Brit/pol/ #2761: Nazbol Edition

Second poll shows Nigel Farage's Brexit Party on course for European election victory

UKIP's Gerard Batten dismisses Brexit Party as a 'vehicle' for Nigel Farage

Centrist ‘CUK’ Group Becomes Official UK Political Party Ahead of Looming EU Elections

Le Pen to recruit Salvini and Farage to tear apart Macron's plans

SCANDAL as veteran reveals DELIBERATE Government/ EU SABOTAGE of UK Armed Forces

Lord Ahmed of Rotherham to face trial on child sex charges

How “gay rights” group uses right-wing funding to promote Israel

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for /ourlads/

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I love them, lads

Should I buy it lads?

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You think he'd know better than that by now; maybe he's just doing it to boost his own numbers, but to smear a group you worked over two decades on for taking on stupid shits like tommeh and sargoy is just petty.

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Keep it daft

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nth for Lord Ahmed of Rotherham

yes thats a bargain
wear it when you march on parliament

Need to repressurise the boiler lads, probably using the external filling loop. Anything I definitely don't want to do/should be afraid of? Don't want to blow up my house or send water shooting out everywhere.


Couldn't pay me £600 to wear that shit lad

Very tempted. It's a powerful symbol, plus personal protection. Will be handy when shtf. I have been saving lately…

Do you have a collection or something?

there must be a lad on here who can help
I thought Zig Forums was full of tradesmen?

just brickies on £1m an hour

Yeah, but the point that walking fucking anachronism is making my eyes hurt

it'll be cheap chingchong crappy steel so no tbh

Yeah but UKIP is a security services husk now, and Nige knows it.

That's true, it's leading speakers are literally a dafty and a saddo now.

Surely you of all people should have no problem with this

no, one handed swords are for dyels

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Axes > Swords


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Just open the tap until it reads 1 bar, then shut it. It'll probably go down a bit over the next day but just top it up again, then read your boilers manual before asking in a Mercian farming forum.

pole-arms are also top tier

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it's not immigrants sweetie xx

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Pole arms >>>>>>> Axes >Swords

cheers lad
dont have the manual smh

spear is king of the battlefeild

just found my new weaponfu
although I have a soft spot in my heart for maces/flails/morning stars

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Galloway has always been unironically based

Lances > Two Handed swords > Axes

based and revertpilled

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THIS is a rolling pin

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gun > gay little swords

tfw he stops making videos because you btfo him

his wife has nice hips tbf



Didn't really BTFO him tbh. I think I got the info I used from him, I expect a video where he refers to my post if not by name at least by the content and clears things up. If anything he should pay me for that extra video idea I gave him.

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This kills the Steiner

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she has a nice face aswell, very cute

It's not a matter of loyalty to some wank, it's the way he's jumping on the media bandwagon of screaming "nazi" when he has spent years having it done to him.

they look like blood relations tbh

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do you think they wear it in the bedroom somtimes? bet he likes getting tied up and sounded by a fencing sword tbh smh

Might ban you for this lad

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away with you, saracen

he looks like a right sex pervert tbh thats why i said it

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Probably has her bash his balls with these

el goblino del angelcynn…

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where can you buy a hammer like the one in that vid tbh?

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Archetypal Englishman really.

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Would still let that sword lass polish my type 10 tbh

they're seaxes

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Hi guys Matt Easton here cock and ball torture

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someone post the webm

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my favourite screenshot ever tbh

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nah I meant the one with the lad on the bed getting his nuts bashed by his missus

Lads since when were there two fucking fires.


reminder to never apologise and always double down

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*blocks your path*

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at least it's done now

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It's not even Sunday.

smh you fat cunt.

For Kim joy

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l m a o

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The cult of the Kim brings Joy.

Give me some podcasts to listen to while I toil lads.

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I found a sharing site with every audiobook you could want tbh if that's up your street?

Well then, it should probably be noted that almost every single major figure in the atheist movement is scoobydooish. You could make a compelling argument that atheism is specifically being pushed by scoobydoos in today's society, and they seem to largely be targeting western Christians and only them.
For example, Sam Harris, Chapman Cohen, David Silverman, Michael Newdow, Gregory Epstein, Sherman Wine, Bill Maher, Eric Kaufmann, and of course, Richard Dawkins's mother has a scoobydooish surname and was stated to have lived in the only scoobydooish suburb of the city she grew up in. But he hasn't explicitly named her religion.
But that's only a tiny part of the list. We could discuss the scoobydooish atheists who aren't pushing atheism so much as atheism-enabling political views like Marxism. For example Soklonikov, Trotsky, Deutscher, Lenin, Uritsky, Kamenev, Zinoviev and Sverdlov.
And what about atheist scoobydooish public entertainers that constantly run down Christianity? We can go ahead and recycle Bill Maher here and also include Jon Leibowitz, Stephen Fry, Woody Allen, Rob Reiner, Daniel Radcliffe, Larry David, David Silverman, and… I'm sure I'm close to the post cap, so rather than just name the rest of Hollywood, you get the point.

Sounds good lad. What's the site?
You have to make an account but I've been the guinea pig

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Good stuff. Thank you.

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No worries, torrenting the 45 gb horus heresy collection as we speak

Is this an incel board?

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