Wew Lads. It's now AntiSemetic to call someone a "Globalist". Oh and Goyim...

Wew Lads. It's now AntiSemetic to call someone a "Globalist". Oh and Goyim, it was used THREE times this week in the WhiteHouse….
OYY VEYYY the "Conspiracy Goy" (((alex Jones))) is known for using this rhetoric…
This Anti-Semitic Term Was Casually Used At The White House 3 Times This Week - HuffPost


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Alex Jones is Jewish though

Is that second pic real?

I saw it on a newscast one day and was Kek'n. (((they))) had these two aswell

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"You know Goy, it wouldn't hurt to expand your Vocabulary" Kek

The most hilarious part of the kvetching is that the kikes are literally admitting that they are the parasites ruining America with (((globalism)))

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It's absolutely fantastic. But at the same time, (((they))) probably have a nice tragedy in store for the goys. If I know "muh joos" well enuf, there's an endgame to all this Kvetching.

yea, get fucked (((huffpo)))

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Researchers who study extremist groups in the United States say there is no such thing as the “alt-left.” Mark Pitcavage, an analyst at the Anti-Defamation League, said the word had been made up to create a false equivalence between the far right and “anything vaguely left-seeming that they didn’t like.”

They didn't catch onto K.E.K luckily.

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I take it back, the most hilarious part is the comment section. The mental gymnastics are the stuff of gold medals.

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So globalism is semitic? And Jones is literally calling out the jew nearly every single show? No wonder they dislike him. I'm glad the huffington post could clear all this up.

Chris Morris predicted this over 20 years ago.

I dont have angry enough pics for that. I used to be an anarchist and I remeber when the blackbloc was protesting against globalism. I literally cannot express my disgust hard enough. The turncoats can go in the oven with the kikes.

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Jesus Christ how stupid are these (((people)))?

You're looking for Zig Forums, nigger.

You don't really understand how the jewish media works. Not surprising tbh, most of Zig Forums doesn't even grasp the tactics used by low rung e-celebs to manipulate them as meme vectors and click bots.
I've had plenty of poppy tea this avro and am in a fairly good mood, so I'll explain a little, although I expect nothing but hostility and insults for bothering no good deed goes unpunished
It's like this, laddie:
The kikes deliberately print incorrect bullshit because the reaction it causes in their target audience is beneficial to them.
Imagine for a moment, that the "signs" simply read "TRAP: a man who convincingly dresses as a woman", "CUCK: a weak and effeminate, politically left-leaning man".
Your reaction to reading it would be "ok, and?"
You probably wouldn't bother sharing a link with your circle. The screen caps wouldn't make right-wingers go "Ha ha, wow, stupid leftsts, I gotta see the rest of this!!"
Do you understand yet?
The kikes use this tactic over and over and over again.
When the tables are turned then, instead of a distraught "leftists" on her knees, screeching "autistically" because Trump just won an election, they show "right-wing religious nuts" with signs reading "GOD HATES FAGS" or "YOU DESERVE A MISCARRIAGE" or "EVOLUTION IS A LIE!"
This gives leftists the exact same "tummy tingles" and feelings of superiority as you feel when you view "autistic screeching" or a CGI placard with a completely incorrect definition of chan inside-terms.

Yeah no. When you are against an enemy that is a fog you take up a tool that works in all spacesand as you get closer to pin pointing what they look like, how they act you adjust the tool to be more effective. You'll be surprised at just how many anarchists have flipped in the past 2 years

You'd be surprised at how little worth their lives still have to me.

I feel that perhaps an actual example of the technique would aid understanding.
So here you go, this is an example of a kike media stooge playing the "stoopid right-winger" role in a piece designed to give left-wing audiences the "tummy tingle" of moral and intellectual superiority.

you just described the "red herring fallacy" or one of its multiple variants

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i dont doubt that. its funny because ive known anarchists that used to protest against globalism in the early 2000s. even with their political retardation, there is no way they could stay aligned with a movement that is openly funded by the very people they used to protest against.

And while I'm here, let's look at a visual example of a sleeper agent.
Video related, this is how you destroy a party on the eve of elections.
Of course the kike overplays his hand, but normalfags have grown incapable of discerning overacting.
Stephanie Bannister of One Nation (UKIP-like party) pulled exactly the same trick. She was activated in the hours before a crucial election and (with the help of her kike friends in the mass media) effectively destroyed One Nation's electoral hopes with a carefully overacted series of "mistakes" during an interview.
The level of her feigned ignorance surpassed credible limits and its scripted nature became obvious.
etc etc.
Learn to spot double agents.
Beware of sleepers.

I don't believe that the debate fallacy of "red herring" is the same thing as purposefully creating mistakes in your own material.
Similar no doubt.

technically, "red herring" is both the description of a fallacy and the name of a class of fallacies
they are describing one of the participants in a debate in a way that makes the other participant get a wrong idea of who he is
it's a "Red herring > Ad hominem > Poisoning the well"

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Ah you mean the signs, yes it can be that too. One thing you will notice about the kikes, they try to get as many uses out of each piece of work as possible. This is why their hoaxes always strike at multiple objectives.
So yes I see what you mean now, not only do the fake definitions reel in right-wingers by making us unwittingly act as advertising agents for the enemy, they also portray us in a certain negative way, in this case as supporters of rape etc.
Yes, I agree.

we're comin' for ya (((globalists)))

ROFL! The kikes are going to make normies aware that the kikes are in fact, the "Globalists"! This is fantastic news!

when the can is full of shit you have to change the label.
immigrants become migrants.
pederasts become pedophiles.
crippled becomes handicapped which becomes disabled which becomes differently abled.

if i didn't know these people are doing it on purpose and for the most lurid motives, i'd call them childish for not facing the ugliness you can find ,sometimes, in the world.



Now we just need the ADL to label (((NWO))), (((Illuminati))), (((bankers))), and (((the 1%))) as antisemetic. Any normalfags that don't get it after that are utterly useless. Infact, putting up posters with the ADL logo saying as such isn't a bad idea tbh.

why don't we petition the ADL directly to do it?
I'm sure there is a fax machine or email address that gets all the marching order

kek. That just goes to show how negative the term "globalist" has become. Kikes don't want the goyim using it anymore and they're pulling out the anti-semitism card to put a stop to it. What a shame it won't work and will only draw attention to the fact that globlaists are heebs. Then again, if they were good at thinking ahead then they wouldn't have been shoah'd six billion times throughout history.

Didn't you know, it's because everyone else was evil, they were just innocent victims.

Perfect bot post. Thanks user. Nobody mentioned Jones.

It was mentioned in the OP, moshe. Have your handler read it to you.

Their manipulations have resulted in the whole world wanting to gas them, and they need to be gassed.

They already labeled "international bankers" antisemitic.


tip jej do we KEK tonight or are we just LARPing the DOTR anons

Like half of Zig Forums is ex-commies, nigger. So were many fascists and natsocs. Misguided white people can come around if you expose them to the facts. White commies can actually be easier to redpill than conservatives, provided their beliefs are true and not just self serving attention seeking - though obviously non-white commies cannot be redpilled by definition. That's actually one of the reasons why Zig Forums has been so successful at BTFOing the left - many of us remember exactly what the left thinks and does, and why, from the inside.

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So that's why I always end up in arguments on here? Makes sense. The kind of rat-filth that would believe in those sick ideals must have a mentality and world view that is, to the very core, different from my own. That will never change.

Or perhaps you want to.
You don't understand it. You think communism is sold as "join us, help take down those rich guys (half of whom jewish) and replace them with those other (jewish) guys!"? I think you only know it from the recent years, which replaced everything with 20 genders and no borders, but years back you couldn't find a single commie who wasn't strongly against globalism (it helps capital minimize labor costs (wages) by moving wherever is cheaper, which got even worse with rapefugees since now the company doesn't even need to move to get cheap labor), only neolibs defended it.

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Yeah, its easier to redpill an oldschool leftist than a mainstream conservative in my experience. The mainstream conservative will defend legal immigration and free markets to their last breath.

Well the politics aside, because they're horrible, it's the social views I'm more concerned with. Those are views dependent on core ideological beliefs that don't change by simply adopting new political beliefs. Go back as far as you want, you'll find commies are not only content with, but advocate for the destruction of culture and heritage. They have a world view which propagates class, not people, as the subject of concern, and thus help to perpetuate displacement by framing it as a class issue. Also their political beliefs don't change much. They may swap an ideal here and there, but in the end they/you have the same lust for authoritarian governance and the oppression/termination of those of us who don't want their "utopian" fantasy world. A commie's world view is so different from my own–which is what allowed them to adopt those ideals to begin with–they comprehend things different from me. It's like when one person says equality with the meaning of "by law," while others say equality in the same context, but comprehend it as "as humans." There's no similar ground between me and a commie, nor a former commie. You/they comprehend language different from me. Even if we both say we want the same thing, how you perceive it will be different from how I perceive it. That's my perspective. That's why I call former leftists, and the shift in society to the "right" an infection and a degradation to my ideals. It injects these false perceptions and degrades the original meaning of what my ideals mean. The same way "liberal" now is synonymous with postmodernist/marxist, while 100 years ago it liberals would have detested their beliefs. It's a sickness. It's the subversion of everything I stand for, unintentionally, by hordes of filth whose world views and perceptions of language differs from my own.

I'm just going to leave this here.

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This literally had my soyboy and cat lady tier liberal coworkers wondering what they meant by it and discussing the connection of judiasm to globalism. Jews are blowing themselves out at an unprecedented rate.


It's Usury not Usery. Why can't Americans into the English language?

We speak American. And we don't serve up our daughters to be mass raped by muds (yet) cuck.

Did you really believe at one time that everybody was born equal as a blank slate and was then totally formed by their environment? If so, what did you feel when you realized that this belief was total bullshit?

And we don't serve up our daughters to be mass raped by muds (yet)

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Oh yeah, muds wouldn't do for you American Alpha Chad Dads. Your daughters have to be raped only by the blackest most slave bred nigger bucks your nation produced. Nothing else will do.

This isn't for hatred but because they think the new culture being built is superior. The NSDAP built new culture too, (big) difference being they didn't destroy the foundations.
This is due to commies thinking people are replaceable. In their view, given the right occasion someone will rise up to it, so a hero is just a product of the times. It's similar to the whole nature/nurture stuff where some retards think everything is due to nurture.
Unless you're jewish I don't want to terminate you. For all I care you can live however you like in your country.
Depends on the commie, there are those who aren't authoritarian, and always get fucked by the more authoritarian ones when push comes to shove.
You're free to think as you please of course, but plenty of people change their political views during their lives. Many people were anarchists as teenagers for example, doesn't mean as adults they still believe kicking trashcans will solve anything.

It was ages ago so I can't remember perfectly, but I bought the blank slate crap. In my case it came by entering in contact with actual niggers (as opposed to seeing them through a screen) and realizing that, nope, I was wrong, these apes couldn't become civilized if they had a million years. I wanted them wiped out, they're an evolutionary dead-end with no use, I think even those outside the country.

Well, again, it's not really the politics that I'm talking about. I disagree with the politics, then and mostly now (their newly adopted politics). The problem is the world view and their perspectives. They're entirely different from my own. It's like taking a South African white man, and a Swedish white man from a homogeneous, high trust community somewhere in the north, and sticking them both in a community of niggers. Their perception of the world around them is going to be so dramatically different, and how they react to it, and think about it, and the very language they use to describe it will be based in two totally different realms of thought. Like I mentioned before with the example of "equality." They could both be Ethno-Nationalists, but their world view will still be heavily impacted by their early life, as that will serve as the foundation for many of their beliefs, subconscious or otherwise. There can't be an agreement between these people because they don't think the same. Or at least, that's how I see it.

How do you explain all the autism-tier fanbases and ungodly furshit R34, then?

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>realized that (((neocohens))) and (((degenenerates))) were from the same (((tribe)))
>like it here better than Zig Forums because of less (((tone policing))) and (((censorship)))

Is that close to your experience too?

50 shekels! How can you charge 40 shekels for that? It's barely worth 30 shekels. Help, police! This man is trying to steal my last 60 shekels!!!

t.Veteran of the Battle for Seattle

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Sounds like if you read up on NatSoc you'd become a Nazi.

You know what really scares (((them?)))

Deconstructing e-celebs, and shills, and framing it as "the key to peace between the races is to ignore Farrakhan, Duke, La Raza and Spencer, because they're all profiteers."

Holy shit, a kike I knew for years stopped talking to me then and there. Took me a while to figure it out but once I did… well, don't I feel foolish now for ever listening to him.

Requesting dank memes about globalism. This is the push we've been waiting for. We must strike when the kike makes mistakes like this! This is the redpill that will turn the "infowarriors" and conservatives to our side!

You might think they're all sleepers. Most aren't. Having been around the scene, most right-wing/nats tend to have no discipline, assume any "redpill" info they heard online is fact, and are unable to resist virtue-signalling.

It's true what you say, but there's no money in it, so no one cares.

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It always boils down to "it's unfair that X had more stuff than I do." As an upper-middle class person I always believed in noblesse oblige and charity, but they just see you as a mark and a sucker. In past times, they would even kill you for your stuff.

Parasites and thieves, the lot of them.

Without (((agitation))) and without "visible minorities" among the population, there's really historically been not a lot of this, and when it has existed, it's usually been somewhat justified in terms of aristocracy that abused the peasants or serfs and served their own interests rather than those of the people at large.


So they just implicated themselves as the architects of globalism in a way normalfags cannot deny. They're making Zig Forums's job a lot easier lately.

Relief. I could stop lying to myself about it being real.

In my point of view, the difference of left and right is between idealism vs realism. Lefties idealistically strive for a dreamworld, thinking their solution is universally correct and the best for this world, but on the right you come to terms with reality, learn from it, shed naive ignorance and realize you must do what's necessary.

This fucking timeline is amazing. The Jews are naming themselves as the actual force behind the intentional destruction of the USA.

What massive fucking failure of a kike decided that this was the thing to do? We’re they high at the time? Shit and I thought Jews were meant to be smart.

Fucking hilarious.

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Amplify it.

Nepotism. The smart ones come first, followed by the dumb ones, who then ruin everything the smart ones set up.


fucks sake…

I heard you family.

It’s true though, I’ve only met a few actually smart Jews. Most just pretend they’re smart by employing pilpul and a half dozen tricks meant to throw off the trusting goyim.


Oy vey Pointing out our intentions and calling us what we are! thats offensive goyim!

Since we’ve known Jones has been a deep cover asset of (((theirs))) this whole time can we use this?

Was he always being anti-Semitic when he said globalist? Etc. meme it.

Dont let your memes be dreams.


(((anti-semitism))) is a shaming tactic of the left meant to silence all opposition and debate around uncomfortable and awkward topics. when are these stupid fucks going to be openly challenged over this? how long will you remain in the shadows, White man?



We literally just have to shitpost and (((they))) come out of the closet. Don’t you understand? They’re losing it, all they know is how to double down and they doubled down way too many times already.

You TRS kikes helped, too.

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Tolkien was graced by God. He wrote the truth and cloaked it in allegory.

I have been meaning to make a thread about how LOTR is akin to scripture.

This is your mind on subjectivism. With the power of subjectivism's "Everything is allegory," you can make "direct" references to anything in any work. There is no difference between what you will do and the leftist in a college class saying the Harry Potter series is an allegory that references To Kill A Mockingbird and Star Wars.

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Dont you fucking dare compare european mythology(cough reality) and desert semite plagerism.. this isnt 9gag or 4cuck m8

This is not real. Several text-to-speech tier YouTube channels fake MSNBC news tickers coupled with audio either ripped from its context or recorded by women who take requests on sites like Fiverr.
Use HookTube to check an official MSNBC video, the font is different and the layout is harder to reproduce than this.
polite sage

Congratulations, Sherlock.

Go back to reddit.

Britcuck here, great video, I genuinely used to laugh at it. I was a centre-left idiot and thought the lad was full of shit. I didn't even know he was talking about 'rape gangs'.

Then it turned out to be true, years and years afterwards. This video has helped me open the eyes of many people, especially if they have already seen it years ago.

Hey bong , let me clear the air on a few things
UM NOT IUM - for fucks sake the Brits that invented English would stick a stake in the heart of most modern Brits.
Center not centre
Meter not metre