Alex Jones

Alex Jones
Sargon of Akkad
Gavin McInnes

All deplatformed from various major media and payment-processing sites.

Why are megacorps censoring advocates of capitalism, while they let people like Maoist Rebel go untouched?

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because those morons took it a step too far and now patreon is afraid of losing money by associating with right wing extremists
it's a farmer and the viper scenario, fucking retards got bit and they have no one to blame but themselves.

Capitalism absorbs everything. Maoist Rebel is just another lifestylist product, while Alex Jones, Sarcuck and ~Gavin~ are liabilities that may cost sales down the line, or at least they seem to think so. But don't worry mah boy, as long as you buy this cool ass t-shirt and donate to their bitcoin wallet, they'll be just fine.

Find me a marxist channel that has both

A) Has millions of subscribers
B) Encourages its followers/subscribers to violently attack either the government or other citizens

Because that's the criteria Alex Jones and Gavin were judged on. Also Sargon wasn't deplatformed, his youtube channel is still up ffs.

Pretty sure SarSassenach has tons more subscribers than Maoist or Bakto.

Also, those people are mentioned are basically Zionist centrists, not something "extreme".

If you think leftist or anti-wh1te forces within corporate media itself didn't do this, then they must just overreact to tons of complaints from SJWs.

The thing with 'being pro-capitalist' is that in almost every case it's about not knowing what capitalism really is, rather than actually loving what capitalism truly is.

Maoist basically wants the US to become a puppet state of China.

Pretty sure the same FBI/CIA that's freaking out about "muh Russia" right now, wouldn't bee to fond of that either. The fact is that leftists and anti-wh1tes and anti-Westerns are a protected class.

Gavin McInnes calling for mass violence? really? I thought he was just an edgelord.

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Maoist rebel doesn't actually like China very much at all and shits on them constantly, some thing with most MLM's.

the same corporate media that loves hiring blonde dumbshit white newsanchors as their main workforce? lol.

Fox is Zionist and right-leaning, but they still oppose white nationalism; and they even opposed Trump until he won the primary.

Most corporate media is like MTV, MSNBC, or Comedy Central, who intentionally hire black feminists.

tucker carlson still works for fox and is one of their highest paid personalities

Take off the NazBol flag, it's clear you havn't a clue about Maoists. Maoists fucking hate modern China, so does Unruhe. Also, Unruhe does get demonetised quite a bit.

Tucker is WestNat, not overtly white nationalist; he just doesn't espouse anti-white idpol so the left hates him.

LMAO, if you've ever been in white nationalist media circles like The Right Stuff you'd know we talk about how much we "wish" that the media was actually Nazis like the left says.

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He's a third-worldist, he basically wants "TRUE MAOISM" to be reborn, and be lead by an army of chinks and darkies to conquer evil white capitalist America. Sorry if I just simplified that in my previous comment.

I have never seen Jason to embrace this kind of IdPol, he gets constantly attacked for being "class reductionist" or "transphobic", his Third Worldism is based purely on economics, not on race or whatever. Have you seen his debate with Sargon? The guy almost agreed with Sargon on social policy.

"White nationalism" is a meme from the USA devoid of any ideological content. It's usually used for being a synonym for fascism. If everybody who doesn't embrace fascism is in favour of white genocide, you are a nutcase.

Also, the entire "left" Twitter shat on Jason and ostracised him because he said that saying that white people are not proletariat is retarded.

White nationalism is an umbrella term for the loose alliance of Europoid peoples and cultures. Again, sorry for simplifying.

Also, most leftists don't criticize "Black Nationalism" or "Mestizo Nationalism" because you think they're based, even though they are a mixture of multiple genetic and national groups themselves.

When you are talking about Third Worldists, there are two types: Those like Jason who are adherents to dogmatic economism (hurr First World is extracting super profits out of the muh global south) and Sakaists (post-colonialists) who think that there is something inherent communistic about the noble savage because muh indigenous culture. The latter is literally anti-Marxist.

Secondly, there are leftists who point that out, ironically enough those are often Maoists, but you can't compare black seperatism with white nationalism because you are ignoring the power structures here. When blacks demanded a black ethnostate like some of the Black Panthers in the 70s they did this because of self-defense. I am not saying I agree with it (I do not) but to say that they are just like fascists is a stretch.

Black Nationalists in the US cheered when the South Africa government started seizing white land. There is a global alliance there.

It's just like how a white burger such as myself supports Salvini and Orban, even though I can never actually vote for them.

I do not agree with these leftists but I'm pretty sure they apply "blackness" or "whiteness" as a social category, not a biological one. For example, the blacks in South Africa were brought there during colonial times and actually marginalised the indigenous black population there, but when they expropriate white landowners, they do so because race is still a social category in South Africa.

Well, I mean, if I put myself in an ethno-nationalist's shoes I would find nothing wrong with giving Africa to the Africans, Europe to the Europeans, etc. - this is hypocracy if you think that only white people can have their ethno-state instead of a peaceful cooperation of nations, which is literally Richard Spencer's rhethoric.

Actions have consequences, OP. They went way out of their way and actively endorsed violence against their political opponents.

Also, both Jones and that faggot McInnes cheerleaded for unregulated corporate capitalism, so they have no one else to blame but themselves.

Enjoy capitalist censorship. Maybe then, you'll join the left and fight against corporate tyranny.

My point was Black Nationalism isn't just a reaction to "white oppression" in the USA.

Most white nationalists oppose corporatism. Paul Nehlen made a "shall not censor" bill proposal, for example.

Also we have people like Eric Striker who are literally NazBol.

Based and Jim Profit pilled

It's the contradiction of capitalism.

Notice his cuter brother was getting deplatformed before that was even a fucking word. Hell you were probably one of those applauding that

Now the CIA and FBI are quoting Profit per verbatim. Because capitalism is the moving contradiction.

Neo liberals have an ulterior motive that blowhard classical liberals like Alex Jones and Sargon are not a part of and pose a more serious threat to those motives than Jason does just saying capitalism bad. No shit it's bad. Even capitalism says capitalism is bad. But you have a society addicted to banning everything, everyone. So they'll keep going along with it. I hope the end result is more school shooters, incel rape attacks, and poverty. Cause God knows these libcucks are the first to ignore workers alienation. Even conservatives aren't THAT stupid and understand people need autonomy at home and on the clock or they kill people.

You're thinking in terms of linear political motivations and that's just not how the world works. Especially given its a capitalist world.

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It might have something to do with how violent and autistic right wingers are. They're like troglodytes missing an additional chromosome, and take people like Hannity insanely serious. Muh abortion fuckers. I'll list some reasons.

-Shooting up synagogues
-Shooting up black churches
-Shooting random brown people on the street
-Bombing federal buildings
-Leaving bombs in black neighborhoods
-Running protesters over
-Thugging around at Republican conventions

Right wingers are literally violent animals lacking critical thinking skills. They have a selective long term memory that stretches back about a week in all cases besides those they are programmed to be outraged about. They are worthless and destructive to society, and bring nothing of value to any political conversation. I'm surprised they even find women to breed with.

Jimmy Dore has had his Youtube channel traffic fucked with for over a year now and I don't doubt other left-ish youtube channels have been hit by this. Likewise Google has been altering their search algorithms to kill the traffic on lefitst news sites since June 2017 now.

The guy got trolled hard.

This. It's just an american meme without any ideological content being "fascism"

Nehlen is the big gay.

PR, nigga

It might have something to do with how violent and autistic bolsheviks are. They're like troglodytes missing an additional chromosome, and take people like Chernishevsky insanely serious. Muh abortion legalization fuckers. I'll list some reasons.

-Shooting up synagogues and churches
-Shooting up the Tsar and his family including children
-Shooting random counterrevolutionary people on the street
-Bombing tsarist buildings
-Leaving bombs in anarchist neighborhoods
-Running social-revolutionaries over
-Thugging around at constitutional conventions

Bolsheviks are literally violent animals lacking critical thinking skills. They have a selective long term memory that stretches back about a week in all cases besides those they are programmed to be outraged about. They are worthless and destructive to society, and bring nothing of value to any political conversation. I'm surprised they even find women to breed with.

kek'd hard

That's something that only happened recently and it's mostly a reaction to BLM/La Raza/Antifa assaults. Lefties were rioting and throwing piss balloons at Republicans for decades. The G20 meetings ring a bell.

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The G20 literally IS the establishment. You complain about lefties targeting republitards and then turn around and complain about them rioting against the G20? Gee it's almost like you're a disingenuous faggot who just chooses to be outraged about anything the left does.

To be clear, I don't support the G20; I'm just mentioning how it's an obvious example the leftist mod violence that that other poster pretended didn't exist.

Also, lefties have been hurling piss and shit at proletarian Tea Party boomer types for a long time. Part of why I became a WN is because neocons are pussies who don't fight back.

you all took the bait of an neo-nazi incel LARPER

If they knew anything about capitalism, they'd already know the answer but they don't want to know


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hang yourself

retarded analysis fucking Caitlyn Jenner for instance is a Republitard

oh so you've always been retarded nevermind then

Also, you can't tell me that Google roster doesn't look like a Zig Forums Discord room.

Wrong, I just didn't like fellow whites of my own culture being shit on in general. I'm against many elements of capitalism now that I've studied politics for years.

However, I still oppose globalism because it's against my own interests. I'm a farmer in Texas, so I don't want live in a Mexican ethnostate where the government seizes my property South Africa-style. I also doubt Orthodox Marxists' ability to convince Mestizos to not be ethnocentric, so I'm essentially acting out of pragmatism.

Just because he says he's one doesn't mean he actually understands shit. He's just another SJW virtue signaler who has never read Marx or Lenin or any other revolutionary and thinks being gay is itself a revolutionary act.

Also I looked him up and he already got fired from Google for complaining about the lack of diversity in their hiring. So much for Google being a lefty-friendly cesspool.

I love how retarded right-wing thought is.

literally none of that follows from each other and is in fact outright contradictory. Some examples:

For someone who "studied politics for years" you sure seem like just another incoherent Zig Forumstard who gets all his "info" from memes.

If i used that to hunt there wouldn’t even be enough of the deer left

Interesting digression. Chevalier got fired after that image was taken.

No one is convinced by racial idpol arguments, it's more like whites are pushed into idpol by poc idpol, and then the pocs respond with idpol to the white idpol, and so on.

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Because it's no longer about left vs. right.
It's about pro-US vs pro-Russia

I should clarify that a single twitter exchange isn't proof of anything, but it's undeniable that race has been at the forefront of political discussion in all spheres, normie or radical.

Mexican ethnostate would be a de facto result of their actions, even if they don't intend it.

Also, some of them literally support a Mexican ethnostate, for the Southwestern states because they think the results of the Mexican-American War were unjust.

Capitalism is just a economic vehicle that people use to fund their own ideologies and motives.

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1) what kind of economic exploitation did the USSR impose on Estonia?
2) war with the Nazis was impending, and Estonian revanchists could have well joined in the war against Soviet Union. either way the occupation provided the Soviets with better strategic positions
3) i don't see the connection between my post and your reply

Estonians had to pay taxes and resource tributes to Moscow or else get gulag'd. Stalin also forcefully imported Russian there to change its culture and make it more submissive to Russia, similar to what China did to Tibet. It's evil-wrongbad when Western Europe does this to some African country though, amirite?

Also you're forgetting the Soviets invaded Finland, Romania, and several other Baltic States. At the time, Stalin had an alliance with Hitler; so he basically just saw it as an opportunity to grab clay.

The point is economic models are are tools that people use to enforce their own goals. Complaining what flavor they come in is a non-sequitur.


Are you even a Nazbol/third position? You seem to just make generic right wing talking points

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taxes not to the local government, but Moscow? I see.
yes, but I'm not sure why you've decided I wholeheartedly and uncritically support Stalin's policies. though they are to an extent understandable in the context of the impending genocidal war.
now it's just getting more and more idealistic. people act according to and within the constraints of their position in the economy.
who are you quoting?

Because Jason Unruhe is an insonsequential neckbeard with hardly any audience. He also doesnt openly call for mass violence against specific targets.


because megacorps are advocates of Right-wing trotskyism.

my channel is too unknown to deplatform but I'm gaining subs.


no argument found

*liberals you mean. a mix of Trotskyist Entryism and Accelerationism combined with the head of state pushing in the other direction. whatever leads to the collapse of my country so a new one can be built on top of it, I give up at this point. whatever.

I'm more Soc than Bol, but I still hate globalist oligarchs. I'd probably get called a kulak by the mainstream left though.

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make sure your videos are backed up and your audience knows where to find you if you get kicked off.

Since when are engineers in positions of power?

you are a fucking retard

since they design and influence the algorithms that remove content, do you really think it hurts communists that google has hired hundreds of communists

I neither know nor care how they reconcile their nominal commitment to communism with their revamping their search algorithms to hide left-wing content in favor of plutocrat owned media, and neither should you.

Focus on what google is actually doing (to Counterpunch, Naked Capitalism, WSWS, leftpol, and plenty of other targets), not on what flag someone has in their twitter bio.

Because Mao is dead and not a threat to them, also because Maoist Rebel is a borderline lolcow and not a liability problem like Jones is. That that YT is justified in what they're doing, but it's easy to see their logic.

Don't forget that the one leftist that YT deplatformed, that Iranian cunt, fucking went into their HQ and shot them. She didn't get any kills, but fuck she did 1000x what Jones could ever do.

Alex jones is a shock jock that sells panic and junk.
Gavin formed a political gang
Sargon is an unlikable assclown surfing pseudointellectual populism until he… oh wait he was never taken down the cry baby "liberalist".

Workers work and can be trusted to remain steadfast vapuable to a community with good character. Businessmen are good with resources. There is sokething wrong with you if your fellows with paniking street gang liberqlists that put things in your butt with nihilistic neonazis.

They're censoring them because their popularity connections to ethnonationalists makes for bad PR, which risks lost profits, because despite what internet discourse may lead you to believe, white nationalism is not actually a popular opinion in real life.


I completely agree, and yet the reaction from the online left has been such a pathetic mixture of smugposting and "you deserved it" that it's not going to wake any of them up to what capitalism actually means. We need to press the point that this is the system they'd been fighting for and that capitalism can't protect them.

rofl imagine being this spooked
Educate yourself imbecile:

LOL, nazbol opposing USSR.
Nice flag, LARPer.
Go and suck some "rational sceptic" cock

Because capitalism requires a "clean" image for profits. Having people stirring shit up is bad.
Also don't be fooled, Unhure would also be de-platformed just like any of those if he actually had a significant following. I remember that in one of the latest leddit purges some "leftist" subs got axed together with a bunch of "hateful" far-right subs, it isn't about being "left" or "right", capitalists just don't like "dirty" stuff, that's why liberals are considered to be "leftists" in the west and the official political spectrum is divided into liberals on the "left" and neo-liberals on the right while anything a little bit farther on the spectrum be it left or right just gets labeled as being "fringe" and "extreme".

Nah, it's just marketing. Google makes more money when YouTube caters to a mainstream audience than it does when it is a haven for conspiracy loons, so they kick out the loonies before they draw in too many others.

That's what I meant, they need a clean image for marketing.

>the libera commies have all the power today to decide on what kind of media we are fed and what is filtered out of it

That explains why my YouTube recommendations have been filled with nothing but clips of Shapiro, Peterson, Harris, Hitchens et al DESTROYING "leftists" (liberals) with their hot takes. Because I've watched a few videos by the likes of Zero Books and Cuck Philosophy which address Peterson's talking points directly, the algorithm now thinks I'm a massive Peterson fanboy and wants to show me nothing other than content that it thinks would flatter such a viewer. Sorry for but the algorithm seems to be on his side. His whole shtick seems to be to game it for maximum exposure. So in terms of who has mastered the art of shilling and appeasing algorithms, the neoreactionary seems to have the upper hand.

Lefties are getting deplatformed too. The righties are just widely publicized because they have support from the Kochs and such who have the money to raise a big stink. Meanwhile humble independent news reporters are just posting shit like "today the US dropped bombs in this location" or "today a cop shot an unarmed person" or "today the IDF shot a reporter" and they get removed silently.

He constantly advocated for political violence on his show; supposedly against antifa. The reality is, the proud boys have been LARPing along white supremacists and III%s.

Because the left unlike the right doesn't goes around saying "nigger", "jews will not replace us", or make literal hate groups for the propose of beating innocent working class people.

because the left doesnt goes around doing school shootings, killing protesters, being all around retarded even for their own proposes.

Face it pol. You retards are your own worst enemies.

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I too have tried to convey my incredulity and bemusement at this when it comes up

Chad Meredith Hurley
Former CEO of YouTube
Phone: 612 9006069
Address: 221 Atherton Ave , Atherton California 94027

Mark Zuckerbeg
Phone: 914 6936714
Address: 958 PO Box
Palo, Alto California 94302

They violated the TOS retard.
If you keep your mouth shut, and lay low you can pretty much stay online for a very long while

they're going to turn against the Left eventually. the Right atm are just easy targets. the corporatization of the internet and especially social media means everything is being steadily watered down to make it Clean and Non-Controversial and Advertiser Friendly - all radicalism will be excised eventually, Right or Left. radicalism isn't good for business.

Wow, rich faggots are firing people from their platforms without any reason. I am soooo surprised.

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They are the true left wing pionerers and revolutionaries.
Hell, Alex Jones was the first person to spot microplastics in the worlds water supply. Years later every major news outlet has finally caught up on that.

which lefties got deplatformed? i am very uniformed on this issue.

Err Sargon did. Hes even mentioned the fucking OP.

you OK?

Yeah im fine.
You can be a leftist and also be against the EU and identitiy politics. Those two things dont define left and right.

I am against EU and IdPol as well. But I dont see anything leftist about him.

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Sargon was at one time a pretty generic lib, e.g., this excellent denunciation of the Cameron-era Tory government's agenda:
Much like other aspiring aut-righters such as Kleanroom Kermit, Sargon has gradually twisted his political position into a pretzel to appease as broad an audience as possible, combined his ingestion of extremely basic red panic, which causes him to screech autistically any time socialism is mentioned.

The point I completely gave up on him was probably this video:
Wherein he gormlessly regurgitates a textbook feminist "literally shaking, I had to buy a dog and flee my house!!1!" clickbait campaign by Blairite subhuman Jess Phillips, over mean words on the internet from anonymous hecklers, painting Corbyn as the ringleader of Momentum terror squads literally raping New Labour MPs in the streets to install a totalitarian Leninist dictatorship in Britain:
In other words, EXACTLY what Sargon spent the prior two years repeatedly debunking from the LWs during GG about "threats" from "cyber bullies".

Even worse, in the same video, he quite fairly, IMHO distinguishes between a right-wing extremist who assassinated a Labour MP, and moderate rightists who disapprove of such behavior.

Sargon is a literal crypto-fash

Here's Jimmy Dore talking through it. They mention TeleSUR losing its facebook page near the beginning. They start talking about algorithm changes and widespread removal at 19:19.

They're reading from this Rolling Stone article. It includes other examples.

I wouldn't go as far to say that. But he is a retard that spreads far right talking points, conspiracy theories, and memes.

Carl of IT is just an edgy manchild.

Patreon ultimately has no chance of getting fucked because an absolute niche joke like Jason like Jason Uses funds from the the platform to make "Why the the Ayatollah is Actually existing socialism #234"
Meanwhile borderline mainstream E-Celebs like Carlgon Jones and until recently McGinness have had / have almost TV level viewerships almost all of which are apeshit insane NeoFash or Teenagers being indoctrinated into NeoFash

Jason has under 100k subscribers.
sargon has around 800k subscribers.

If revolutionary socialists of any variety were popular on youtube and tried to use it as a platform to advocate a revolutionary project, they'd be shut down in instants.
They're small and harmless at the moment.