Druid/pol/ #0019: THE IDES OF MARCH edition

Loyal lads…

A portentous greeting to all my fellow bretheren of the B.O.N.D.

With the approach of the Ides of March & Ostara, we are entering a time of auspicious occurrence. The ever accelerating motions of realpolitik are beginning to reach their convergence as the previously separate threads of causality begin to twist and intertwine, culminating in a rope like structure of intersticial chords. As the casual threads bind and entwine in their cyclical concourse, we begin to see and feel them tighten. This is visible (to those with the ability to observe) in the myriad occurrences supra-normal events that seem to defy logic and reason. The current chaos of interconverging causal threads is in direct correlation the time of stress and upheaval we are bearing witness to - a time of madness, disorder and entropy. But take heart that this time, this "age of binding" is but an interregnum, a necessary conflagration of the old and corrupt in order to forge a new paradigm both esoteric and mundane. As the threads of causality bind into their singular convergent chord, the degeneracy, decline and entropy will wane, giving rise to the reassertion a of state of the divine natural order and a rebalancing of the harmonic states of oscillation. We will cross this abyss and experience glorious rebirth from this horrific qlippothic cycle of inversion.
As above so below.

As ever the B.O.N.D bretheren endure and continue with our Great Work, recording the happenings of this aeon and sharing good natured humour and fraternal camaraderie. Personal happenings are fairly uneventful with the exception of punished druid's recent encounter with the agents of entropy thought police and a snap of unusually cold weather has kept the lads wrapped up in extra layers.

This threads arcana is XIX that of the Sun.
The Sun is an image of optimism and fulfilment, the dawn that follows the darkest night. As the source of all life on earth, the Sun represents the source of life itself. The child playing joyfully in the foreground represents the happiness of inner spirit when one is in tune with their true Self. He is naked, having nothing to hide. He has all the innocence and purity of childhood. The white horse upon which the child rides represents strength and purity of spirit. The horse is without a saddle and is controlled without the use of the hands. This is a symbol of perfect control between the conscious and subconscious. The child holds an orange banner in his left hand, showing that control has passed from the conscious to the subconscious. The orange banner represents action and vibration, and the rays of the sun represent the same thing. The straight rays are action while the wavy rays represent vibration. The sunflowers in the background represent life and the fruitfulness of the spirit under the nourishment of the Sun. There are four sunflowers, representing the four suits of the Minor Arcana, as well as the four elements. The inverse of the Sun arcana signifies false impressions, lack of clarity, low vitality and sadness.

The astrological correspondence to this card is of course, the Sun and it is to this mighty heavenly body we dedicate our current thread.

As always the topical newslinks are presented for the readers perusal and delectation.








Thats it for now lads, remember to tolerate no tomfoolery, observe the scared portents, thank the based Druids and suffer not the traitor, heretic nor alien.


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First for based druid/pol/ archives

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more like cuck/pol/

Anything constructive to add?

Got chilblains over the cold snap, my hands look like I had an accident with a shredder and the storage heaters still aren't working. Guess I haven't fully acclimatized to superior hwhite hwinter weather.

Excellent thread as always lad.

smh no respect for tradition

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Thankyou lad, always a pleasure to create our /comfy/ digitised lodgespace. How are you doing this eve? Have you got some cream for them hands or something to ease the pain?

Been using some old Lotil, doesn't seem to do that much but my system is at an all time low apparently, got a leg ulcer a few days ago which might be a sign of the diabeetus or other poor lifestyle consequence so I've been given some incentive to switch to LOCAL produce and healthier foods rather than cheap tat and frozen goods. Lurching about like frankenstein's monster and all in the meantime.

And here I was, poised to post this smh

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But yeah good job OP

Holy fuck HOW lad?

you got there eventually and that's what counts
tradition must be upheld

Don't know, first I knew of it was an itchy leg in bed then getting up the next night to find something had exploded.
Might just be caused by irritation of the skin tbh, in this cold weather I've been using all my blankets and bedding and bedclothes and haven't been able to wash them and have others to stay warm at night.

Possibly also something to do with my pre-existing genetic condition of old man organs and water retention, idk. Waiting on results from the based NHS next week, got antibiotics to take in the mean time.

Doubt it's the beetus tbh even if fresh fruit and veg have been scarce.

One tries to avoid that…

You don’t want that, Gibraltar is full of jews, not British and named after an Arab…

Prob venous stasis or CHF causing lower extremity edema. The blood pools and the skin blisters. Blood cells burst and literally break down the skin. Fluid causes the skin to weep. I'm not him, so it could be something else.

Reminder to keep your heart strong and your legs stronger!

Sounds nasty all the same, hope you get better soon lad

Wew, guess he better take that as a sign to take his exercise more seriously

Anyone know anything about the Zig Forums purge?
Supposedly all of the mods were removed maybe this means 56%posting can make a comeback

Sounds about right tbh, been inexcusably inactive for a month or so. Docs telling me not to do lots of walking after it's happened now smh

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Whatever the cause it's a good kick in the pants, yeah.

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Fucking hell, Sounds unpleasant. hope you mend lad.

Interesting artistic endeavours there lad.

They're from a mysterious poster who occasionally posts on the other Brythonic boards, I think they're mainly inspired by sleep deprivation and naughty substances.

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my kind of shit tbh lad Very conducive to fruitful scrying sessions.

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Based Doogle tbh

Gibraltar is important.
Whoever owns it controls the strait of Gibraltar.
If May had any balls she'd use that to threaten the EU.

I'd be threatening to charge all EU related shipping a toll.

Add a jewish nose to that first pic and it's a Mark cartoon.

Hopefully you will have a swift recovery

time to dial it back and switch off some heaters and hope they don't need to run in sequence.

That daily god list is purely Celto-Brythonic lad tbh. Here's my current version with some notes:

Brighid (Dawn Goddess and of hearth and home
As well as victory
And cattle and dairy
And summer half of the year
And smithing
And healing springs)

(instead, Elatha? Irish?)

Dagadeiwos (sky father)
(Irish - Ogma?)

Lugh - Lleu? (order, king of gods)


Branwen (instead, Penarddun?)


Bel (goddess, Áine - irish?)

February 1/2: Imbolc (Candelmas).


The next holy day is March 21: Alban Eilir or Spring Equinox.


I've begun keeping a dream diary recently, it's interesting to interpret them even if I don't dream much.

dreamt I was a worker in a science factory but then an abomination flesh horror took over and killed everyone then resurrected me as a pillar of organs roughly shaped into something mobile that could handle human equipment like doorways and keyboards. I was attached directly to this flesh mass by massive veins and tendons but was independent and communicated with it telepathically. I explored the facility for ages, nourished by the abomination and we grew closer and came to love one another in a horrific symbiotic manner, as it healed my initial insanity at being turned into a horror-puppet. Eventually I found the way out of the grimy facility and we prepared to leave, the flesh monster painstakingly dragging itself upward. We opened the entrance door to find that centuries had past and the facility was enclosed in an apple style white and clean futuristic reinforced iGreenhouse, setting off alarms.
The dream ended as a mixie security guardess flew about inside on antigravity shooting lasers, attempting to destroy our grotesque escape.

I was some sort of mob enforcer working for a couple of bosses, sent to take out a Don Coeurleón,. I botched the job and he escaped with a trophy wife, but ran his own child over in the process. The two bosses, a femme fatale and shadowy unknown figure, arrived at the Don’s mansion to find me using his luxury goods; smoking cigars and drinking fine whiskeys. They took over and I was given charge of the boss-lady’s child, who was distressed at seeing the splattered remains of the Don’s.
We were in a living room living it up as before when a short, angry guy walked in and began harassing me for using “his” luxuries. I continued implacably and he calmed somewhat and joined me, although became irritated at the slightest mistake, like droppi ng ash on the table between us.
I gathered that he thought of himself as the Don’s successor and eventually showed him through to the kitchen where the other bosses were talking. I began fading out as he began to stammer and become increasingly nervous in the presence of his betters and woke up as he was acquiescing and giving up his position as successor, changing subject to something about a scuba crime squad and a metal gear Mother Base.

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Keep up the good work lad

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How has the weather been lads?

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Foggy today, still warming up.

Portentous bit of luck from the household god, found £15 on a shelf and I don't remember putting it there.

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Iv explained this to you multiple times. If you dont get it now, you never will.

Pissing it down here son.

Good job on the dream diary. Keep it up - dreams are a potent source of divination through imagery and scrying of the subconscious.

Noice lad

Just finished watching Watership Down with my daughter lads. Bought a tear to my jaded old eye tbh. Not much can do that these days.

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It's a great film tbh, don't make them like they used to


Auspicious. My exact words while watching it.

also made a PAGANG memi

Nice lad Do you want me to submit this to the Discord and forum

wouldn't bother tbh, varg is a meme unto himself
besides it doesn't have enough artefacting, glow effects or filters to be a good PAGANG meme

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A man of good taste I see.
t. wanderer

Very nice lad, thanks for these

Bee hotels seem pretty druidpilled tbh


neo druidism is a scam created by Iolo Morganwg (real name Eddie Billy) in the 18th century

Alright lads? I hope you got your mother something nice.

We aren't neo-druids

Good thanks lad, me and my sister have yeah

Followed by

Just in case anyone wanted a reminder that the government is a tyranny that hates and fears us

Mines away till next weekend so Iv got bit extra time to arrange gifts. Got some shit for my missus off the kids though - teapot, scented candle and a bottle of prosecco. Birds are proper mad for prosecco at the moment.

We are not affiliated with that.

Its rage inducing. Folk here are seething over Telford though and no one I know believes that putin was behind the gas attack. My dad thinks its either a porton down fuckup or something connected to clinton (hes gone tinfoil - but in a good way) Its getting ever more obvious that we are living under authoritatian tyranny. Something has to give soon.

meant for

So you guys stopped with the christian cuck thing, huh?

That's something.

Remember lads, our ancestors were right about pretty much everything.

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Worryingly I'm not feeling a thing compared to Rotherham but at the same time I've more than made up my mind on how to deal with Pakis when the time comes
I'm sick of waiting tbh


Me too. Its an endurance test all by itself. But im pretty confident in my belief that the time will come. People are losing faith in the system now and it is resorting to ever more extreme measures to keep a lid on dissent. It will get worse before it gets better. We havent hit rock bottom yet. We must endure.

Last night I had a rather odd dream thats stuck with me.
Which is in itself odd as I rarely ever remember my dreams. What makes this one stand out even more is just how ludicrously well developed the setting of the dream was and its high level of internal consistency.

I thought I'd bring it to druid/pol/. Despite my on again off again relationship with it.
I figured if anyone knows anything about dream interpretation it would be you lot.

So the basic premise goes like this.
It's some kind of near future dystopian Britain under a tyrannical government.
At some point fog made a huge comeback to the point where the majority of the country was constantly shrouded in it.
The fog itself being poisonous to humans but only humans.

This perceived threat had been used to concentrate the overwhelming majority of the population in cities and towns.
Not only that the public had been convinced that the rest of the world was pretty much dead due to fog and this had led to huge resource and goods shortages. So the public had been convinced to accept a standard of living that was pretty dam shit.

At this point most people lived in typical hong kong conditions in hastily retrofitted towns and cities.
Public areas had been made "fog proof" using shoddy walls and glass roofs over public areas.
If you wanted to go anywhere that wasn't protected? Which was a surprisingly large amounts of areas you needed a gas mask with a filter. The supply of which was obviously exceedingly small due to aforementioned supposed resource shortages.
Not that the police, military or upper class seemed short.
The filters even came with handy little timers on them to let you know when they'd run out.
Cars were a rarity due to fuel shortages and general poverty.
The only way to get around the country was by train. Which was free as it so happens with no restrictions on its use. So you could happily wander on and off the trains all merry day and go all across the country. Between cities and towns that had been made "safe".

All the while the police and military had become essentially the same thing. "Protecting" the public from the dangers of the fog and keeping order.
Because oh yes there were crazy fog monsters. Very nasty.

Also computers were now rare and the internet pretty much extinct. You learned by books and schools if at all.

So where did I come into this?
Not entirely sure how but me and a friend wound up in this bizarre future with no idea what was going on.
We'd decided that the best way to stay under the radar was to exploit their somewhat dysfunctional bureaucracy and poor lines of communication by constantly riding the trains. Figuring we'd head north we just kept going, stopping in towns only briefly to steal shit and try to find out what was going on and where we were.
Until in one town we came across something out of place. Three yanks, one of whom was a nigger.
We'd not seen any foreigners or outsiders in the whole experience so naturally we followed them and found an opportunity to talk to them when nobody was around.
They initially gave a really shitty and clearly fake explanation of themselves but upon realising we didn't buy it one of them revealed during a hushed conversation that the rest of the world was just fine and we should head southeast to find a way out as the only way out of the country ilegally was over the channel.
Told us to find some town whose name I've forgotten, Rosomething. Pretty sure there was a Y in there too.
As it turned out the UK had gone full hermit kingdom to keep its political problems under control and the fog was normal non-poisonous fog. Just the climate shifting back to how it used to be in this part of the world.
And the yanks? They were tourists. Much like how the Norks let in tourists, foreigners would be allowed in under escort and we had to bail because their escort was on his way back from the distraction my friend had sorted out.

Alas thats where the dream ended.
But it's odd how vivid and real it seemed. And somewhat depressing how plausible it is.
Part of me is thinking I should use it to write a short novel or something and give it an ending.
What do the druids think of all+ this?

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that's really interesting actually thanks for sharing user
and yes it's a great start to a story if you don't write something i might

I'm learning it so. That which is established need not be said often.

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What bugs me is how much of the world I remember despite the dream never covering it.
And I'm pretty sure I already know where the story will go.
The picture I posted is not a coincidence.

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The fuck's a Zig Forums?

Movie titles are always in caps so one assumes whoever made that image wanted it to be consistent with cinematic norms?

Mohadeep lel

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Morning lads how are we? Iv got a nasty dose if the blackpill today. Hoping it will pass.

Nasty isn't it? Had the same yesterday, It's just made me focus on my family, friends and local area i.e. the people I can make a tangible effect on


Thank you for sharing, I'm no expert but I'll give you my take.

The concentratration of the population and the increasingly oppressive nature of the state is entirely factual, dreams come from our subconscious knowledge.

The fog may represent the unknown and the fear of it you being on the run suggests you feel you are rejected for not being a good drone and disagreeing with the system.


Good evening friends I hope you are all well that good fortune finds you and your ills fade into memory.

Held off on adding my thoughts on Telford over the weekend I was waiting for more info but I suspect there won't be. This pattern has become predictable the crime only occurs in areas with a specific kind of "diversity" police, social services and local government systematically cover it up.
The thing that truly makes my stomach turn is that this has now happened so often it has almost become routine. I can only wonder if other cases have not been publicised, I fear I am right.

Lad this is happening all over the country, our underclass are being feasted on, it's fucking awful

Last few days have been the blackest of pills. Country has gone from shit to overt orwellian wet dream. Feels like a rubicon has been crossed. The spiritual soul of the nation is sick and the harmonics of the earth spirit of this land is way out of whack. Even the laylines feel blocked, a feeling that the energies are being encumbered, like cholesterol clogging arteries. Vision has become fuzzy too particularly in relation to night scrying.
Channel these feels into currents of focussed willpower and intent lads. This is our collective abyss that we must cross, a test that every adept must face if he wishes to advance in degree. If he succeeds in crossing the abyss he attains the initiated rank of magister templi. We must endure and press onward towards Kether. Through the long night and to the dawn. Its always darkest before the dawn. This is our collective crossing of the abyss that we are all now forced to face and we must all work together and provide each other assistance and comfort when needed.
Try not to despair and succumb to depression and defeatism. Remember the Age of Demoralisation is but an interregnum. "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction" applies not only to physics but to all things as a kind of universally enshrined law sewn into the fabric of reality. "As above so below."

So do we endure this dark night of the soul.

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I would not call them an underclass being preyed upn the native people of this land are under attack.

I agree we must endure keep faith in our path and face what is to come with honest and resolve.
We should strive to better ourselves not just for our own benefit and that of our loved but for all.
Above all we must not shrink from the truth and we must not be afraid to speak it no matter the cost.


Yes (((they))) are in the process of see-sawing from the 'blue-pill' to the 'black-pill.' (((They))) feel that now is the time to push as (((they))) have been slowly turning up the heat for so long and the frog hasn't jumped. Now (((they))) are in your face about their planned genocide. (((They))) the finance-media power, know now that if there is not a reaction now, their never will be. They are hoping that the betrayal of the spirit of Brexit will break Britain's spirit once and for all.

Don't let them get their way.

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You notice how in the largest city in the country (Londonistan) no such gang has been uncovered?
I find that to be statistically, very, very odd.

Especially as it (Londistan) is run by a son of mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker and Genghis Kan. While the old city of London is rule by the Redsheilds.

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That's easier said than done when your friends and family have effectively disowned you for wrongrightthink.


It not just londonistan lads I've heard rumours about arrests and investegations in several places but third hand pub gossip isn't evidence.

Stay strong I know it is hard but true friends would accept you.

How are we today lads? Remember not to succumb to the blackpill. Thats exactly what (((they))) want. They are going all out with full on demoralization tactics now because everything else they have tried has failed. Dont let this particular avenue of attack succeed. They hinted they were going to try something like this in that ISD report that came out before xmas. Their "positive narrative reinforcement" tactics were an abject failure met with mockery and ridicule so it looks like their strategy now is full on demoralisation and shilling defeatism. Dont let them win by robbing you of hope and light. We will ride out this storm, depressing as it is.

Don't need the political side of things to be blackpilled smh.
Went to see some single room apartment things yesterday with the fam and got JUSTed, letting agencies won't rent to lads on bennies (even if I can pay a deposit and six months in advance) and my grandad won't be a guarantor after I said it would only be temporary because I wasn't going to be a golem and work a shit job and climb the ladder for decades on end so I could be taxed and help cause the ongoing genocide of natives.

Dunno what to do at this point tbh beyond answer dodgy shared housing adverts on craigslist or be an actual gyppo with a horse and cart.

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Shits getting fucky lads and iv got a weird feeling in my gut. Shit feels completely out of whack. Im going to consult with the tarot. Ill report my findings shortly.

Shit lad, hope you find somewhere soon. How bad is it? Do you have a roof over your head at present?

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What's the deal with this Russian spy business? From what I've seen mummy may and co nerve gassed some local lads and blamed Putin. Probably a portent of a hot cold war 2.0.

I've got "until summer" to move out. Not sure if I said in previous threads but I moved late last year into the deep somerset countryside. Lovely place to be but there's no work. I need to have got a full driving license and a vehicle by the deadline so I can immediately begin constructing an enclave, or find work and go full wagie somehow, before moving

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Ladsburys. Could any of you recommend any literature regarding Brythonic or druidic culture? The furthest I've delved is trying to pick out the pagan influences covered by Christian imagery in Anglo-Saxon poetry at Uni, I know fuck all about our pre-AS history. Are any of Varg's or Marie's books worth reading or just memery?

Are there any sacred sites in the south Wales/Valleys area you know of?

Blackpilling is virtually all they have left they're desperate so they are going to push it very hard. Unfortunately for them blackpill is inherently passive and weak, we can beat it with good news, good cheer and good hearts. The tide is in our favour, people are realising they are peddling lies and we are making progress to a better future.

Let us know what you find lad.

Whilst it's tempting to say false flag killing defectors is something the Russians have form for and the use of this kind of poison which is sending a message. IMO this is a Russian thing first a "this is what happens if you mess with us" using a poison which only the Russian state has access to shows other dissidents and defectors "our agents will find you and kill you anywhere"

IMO they did it here because there are a lot of dissident Russians in the UK the response to the Litvinenko poisoning was incredibly weak and TBH their agents have been able to operate with near impunity for decades.

Mummy May will bluster for a few weeks
until it drops off the news agenda then do nothing claiming lack of evidence. The Skripals will likely recover and leave for the US.

Good luck finding somewhere.

Very tricky task that most contemporary accounts are from outside perspectives and are very few and far between. I'm afraid you'll basically be doing archeology. Nonetheless good luck.

Britain first's fakebook has been wiped surprised it took so long tbh.

Hope you're all well lads.

Punished burgerlad checking in. My home ip is b& for a month pic related smh.

It took a day, but those feels made their way over here. It may have something to do with (((Passover))) coming up in two weeks. I've made a related op that
you maybe interested in:

Stay strong and keep the faith lads.

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Here's what the cards said. The question I posited was that of the current projection of the geopolitical manoeuvring. An interesting reading no doubt but I'm having trouble settling on a solid interpretation of these particular portents. There's a few different ways one can read this and I'm unsure which to settle on to the point I'm considering further divination in order to make sense of the divination already divined wew
There is still a strange current in play at the moment that I'm not sure what to make of.

Dr Ariel Toaff has done a good book on it. Let me know if you want the link and I'll dig it out. If you have not already read it that is.

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Here's my know-nothing interpretation

Attached: esotericpepe2.gif (208x255, 8.8K)

Thats pretty much what I got out of it too. Its nice being able to get a second opinion on it.
Symbolises us (ie the native brits) the everyman, the peasant, the worker, the native etc. Also portentious because it is this threads Arcana too.
Represents the elites and their backward, qlippothic inversion of traditional sensibilites.
Represents destruction, misery, hard times and turmoil. The mighty edifice of the monolithic tower is split asunder by the lightning bolt. Is hightly symbolic of the crumbling NWO/globalist cabals plans and its tightening of its grip. Combined with the previous card it is symbolic of the way they always double down despite their folly being obvious for all to witness.
Represents detatchment, breaking free and power reclaimed. This pertains to us and probably represents the awakening that is happening and the rightward swing.
I think hope it represents the death of the old order, the crumbling of the narrative and probably also the literal death that will accompany this is some form. It is also symbolic of decay, of finality and interwoven inevitability of the threads of fate.

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The jailing of golding and franzen and bf's online wipe out? Could also be the ongoing na trials difficult to tell

Isn't the death card also associated with rebirth?

Usually yes. The fact that it was last in line in this reading is significant though suggesting a kind of permanence. The card following the death card would normally be indicative of the type of rebirth/resurrection but in this instance, death falls last in line.


Thanks for explaining.

>(((Dr Toaff)))
I've got it and put it in the op, thanks lad.
Wew. I wish there was more I could do to help lads.

How are we lads?

>>>Zig Forums678937
Today my effort to save Albion involved enlightening Zig Forums about the current state of affairs and the nature of the enemy.

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Linking for relevancy.

made a cheeky bit of oc

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fresh farcical news

Anyone know what happened to the London Forum's youtube channel?

put into the goolag for wrongthink

>>>Zig Forums681104

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