Dem Commits Felony On Video

Karen Mallard for Congress sawed off the front of her AR-15 to create a short barrel rifle and uploaded the video to her official Facebook page. The ATF contact email for concerns is [email protected]

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I think we all agree that gun safety is a priority and that we cannot allow her to break the law

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You should make an airtight document, and forward it to the ATF and FBI. Mainly the ATF.

That's illegally manufacturing a SBR and carries up to ten years in jail and a fuck ton of fines.

Fuck them, I have to assemble rifles in weird ways to be legal, but they do this? Go get Zig Forums to reee at their ATF prosecuters.

It would be pretty funny if this went through. I really hope it does.

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Ruby ridge that bitch.


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Didn't she just make that 1000x more illegal by sawing off the barrel? Also simultaneously cringed and keked at her attempting to use power tools

She might have a license. kek

he needs a backbone

yes, the only part that's legally a firearm is the lower receiver and all someone needs to do is swap out the barrel, put a new gas tube in, and put a new handguard on and the gun will be good to go. It looks like the rear sight was removed for some reason I wonder why

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That's a beating.

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Does her husband know about this?

She didn't saw off the whole barrel you nitwits. She made an SBR.

This is what an upper receiver looks like. You thread the barrel to the end of it. There's another good 3-5" of barrel still there. It's obvious from the hand guard.

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I know and was there anything wrong in what I said about the parts that needed replacement to avoid the ATF killing her dog? besides me not mentioning that she'll need a new gas block/front sight too

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The gun is now a single shot rifle, because it won't cycle automatically, as you point out. But that's still an SBR, I'm rather certain.

This is so amazing, because if the ordinary person dares do that they get into huge trouble.

Bitch deserves everything she has coming for her.

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And speaking of safety, where are her gloves? She clearly has literally no idea how dangerous that grinder is.

Yes, because it's already an SBR. The act of making the SBR itself is a criminal offense. Swamping out the parts after the fact makes no difference.

For a normal person, anyways. Because she's a pious crusader for gun control, no DA is going to stick their neck out to prosecute her and will instead exercise their discretion.

Which is nothing. Don't be naive. No one has the balls to come down on her, the regulators are her allies.

i hope they spare the dog and kill her instead

There's no way that was an SBR.

No fucking way.

i'm very skeptical this will actually accomplish anything but i suppose it's worth a try


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send screenshot to her


nice choice

sorry double dubs man, but it was most definitely made into an SBR; 16" is the minimum barrel length for a rifle before you need to get a tax stamp from the ATF. Here's a pic to help with classifications of different firearms that may or may not require tax stamps.

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Her defence as list on her facebook is that she "finished the job", which I take to mean cut the receiver. However its very likely she didn't torch cut the receiver so it wasn't done properly. She also cut the barrel before she cut the receiver. So even if for a second, she manufactured an SBR.

what happens if i somehow put the buttstock of the rifle onto the glock with the forend?

I mean, no way it was an SBR before it was sawed off. That's all. I can just tell.

That's manufacture of an illegal firearm. That's not something you videotape yourself doing, unless you like jail. This bitch appears to like jail, so let's all send this to the ATF and place her where she so desires to be.

On video, no less. How many fuckers get away with that?!!!

Someone should pose as a member of moms demand action and ask her to send it to them, and put a new barrel on it.

It's a free gun just waiting to be purchased for the cost of a barrel and shipping.

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that's not a buttstock, but an arm-brace that you're supposed to strap around your forearm to help with shooting and not shoulder it

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She already gave it to the local blueniggers. Also
How much do you want to bet that she sends it without going through a FFL?

Fucking cucks.

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Why didn't they slap the cuffs on her wrist?

Why would you think anyone was talking about the AR being an SBR BEFORE she cut it? That's the whole fucking point.

Local PD doesn't have to enforce federal gun laws. In addition, the local blueniggers are not going to enforce the law against the local political elite. I know the ATF won't do anything, but its nice to show examples.

She is not elected and she will make the things difficult for the cops so I can't see why they refuse to arrest her or are they cucks like her husband? Trump can order the ATF to arrest her. Am I right?

Jewtube version

It's not nice to show examples!
It has come time to despise everyone who respects the law, to utterly hate them, for they are worse than idiots! They are MONSTERS!

"But you have dishonored the poor man. Is it not the rich who oppress you and personally drag you into court?" - James 2:7

So not only is the bitch a felon but she's retarded too.

License to illegally modify an assault weapon?

Protip: take a gun your masters are trying to take away from us and deep throat it and pull the trigger

This, the law is cancer and fully kiked. I advocate for anarcho nazism unironically, I am not joking

Anarchism is just anarchism, it's the lack of order or government by definition.
Stop slapping anarcho in front of things just because you think it sounds better.
Are all retarded notions, if you have any standards or order at all it's not very anarchist now is it?

The only one of those that isn't oxymoronic is ancap, and that's because it's redundant.

The fuck are you talking about? You mean natsoc with a "free market" that excludes non-natives?

Meanwhile people in southeast Asia and China and Brazil literally make a hundred 1911's a day in their garages.
It boggles the mind how people don't actually know how easy it is to make a "gun". It's just not common here because it's not yet profitable to do so.

while i applaud your efforts i think it's unlikely to come to anything more than a 1on1 meeting with a sheriff to explain how stupid they are and / or confiscating and destruction of the ar they in any case no longer want. possibly a fine at most.

she states in the video she's destroying the rifle and may or may not have posted on facebook about finishing the job. i don't expect kikes to seriously go after one of their own useful idiots for being a useful idiot while attempting to further the kike gungrabbing agenda.

It’s probably just because people rightfully dislike ZOG so much that they want anarchy as opposed to it. So many people are so confused and would actually agree with many of the things anons here know and that Hitler fought for. It’s no surprise a desire for anarchy spreads when faced with the depredations or our (((rulers))) on a daily basis. Many people just don’t know that there is a solution to the problems they face every day.

My only real complaint is that it just seems so fucking lazy to describe a desire for reform of law and authority "anarchy".

as anarchy"

she sawed through the gas tube you autist, without that, it's a bolt action.

daily reminder that for every woman like this there is a shadow of a man behind the camera making it all possible

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She altered the length of a stock barrel to under the 16" min length required by current atf and federal regs. If I did the same thing to any of my rifles or shotguns it'd be ol randy weavering time
A rifle born as a rifle is going to stay a rifle. Kek this commie cunt tried a sex change op on that poor rifle

If it had been then by adding that longer barrel at some point she broke the law again.

This bitch is a safety training video in the making. She obviously doesn't know how to use that grinder properly and all it would have taken was one bad skip to send it into her supporting leg which was right up underneath the grinder.

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Good on her?
Why is this illegal to begin with? You should have the liberty to do that with a gun. She's in the wrong party.

Oh wait, she's destroying the gun, not modifying it.

But ain't it funny how they still call themselves liberals, yet seek MORE legislation and regulation.
That isn't very liberal at all.

Modern liberalism is a fucking oxymoron.

this woman deserves the enforcement of gun control that she wants… lock her up

It's not been properly destroyed if the lower reciever assembly is still functional. As it is that AR could still fire, but the gas system wouldn't work so it's sorta like having a really fucked bolt action. It'd also be really loud because you have a short barrel with no sound dampening. Honestly if you really want to destroy your gun, you're a fuckin retarded piece of shit.
It's high level fuckery like this that makes me wanna take people out behind the barn

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This, holy shit.

"How not to use power tools 101"

I agree user, only fucking idiots destroy their firearms. And her cuck husband is one of the worst, for ALLOWING her to do that just because she said she "wanted it out of the house".
What a godforsaken pussy.

Slow down there, muhomo'd the pedo goatfucker. She should've never been trusted with power tools in the first place, but that's the husband's fault. Women are basically children. They'll act out if you let them but beating the shit out of them is some nigger-tier behavior.

excuse me, poorly informed yuropoor here.

Why the fuck is it illegal to saw off a barrel of a gun? Doesnt that basically make it inacurrate as fuck? isn't it just dumb?


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no, they would rather wet their pants about 3D PRINTING OMGGGG
when LITERALLY anyone can buy 10 dollars of pipes and couplings from a hardware store and make a bootleg shotgun in no time. its also easy as fuck for even a kid to make a .22 zip gun out of junk laying around the house.

I know many people and other anons who reported Rosie o donnell to the fbi for attempted bribery of politicians on her Twitter.

Last I heard the fat bitch is still being retarded and annoying.

Good luck either way bit not worth it imo.

I hope whoever manufactured that Ar made ten more in response to this and sent a video of them to this dumb bitch's house.

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i seriously doubt that,all theater they never showed the real workshop

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Use a suppressor

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Ruger's AR-15 with the cast FSB, means it's relatively new, also means it's 100% registered as a rifle.
I would guess she's going to say she continued the demil process after the camera stopped rolling, though I doubt she'd do it to spec

You don't have a concept nor understanding of what HOT is until you get burned. You learn not to touch hot stoves because you get burned. If you do not get burned, there is no lesson learned.

Because sometimes it isn't about accuracy but conceal-ability and power.

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You can have kits mailed to you these days and just finish them.


What is that image from?

Don't expect liberals to understand the gun laws they passed.

anarcho fascism is a legitamite political movement, please understand…………………

I know for a fact these faggots are lefties because a classic Alinskyist rule is rule four, hold your enemies stringently to their own rules. They even do this while we are trying to hold the left to their own draconian gun laws.

Do not listen and report this dumb broad to the police. If they want these laws, they can take them right up the ass too.

ATF here
It's about intent
her intent was to destroy the rifle and she did so by cutting it more
she made an sbr for a brief period of time, yes but she did not operate it or intend to make it an sbr

her dog will be ok sorry

Im not sure the anyone can tell which dog is the pet to be fair. Dubs for the atf killing the wrong bitch?

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I, for one, hope she goes to prison.

A pussy's pussy, who'd a thought?

You're going to shoot her wife in the face? Her husband is a no-nut eunuch, so I guess it works.

Barrel length affects velocity, it doesn't really affect accuracy unless it's a sloppy and uneven cut off job. As for why see

Well thats when you hit the Cunt with the ATF, secondly that shit need to be torch cut to be properly demilled.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) – The Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) is investigating congressional candidate Karen Mallard after she posted a video on Facebook that shows her cutting apart an AR-15 rifle.

The school teacher and Democrat is running for Virginia's 2nd Congressional District, hoping to oust Republican Congressman Scott Taylor. In the video, as Mallard introduces herself, she says, "I grew up in Wise County, surrounded by guns. Our family had guns my whole life. We use them for hunting, for protection, and recreation."

She goes on to explain that she wasn't happy when her husband bought the AR-15 "a while back." Mallard adds that after the deadly shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida on February 14, and the renewed outcries for stricter gun control that followed, she and her husband agreed they didn't want the AR-15 in their home.

The couple later decided they didn't want it it anyone else's house, either.

"So, today, we're going to destroy it," states Mallard before taking a handheld power saw to it. In a matter of hours, the video drew hundreds of thousands of views and thousands of comments.

Many of those comments were negative. Some people accused Mallard of political grandstanding.

Several others said Mallard broke federal law by taking a legal firearm and altering it, making it into an illegal one. Many of them referred to details contained within the Sawed-Off Shotgun and Sawed-Off Rifle Act which, in part, prohibits people (except for those permitted by the act) from having a rifle that has been "modified to an overall length of less than 26 inches."

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Good job anons, using ATF niggers against gungrabbers.

Exactly. She filmed herself committing a felony and put it online. You don't "investigate" that shit, you arrest the perp.

Keep pressue, it's enforcing "common sense gun laws"

There are two sets of laws. One for them and one for us. If you did this, you’d be in prison. When they do this, nothing. Keep reporting it though. At least the ATF will have to sort through it

Report this boomer cuck

I'm from outside US, but reported anyway.

polite sage


Think theyre getting their cousins to run the RIA factory at night for slides and frames and then just doing final fit and finish? I guess it makes more sense than jungle Asians producing complex fine machining in their backyard.

tbh this shouldn't even be 'law'. The only 'law' which should be allowed to exist should be with interpersonal matters only, not contraband or 'prior restraint' shit. Basically an ancap Molyneux high-IQ wet dream utopia…