in their local area.

Oh right, you're a 6'4'' low-impulse chad with a wealth of real world experience. Good luck with raiding these military bases when the shit hits the fan. I'm pretty sure your kind will just sit in their room and cry while real men go do shit. You're so naive you don't have the ability to see how naive you are. God you fucking kids are insufferable.

Its mandatory. Every morning we are up 0530 for a quick 9

Big and burly is for show, for nightclub bouncers or the politician's TV troupe. In the era of guns being large is nothing but a liability.

Not surprising. Anyhow, the Aryan brotherhood is NOT an ally. They exist because the niggers and spics in prison form groups, so the white degenerates need to band together to survive. This doesn't erase the fact that they are psychopaths and degenerates. The vast majority of them are in prison for a reason. Do not mistake their self defense mechanism for ideological conviction.

you're a faggot but also right. A military base is just about the last fucking place you should go looking for supplies to steal. Anybody over the age of 19 would realize this. This is not call of duty, if you want to win a fight and take their shit you better outnumber, outgun and outskill the enemy. If you're a small militia cell in a SHTF environment the military are the last people you want to fuck with unless it is absolutely necessary.

Yeah but the police want to keep their lives and get paid… so they don't bother me. Only the kind of cuck that lets himself be dragged through the legal system gets dragged through.

In my country in my area there is a military base and it is the kind of place you can just walk around it and nobody cares, nothing is properly guarded, and stealing stuff would be easy. They're actually putting the syrian rapefugees beside said base and it's as if they are doing it intentionally in the hopes they will go in and grab weapons and start some shit.

You don't stay at the military base you just raid it quickly and grab what you can.


/r/ing everything about Epstein's island



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We are all on the no fly list now.

Calm the fuck down isis, put that mouth to good use and suck off that street shitter that comes here when the mods fall asleep.

No shit.

He's not wrong though. Humvee's are complete shit. Literally any pickup made after 2000 is better. If you will steal anything from a base, try to a least get something armored. MRAPs are pretty slow, but at least they provide protection against .50 cals. Downside besides speed is that you need to learn how to drive one. MRAPs and light armored vehicles like Bearcats can also be found at police stations.

Just by coming here you're on a list. You should be proud of how many lists you are on.

I travel around D.C. every few months and am amazed at the beltway and highways in and out. They're 5X wider than they need to be, and only have lanes marked on half of them. Tons of room for armored columns to move on.

Don't the mil-spec have god-tier ground clearance?

Yes but they tip over like it’s fucking cool. We had to recover rolled over MRAPs that took a turn over 30 mph it seemed like all the time. National guard armories are the best bet for gear, don’t bother with anything in the motor pool. Shits probably deadlined on the 5988.


Washington is good.

To be fair, successful movements often have illiterate people as footsoldiers.

Lot of good white folks in jail for one reason or another. Many of them are exactly the types you will need in war.

Some whites in jail on bullshit charges ("white supremacists") need to be freed.

Everybody here needs to be reminded that /pol is a board of peace. I myself am a pacifist.

Let the lawful system of voting/checks and balances work, friends. Let's all get along.


You may be surprised to learn that there are quite a lot of Armories in rural areas guarded by just a couple men, if that. Hell the one near me has two guys that watch it. There are six humvees, two apc's, and several duce's parked thereas well as crates of LAWS, some old grenade launchers, m60's and a whole lot more Buy your local zogbots a few drinks and you'll find out a lot.

Niggers are why Zig Forums has threads like this.

It's not necessarily that. The point of this thread and the hundreds of posts over the past few days urging attacks against installations, is twofold.

Do they even have guns at the armory? As far as I know the only thing they have are ancient M16s with their bolts removed. The armories are mostly filled with junk. Police stations are better bets for higher tier gear.

Literally any revolution/guerrilla warfare thread on 4/k/ or 8/k/.
They don't need to justify anything. They'll just do it anyways. Its not like anything will be done about it.

Not me faggot because I use Tor.

Missed Ravenrock in PA

Pacifist has only two meanings:

1. Status quo supporter. All those hippie pacifist types will instantly drop the pacifist bullshit if they think they have a real enemy.
2. Coward.

Also the fuck are you scared of aren't you at least on a proxy?

user… in 2010 alone U.S. civilians bought more weapons than the 14 largest military's in the world have combined in total. That's including ours. In one fucking year. Don't worry about small arms, you either already have a couple yourself or are food for the niggers.

Also, this thread is stupid. Its either an data mining thread the fucking lazy as fuck feds/media/kikes are using to try and figure out how the hell we are going to try and move against them, or its some fucking idiot whom doesn't even understand the first basic tenets of war, much less the reason why anyone whom does will not do more than toss a few nebulous ideas out. Nobody whom can actually put out actual actionable information is going to be stupid enough to list the plans for it, especially right before we are likely going to be forced to go open kinetic operations when they cull Trump, try for ww3 or kick something else off for the bolsheviks and their pets to try and kill us over.

What a good OP and thread would be about instead should be listing how these fucking jew commies are going to try and move against US(across the west) and all the avenues which may or may not be open to them to do so and how exactly their operations would proceed at various stages. Or other such fucking things. They have done it before in many nations and are clearly eager to kick things off here to try and secure their most valued nations. Listing how the yids did it in Russia would be a great first start. As well as listing various opfor team plannings the government has planned for before. Then maybe we could discuss things which random user's can incorporate or become aware of in their own lives so they are a little more prepared for what is coming, kinda like how we always push for user's to get /fit/. No user worth his salt in operational planning is going to divulge information on offensive operations, doing so would make them an high priority target and undermine their own success at becoming an user warlord right when we need exceptional ones most of all.

What is coming determines the future of our species. We die or they do. Nothing can be off the table. That's all you need to know when it comes to what user's need to plan for in the future.

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Who fucking cares if they do that?

Also the whole point is to get the weapons so that a) the enemy doesn't have their own weapons and b) you don't have to spend so much stockpiling. Racial Holy War is an inevitably btw, sooner or later, it must take place. Everything is just a lead up to that.

Honestly, explosives in general will be nice as that is what is currently in short supply. Grenades will be nice, underbarrel grenade launchers would be nice as well.

Anons just need to know where their local armories are at. There is nothing even illegal or wrong with knowing this information and it's not the big deal you make it out to be. Also remember this; ZOG doesn't need reasons to justify it, it'll just make shit up.

I'm not interested in small arms post-SHTF. The interest is in shit like AT weapons and heavy weapons. Basically what I've said in this post:

Pipe bombs user. Actual explosives like C4 or Semtex, I don't know.

This map is the exact opposite of what targets you should be posting.

You can land planes on:

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Fuck yourself you commie bastard. Your gathering intel for the Russians.

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Go back leftypol

there is only one proper ride, as all true anons know

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Read The Turner Diaries

Oh yeah because the Russians don't already know the exact locations of every single military base in America?

Dude, you're fucking retarded if you don't think they don't already know. They've got satellites. They've got google maps. They fucking know.

This is for anons on here to know.

I doubt that contains any practical information as to where our targets (media centers, military bases, refugee camps, sanctuaries, etc.) are.

We could also use maps of demographics so we can tell which neighbourhoods aren't white so we know which homes to burn down and which not to. I think there are maps that show it all very clearly.


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Holy shit what are the odds?(Shitposting.)

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being this new

Superheavy covered in reactive armor (10kk)
Oil (1kk) [Because if I'm in a city center, lighting a massive pile of explosives on fire is a great idea, right police?]
Improved engine (6kk) [gotta go fast, despite all that weight]
extra fuel (3kk) [self explanatory, and fills the remaining 3 points]
Complication: Shoot to kill [I AM ARMOR YOU DOLTS] and I buy: Cooling fans. Comfy is mandatory. Since my killdozer is so big, I can bring plenty of supplies and at some point after enough destruction the rioting, looting, and general chimping will begin, forcing the authorities (many of which will be dead) to deal with the new issue or retreat entirely, allowing me to just…. leave. Given I've been hidden in a superheavy the entire time it's also likely my identity will be hidden, and disguises also work on the egress. That was a fun thought experiment.

Do Canada.

What are we going to be facing from (((them))) and where are (((their))) choke points. So far usual discussion is pretty much zombie hordes of raving dindus ravishing all the white women which is daily anyway, (((they))) have a plan. We don't want to talk about any plans against (((them))) on a monitored anonymous peacenik vietmanese knitting forum, but we sure as fuck want to talk about (((theirs)))

That map is missing the naval yard in Portsmouth, NH



You really chapped CIAnigger ass.

For all my fellow bongs

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There is plenty of shit in the National Capital Region with pretty lax security. Just look at NSWC Carderock. Sitting right outside the large pool complex. Holds six AMRAAMs that can independently target aircraft, no real need for an FDC.

They'd just take water from America if that happened. They probably already do, with how much depleted uranium they have been using on their neighbors.

The AN as with all (((white))) prison gangs are absolutely no different than bigger gangs and should be viewed as traitors to their race considering they make their profits off of raping, extorting, murdering, and selling drugs to their own people.