Japanese towns struggle to deal with an influx of new arrivals: wild boars

Japanese towns struggle to deal with an influx of new arrivals: wild boars

HIRAIZUMI, Japan— Rapidly shrinking towns and cities across Japan are experiencing a population explosion. Not an explosion of humans, though. An explosion in wild boar numbers.



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Open carry spears when

Oh. How horrible.
Free food. Oh, no. Anything but that.

Free sweet and sour pork.


Japanese towns are depopulating, which is a very concerning trend, user. Globalists will use this as en excuse to force Japan to take in more 3rd world migrants.

Wild pigs are a fucking menace to the ecology. Here in Florida there aren't even laws on how you kill them. They're doing so much damage to agriculture that as long as you don't burn the forest down or set off a geiger counter, the government gives absolutely no fucks about how you get them. Just get them.

They aren't going to put middle easterner camps in the zone

Better pigs than niggers.


More like the globalists are depopulating the country side with their polices.

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thank you for this, I know what I must do

kill them all


that depends on whether or not they are a native part of the wildlife
pigs are not native to the US
They are, iirc, native to Japan
thus not a "menace"
but rather a healthy component of a recovering ecosystem


I see this claim all over, but
it is Evolution
the women who are genetically driven to reproduce will find a suitable man and do so
the women who are not, will not
it is a sorting algorithm of "motherhood" instinct
the daughters of those mothers will be more likely to choose motherhood as well.

I predict that, if left alone, the problem will solve itself in a few more generation
The key, of course, is telling the globalists and their brown hordes to fuck off.
to all you "Japs aren't White" shills:
yes, they are not White
but they are a noble cousin race to Whites

stay strong Japan

Oy vey Miyamoto, looks like you need diversity to deal with those boars huh

the is no real need for these towns to be depopulated
japan has enough people, their government could easily just enact policies to encourage people to move to these towns
man if i could id love to spear and bow and arrow hunt boars in wrecked abandonned jap towns

A small Japanese town managed to double its fertility rate in just 9 years:

Time to take a vacation to Japan to go boar hunting. I'm literally salivating right now.

Know what helps against boars? Rifles.
Too bad it's basically impossible to get a hold of a proper rifle in nipland and shotguns just piss them off.

oh yes, it's totally achievable even on just the local government level
Imagine what wonders could be achieved on the national level with tax cuts and subsidies
I saw a documentary the other day about a jap school class with only one student
29 students in a school built to hold 1200 in some random town
there is no need for infinite growth, but redistributing the overpopulated city population into the towns to at least keep the infrastructure going is not only achievable but i find a bare neccesity to have a semblance of national self interest

How tasty is wild boar meat ?

I hear tell it's kinda nasty if you don't start butchering the animal after bleeding it, right after killing it. Also parasites.


It's enough to do a few cuts to make sure the meat where the legs meet the body and the shoulders are properly aerated and the chest opened.
(This also goes for any animal, as those parts remain too warm and therefore breed bacteria if not cooled down)
Parasites are easily removed by putting it in the freezer for a while.

Im starting to thing that wild boar problems are natures way of warning people to prepare

I know guys that capture them and feed them clean food for a couple weeks to flush the gameyness out of them supposedly it works

Well yes user. That's where pigs came from

This isn't anything new. Hell that gag anime Sabagebu did an entire episode that did a 180 tone shift half way through and became a PSA about the importance of gun ownership and hunting in Japan to help control wild animal population since they cost billions of yen in damages to lost crops every year. Episode seven if anyone is interested. It was pretty funny watching all the soyboys on /a/ piss and moan about how they were glorifying guns in a series about airshit.

Wild boar meat (left) used for a stew dish at the restaurant Takinoya in Hakone that brings out its umami flavor; the delicious meat melts in the mouth and does not have any gamey smell because of how the hunters carefully prepare it. A stew of horse and deer meet (right) served at the restaurant Hamakō in Yokohama; the dish is served with raw egg, much like sukiyaki. Wild boar has long been loved in Japan. This delicacy can be enjoyed in Tokyo at the long-established restaurant Momonjiya, which serves a lunch special of boar meat over rice.

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Sage for unrelated bantz that I almost never have a reason to post since the Crimean conflict stopped being news.

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I've seen guys in Texas mow them down in droves from a helicopter.

Wow, so fucking informative flappy, great fucking OP. You bring so much quality here. Shall we take turns sucking you off now for this? Fucking moron.

Your demoralizing needs work, Chaim. Maybe Papa Brock will schedule you for some retraining later?

Eat shit kike. You will never be white or welcome here.

Fun fact. Boar are not easy to kill.
Even with modern fancy ass bows they're difficult to put down. Guns too

Fairly small target zones, fast, thick strong muscle and bone that could standin for body armour if you fail to hit the perfect angle.

Traditionally the boar was hunted with spears. Because hitting it with an arrow would just piss it off.
You ever notice how European spears have those bits sticking out of the sides just below the tip? A design feature taken from boar hunting spears, without them the boar would quite happily just keep going, meaning even if you'd stabbed the boar with your spear he might just keep going and get you anyways.
Also. Boar can typically recover from almost anything that doesn't kill them outright.

So a lot of those boar those Texans shot from a choppa?
Probably wandered off afterwards and recovered.

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Those Texas boys having so much fun chopper hunting are the reason we have the menace in the first place. Guys go hunting, use their ars for the first time in a live multi target shoot and get hooked. They go home and get the bright idea, why don't I release some on to land near me?

It's one of those unspoken things like high school girls prostituting themselves. We could tackle it head on but how many guys in any town are secretly enjoying this, no matter the overall societal cost?

Obviously this is good training for the genocide they will need to do soon.

That just means you need bigger guns.

What the fuck happened to boars lately? First a half-hour wild boar rampage in some shithole Arab city's mosque, now this? Reminds me of another attack in Constantinople a few years back. Made some OC to celebrate that even. Based boars.

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That's like coyotes up here in NJ. You can shoot em, trap em, hit em with your car, doesn't matter. They kill so many deers that the population is actually declining after years of booming.

Posting a few more ebin boar banners.

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That's all, lel.

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I recall hearing a while back about a hunter in the US who got his leg torn up by a boar after he shot it in the head with a .50, thought it was dead and got close then it just went for him.
Idiot had shot it in the head and hadn't got the angle right, so all he'd done was take a good chunk of the hide and meat off the top of its head but left its skull and brain almost unharmed.

Poor thing was probably concussed and wondering what the fuck had just happened.

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Well, Japan has all the ingredients they need to construct nuclear capable ICBMs, and could have an arsenal of up to 100 missiles within a year.

With global range.


Sausages are top tier, meat is slightly above average beef.
However at the cost of ammo you don't have reasons to complain.

The government and corporations literally work their salarymen to death with pointlessly long hours, not even letting them go home even when the work is done.

They could pass laws forbidding that stuff, and strongarm the corporations into accepting it, and forcing the work hours to be 50 hours a week, and no more, no exceptions. It even allows for 12hr swing shifts of 36/48 hour weeks.

Bam, instant rise in birth rate because their is actually time for the men and women to fuck.

My dad used to take me hunting them with a knife and a .45 years ago. It isn't that bad if you aren't messing with a bunch of them and they don't have underbrush to ambush you.

Those things are surprisingly lethal. I've seen slavshit blood sport videos where they sic a pitbull on a large boar. Within 20 seconds the dog is pretty much emptied onto the dirt.


It is inappropriate stewardship of the land. Ruining local ecology for fun is nigger tier.

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Boars are harder to kill than niggers.

free foods.

Its also fucking great for you. Shit is very dense and healthy to eat, Imma big man, I can eats lots. I eat two small fajita's of wild boar meat with no fixings and Im stuffed for hours. Small ones, not big old texmex super burritos, but stuff barely fill your palm portions. Only drawback is the long cook time, but you can prep that shit and toss it in before work and be ready to eat by hometime. Wild pigs are awesome.

If you told the japs the kitties and rabbits were being killed by the boars they would do tsujigiri on the fuckers.

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japan lacks hunters because of the gun restrictions, it is not illegal to own a gun but it is very difficult to get one. Hunters have been dying out for awhile now, there is a big push for hunters to kill wild boar so much that every boar killed gives a tax deduction.

I honestly wonder if a foreigner could register to be a specialized hunter for boars. I would sell them my soul to spend all day hunting boars with a bow. Just pay me in JoJo Merch and prostitutes that look like DIO. I can eat all the boar and drink from the rivers like a real japanesy.

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That would be a pretty sweet gig.
You'd essentially be a government employee. Nice and stable gig.


Making it an act would be fun too, wear a loincloth and pretend to be a caveman that protects the village.

Slant eye 1
"Who's that man grunting and beating his chest in the woods all day? He's always eating raw meat and playing drums."

Dirty Jap 2
"Some fucking gaijin the government hired to kill all the boars. He lives in a cave and plays with JoJo toys, we have to pay him in prostitutes and toys."

Slimy no-good fishmongrel 1
"But there are no boars here."

*Rice-eating manlet 2 clasps his hands around his face and weeps as his son puts on a yellow wig and vampire teeth and ascends to the caves above their town.

this is interesting

the boars are taking the space of humans

its almost like the japanese way of life is being inherited by the pigs, like the japanese population is being transfigured into swine as a punishment for their submission to the jew

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I've already seen these hentais.

Is turning Japs into Pigs Kosher?

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Deer are natural to the US, and overpopulation absolutely does damage the environment. What the fuck are you talking about, nigger?

Hogs are the 4th most intelligent animals in the world. They're not only tusked and heavy, they know how to fight too. That's part of the reason people enjoyed hunting them so much throughout history.

You're such a fucking nigger.

Maybe I'll go there and help. I'll leave my superior European genetics behind to improve their gene pool too, as a parting gift.

Fucking faggot.

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9/10 hunting, would get 10 if Ride of the Valkyries was playing

I feel like if I go to the youtube comment section I won't be disappointed. Let's see how many mental infants there are. Although it's not a "oh muh gerd so cute kitty cat," so maybe not. They laugh when snakes are killed, so…

You apparently don't understand what a "pussy" is.

Hunting them from the air is the very definition of pussy.

We're not talking about bears, we're talking about fucking small, stupid boars. They're not exactly dangerous to any mildly competent, semi-intelligent person. I'd rather shoot them from a helicopter too. Looks fun.

if we implemented this scheme in Europe it would be great, but the problem is muslimes would take advantage and replicate like rats

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fug yea

Tell me more about delicious goat cock, achmed.

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Godspeed boar kun.

Probably doesn't know how to clean it right. It's good eatin'. I just want to fly in with a helicopter while listening to Fortunate Son and pretend I'm shooting gooks in a rice field.

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If it were sport hunting, I'd agree, but, for the purpose of eradication, it's much more humane and responsible than the poison Texas officials are considering using.


Of course, I see they are now considering using sodium nitrite as an alternative, however, I am not familiar with how efficient that is.


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Humane? I don't care about that. Helicopters are fucking stupid.

Balloons are a better option, and legal now.

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Hot air balloons and high-power firearms sounds like a recipe for hilarity. :^)
But, honestly, with as bumpy as helicopters are, a balloon seems a much better platform for aiming.

Wow G*d fucking bless America.

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The land of Japan itself makes itself less appealing to Muslims by generating more pigs. I guess Princess Mononoke is going to become real.

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Poisoning should never be used unless you want to wreck the rest of the ecosystem or can guarantee you get all the animals before others feast or the chemicals leach into the ground.

As real as those trips, boyo.

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Bump for the next emu war

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I've seen plenty of seemingly crazy things here that were true but that post is fucking retarded. Adjust your diet and sleep schedule.

dude i swear by the butthole shot it's super effective. whenever i go on the prowl with my 22 i always aim for the butthole. it's all about shot placement. watch how he drops. dead before he hits the ground. always aim for the butthole guys you never lose.

Have the Russians already made their Ukrainian jokes yet?

There we go.

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Prooster was a good meme.
Captch: cykobl
So close

This post makes me very uncomfortable.

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what animeme is this from?

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