"Child protection" my ass.

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I’m betting literal shill. We tried to warn Shareblue that the SEIU would be after them.

Shills are paid with child porn. It’s how (((they))) get them to work so diligently.

That's what you get for having shit taste in games

Cool shirt. Looks like my bedroom tbh. If he was helping children, maybe he felt like he was giving something he never received - help, and killing himself, he felt like he was making a grandiose statement about something others felt strongly about, as if he was helping again. Judging from his game of choice, he was probably a sheltered manchild who knew nothing of politics. We shouldn't make fun of him because he's seemingly leftist, I feel pretty bad for him. He could've had a good life if we were there to lead him in the right direction, seems like he had a kind heart. May he rest in peace.


Why would he kill himself when he had such a cute little bedside table?

Why the fuck does he have a gaff on the table? Doing a little salt water fishing from bed?


This post made my day.

is that a cigar on the ground ?
freudian faggot pedophile confirmed.
rot in pieces .
have no mercy for these fucks as they wouldn't you given the same or more severe circumstances .

What's wrong with cigars? I like them occasionally, even have a collection of snuffing tobacco. Of course when you throw it on the ground, and live like a fucking animal it kinda defeats the dignity of it all a little.

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Absolute Degenerate.

When yer a pirate tis in yer blood.

They are used as a calling card of sorts. Pay attention to cigar smokers and how they prepare their cigars. You could learn a lot.

No I honestly had no idea. I would've thought the van & candy were enough, I guess kids have changed..

It’s boomers running the pedo show, but I’m sure you already know that. Golf courses are more their scene than backs of windowless vans.

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Fucking White nigger. Why the fuck is this a thread? Op needs to follow this cucks lead.

Where will you do it?

I never understood why kikes go so far out of their way to fuck kids.

well skyrim was pretty bad

Because they hate life and the living, just like their father, Satan. Just add up all the things they love; kikewars, nigger crime, third world disease and insect pests, rationed healthcare, feminism and abortions, toxic pharmaceuticals, drugs and alcohol, obesity, contaminated foods from China, Communist starvation, AIDS faggotry, riots, etc. Kikes are the avatars of sin, misery, disease, famine, and death. Rape and molesting children is just another card in their repulsive deck of evil.

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delete this picture

I have that same fan in my room.

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Horribly true
The evidence is overwhelming
How could any White person ever defend those monsters?
or work with them?

Just had a moment where I remembered Bill slipping that cigar into (((Lewinsky)))'s snatch and then smoking it.

Even if he wasn't wrapped up in all of the horrible shit, bearing constant witness to the horrible shit that happens to children is often enough to press one into self-termination, if they don't have enough shit in their own lives to temper their resolve.

why do americans always have such creepy smiles?

perfect bot post

would not be at all surprised if "y do murkins creepy smile?" weren't a OP of a new thread soon

Is that a crack pipe in the bottom-center frame?

from what little we know of him he wasnt helping any child


Dubs of truth.

I have wondered how they get the child porn to shit up right wing forums with. The cp is what turned me into a nazi. I had the choice of allying with people that want to gas kikes vs people that rape children, I have chosen to gas kikes. I think that they are oblivious to this.The normies that witnessed this stuff over at reddit asked the same questions, and came to the same conclusions. They are at Voat now.

I thought voat shut down.

Voat is still there. Every time reddit does something retarded, they get in influx of people. Then they get scared off by being called transniggerfaggotkikes.

Good to know that even people dumb enough to browse reddit are waking up.

Baby steps user, its unreasonable to expect a reddit soyboy to go full 14/88 in one day. Every time they step outside their comfort zone and get called a double nigger they become just a little bit less of a faggot. One day they'll make it.

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From the article:
Something doesn't add up here.

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what is a "clinical chase manager"
he decide what kids to abduct ?

An unmade bed might suggest that he cannot and will not solve his own problems. The Garbage everywhere suggests he is surrounded by shitty people. His toothpaste is on the floor, he feels worthless. One stamp missing from the sheet - who was the letter for? Most people pay bills online. Empty case of Aquafina (tap water) - but he didn't throw away the packaging. Certificate of sorts on the bed - he was looking at it for some reason, it isn't wrinkled or crimped in any way either. I wonder why he took it out.
Every single vpn ip I try is banned wtf

Being low iq helps

Sabbatean Frankism, they think it’s the highest calling to pervert the innocent.

It's a real shame he'll never get a chance to play The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Remastered Edition on the Playstation 4 or on Steam.

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Pretty much everything you said resonates as truth. Wouldn't make fun of the guy either. They literally just poached some random bluepilled faggot who thought he could improve this world by fighting off child abuse in order to excuse his fucked up life. He ended up working for the very people that cause it and probably came to conclusion that offing himself was his only option without realizing a place/idea like this exists. Stay strong brother, we all have fucked up rooms.


This old TV show?

Wow that table caught my eye too. Is it for wine bottles?

Why does no one ever commit suicide in an exciting way, like driving into a courthouse or assaulting a Fusion Center. Killdozer will never be forgotten, and should serve as an example. Get revenge on your way out of this life.

They DO, it's just (((they))) have figured out that you don't make someone famous for such an act, lest it inspires copycats.
Why do you think the media popularizes the kind of mass shootings that benefits the (((narrative)))?


Suicide, or Brainwashed?

Yes, that show is incredible and only somebody with a detailed knowledge of the deep state could have made it.

It’s a great show, with excellent acting and production, and the fucking redpills it delivers are insane.

Please watch.

He was a Toddposter?


Surprising how hard this was slid.

heil is a shitskin turk and skeletor is the the mod from r/t_D

When did that happen?

March 3rd