Looks like we'll be getting another slot to fill


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2 J U D G E S

Trump just announced his replacement.

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I want to believe the doj is going after all of these faggots that are retiring for anything they can find and offering to let them retire of be prosecuted just because of the number of career politicians stepping down and not running for reelection but it is probably just wishful thinking.


No, it's a minimum of 4 judges. Ginsburg will croak or become so senile she has to be retired within a year or so, and Breyer is pushing 80 and wants to retire. Thomas is also looking to retire probably within the next 5 years since without Scalia he actually has to do work and write his own opinions. 2016 would have been the most important election of the 21st century due to SCOTUS picks alone.


Better not be fake, nigger.

This is actually better news than it sounds – Kennedy was Ginsburg's connection for the fetal stem cells she drinks to prolong her life.

ben "the boomer lolbergturdian" garrison. no fucking thanks.

There's still people who think Trump has their interest in mind, enjoy your Neoliberalism.

Post yfw Trump replaces Scalia, Kennedy, Ginsburg, Breyer, The Honorable Nigger, and the Sassy Latina, who I imagine will expire at the thought of a Trump sextet.

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Shoo Shoo!

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Fucking nigger OP:

Pardon my plebeian ignorance, but did the other judge do anything worth mentioning yet?

He robs leftists of their saltiest salt every day

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"Zyklon" Ben
Ben "One Man Klan" Garrison
Ben "Kansas Kike Krusher" Garrison
Ben "New Hickory" Garrison
Ben "Unloading my nine on the welfare line" Garrison
Ben "Spook the spooks" Garrison

Yeah, he's keeping kikes busy planning his natural death.

Kennedy is a lolberg "swing" justice who often decides cases when the other justices are split along ideological lines. He was appointed by Reagan to because of his "libertarian" views but he almost always sides with poz. With his replacement, SCOTUS will become conservative leaning 5 - 4, however "conservative" Chief Justice Roberts is known to be somewhat of a swing vote himself.

When Ginsburg bites it and Breyer retires it will be massive 7 - 2 conservative majority. Kagan and Sotomayor will be reduced to irrelevant diversity hires as the rest of the court actually upholds the constitution.

All very true. Even as I read the op's post I uttered a silent prayer of thanks that Trump won.
We got saved by the skin of our teeth

Thanks, Hitler Dubs.

I hope he does step down, and I hope that the jew drops dead and the spic has a fucking stroke. But I'm not celebrating until we get information from someone other than Nevada senator Cuckservative #2

surely his wacky doodles will save us all.

One thing about potatoniggers, they certainly know when shit is turning against them.

I fear Trump appointing pro-Israel kikes

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How do you do, my fellow Onondaga tribesnigger :)

Gorsuch was good, but Trump's list of Judges to consider is mostly same-old-same-old cucks who at best uphold the Constitution. I'm worried the process will limit us to getting lukewarm appointments, especially as Senators cuck when the media begins to act as though appointing right-wingers is somehow unfair and dishonorable if it can't just flip either way.

*jews. Breyer is ripe for his dirt retirement.

3 from CNY on this board.

Not possible.

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There are a lot more than 3 jews here.

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Do you enjoy living on East Genesee St.?

I shook Bill and Hillary's hands in Skaneateles a long, long time ago in the summer of 2000 and shortly thereafter life got bad.

Hope the Macdonald billionaire girl didn't get touched but I know better.

I hope you washed your hands afterwards.


We would've had:
(((GARLAND))) (who Obama picked, and Hillary would have probably picked if she had won)
(((SOTOMAYOR))) (her mother is a Sephardic jew)

Not to mention the ones that would (((die of natural causes or accidents))). It would be a pure liberal court.

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>Mike Pence Believes Access To Legal & Safe Abortion Will End "In Our Time"

>Vice President Mike Pence once again made clear the priorities of the Trump administration by predicting that legal abortion would end in "our time." Pence made the remarks while at a luncheon hosted by the anti-abortion organization Susan B. Anthony List & Life Institute on Wednesday.


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Even if Trump is a farce on every thing else , the sheer amount of potential of supreme court justices in play these 4 years is huge.

if (TRUE) return big

You know what part of me is completely fine with niggers murdering their shit babies but another part of me doest want moloch fed with child souls anymore

No matter how many baby penises she sucks or how many children get drained of blood to pump into that corpse, SHE WILL NOT LIVE PAST THE END OF TRUMP’S FIRST TERM. We have an actual chance to see Roe v. Wade, the Civil Rights Act, and all the gun control laws of the last CENTURY be declared UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

I'm rock hard thinking about this.

You say that like it's a bad thing. I'd give a limb for this.

The trouble with these assholes is that often they are appointed by conservative presidents under the assumption they would be Scalia strict constructionists, but once they get in office they start bowing to the beltway social circle pressure to be liberal pieces of shit. To be a good justice on SCOTUS, you have to live a monk-like existence.

More importantly, roughly 41% of women having abortions are white. I know that there is a good number of mutts in that number, but there is still a huge white genocide happening at the hands of these untamed sluts and the kike's murder-clinics. Even if you say only half of these whores are killing white babies, that's 250,000 dead whites every year.


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Another perfect bot post.
>near non-sequitur as Trump not mentioned by name in the thread but a video posted

As long it’s a Judge that isn’t going to keep selling the people down the river like halls of them have been for the past four decades.

Get over it Marines. I doubt any of you would have lasted this long.

You’re on a site owned by a guy that is pro-Euro genocide.(kike)

I'd totally be fine with this, if he delivered all judgments into doodles depicting glow-niggers decrying some aspect of Trump's presidency.

Trump so far has shown that he doesn't bow to that pressure. I expect that he knows how to pick men who're much like himself, at least in that regard.

here's hoping
It'll be better than the other way around

that way all those black and brown babies can be born and put into foster care paid for by White tax dollars and be a burden on White people via welfare forever!
or, even better, adopted by White people as an alternative to actually having White children!
double yay!

abortion is one of the few things that has slowed down the brown hordes
The only time to talk about removing abortion is when America is White again.

here's hoping that the Supreme Court declares all affirmative action to be unconstitutional
Honestly, do this
the insanity has gone on far too long

for the triple bar dream prize:
here's hoping that the Supreme Court declares that only Whites can be US citizens, as was originally intended.
Yeah, and a gold meteor will gently crash into my driveway.

BUT, how many of them are a result of "white" whores getting shitted by jamal?

yeah, whatever
that's why the posters here (minus the numerous shills) call out the kikes and White genocide all the time.
right, schlomo?

That's not another slot, but it does make one we have last longer.

The kind of complex emotion only user can feel

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When you have one side (our enemies) that subvert the government by making activistic decisions to serve political purposes and another side (the nominally right-wing) that just wants to follow the rules wherever they lead, you're in a losing fight. We need guys who will throw legal principles out the window just as hard as any 9th circuit faggot to do what needs to be done.


The last time Trump appointed someone to the supreme court we got Neil 'Fascism Forever' Gorsuch, so I'm not exactly worried

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Pence really was a great pick. He is like M.A.D. for leftist.

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How many fucking times have we heard this guy is retiring before? I want Ginsberg to die.

One of the greatest moves of the campaign. Plus the memes for Pence are some of my favorites.

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From CTR to Shareblue, you shills are as always, easy to spot.

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I have seen her up close and personally. I really don't know how that bitch lives STILL today when she LITERALLY LOOKED DEAD just a few years go. She had multiple people helping her just walk.

She is the worst of the worst. Complete kike white genocider man hater you name it, and on the SUPREME FUCKING COURT FOR YEARS ensuring kikery is esconced forever in the law.

INA 1965

All the Pence shilling comes about because deep state is trying to install Pence.

Nice try satan, you get the filter

She's probably been receiving the same emergency fetus sacrifices as McCain. If McCain's any indication, it's not working too well.

I know you're just joking, but Garrison is a faggot r_donald libertarian who only got famous because his shitty cartoons got edited, just like the pepe cucktoornist.

He's a useful idiot and that's it.
Bump for good news tho.

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We are everywhere, user

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Lol. The second I point out why deep state is promoting Pence, I get a response from a single-post deep-stater telling me no, no they are not promoting Pence, and I need to be silenced!

Please look in the mirror and ask yourself if you want to continue to be evil.

Anyone put in now will be on that bench for decades to come. Kennedy is old as fuck, as many of the current SC judges are, which potentially sets Trump up to put in a new roster of people who can hold those positions and stonewall DNC shenanigans for the next several presidents.

Kennedy is a rat. We'll be a better nation with him gone.

checking these digits. praise kek and hiel hitler.

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you're not trying very hard


Isn't he conservative though? Trump cannot improve here, just keep quo.

He's a major defender of faggots

Mix of that and the sudden surge of ex CIA niggers contesting seats for the dems this year.

We, frankly, need to dig on the CIAniggers they're propping up for elections. They probably correctly think that, if they do any vote fixing, that if they do it for a mid-term election, most people won't notice. They're appealing to uneducated blue-collar normies with 'muh military service'. We need to make the inevitable vote fixing look as unsettling as possible, or at least dissuade them with a strong change in public opinion. As always, keep an eye out for vote kikery.

Yep. And people are so focused on the 2nd amendment (which they would basically dismantle) that they are completely ignoring another issue that is just as important: Lefties are out there right now literally, non-ironically arguing against the 1st amendment.

"hate speech isn't free speech" they say.

Had hillary been elected, and had the court gone the way you describe, we would absolutely get laws outlawing things like criticizing Religion of Cuck™. Those laws would be challenged and the case would go to the supreme court, and the court would say, "well you know, hate speech isn't free speech."

That is the the scariest timeline I can imagine. And we were so close to going down that road.

You're not doing a very good job convincing me to join your cult of personality. Give me one (1) good reason to not have even an ounce of skepticism for a man whose true intention you don't even know?

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>Give me one (((1))) reason to support Trump, goyim.
Because our eternal enemies hate his fucking guts. They scheme against him daily, and their pets in the MSM have been making war against him since the Historic Escalator Ride. He can't be all bad, and JIDF shills like you have been singularly unsuccessful in sowing disloyalty here.
Shoo shoo

His first nominee is the only person on the court who isn't a kike or papist.

The only caveat has to be that they're a lawyer, right? He should appoint Ann Coulter.

See, that's the thing. I can't figure out a single ulterior motive from him. He can't be in it for riches, he's lost over a billion dollars in net worth already. It can't be a scandal he wants to cover up, as any potentially damaging scandal has already come to light. It can't be wanting his family to have political power as there's no way in hell the Dems will let them keep it. For the longest time I thought he was in it only to help Israel but even that doesn't make sense as his actions, while appearing to be good for them on the surface, have only really made them more of a target. If you still doubt that he's not a ZOG puppet, just look at how much Rothschild money is going against him.
Maybe he's nobody's puppet. Maybe he's such a wild card simply because he's the only one with a genuine desire to help America.
I could be wrong, of course, but I can't see any other possibility being very realistic.

Nigger they tried co-opting the boards blatantly and have mods steer discussion. But then an exodus happens and they have even more shit to co-opt. They would much rather be in control and let shills run rampant. This way they can ban the most dangerous dissent/leaks.(kike)

No one is saying that the users here arent WN. Even some mods are too.
But dont get it wrong, a fucking mason owns the site.

I wasn't sure if Gorsuch is a shabbos goy or not, I feel a little better if he isn't.

Only time can tell. I hope he's another Andrew Jackson who will kill the bank and release the kikes hold on America once more, but I can't help but fear that It's all just a show to keep us complacent a little longer.

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If I were a Supreme Court judge, I'd retire right before midterm elections happen to give the right an impetus to go out and vote.


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How are these things supreme court justices? Fucking lol.


Free speech means there’s no such thing as hate speech. The statement that hate speech isn’t free speech doesn’t matter, because we only have free speech here in the US. Don’t like it? There’s other countries that already fulfill your desire for regulating thought.

Big Smiles! Big Smiles!

Except he appointed Gorsuch, who isn't.

Trump needs to nominate Ron Paul. THAT would be guaranteed to make the powers that be shit themselves in panic.

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