George Lincoln Rockwell Day Celebration CENTENNIAL EDITION

==100 YEARS AGO TODAY== George Lincoln Rockwell, Leader of the Union of National Socialists and Commander of the American Nazi Party was born

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Heil Rockwell.

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Happy birthday GLR

Happy birthday commander Rockwell.

Does anyone have tracks from his "Hatenanny Records" saved anywhere? I have only heard them mentioned in text and would love to hear them.

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If any of you can imitate Rockwell, please record yourself reading his books.

Here's the classic. Jewtube has deleted the B-side ("We is non-violent Niggers")

In the Congressional Record, published by the United States Government Printing Office, Proceedings of the House, 1957, page 8559, you will find the documentation of the Communist plan for using the Negroes to achieve a Communist victory in America. In column one, on page 8559, you will find the following: "Israel Cohen, a leading Communist in England, in his A Racial Program For the Twentieth Century, wrote: 'We must realize that our Party's most powerful weapon is racial tension. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by the whites, we can mould them to the program of the Communist Party. In America, we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will instill into the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negroes. We will aid the Negroes to rise to prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America into our hands.'" - George Lincoln Rockwell, "White Power" (1967)
Sound familiar?

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Happy Birthday Commander Rockwell

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Saved for posterity. If anyone has the B-side saved somewhere, please post.

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I'm not sure anybody who drinks tap water has that much testosterone. It's his voice in my head when somebody uses the word "manly."

Happy Birthday Commander. Soon we shall complete your mission.

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"In Mein Kampf I found abundant mental sunshine which bathed all this grey world suddenly in the clear light of reason and understanding. Word after word, sentence after sentence stabbed into the darkness like thunderclaps and lightning bolts of revelation, tearing and ripping away the cobwebs of more than thirty years of darkness, brilliantly illuminating the "mysteries" of the heretofore impenetrable murk in a world gone mad."

"I reread and studied Mein Kampf some more. Slowly, bit-by-bit, I began to understand. I realized that National Socialism, the iconoclastic world-view of Adolf Hitler, was the doctrine of scientific, racial idealism - actually a new idealism for our times. I saw an age similar to that of two thousand years ago, when another world-view was on the rise - a world-view that shook and changed the world forever. I realized that this new and wonderful doctrine of scientific truth applied to man himself, as well as to nature and inanimate matter, was the only thing which could save man from his own degradation in luxury, self-seeking short-sightedness and racial degeneration. The doctrine of Adolf Hitler was the political salvation of our times, and Adolf Hitler himself the rescuer sent recurrently to a collapsing humanity by an inscrutable Providence. Hitler's and Germany's "crucifixion" was all according to the inevitable workings of this unknowable Scenarist. Even the eleven hanged "disciples" in Nuremberg were not without significance!"

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We shall live to see your dreams fulfilled! We will secure the existence of our people and a future for white children!

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Brilliant man.

this man was too good for this world.

I own a copy of GLR's birth certificate. Does anyone want it?

But, of course. Sadly, I'm certain you're bluffing.

I'm an adopted spic that grew up in Indiana. I'm Chilean, and my 23andme says I'm 75% White, and the rest Amerindian. I know I'll have to be deported, but just deport me last, lads.

Anyway, enjoy the birth certificate, it was easy to get

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Average mutt material.(kike)

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Checked. Whoa. #322. Even gets digits on his birth certificate!

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Happy birthday Commander.

"I knew I would not live to see the victory which I would make possible, but I would not die before I had made that victory certain."
-George Lincoln Rockwell

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Does anyone know about his other grandchildren? I've researched and found only 2 that have anything public about them. The first is a mixed mutt Jap-Icelandic soccer player:örgólfur Hideaki Takefusa&item_type=topic

The second is Björgólfur Thor who's an Icelandic billionaire who has 3 white children! Zig Forums why aren't we getting support from Commander Rockwell's billionaire grandson?! Or at least his wealthy great grandkids?

Forbes article on Thor "Rockwell" -

You link does not work for me, but here's the first result:

I fucked it up, but Björgólfur Takefusa is a mixed hapa soccer player. The 2nd is a billionaire chad with 3 kids. They need to be in office or secretly building the Fourth Reich!

I believe iceland just banned or is going to ban circumcision unless medically needed.

Vikings went to iceland for a reason, kikes can't penetrate it.

One of my personal heroes. I would like my child named after him. A real human bean who wasn't afraid of anything.

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I approve of this thread. Have a bump.

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No one doxed anyone, the two grandchildren listed here have made it known they are related.

No one cares.

That aint exactly true, he lays the connection that Hitler and Jesus are both extremely hated yet both where and are successful. Both of them hated the most by you guessed it, the jews.

You're alright, friend. Sorry for doubting you.

I wish. Reykjavik was the last European capital without a rabbi.

Rockwell should have left the Nazi stuff aside. How fucking dumb was he to come out as a Nazi in the postwar era?

Seriously, just like today’s Nazis, I have my suspicion that he was a kike plant.

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Only 75% white, I feel sorry for you fam. But better to be partially white than not white at all.

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I see you haven't read his books, all the answers to your remarks are in there. Now you just look stupid.
That says it all

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Want to know how I know you are not from here friendo?

Nazis are larping retards, almost invariably Jewish. Just like you.

Don't forget Dr. Pierce.

You can honour him and his work, by NOT repeating it. You take his MESSAGE, but you avoid repeating the ways he went about trying to spread it because it never worked. Otherwise, another fifty years will go by and that will be it for us. There's no more time to waste because the things he said would happen, have and are ongoing. That's why you see pieces of shit like that jew and mongoloid with the daily moron undermining us. Or the JEW FAGGOT spencer and his garbage.

I hope more join.

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You don't know what you are talking about. It is a fact that the years he spent talking at universities made a huge impact. People actually listened to him and absorbed his message BECAUSE he did what he did. His 4 phase plan (which you obviously don't understand because you have not read the material) was working. Phase 1 was draw attention from the media, which worked. Phase 2 was changing the name of the Party (which he did) and giving the facts as they are (which he did). That is why he was assassinated - if he were a clown he would have died of old age being resurrected once in a while to humiliate white people. He died in 1967, if the feds would have let him live a few more months then people would have started to see the massive amount of body bags return from Vietnam. This would have propelled him beyond universities and public parks. You can think what you want but for the sake of lurkers I wanted the truth to be known.Most of the time Universities were PACKED but not to scream and yell but to listen. He could have made thousands doing this (but he only took the speaking fees which were around $200) but that is my only criticism of him - he didn't run the organization as a business.

Check out the pic related - that book gives a detailed timeline of what actually happened and the FOIA files are extremely informative as well.

Also Patler did not kill him, I sincerely doubt he was waiting in August on a hot tar roof and shot from an angle through a windshield hitting Rockwell through the heart (one newspaper said head but others did not). Patler was only jailed for 8 years and didn't speak about the incident publicly ever again.The interview below is informative.

As for presenting his message in the present year, well I agree that it wouldn't work because we are already a minority in our country. We can't convince whites to vote out invaders because they outnumber us. Rockwells' message was to vote to preserve a white nation and the constitution and to execute criminal jews. The US was still white then about 90%. We need to 'peacefully' and quietly eliminate people in power. What is to stop us from 'gently berating' these people walking down the street or in a parking lot? I saw some kid take a photo with John fuckface Podesta and all I could think was "why is he still alive?"

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Did not mean to sage


Spotted the Jew. There’s no reason to include Nazi imagery or anything because it hurts whites when you do that.

lol thanks for confirming that I am correct Mr. Goldberg

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Anyone recommend specific books he wrote?

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Remember it is counter productive to use Nazi symbolism.(PR Cuck)

Reminder that the swastika is a powerful spiritual symbol, and that (((aleister crowley))) used the V-victory sign in order to counter it.
We should use it as much as we can.

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He wrote 2 books, This Time the World is his first book and is an autobiography with a little bit of his political ideology put in as he tells the story of how he became a National Socialist. His second book White Power is more about his political ideology and explaining how democracy and capitalism are ruining the country the same as communism and are jew led. Whichever one you want to read depends if you are more interested in the man, or his beliefs.


Thank you very much.

Thank you
I was interested in actual hard copies, but that will do nicely. lincoln rockwell&title=&lang=en&isbn=&new_used=*&destination=nl¤cy=EUR&mode=basic&st=sr&ac=qr

hard copies

The books themselves can still be purchased on Amazon and other places, there are some audiobook versions with not terrible text to speech on jewtube, and here are the PDF versions

This Time the World

White Power

Great man. One of the few that the US was able to give birth to. It's a shame that people like him don't exist anymore.

Thank you as well.

Oh I’m sure he was completely authentic. What a champ.

[citation needed]

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He's just another shill spreading the "Zig Forums are just a bunch of LARPing Nazis, Nazism is dead don't you know, goyim!" bullshit. Neither of George Lincoln Rockwell's wives were jewish.

His first wife is a confirmed Jewess.

Confirmed by what? Your lies?

Didn't you know? A cuckchan faggot saying "X confirmed" is incontrovertible evidence of anything.

I would like sources for Judith Aultman and Ivana Trump being kikes. I can't find anything concrete on either.

Nevermind the Judith Aultman one, I assumed and >>11361573 were talking about Rockwell. Polite sage for double post.

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Fuck I completely forgot about this. I thought it was in august.

As much as people seem to associate Alex Jones with water filters, there's nothing wrong with using them. You shouldn't drink fluoride.

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The more you run from it, the more powerful the taboo against it and the stronger a weapon it is for use against us.

This is something Zig Forums discussed for years, and I think the eventual conclusion most (but not all) of us came to was: normalize the swastika.
It's an uphill battle, but one with a worthwhile payoff. So long as 'muh nazis' is an effective weapon at manipulating white people through a lifetime of guilt tripping, no real progress can be made.

The "we're not really nazis, we're just conservatives!" angle has failed repeatedly, and yet you still see people pushing it.
I actually don't know that using it for IRL activism is the best idea tbh, but for all online propaganda it should be used extensively.
The reason for not using it in IRL stuff isn't so much the 'optics angle' but my sincere belief (one also held by Hitler himself) that nationalist movements need to adopt their own, unique, and new symbolism to represent them.

That, I would say, was GLR's mistake. Not that he used the swastika, but that he didn't use it properly and that he failed to make his own symbols to represent his unique american brand of american nationalsocialism.

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Have a bump.

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Does anybody have the photo gallery saved that James Mason uploaded to his website on GLR's birthday? The site went down and I never got to see the photos…

This. Swastika imagery on the Internet is so effective because of its anonymous nature. On the streets you keep the language of naming the jew and the tactics. That alone can get you the attention you'd get that Rockwell claims a swastika brings.

Don't forget this Hatenanny classic by G.L. Rockwell & the Coon Hunters.

Sadly, Commander Rockwell himself doesn't appear on this, but the single earned his coveted endorsement.

Get 'em before they're gone:

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Happy birthday Commander Rockwell, thank you for inspiring me to continue throughout all these years.

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heil is a shitskin tranny and skeletor is r/t_D mod

the founding father of shitposting

Any modern pics of him?


Please move to /zenpol/

Zig Forums is compromised. It is controlled opposition and a honeypot.

Zig Forums is deliberately censoring criticism of Trump for signing the omnibus spending bill.

The omnibus means whites have no future in the United States. Trump was whites' last chance to save themselves, and this is the bill Donald Trump signed:

-No funding for any border wall–just 33 miles of fence.

-No money for wall prototypes. Only “operationally effective designs" already in use.

-Prohibits hiring of ICE field agents. Fewer than 100 support jobs allocated–not field agents.

-Reduces the current number of beds for detained illegals–about 40,761–by about 250. Fewer illegals can be detained.

-H-2B foreign worker visas increased by 100,000.

-Prohibits cutting federal funding from sanctuary cities. Remember that, per the courts, a president cannot cut this funding on his own.

-Massive $1.3 trillion omnibus gives 3.1 billion to Israel and billions to various middle eastern countries like funding for Afghani women police while leaving America's border unsecure.

-The military will not fund the wall or assist building it. Mattis's policy is to remain neutral on any political issue.

Shill in less of a faggy way and people just might.

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