Identifying Jews

Identifying Jews

Someone on /b/ sometime back pointed out Gal Gadot's lack of forehead. Ever since then, I have been unable to sport any length of wood while looking at her sloped/receding forehead as all I can think about is microcephaly. She is, of course, a Jew, but I never put two and two together at the time.

Then, fairly recently, another user on /b/ posted a porn video of a guy and two chicks which I wish I kept had I know what path my research would take me down. One chick had an enormous fucking schnoz and the other… wait for it… and sloped/receding forehead, but like 2x the slope of Gadot. I did some research and found that they were all Jews. Then I looked at the guy in the vid… what did I see? A long neck and curly hair. Jesus H. Christ it's all coming together.

Now I am able to spot jews just by looking at them. Jaclyn Glenn rewteeted jewhead001c.PNG and immediately I noticed something funny about the chick on the far left. She has no forehead which was further confirmed after looking at pics on her profile. I then Googled "Stephanie Frosch jewish" and came upong a fuckton of tweets of her confirming her Jewness (jewhead001b.PNG).

One might argue that this is just confirmation bias. However, I contend that I used the scientific method to leverage factual data to make a prediction prior to knowing the outcome (some of you fundie young-Earth creationist Christians might actually hate that since this is the same method that proves evolution, but who gives a fuck you can all kill yourselves).

Identifying Jews is now a thing of mine and I cannot stop examining people's facial festures looking for the typical Jew features of long neck, curly hair, big fucking nozzle, and microcephalic forehead.

What do you think? Is there a hobby to be born in identifying j00z?

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Not a hobby per se, more of a natural defense mechanism, identify a kike irl and you know to stay away or be very cautious when dealing with them. Jews themselves are fucking retards, they assume the goyim around them think they’re white, allowing them to be part of the in group. I look for the thin upper lip and odd facial proportions, along with the obvious nose and hair. Never thought of the forehead though.

I notice this in a lot of jewish females, more than males. THE MOUTH SHAPE. When they open their mouths, it's like a V shape. Whites have a rounder, smoother mouth opening in most cases.

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Less frontal cortex = less empathy.

I have definitely been noticing more Jews in my day to day life. Example: Visiting my sister's place. Her roommate put on some show called Broad City. Simply based on the amount of vile, disgusting sexual humor and blatant promotion of promiscuity and drug use, my j-dar was tingling. Then I noticed the actresses themselves. It all started coming together. I took to Wikipedia and confirmed my suspicions - both Jews. >Zig Forums was right again

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It isn't hard to spot the jew user.

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If there are two things the chans have taught me, it's how to spot jews and traps.

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Why is it that Americans have lost this sense? I think all Europeans are capable of spotting countries based on look, at least in terms of the Old World.

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They have receeding maxilla from generations of eating soft expensive food, this also causes their hooked noses I believe. This guy has some good research into it but he thinks its 100% environmental

Incredibly interesting. I have sleep apnea. How can you die a decade early tho?

Humans usually have earlobes. (((They))) only rarely do. I can't unsee it now.

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you could stop breathing in your sleep

Not gonna lie, there are Jewesses I would spend a night entertaining with gusto. Most of them, no, some though would receive the full punishment of my hate.

Another thing to look out for is the "rat face". If a kike doesn't have the obvious giant nose and comically oversized ears, they will without exception have eyes like a squinting rat and a toothy rictus grin, hence the rat face. It's absurdly easy to spot yids once you know the ins and outs of their morphological peculiarities.

We were all novices once. Give OP a break, he's only being a newfag and not sucking dicks for once.

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I could almost have an entire thread on this. I watched nearly the entire series of Broad City. Partly as cover for normalfaggots, partly as morbid research into their depraved culture. It's absurd and stretched the limits of my abdomen and nausea. There are a ridiculous amounts of shit, fart, and toilet jokes. STDs, general filthiness, sexual deviance, hygiene disfunction, and NYC digustingness abound. The main jewesses are referred to as "white" by shitskin characters, but constantly reaffirm their own jewishness amongst themselves. They attempt to characterize Aryans as depraved and deviant (but somehow not liberated and enlightened as they are) and a white brother and sister are (((coincidentally))) in a incestuous relationship. The frizzy haired kike makes constant mocking references to the other as "waspy" for being more well-adjusted. There's race-mixing, homosexuality, mental illness, etc. It's a textbook of how kikes want to dismantle a healthy white society.

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Some kikes are harder to spot. I posted about this several months ago, but some individuals have less jewey features and ensnare our less perceptive brethren. Take pics related for example. Some became enamored with one due to Avatar and Transformers. The other has become popular due to the Star Trek parody "The Orville". Granted all men involved are generally (((media))) guzzling faggots, but some are white, and some are at least aware of the present situation. They just fell prey to the light straight hair and lack of immediate obvious semitic features.

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but only so you can go over and hang out with them

Sorry to break it to you, OP
Jews were invented by this man:

Spot on, anons.
I know this whole thread is you, lobeposter.
Attempting to taint the magnificence of Aryan features with the behavior of the jew.
You will never succeed.

Are they part giraffe too?

BTDT, then you see the mom is 400lbs, only eats takeout (yet they have a huge kitchen) and you run.

Ok, those are hot. Still no earlobes though.

oh shit guys, I guess we can pack it up and all go home. Torfag says jews don't exist, what the fuck have we been doing all this time?


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Moishe, pls go. You're not fooling anyone.

My junior and senior years of college, I found myself acquainted with quite a few jews. But as I stove to learn more about them and their holidays, I began to see them as "other". It wasn't sufficient to see them simply as "white". Even with my only-semi-redpilled parents, we noted that they were, at best, "Mediterranean" and not European-white. Remember that as a tactic to establish them as "other" so they don't blend in as efficiently.

That's what wakes you up. Fuck. How tf is that environmental then??

Hello, kike. It's been pointed out to you a million times that jews are a distinct genetic race to such an extent that they even have a predisposition for certain diseases, but of course you ignore the truth because you're a fucking lying heeb.

No one here will believe your lies. You will die on rope day.

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Jews arent real and it was all in my mind the whole time?

Thank you for the summary user, you nailed it. I didn't want to put that much effort in remembering it. I don't want that shit in my head. But you exactly described it. They want everyone to think this is how (((white))) people behave.

Dat sandnigger overlap

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You're welcome. It's the kind of filth that necessitates a Lord of the Rings cleanse afterward. Don't waste any brain cells on it any further.

I know fuck all about sleep apnea, It's environmental in the same way that bad posture fucks up your back, If you don't breath normally, through your nose with your tongue on the roof of your mouth, then your maxilla bone in your skull recedes and blocks your air way because there is nothing supporting it, in addition modern soft foods do not stimulate the jaw muscles sufficiently to induce proper facial growth. Our ancestors had perfect teeth and fully formed faces, Orthodontics is a jew scam to pull teeth from children.

Mew is a complete fraud, jaws are genetic and inherited. You might compare him to his father and think I'm wrong but his mother is a jawbeast. If you look at his twin study where his father guided one twin through his early years the difference between them is not even visible.
We know that cro-magnons were all robust and had large jaws while neanderthals didn't, if you read the craniometric science of the nazis you'll quickly realize how everything has been turned on its head post-WW2. Large jaws were associated with criminality and small jaws with nobility, coincidentally all the examples of the nordic race have small jaws. Dolph Lundgren is the exception, not the norm.

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It has nothing to do with jaw size its about jaw form yes the person in your picture seems to have a longer face, this is where I'd disagree with mew and say that yes some of it is genetic, he still has everything that Mew talks about regarding lip posture, neck posture, he even has a quite prominent chin and jaw line. Mewing is not going to make you look like mew with his massive jaw just what you were supposed to look like. Also its not just jaw it is Maxilla aswell the person in that picture I can tell has a developed maxilla, when Mew talks about people with recessed maxillas and long faces hes not referring to the aryan phenotype hes referring to people like pic related. You cant seriously say that this person inherited his face can you? What Mew's research shows is something that puts the Orthopedic industry out of business and prevents kike "Doctors" from pulling teeth from children, of course you already know all this don't you schlomo.

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I'm sure all of this guy's ancestors looked like this right, they definitely would've been able to survive

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Look at natalie portman for instance.

Just one out of many indicators.

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Kill yourself moshe.

These pics are most illustrations of the effects of mouthbreathing. During your early development phase, breathing through your mouth while sleeping results in permanent facial disfigurement.


You're point? This confirms that Mew is right and that your facial structure/ dental structure is not genetic and can be changed by environmental factors


I got some pics.

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According to this guy the jaw of this guy is completely inherited and Mew is a fraud for suggesting outside factors have anything to do with it

posting female jews with euro admixture.

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They look so wrong.

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back2halfchan faggot

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Michelle Trachtenberg has two jewish parents.

They stole those eyes and hair from somewhere nigger.

Taylor swift is rat faced

looks like she's got infant foreskin blood on her lips if you look closely

Try to remember it. It could be useful for the jewish face detector AI.

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People have been asking for that data to train a neural net for ages

Nose, eyes and skull shape are the biggest indicators to me. Its not hard at all to spot a jew.

One must be careful with the noses. Im dutch and we have long noses but distinctly different from a kikes downward drooping nose. Always make that differenciation.

The skull shape, as OP pointed out always gets even the whitest looking kikes exposed.

I've seen no evidence that Ashkenazi jews with light features genetically cluster closer to Europeans than Ashkenazi jews with swarthier features do. They all seem to be genetically clustered with one another (unless they have known admixture, like, say a grandparent), and the only Europeans they ever occasionally overlap with are swarthier Europeans like Cypriots. This indicates that Ashkenzai jews probably have had both light and dark phenotypes from the time of their ethnogenesis.

Oh you cute torpedos.

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Fellow jew identifier here. It really is a sum of factors. It also includes demeanor such as approaching you and demanding conversation and services. I just walk away when that happens.

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it has became a fools errand. only with medical endevours like those on the third reich can one truly be sure.

She definitely has some admixture otherwise she wouldn't be able to pass. Must be why kikes are so obsessed with trannies. They've been stealing little aryan girls for centuries so it wouldn't even show up in their recent lineage

Bullshit. Anyone can spot a jew at a glance once they know the physical traits of the yid.

If you think she passes then you need to work on your jewdar.

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Circular logic (unless you believe that admixture stemming from the Bronze age still counts as admixture).

I would argue against this. Jews identify other jews the same way we do, especially the secular jews who aren't so against race mixing. Secular jews are also the liberals. Secular jews are a broken mess.

Example of mother and daughter jews Delaney Tarr on the left, one of the Florida Champagne Socialist Survivors, mother is say 80% jewish, daughter is 40% and much less obvious.

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Debito Arudou… Semite tries infiltrating Japan. Hates it, and so moves to Hawaii to shame Japan for existing. Curiously he doesn't talk about Ethnic-Nationalist Israel.

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That is a little white girl to a brain washed normie. Maybe you didn't catch my sarcasm; "pass"

Hundreds not thousands. As they spread through Europe they stole European genetics, hence the moniker: gene-thief. Even in the US today that is the case.

There would be more genetic differences within Ashkenazi Jews if that were the case. The admixture is older.

look at those got damn noses, Sayanims without a doubt

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I hate seeing happy Jews. It seems so unnatural.

posing in front of christmas tree. Overcompensating?

It is unnatural, because are never happy. Don't be fooled by the act.

It's 2018 goyim, race does not exit

Jewish people are usually pretty happy to meet other Jews, but are terrified of being identified as Jewish by non-Jews, so they have to identify one another by features and subtle code-words. Read the story in my first pic, it sums up the process and the neurotic Woody-Allen-like anxiety that seems to surround it in every instance. When two Jews try to identify each other in public, they call it bageling. Try this term in a search engine and you might learn something, for example:

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you seem to be leaving out the (((anglokikes))) from the equation, do not forget them

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and yet kikes steal Jap culture of eating KFC on Christmas:


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may be out of order

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end. enjoy share and add to it if you can.

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looks like an average brit to me tbh

I'm unironically asking what Zig Forums or any pro-White group is doing to move us one step closer to an ethnostate?

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Notice the angle? Quite often tilted back.

No, it's a male trait.
Because it's a tranny.

Recessive traits are retained because jews practice cousin and uncle niece marriage. They're white on the outside but still mostly jewish on the inside.

New tactic noted.

Things to look for:
misplaced ears
thin upper lip
nose (duh)
eyebags (this one is second most important, all jews/semites have them)

Thought I'd never be able to understand it until I saw this creature:
You could land an airplane between those brows.

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Orthodontic actually. But look Jaw form and Jaw size are linked together. Of course not everyone would have the same prominent chin and jaw if they ate hard foods and had good tongue posture, but they would be much more developed than today.

Jews look like shitskins, that is orientals. If “shitskin” in the USA means mulatto or mestizo, for most burgers, then they are in need to readjust their calibration of “white”, often orientals, arabs are referenced as “white” what they are not.

Hint, if someone claims to be of a certain European heritage, say Danish, but doesn’t look like that phenotype, bottle blond Laura Southern, that is a strong indication of jewery.

Sure, there might be Mediterraneans, who moved to Scandinavia, but those usually do reference their original place of origin.

They do semantic semitic inversion, it is their way of life.

Bottle blond
Brown eyes
Not immediate “semitic” but deception is at work.

File: ff7b7b6d9b676d8⋯.png (97.9 KB, 421x224, 421:224, kikes vs us.png)
Lenin was no kike, but had Mongol heritage

File: 3b21c49609254c4⋯.jpg (57.7 KB, 506x384, 253:192, jewish vs german nose.jpg)
Jew for example here has big earlobes and ears while the obvious aryian small ears.

File: 153fa9d7dd98fc5⋯.png (877.8 KB, 1353x682, 123:62, roman-nose-is-not-jewish.png)
“Roman nose” could be of oriental origin.

File: faad69c9b9c9897⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, the jewish dick face.png)
It’s no “dick face” but a mongrel face, jewish, oriental features mixing with European, creating the “mystery meat” look, the odd, uncanny look of mongrels.

File: 387e914a7a3962c⋯.jpg (71.69 KB, 728x728, 1:1, Michelle-Trachtenberg-Harr….jpg)
Very joung children are sometimes difficult to precise categorize, their facial features not fully developed.

File: 490aa8434ffe44d⋯.jpg (296.41 KB, 750x500, 3:2, Michelle-Trachtenberg.jpg)
Older children are good to spot the jew, because they had not yet cosmetic surgery.

File: 00e6bc90523b6e5⋯.jpg (232.07 KB, 869x1390, 869:1390, michelle-trachtenberg-spy-….jpg)

Of course she has, as all “European” jews do. Sometimes they look a bit more European, often the oriental can not be hidden.

Actors use a lot of trickery ordinary people don’t. So it is understandable to be confused.

File: 9c3f22fc9bd4922⋯.jpg (982.93 KB, 1920x1188, 160:99, 9-jeweyessadsack.jpg)
File: 6a46123593d2244⋯.jpg (411.08 KB, 1242x759, 18:11, 10-jeweyespop.jpg)
File: 79cbf2476524972⋯.jpg (298.58 KB, 604x961, 604:961, 11-jewisheyessleepy.jpg)
File: d564a42104ebba4⋯.jpg (398.19 KB, 604x961, 604:961, 12-jewishskin.jpg)

One shouldn’t make the error to try to identify ugly people as jew. Bad skin, eye sacks, sleepy eyes are nothing particular jewish.

File: 4f504b6438b2501⋯.png (218.69 KB, 938x524, 469:262, foreahead triangle.png)
disinfo, see:

In this threads there are allways quite some deliberate disinformations spread. Better cross check with older anthroplogical sources.

almond eyes

creased lower lip

lower lip that protrudes like a cornice on a mountaintop

dirty brown labia

Kill yourself.

Why wouldn't they be happy, loser?

Oh noooo, are white people getting kicked out of their countries? Uh oh, guess that means you and those South African farmers are bad. Good thing you're getting expelled, the expellers are always on the right side of history my 56% aryan brudder. 'Hope you guys do well and can bounce back to control the world. Best of luck on that, with your big white brain that is tricked by the ugliest most obviously corrupt people to ever exist L O L faggot ass white nigger(kike)

I've also noticed that there is a distinct asymmetrical look to their faces. Their eyes don't line up level, so they make sure that they are either viewed in profile or only at certain angles. And they love hair products and head gear to disguise their hair and head shape.

Is that why unibrows are heckled so much, and tweezing is pushed on both males and females? Because if we conform to their standards they can blend in better?

thank you for enlightening me, based merchant!

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At first glance something is just off. At second glance you notice the fake blonde hair, brown eyes, non-nordic facial structure and

Ashkenazi jews are essentially half way between mediterranean whites and levantine muds as far as the ancestral populations are concerned. But they've inbred and lived in very peculiar conditions for so long that they've developed a bunch of traits not common in either population.

That would be consistent with the most common theory of ashkenazi origins as the offspring of palestinian kike diaspora and Italian women.

Exactly, between their inbreeding practice, as well as their nomadic tendencies, it lead to one fuckball of nasty genes. Thank fuck, cuz it makes them easy to spot.

Educate us, trannyposter. I thought "having a penis" was the tell-tale feature.

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