Flanking the Leftist Ideological Rear

Flanking the Leftist Ideological Rear
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When attacking from the right-wing perspective, we force them to retreat ever further to the left, seeking safe space. By advancing the narrative from the leftward flank, we can begin driving the Overton Herd towards the center by normalizing core Centrist ideas incorrectly associated with the "Right".

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This extends well beyond race.

Ultimately, it's a strategy to subvert (((their))) censorship methods.

It's the same tactic the Vietcong employed against America when we began using our air superiority to deliver Napalm morning calls.

Did they run? Put more distance between them and their enemy? Retreat to more friendly ground, with air defense and just avoid the napalm?

No. They closed distance. They got too close to the Americans for us to be able to use napalm against them without scorching our own guys.

Twitter, Facebook and Youtube's weapon of choice is algorithmic censorship. It's a convenient scapegoat when things go wrong, can't punish it, they won't retire it. It allows them mass coverage of the information landscape. Algorithms are essentially the 'Smart' napalm of the information war.

In order to defeat it, we must get close to our opponent. Not engage them as open opponents. Engage them as disruptive comrades.

Even sowing dissension is victory enough to utilize this stratagem.

That’s not what OP is saying fam, he’s saying that we basically undercover shitpost about things that we have common ground with them on and it will make them gravitate more towards our position. I think it’s a great idea but I’m not sure if it will work. The nature of our ideology is not something that exist on a left-right political spectrum. In fact, it’s not political at all. It’s not even ideological or philosophical. It’s just the most natural and basic instinct of self-preservation, it’s just a (((weird circumstance of history))) that makes it so we have to defend our basic desire to exist on political or ideological grounds. Many pro-white people are ideologically left wing or liberal socially. Basic freedoms, basic rights for citizens, probably some kind of social safety net for injured workers, widows ect. So I mean, maybe the idea could work. I don’t honestly know. Wouldn’t hurt to try it.

Is no one going to point out that OP is:
1. Namefagging
2. A faggot

Do you think they intended to make the Black Panther story parallel White Separatist goals?


You're right that our common bond is a desire to survive. It's a natural one that everyone can identify with.

It is because they don't understand us, but we do understand them, that allows us to spot and point out these logical fallacies.

It's time to do more than point out. It's time to make good fucking use of them.

Ironic shitposting namefagging is never a sin.

And as a certain forehead might say, not an argument…faggot!

You don't understand the overton window. By maintaining radical right-wing agenda and having influence on society pulls the center closer to the right. 100 years ago centrism was much closer to the current right then it is today.

The beautiful thing about an info war vs real war is you can many thing at once.

But don't pretend maintaining hard line right wing opinions on Twitter or Facebook is even a fucking option, as it is now.

Those platforms are now enemy territory. They need to be approached as such. Infiltration. What's the Cointelpro mantra again with all the D's? Whatever that is, that.

niggers not welcome

Unless your trans-racial. Then you're just a Xigger.

Self-Sage for wrong "you're"

There is remorse.

cool story bro

Tactic, not story.

No reason we can't have a little fun exploiting their logical inconsistencies.

you need to have logic first before it can be inconsistent

When I take that square test from a Fascistic perspective, I always wind up as a centrist …

Pic related. All flavors of Fascism of which NatSoc is merely one variety and - reminder - the final, late 1930s German expression was a compromise and not the initial exposition fully expressed by pretty much anyone involved in the NSDAP in the early 30s have this in common: Nationalistic, Traditionalist, and Essentialist. The other goals which include Autarky etc. don't fit cleanly on these types of tests but in essence the other five characteristics wind up being middle grounds.

Agreed we need to push them and speak to them using some of their language and terminology. Agreed that Poe-ing seems to work with some people, a surprising lot of them desu. It does seem to move the baseline and desensitize when we Poe.

Would like to avoid "right/left" and simply be pushing them to nationalist/traditionalist/essentialist ideas, without regard to some of the others like capitalist/productionist/etc.

Pushing the niggers to hate the spics is a very good idea. Diversity = Decay and because their coalition of hate against the White Christian Family is diverse, we should D&C them. It will be far more effective on them than it is when the shills try to do so to us.

As mentioned, we should leave this be. The proper Fascist or NatSoc if you prefer perspective is that natural resources are a usufuct of the collective people in the country who form the state. This is between the typical "capitalist" position that individuals may have abusus rights and the typical "environmentalist" position that all people have only usus rights to anything in nature. Why exacerbate a conflict that is less than essential?

Agreed that if they take a full constructionist route in dealing with biological sex, that we should reductio ad absurdum their arguments.

Pointing out their illogic will undercut their support.

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Indeed. Acceleration only works if it's done on our terms, and even then, only maybe. Acceleration as unintended byproduct of 'Shock Mock' tactics, while possible to culturally judo into something of use, more often than not work against our greater goals.

What types of underpinning concepts would you suggest using as guide posts that fall along the "nationalist/traditionalist/essentialist" line of thought?

There's actually a rising surge I've noticed of anti Dem Party blacks. That community is well overdo with a divorce from their Party of Choice. They don't have to go right, they just need to not go Dem for our agenda to be advanced.

What's your stance of the subject overall? Also, are you suggesting we give into the corporate/mainstream narrative on GW, or resist?

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support of who? where will it go?

Another thing of note, black males are not nearly as friendly to feminism as black females.

That type of aversion may help to scatter that voting blocking.

On the flip side, if feminism can mellow out the nogs…less crime on one hand, and at worst nicer nogs to vs in any race wars that pop up.

Twitterati and Fuckbook fiends who aren't completely mind fucked.

Also can serve as innoculant for those going into universities.

And can give folks heavy hitter talking points for family and friends, relationships they'd like see saved, as well as minds they'd like see saved.

It would be even more effective to exploit their state of cognitive dissonance to dissolve it gradually. Find crucial points of contradiction and focus arguments on both near simultaneously and induce a bias which influences the fragment selection process.

That's the real barrier to break, because when they hear any argument, their mind will select which fragment of a contradiction they believe in to validate their own feelings. But if a bias is eventually conditioned in, the contradiction is then noticed and likely collapses to the more favored fragment that redpilling aims to promote.

Intersectional Group Identity Politics is a virulent form of weaponized cultural appropriation from the Regressive Left. This tactic seeks to co-opt the burdens and plight of minority groups until they amalgamate enough groups to establish a numerical advantage while capitalizing from the social victimhood currency granted these groups and subsequently squandering it by grandstanding on the legitimate grievances these groups and communities have in order to pursue their own collectivist political and social ends. Many of which only exacerbate the original stated grievances of successfully co-opted marginalized movements & groups before they were intersectionally appropriated by the Regressivists. Just as in nature when certain species inflate their size as an intimidation tactic.

Intersectionality is how the Regressive Left intends to construct a minority-majority political & social coalition. It forms the ideological binds that are designed to reduce individuals into groups centered around the most superficial features that define who we are as individuals. That's why we see the eager beavers in the movement looking to pile in as many of these identity qualifiers as Denaryes Targareon has titles before her name. It's how they fulfill that natural desire to stand out and excel, by stacking identity groups like a general stacks ribbons and pins. It's how they signify status and position within the greater victim-hood hierarchy.

Where would you expect to wind up? "As a centrist, it keeps putting me as a centrist." Duh?

Fuck off leddit. Luck and learn to make a proper fucking OP. This eye cancer isn't worth the effort of picking apart. It's useless.

But of course it's a namefagging cunt.

Fascists are only "centrists" on stupid 2D tests of ideology. With regards to items not included on those tests, such as the national question, or with respect to cultural traditions which come out of what it means to be a nation, and in regards to heirarchical order, Fascists are extremists. It's really more a point about what those particular tests do NOT measure than anything else.

Support of radical anti-Whites. While they'd probably like to remain unaffiliated, their leaving of the rabid anti-White camp will probably cause the rabid anti-Whites to call them "nazis" etc. and push them closer to us.

Race always triumphs over sex for niggers. Marcia Clark learned this after her failed jury selection.

Underpinning concepts for N/T/E fall along several lines. I can't identify them all here, but I can make a start.

Appeals to patriotism and "muh constitution" actually work to a large degree. The rabidly anti-White faction attacks the US flag and other symbols as they view them as types of WN. As much as I would love to live in a world where I could burn the US flag because I wanted to secede in a separate ethnostate of a subgroup of Whites, that's not the world we live in today. The world we live in today is one in which the enemy has chosen the Stars and Stripes as a symbol of Whiteness, so let's rally around it. The residual patriotism in most Whites will cause them to respond positively to us, and negatively to them. Ergo we have an inroad to Nationalist feelings. This is the "MAGA" and "America FIRST" approach. Later, we can inform them about how no jew or spic or nigger signed the Constitution and tell them about the 1790 and 1795 immigration acts, but for now, nah.

Again, while most of the US is effectively unchurched and most of them who are churched are heretics or schismatics, it doesn't matter that much, because the other side hates ANYTHING that has to do with Christ. Some mild signalling on our part creates attacks on the enemy's part which pushes the average person, and the Overton, towards us. We can burn the mormons and watchtower people at the stake later, after we throw out the jews and mudslimes and put the atheists back in the closets.

Essentialism is a harder nut to crack and will be dependent mostly upon the failings of the constructionist arguments to yield results. Really this is just a case of making the willfully blind actually see what their eyes are telling them. Probably here is where memes help the most to break the cognitive dissonance and force a rational discussion.

WRT "environmentalism" I believe that we as humans have a stewardship over nature, both collectively and nationally. Stewardship implies usufruct (use of and profit from) and not abusus (ability to radically change or destroy). Since nations (the people) occupy countries (the land) and employ states (governments) to further their collective good, this means that natural resources are to be used in non-destructive ways by the state to profit the nation. In some cases this is conservatory (coal, oil), in some implies recycling (steel etc), in some implies replenishing (forests etc.) but in no way does any of this imply that nature is above humanity, or that individuals have any individual right to these resources.

For example, I would (ultimately, not immediately, there is still such a thing as realpolitik) suggest that multinational corporations be nationalized with respect to oil, gas, etc., and that on the other hand national forests be opened for drilling or logging so long as there was reasonable protection for the environment (mining but not strip mining, fracking but protection of aquifers, etc).

GW is a total fraud. We're far more likely to wind up in another ice age, and that, soon.

But in terms of how to handle all these things, quite frankly, I'd fucking IGNORE THEM. This issue is a distraction from the national question which is job one. Attempts to insert these issues should be treated as if they were the jewish "citation please" argument, they want to get you off topic and off the big picture and into details or other subjects rather than talking about the important stuff.

and that individual

It's easy to tear things down…

Apologies for the fragment lost in editing.

I understand the argument to nationalize the mega energy firms, but that's its own barrel of monkeys. It didn't work out so well for the Venezuelans. And of course there are difference, but privatization does act as a counter weight and buffer from truly disastrous leadership.

And it doesn't matter how the leadership is chosen, votes, birthright, church, etc, eventually you're going to have a shit leader. Either inept or corrupt.

At those times, having your vital industries not run by the government can be a civilizational lifesaver.

Repeating your crybaby idiocy won't change anything. Yes, we're centrist when measured on the left right axis. That's what centrist means, and that why you show up as centrist on a test of left/right values. Are you retarded? This is like saying "brake tests are stupid because they show how well my car can stop but not how fast I can accelerate".

My thoughts, in order to deprogram college grads types of their America hatred, we have to go back and show them how the creation of America is really the initial spark that ended the several thousand year old European Slave Trade, and how the West is unique in the fact that we have advanced human rights by leaps and bounds.

When twats like (((Sarah Silverman))) bitch about how seeing so many American flags reminds them of the Third Reich, remind them that it was the American flag that not only liberated the HoloJews from the Nazis, but also saved them from the Soviets. And that disparaging that flag is a spit in the face to every American soldier who fought and died to…liberate them, so the narrative goes.

I've been interested in way of utilizing the churches to advance our agenda.

Truth be told, many have gone so left via the empathy rabbit hole, and given the increasing levels of using religious authority to ground SJW/Corporate narrative talking points, it may be more useful to play the atheist disturbed by increasingly religious language within the progressive movement.

very good

Bump, this is good stuff. It might be possible to force manual curation of pretty much every social media account. If we can manage this, not only will the censorship be heavy handed (because people are lazy, SJWs doubly so) but the thoughts evoked by images of endless open-plan office spaces inhabited by official censors watching all online interactions might make even the occasional libtard take pause.

I hope for more and more online censorship, it's the only way we will ever make sure the large social media platforms are regulated as common carriers.

There are large numbers of Sedevacantist and SSPX Catholics coming over to Orthodoxy, specifically I know of one group who sent an investigatory Bishop to attend a ROCOR Western Rite conference. God has blessed us with the current pope, because just about every single time he opens his mouth, more TradCaths seek the truth, and quite frankly, once they have questioned the legitimacy of one pope, they may as well question the legitimacy of the Roman's claims WRT the papacy.

My experience of this is that people who have actual religious convictions, or a yearning for Christ in truth, respond to the SJWism of their communions by leaving and becoming seekers, and these people are VERY open to being reached by traditionalist groups. Many of them come directly to Orthodoxy, others have a cup of coffee in some more tradition-minded group before researching the history enough to get there.

I say that first, to set the stage to say that, once people investigate the history and jump ship from their shitty little SJWist communion, they can be exposed to "The Converts Who Changed The Church", the truth about the Scofield "bible," etc. etc. Of course, this approach is really best use to poach people off the edges nearest our positions and isn't really a "from the 'left' " approach as advocated by OP, but it's what I have at the moment.

You're just an idiot who likes to argue on the internet, and you're not adding to the conversation, so I'm filtering you now. Enjoy your autism echoing around you in silence without further replies.

IDK how much the "US ended slavery" narrative helps anybody desu. I mean, it may help some of the more thoughtful people to point out that the snivel rites acts were passed by a Congress full of "old white men" and similar stuff, but honestly I can't see it.

More to the point might be pointing out to the niggers how much better America is than Liberia. Or pointing out to the LOLohoax worshipers that the American Flag fought for the (((jews))). I wouldn't go into the 400 thousand though lel only that many Americans died in WWII and many of those in the Asian theatre, truth is that, in terms of human capital, the USSR beat Germany (with logistical help) and China is the nation that beat Japan.

Strasserism is the best way to take on Zig Forums

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Blah, blah fucking blah. Why try to delay the inevitable? You know in your soul that the day is going to come (and shortly) that we will be required to genocide all these fucks. So stop dicking around and get to it already.

You mean fixing the left and red pilling them?

This is brilliant. Force them to swallow their own poison.

the point is that the left-right axis is meaningless and useless when trying to describe ideologies with any amount of precision you braindead retard

Why are there so many fucking political ideologies? Every time a guy ideates a political ideal there's a new fucking ideology. Why can't you just have independent beliefs and positions? Why do you have to adopt the select positions someone else thought as ideal?

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I respect Your Courage and perfection.
You are always welcome friend.

One path along these lines could be to convince the medical establishment that the frontline treatment for gender dysphoria is orchidectomy (castration). They're not far off it already, so it's a small push. Further, that male homosexuality is a form of gender dysphoria, which is close to the far left position.

Having deviants routinely castrated by the medical system is almost as good as the old model of deviants being routinely castrated by the judicial system.

Graph discarded

Let me add something.
We usually think that the problem with hierarchies is that it's too much power for someone to hold. So our solution has been to trust that power to a distributed group of people instead.
But the real problem isn't that you're trusting a person with a huge amount of power, it's that a huge amount of power exists in the first place.
Imagine a hierarchy where "x" is responsible for making decisions. It doesn't matter how many people are in "x", it doesn't matter how they are organized, none of that matters. The only thing that truly matters is that x has total power.
If x makes a single mistake, millions of lives are affected. This is madness.
No human is perfect, we all make mistakes, right? So how can any assortment of humans be perfect? 7 billion monkeys are hardly better than one…
No matter who or what x is, it will assuredly make mistakes sooner or later. The question is how much impact will those mistakes have: will they doom the world, or will they doom a small nation?

TL;DR the problem isn't just how narrow the pyramid is at the top, but how wide it is at the bottom

So, black propaganda. Been doing this for years user. I've managed to schism a couple ML social media groups by making arguments that transgender-ism and (eventually) gay-marriage were bourgeoisie practices and do nothing to help the worker (ask them to show you a working class gay-married couple) part of the reason why it works, is because its true - Marx would have hated millennial "communists". Anything they do to press for minorities misses the intended corporate targets and hits the worker.

This name won't work. Try "Working Victims of Free Trade Practices" - that just happens to be full of minorities.

Argue that:

-Mass immigration amounts to importing an "underclass" of slaves
-First generation immigrants often can't or won't unionize, (but will join established unions) which can hurt unions abilities to act or "bargain".

TERFs, (trans-exclusionary radical feminists) are to a degree an ally against the worst of bourgeois degeneracy - but they will never make good housewives and the americans are largely lesbians. Argue that trans women are just a way for men to steal femininity or abuse women. Real lefts want 0 gender distinction, the "left" want infinite gender distinctions.

Basically we would be making "class reductionist" economic arguments to counter post modern marxism. I think we should also attack from the other side. Agitate the orthodox and centrists by presenting as EXTREME degenerates and lumpenproles, make a sock puppet as say a black transexual heroin addict that had to abandon their kid due to "economic" or "oppressive" conditions or something (the more spurious reasoning, the better), and any time an action is done from a strike to a protest, ask what they're doing to help trannies like you to get their kids back, when they talk about somebody getting deported ask if they have trans bathrooms where they're from, because you might go,etc.

Basically Intersectionalism has more built in contradictions than capitalism ever has. It is a simple matter to find them and exploit them and render these groups ineffective, unfortunately these contradictions will not cause the ideology to die - but they should be used on a group by group basis to drive people a way, the larger and more effective group, the more deserving of the tactic.

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out sjw the sjw

In the same way that some people come to pol to troll and argue but end up converting

What makes you think you can come to our places and not end up taking dick in the ass to put in a name

By doing what you are planing to do, you will be in a position some of you have never been, which is, to be more social and have more interactions. Who sais having those interactions wont change yourself more than you intent to change others?

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We would need ungodly amounts of autism to pull that off.

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People convert here because Zig Forums speaks the truth.
Anyone falling for leftist faggotry just by being close to them is a victim of his own retardation.
You should have known that, shill-kun. I suggest you fellate a shotgun and paint the wall with your rotting brain.

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We live in a Subjective world, the experiences are real but are based on the belief systems that we have at the time

everyone labels the strongest belief they have as truth so they dont have to think about it everyday and simply run in autopilot

Patriarchy runs the world and its out there to get you woman

Jews run the world and they are out there to get you user

and after that, both sides will find 'evidence' to back up the belief system they have

what people claim to be truth its nothing but an exaggerated opinion and perspective you have claim you are not ready to let go

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If that was the case organization would never be an existing concept. You're afraid of that notion though, aren't you?

Shame on you.

That's like, your opinion, man.

I'm very pro-military but come on user, they're not demigods.

Yeah, you go and try building any complex system on the assumption that 1+1=3, because you feel really strongly about that.

You can postmodernist argument people into knots on their own side. A few days a go a buddy and I had a staunch communist arguing the virtues of the free capitalist market. Make them go on the defensive and then place them on the defensive of their opposing position by kiting them into a discussion that leads them to defending your point for you to you.

Quick question. What color is the sky?

This, frankly, smells bad, like a leftist psyop salvage operation wherein we are employed to kite leftists to the center to save them from being alienated, not normies toward the right to support our positions. I get that if you're legitimately on our side, you wish to move the overton window so that our ideas can permeate society, but I don't want to bring our enemies toward our positions in any way. Especially while they're busy alienating normies at breakneck speed. Pulling leftists to the center on any issues that matter to us would potentially bring about a reconciliation between centrists and the left. (((Our enemies))) will, of course, then promptly forget that we changed their minds for them and revert to their initial positions, a well documented phenomenon that any Zig Forumsack should know and understand. If you're talking about arguing with normies from the side of the left, that's kind of a waste of time. They don't actually argue or believe from any position of knowledge and only defend a faction for one or two, usually ideologically irrelevant, reasons. Poe arguments were decried because the left would accept them, as though that's not in our interests for them to become irredeemable to centrists. They're never going to join us, so why bother moving them anywhere but away from everyone else?

One major line of attack is to push globalism as a form of global imperialism and global capital.

Push economic liberalism as a form of class war.

This was a widely held belief on the left not even 20 years ago. In some ways it still is, but it is subdued and largely ignored.
Anti-globalisation was one of the rallying cries of the left during the 90s.
Let's revive it.

Black. I also went out later and it was a red-orange color.

Arguing subjectivism with someone is a losing battle. If they are unable to accept that objective truths exist, then they will start splitting hairs to win on technicalities. Ignore the derailment and move on.

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Allah / Mo-ham-ed Is Gay.

It's OK To Be White.

My Borders - My Choice

Who Owned The Slave Ships?

Kate Steinle Had Dreams, Too.

Multiculturalism Signs.

Sharia Zone Signs.

Merkel Wants You To Resist No-Go Zones.

Gulags to the left of us, Showers to the right of us.

Safety/Security Is A Minor Cost For Multiculturalism.

Liberty Traded For Diversity Is A Bad Deal.

The World Does Not Care About You.

Diversity Is Division. / Diversity Divides Us.

Pathological Altruism is not a Virtue.

Prophet Mo-ham-ed Wants You To Lower The Age of Consent.

Jesus died for your Soul, Mo-ham-ed kill for their Soul. / Mo-ham-edans kill you for their's.

Contaminated Cooters Don't Get Cunnilingus.

Does Multiculturalism include Rape Culture? (With a silhouette of a Hijab.)

Demography Is Destiny.

Every Illegal Is A Criminal.

Allies Don't Drag Allies Into War.

JFK & RFK were our Gracchi Brothers.

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors (Mixing in On-Point old maxims negates accusations of bigotry, and can be turned back on them if they are unaware of these widely known sayings.)

Various On-Point witty Asian quotes. (Bypassing charges of bigotry by using other cultures philosophy to make our points.)

Literally Hitler Wants Your Guns.

Blue Counties Are High Crime Counties.

Mutual Nationalism is Ethical Globalism.

Gaea Hates Predatory Trans-National Banksters.

Equal misery is more fair than unequal prosperity.

Self sufficiency & resilience mean survival for Gaea.

We Don't Belong In Syria.

Food Aid Increases Starvation & Destroys Indigenous Farming.

Micro-Aggression Accusations Are Macro-Aggressions.

Censorship Is Hate. / Hate Speech.

Justice Doesn't Need A Qualifier.

Moral Relativists Are The Progressive Morality Police.

Socialism Breeds Weakness, Weakness Breeds Fear, Fear Breeds Hate.

Today's Conspiracy Theories Are Tomorrow's History.

Bubba & Dubya Want You To Trust The CIA. (With cocaine nose-jobs.)

Chelsea Manning Wants You To Truth Wikileaks.

Whites are the smallest global minority.

Masculinity is Strength. Femininity is Beauty.

Anyone Can Be Racist.

Reality Is Not A Social Construct.

Free Speech Is Speech You Hate.

Aisha Was Only 9 Years Old.

#120db Is The Real #MeToo.

Nationalism Is Normal.

The Top 0.01% Are All Globalists.

Being Born White Is The New Original Sin.

Feminism hates women who don't need it, & ignores those who do.

What Really Happened In Vegas?

Within 90 Years Of America's Founding, Millenia Of Slavery Ended.

30% Of Black S. Africans Are Admitted Rapists.

Globalism Hates The Working Class.

The Bourgeois Love Globalism.

Migration Without Limit Is Invasion.

Open Borders Is Treason.

Democrats Would Lose The 2nd Civil War, Too.

Big Brother Hates Hate Speech.

America Saved Jews From The Nazis & The Soviets.

Anti-Americanism is Anti-Semitism.

Censorship is Anti-Semetic. / Censorship Martyrs Anti-Semitism.

Hate Speech Is A Dog-whistle/Orwellian/Newspeak For Honest Disagreement.

Communism Killed More Than Nazism (Using a Hammer & Sickle & Swastika.)

Authoritarianism Believes In You.



institutions like Lozansky’s American University in Moscow and the Voltaire Network
and conferences like Moscow’s “Multi-Polar World” and Tehran’s “New Horizons,”
syncretic networks associated with Dugin’s Eurasianist ideology have combined
distortions and ambiguities into a geopolitical narrative meant to confuse audiences
and promote authoritarian populist opposition to liberalism.

dubious when delivered through channels like Sputnik that are, themselves, political
technologies of far-right political influence. When cycled through “narrative
laundering” of secondary and tertiary networks enhanced by trolls and coordinated
influence operations, however, propaganda is “graywashed” of its dubious sources and
presented as cutting-edge journalism.

Strategic Studies develop strategies for media spin and online promotion through
influence groups and botnets. These think tanks engage in feedback loops with
Russian state media channels and linked syncretic news sites, amplified through social
media with the help of botnets, and eventually reaching more legitimate sources often
freed of their dubious sourcing. The results are explored by a recent study from Data
and Society called Media Manipulation and Disinformation Online: “Online
communities are increasingly turning to conspiracy-driven news sources, whose
sensationalist claims are then covered by the mainstream media, which exposes more
of the public to these ideas, and so on.”

Almost makes me wonder if they read this thread before publication.

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One good thing about the far left (and there are not many), is that they are the kind of people who will ```never ever``` be satisfied with centrism, or any other normie political position.
They either swallow the red pill whole, turn their life around, and go full 14/88, or remain stuck in their purgatory forever.
Either way, there is no going back to normie land. It's a futile endeavor.

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That Model Three getting me all excited. The switch from Cyber-Philosopher to Adventurer is not an easy one.

Can we make or link to a thread/books with this as a central motif? Any books, fiction or otherwise, that talks about "cyber-philosphers" becoming adventurers or vice versa?

This is called a fracture point yet it also leads to the strongest of groups and individuals. Tension can either break or make a man, through the progressive build up or acute fracture-level of tension.

Everything that is a "logical fallacy", "standard operating procedure", "cognitive bias"; strategies of war in general; can cause the inverse of what is intended. For instance, one can strawman themselves in order to create an enemy for others to attack that doesn't really exist, especially by not directly creating the strawman but only indicating its existence, and then oust others for misrepresenting them, using the definite knowledge that strawmans are unacceptable to catch them in a trap. You can see shadow boxing as a strawman…

One can build tension in a group and then handle that tension the same way the body does. Level 1 in self-development is to record and study these sorts of things, and then to move on one has to find where the exact opposite is true.


>by (((Christopher Hyatt)))
>son of police lieutenant Leonard Miller and his wife, Bertha (((Freidman)))

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Don't follow that retard down the faggot hole. Study up on Jung and Nietzche or work your way to being able to understand them.
The book that faggot is posting from is a work by Chris (((Hyatt))) and (((Isreal Regardie))), and its utter dogshit. A self help book that pushes a lot of basic bitch tier /fringe/ faggotry with new age tier occultic themes. It's also a big part of the reason he's going on about everything being, like, subjective, man.
/fringe/ isn't all shit, but most of it is. Though I haven't been there in a year so I don't know what it's like now. Probably worse

You could just d&c the dems by highlighting the big regional differences. Play them off against one another as the Rust Belt Democrats vs Calicrats.

The nomination of Bolton is another issue we can stir the left into helping us oppose.

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Look how often the media uses heteronormative messaging.

Something I noticed is the press is always assuming people's gender. White male? How do you know without asking? This problem is pervasive and probably goes back to the beginning of the patriarchy and other oppressive inventions. But I guess it would be a huge mess to actually apply or hold them to. Too bad.

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Sem - Ham - Japhet

Heil's login got taken over by imkikey and skeletor is a Steve Huffman aka "Spez" is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal, owns reddit mod

I've always promoted doing this in regards to Black, and Brown nationalism.

Make them become separatists from the Left side rather than the right. Its essentially what the whole, "we need Black only spaces" was all about.

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its because you haven't found the true center yet user

what are you some Gender fluid leftist moron???

heil is a shitskin turk and skeletor is the the mod from r/t_D

heil is a shitskin turk and skeletor is the the mod from r/t_D

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