Sessions begins to strike

Sleepy Jeff wasn’t so sleepy after all

Fast & furious

Sues CA

Confirms prior appointment of DOJ prosecutor (those 18k sealed indictments aren’t Mueller’s)

Good shit is brewing :)

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Trump said it best in 2012

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I didn't lose my trust in the man even when he was heavily attacked here for his apparent inaction… Let's hope he delivers.

Best way to keep a target off your back is to appear to be doing nothing and stay quite. The feud between sessions and trump???

“The whole secret lies in confusing the enemy, so that he cannot fathom our real intent.”
-Sun Tzu

“The art of war” is one of Trump’s favorite books. He has quoted it much in the past and knows it well. The left is just too retarted to see it, but they are starting to wise up.

Even if you did lose faith in Trump and Sessions, what are you going to do about it? My actions remain the same in either case (trust or no trust) and what would result from the actions of a trustworthy Trump DoJ is so enormously beneficial that there is no reason to give up hope just to be a blackpill faggot.

Also, we've been under a hardcore shill attaco for weeks judging by the bans lodged against my VPN. Nearly every IP on every server is banned for blatant shillposting. I've never had this much trouble getting a post through.

There are three scenarios. Either Sessions has only been pretending to be retarded and Trump is in on the ruse, he actually is retarded, or he's been pretending to be retarded and doing such a good job of it that he even had Trump fooled.

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Horseshit. I was banned for calling out the redditfaggot mods from t_d. If you think that is shillposting, you're part of he problem killing this board. (ban evasion)

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The left is desperate enough that if Melania signaled to them they would fall over themselves to try and use her to make something, anything stick. It is desperate and Trump is eating them alive as they think they can influence the other anti-Trump or "neutral" parties, make the same mistake, and more dirt gets dumped.
Sad and yet also hilarious.

If obama goes to prison will he be the first convicted felon to have a peace prize?

It was actually all "Trump is gonna ban all the guns" and "Trump is going to cuck on DACA on the 5th, just you wait!" posts.

The "girlfriend" poster is absolutely insane but it's such a particular kind of crazy I can't help but think there's something actually going on there. He only posts when the mod team is asleep (seriously, get more janitors you lazy faggots) but I can't help but think there's a reason behind the 2 edited images of new people he posts every day. Has anyone tried checking if those images are actually archives or reverse image searchable?

Does the good goy prize actually mean anything other than high score?

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It means next to nothing now. They broke it trying to trying to buttress a cabal plant. The former secretary even admits the price is used to promote chosen individuals. Now all previous winners are brought into question as well. They've really been cashing everything out and going for broke lately.

This could easily become one of the biggest stories of the year.

2018 is shaping up really nicely.

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Still curious when these will start opening… It's been over a year.

who is jeff seasons? u can tell me?

If was going to appoint a second counsel he would have done it by now. He says he'll 'seriously consider' doing it, which means no fucking way. So he gets his buddy from outside the beltway to 'investigate'. His buddy will take a year or more to come up with some kind of summary that Sessions will bury.

Trump needs to fire this soyboy Jeff - just listen to how he stammers. Low testosterone.

Until I see a single high level person question or arrested, they're all cucks.


Always be prepared for war.

You never know what ol Jeffy is doing

The issue isn't trendy soyboy/T-level pop/marketed physiology. It's "is Sessions in on the treasonous, murderous, pocket-lining, child rape, extortion, blackmail syndicate of evil, aka the cabal, or isn't he?" It's a simple yes or no.

Prepare for war because destruction will soon be a better outcome than allowing the system to continue as is for future hoo whites and Americans generally.

Well this is interesting

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Is this some kind of multi-level ironic shitposting? If it's not, and this is just some run-of-the-mill blackpill shilling, it's quite the pathetic display

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It is a retarded nigger-pill shill. He has been sperging the entire thread. Don't respond to them or you get >>11352213 . Just ignore them, it's the only thing (((they))) can do since every day their narrative gets blown out completely. Engage them too much and you get the same stupid arguments.

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Come on my man, it's not that hard.

What a shitty day.

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Obama was just good marketing. After Bush Jr. a fucking baked potato would look like a genius.
The best part though is that he actually believed all the bullshit, in spite of being the lowest i.q. president in history.
Now add that fucking chinese made photoshop presidential portrait and we now have the first authentic McPresident in history.
Goddamn I hope Trump sends all these sick fucks to gitmo.

Nice to see you again, Mr. Elbows. How does it feel to have turned yourself into a living maymay? Do you feel in charge, or is the meme in charge of you?

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He's too much of a small guy to be in charge.

Call me when Loretta Lynch is living up to her name and trying on a rope scarf.

Dire as it may seem to you right now, believe it or not many of us here have been in similar mindsets at one point or another. I don't know you so I can only speak to my own experience, but I know that when I was younger and my understanding of reality expanded, eventually the worldview with which I was raised was shattered; my faith and hope, shattered. Nihilism is a natural consequence of this. Mainstream philosophies of life are literally for plebs anyway, so anyone with an inkling of awareness goes through this process. The critical next step for you, however, is to push through to the next stage of being. Clearly, if you understand enough about the world to see that you cannot derive meaning from the framework presented to you in your upbringing, you need to find another weltanschauung or build your own.

On discovering more and more about the degree to which the well of Western civilization has been poisoned over the years, I myself have found refuge in the traditions of the ancients. Further, as outlined by Plato, mere tradition for its own sake is not enough, for it is unstable in the face of (((critique))); one must understand the philosophical/moral/logical reasoning behind traditions as well, so as to be able to defend them.

As for you, Mr. Elbows, it seems like you've got some serious issues to work out. You've probably got to learn to walk before you can run. In regards to your questions, "from whence cometh faith, from where comes hope in the desolation of ZOG," I tend to think that fortitude of spirit comes from within, in a way that to some degree resembles strength training of the physical body. Faith and hope must, in most cases, come down to faith and hope in oneself. The only way you can have faith in your own ability to get yourself out of trouble and into a better tomorrow is if you have consistently proven to yourself that you can. How do you do that: by assuming as much responsibility as feasible, and asserting your will onto the world as much as possible, limited only by your burning yourself out. You will come to convince yourself that you can build yourself a better tomorrow because you will have trained yourself to do just that each day; that should chip away at your despair. By the way you talk, you'll likely have to start off small, but much like physical strength training, you'll see great improvements that generalize in life, assuming you keep it up for months, or years, or ideally forever

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I have seen little indication of this. No matter how much I explain the trump MO to them, they don't get it. They are still disoriented from the election.

You’re fucking stupid then. Sessions is only dropping more documents because the heat to fire Sessions reached an apex after he sat with Chaffetz and Chaffetz said that Sessions’ DOJ is the exact same as Holder’s. Sessions is still the obstructionist cuck that he’s always been, doing just enough to not get fired.

I'm not a particular fan of the existentialists, but you might be interested to read The Myth of Sisyphus by Albert Camus. The existentialists are pretty degenerate so they're not a good place to stop, but this work might help you to work through some of the things acting as stumbling blocks for you right now.
In the fourth chapter he makes reference to the myth of Sisyphus, for which the work is titled. In Greek myth, Sisyphus is condemned to a sort of customized hell where he has to roll a boulder up a hill, watch it roll down, and roll it back up again, for eternity. It's designed by the gods as punishment for his trying to cheat death. The actual work is much more nuanced than the garbage Wikipedia article, but one of the points is that, even in this purpose-designed hell, the gods cannot control him while the boulder rolls back down the hill; in that time, even find himself happy. I've got to go, but I'd encourage you to check out the actual work. Even if this world is merely for the gods to torture us as you say, which I don't believe, we could perhaps nevertheless be happy.

I have hope because I don't want to give up. That's all.



Reminder to filter shill ids. Obvious demoralization attempt.

You need to fuck right off back to israel yidboy

What do you think took him so long? It's surely not a coincidence that he's doing all this at once. Maybe it's because (((they))) have been targeting members of Trump's cabinet one by one, and the attorney general would be a fairly significant person to take out, so he's just trying to seem incompetent and out of the spotlight?


The most cucked country in the world issuing nobel prizes. This should be no mystery to anyone that the nobel prizes and the people around it only have a political zog cucked agenda. These prizes mean absolutely nothing fuck them

Yes, I completely dislike him myself. You just seem to be stuck on that level of philosophical contemplation; teens sometimes need to read garbage from the likes of Marx to figure out why it's wrong etc, as one must take baby steps towards the Logos, .
There is no vanishing. You're here forever, no matter what you do.

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In Hitler's Germany you could get arrested for defeatism.

Just the usual melange of leftist retards, 12 year olds, and edgelord faggots

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Watch any interview with Sessions. The guy isn't acting, his mind is beginning to slip. He can't say two sentences without backtracking. He knows he's slipping and that effects his confidence and willingness to be confrontational.

He's a boiled frog. Maybe he used to have balls, but he's reverting. He needs to be fired.

If Sessions appoints second counsel, the train leaves the station headed for the deep state. The DS could start killing witnesses but that's playing defense. There is no telling what they're doing to Sessions to get him to drag his feet. It could be anything, no matter how demented. Either they got to him or they had him all along.

Wishing for Sessions to make the right moves, is like wishing for Disney to make a good Star Wars film.

Jesus Christ just release th IG report and blow these blackpill fags the fuck out already.
Its released this month, no?

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Sessions inteviewed March 7, 2018 on Fox.
He's lucid and eloquent. You're full of shit.


Vid Gestalt related 

The righteous will rejoice when he sees the vengeance;
He will wash his feet in the blood of the wicked.

And men will say, “Surely there is a reward for the righteous;
Surely there is a God who judges on earth!”


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He's just weak.
Fuck the gods. Create weapons that can destroy them. Stay focused when you die. No fear, just revenge on every one of those so-called gods. They all need to die. Every single one of them.

If he was sincere, he'd have the Oakland (((mayor))) in fucking cuffs. What she did was barefaced criminal.
As of now, the "fight" is in the jewdiciary and they are just going to run out the clock (Gov. Jerry Brown said as much) while Sessions pretends to do anything.

Is this really an important issue? (kike)

The people you're explaining anything to are at best shills, or more likely delusional progressives.

The people at the top are probably well aware by now that Trump isn't the fool they first though him to be. However, even though they're aware of this by now, the fact of the matter is they were prepared for Hillary, or what they thought to be the worst case of a dummy president. They've been caught with their pants down, and they're squirming for some way to get out of this mess without ruining their electoral prospects for a generation. They were doing all kinds of fucked up shit while assuming Hillary would have time to cover it up.

They bet on the wrong horse, and the ticket was bought with a mortgage. They're completely fucked, and these are the final death throes of their shadow government.


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Any fool who has placed their undying loyalty and trust in Sessions, is just an ordinary fool. Names matter not. Action speaks louder than words. And at the end of the day, maybe … just maybe, Joe and Jane Goyim will get off of their flabby asses when they realize all battles are not fought from the digital front.
- The entire SJW crowd "could" be mobilized as a force with which to be reckoned; to address causes which do matter to everyone, not simply the official state-sponsored narrative of egalitarian bullshit and the social and cultural engineering.

I didn't lose sight of what he was doing. Despair Trolls are too dense to realise that King Nigger said one thing did nothing, this one leads you one direction and does opposite. It's them who's getting trolled not us. Lift and drop.

Its no secret that shilling is going to be punished as the treasonous crime it is.. If you are going to fucking do it anyway why dont you put some fucking effort in, christ.

I like how subtle the shills are.



That's exactly what (((their))) plan was–bring in dubya to make the Right look limp, ineffective, and impossibly lame, thus weakening support for logic and get the MSM watchers to starting thinking they should give gommunisim a chance. Bonus points for racebaiting spics, niggers, and coalburners.

Do either of you have the collage of his best posts by chance?

It depends what you mean by "the people on top". From the email leaks and texts it seems at least many of the high level dem people (podesta, head of campaign, head of russia collusion investigation) believe their own bullshit. Pic related from the strzok texts sharing some stupid articles on trump (page seems to have strzok pussy whipped).

The problem they have is there is a critical mass of idiots. No matter how smart the people are on top, there are so many people crying "waysis" that they can't organize themselves for shit. If anyone points out "maybe we should stop being such libtards" they will get clawed down.

Guess my point is here, the ideological left is absolutely rekt and it goes all the way to the top. Even if Trump lectured them for an hour on precisely how he spent the last 2 years manipulating them, in their bourgeoisie bohemian confidence they would say "no way, I'm too smart for that" or some of them would start screaming. Dems need a purge and self reflection before they can even approach the subject.

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Why arrest now when you can start arresting in the lead up to the mid-terms? Arrest a corrupt Dem or cuck Republican every week from July to November and you win.


Cautiously optimistic OP, but if is right he probably is the ruse is unwinding and there will be hell to pay.

Pic Related

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Obama doesn't go to prison. The only way that happens is if the whole premise of his presidency is undermined by unequivocal proof of birtherism or the like.
Presidents don't go to jail. Even though he was a particularly bad and corrupt one.

people like trump dont get elected - o wait

That goes without saying, but at least there's a chance that Hillary will go to prison.

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The fake birth certificate was proven years ago. Joe Arpaio hired two forensic investigators that both concluded the birth certificate was fake. It's because Obama was CIA, worked for a front called Business International. Whole family was CIA, mom, dad, stepdad, and grandma. You don't want to know what he was doing in the CIA…

When you're done larping, are you going to tell us to attack a federal building, mr fbi?


What exactly was he larping about, cuckchan vagrant?

I never said Trump wouldn't be elected.

I will say that he gains next to nothing by jailing Obama.

I dont have the meme but Trump is the chaos. He is unpredictable. It keeps his enemies off balances.

I do this in life as well. People think im stupid often. I always laugh last. You need to have patience and understanding to pull ofr what Trump is doing.

Traitors are going to hang.

Ok torpedo. You know people see that and just fitler you right? Why are you here?

Why do you think he can't do anything right? He's just done a lot of good things. finally

Torfag is right.

Is that all you did, or did you post tranny porn too?
I got a kick back on one server, and the reason was the previous vpn user had posted a tranny's asshole.

This user is right and I have just been converted! HEIL ODIN!

He's a race traitor and a coward. I'm pretty sure his son is also banging a slant eye.

he keeps consistently attacking enemies, the kkk is federally owned you disingenuous faggot. They also helped protestants and commies to dismantle the mexican government 2 years after lenin died.

if you think people who actively make war with the IRA are "completely within white interests" then i can say you're an fbi nigger trying to conflate a tool with the white identity.

dammit i meant trotsky. well either way the kkk fucked over Mexico and we were close to a rapefugee scenario during the 1930's because a bunch of commies and federal faggots decided to fuck over white people by destabilizing a neighboring country.

Hitlerious. President Obama was not only our first African-American president, but also our first foreign-born president, and there's literally nothing you stormderps can do about it.

It doesn't even mean his presidency was in any way illegitimate either. His mythyr was an American cytyzyn. Cry more.

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Blow your fucking brains out.

good luck on your midterms, cia nigger. maybe then you can wrest back some control.

Blow your fucking brains out, too. Holy christ.



There is no point in speculating about any of this.

No meaningful arrests can happen due to system stability. Once a meaningful target goes down, the entire setup must go down. The system is built on massive blackmail, and a lot of the blackmail is truly evil beyond comprehension. A lot of it is based on child rape. See, eg, the ceremonies Podesta was involved with and Epstein's island, among other examples.

This means any single arrest will be carefully controlled. The delay leading up to the arrest will be as great as possible to make it so the public says, "well, at least SOMEBODY got arrested," when the truth is, you have to arrest thousands. This one arrest will satisfy the public as a fall guy. It will be meaningless.

There is a complete, system-wide purge required. The only way that can happen is through we the people. The first thing people need to understand is how the massive blackmail system works–the blackmail is so serious and horrific that people simply will not talk. This helps people overcome the doubt of "you can't keep big secrets/conspiracies don't work." Yes, conspiracies do work, because the blackmail literally involves pictures of relevant people raping children. People then need to understand the degree of misconduct this serious blackmail caused. Look at how Podesta/Clinton did very, very serious treasonous acts over and over again for many years. They sold nukes and classified intel to enemies who hate us.

Because the elites literally cannot fix themselves when everybody is blackmailed in some way or other (much of the blackmail extremely serious as mentioned), any actual change has to come from the people. Start from square one. Build the groundswell. It MUST come from we the people!

Maybe start with a simple article explaining what they found on Huma Abedin/Anthony Weiner's computers. Explain that both of these people have been given immunity deals so they cannot be prosecuted. Ask why that is? Why would this activity be protected by authorities who should be revolted by this sort of thing? Who are they protecting?

“There is all kinds of criminal culpability through all the emails they’ve seen of that 650,000, including money laundering, underage sex, pay-for-play, and, of course, plenty of proof of inappropriate handling, sending/receiving of classified information, up to SAP level Special Access Programs,” [Erik Prince] stated.

This is just a sample. You can think of many others.



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Fellate a gun.

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This tbh. Not that your shitty stromboliportal fantasies are in any way grounded in reality, but this single line makes more sense than all other ramblings about it put together.
And this is why nothing will ever happen. You've lost before you started.

Can you name one instance in the entirety of humyn history where it can be proven that the majority of a population - be it for a city, a kingdom, a republic, any political entity - rose up against its government, overthrew it, and utterly dismantled it to the point that would be necessary today (in your silly cannoliwall kinspeercy theories)?

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When Sessions says something like this, people need to pay attention:

That was a statement made in the context of the Oakland mayor's defiance of federal immigration law, but Sessions explicitly made it a general statement.

That is a very powerful general statement coming from the US AG.The AG is duty-bound to maintain order and can never overtly say anything appearing to incite. Sessions is saying even he cannot maintain order and enforce the law at this point even though he's the most powerful law enforcer in the country. Interpret the statement as you like, but keep in mind the source.

just get out

Do you think this is a problem for your worldview when your entire party is child molesting evil fuckers who sold out massive quantities of above top secret info to literal terrorists over more than a decade? That a problem for you?

Fuck you.

“There is all kinds of criminal culpability through all the emails they’ve seen of that 650,000, including money laundering, underage sex, pay-for-play, and, of course, plenty of proof of inappropriate handling, sending/receiving of classified information, up to SAP level Special Access Programs,” [Erik Prince] stated.

Welp, that's all there is to that. Even your most eloquent speakers readily admit that there is no hope. You know you'd just get BTFO if you ever attempted to speak like this irl, so you content yourself with online shitposts. Hilarious tbh fam.

Another Democratic victory. We'll take the House in 2018, impeach Drump and remove him from office, and then formally take back the Caucasian House in 2020, and there is nothing you stormderps can do to stop it. The best part is, even if there were something you could do, you wouldn't do it because you're all exactly the kind of untermensch Hitler himself hated.

You call us cucks, yet we're the ones who always win. Why is that?

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Because you redefine the meaning of victory to suit your continual loss.