Khazar Infiltrator in Japan

Japan Times is the Largest English Language paper in Japan.

What should be done with this Ashkenazim infiltrator? He makes all White people in Japan look bad, as if we want to make Japan a nigger-Muslim shithole like the formerly white countries we left.

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Japan needs to find it's Samurai roots again and kill them all. The Jew Fears the Samurai.

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TFW even Japanese cyberpunk dystopia London in better than reality.

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Looks like London to me lad.

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What was he thinking.

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I assume you mean "the beginning" of GitS?

(((Japan Times)))
Nothing new for this site, really, It's always leftist/globalist shit.

I'd like to think in my heart that there are still people in Japan that aren't fond of the way the Meiji Restoration took place and all the changes it brought about.

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The molting scene yes.

Redpill me on the Meigi Restoration.

At this point if I recall my GitS worldlore right the UK has undergone something of a renaissance in terms of its power, capabilities and global influence. Stepping to fill in some of the void the USA left.
Pushing the possibilities in terms of cyborg troops and special forces. To the point where everyone is all "fuck yes the bongs are holding a bunch of lectures on this shit, SEND ALL OUR PEEPS!" which is why Aramaki and the Major were in the UK to begin with.

You say "redpill me" but, at least from what I've read, it's not like there's a lot of stuff that's been struck from the pages of history regarding Perry's actions and the metaphorical gun the US held pointed towards Japan's head. If you mean whether or not there's a Jew somewhere down the line that was involved, well, that's a given.

I mean, it's not like anyone thinks that one day Japan suddenly decided to end their Sakoku policy because they felt like it.

I thought you meant the head-a-explode scene.

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fuck off reddit learn to make a proper op or stay the fuck OUT

'Sup Jew. I fixed it for you~

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They are “marginalized” because they are shitheads that want to remake Japan into San Francisco, complete with “rich diversity” and ethnic enclaves that refuse to adapt. That being said, the (((Japan Times))) has always been a leftist rag.

This faggot calls the truth "trolling"

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Why does this faggot weeb want to destroy the culture he idolizes? That's a long fucking con if it was all part of his plan.

Because he's a kike.

Tokugawa Shogunate had no teeth. They should have invaded korea and Philippines a long time before Spain had a chance. Possibly colonized western US.

Ehhh who cares there not White. Japan can worry about itself seeing as there government allow vans full of Japs yelling insults at foreigners on the streets especially Whites calling them White devils in Japanese.

So focus on the White countries first.

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Why do you think zuckerberg has married a disgustingly hideous slant instead of an objectively beautiful ashkenazi girl?

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They should be dumped in cesspits where they belong or driven to suicide, preferrably in a way and place that doesn't involve a lot of clean up.

Peaceful commodore Matthew Perry just wanted to trade with Japan and they said no due to their policy at the time, so using cannons he implored them to open up, which prompted Japan to modernize technologically by hiring best foreigners the West had to offer in order to make sure nobody with bad intentions actually succeeds in attacking Japan with Conquest in mind.
Also the Samurai (minority class with monopoly over violence) were abolished physically but turned into role models and exemplars of virtue for everyone to follow.

Because he's a jew and he hates it for being the exact opposite of what he stands for.

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I thought he married a chink to emigrate to China like the rest of the Communists and kikes that want to destroy America, not to infiltrate Japan, but then again Chinese are just yellow jews given the shit they push in SE Asia.

Alright, buckle up for an extremely simplified history lesson from a Japanon who has had some formal education regarding modern Japanese history but not ancient;

Japan as a unified nation did not formally exist before the Meiji period; previous to this had existed the Edo period, a period of relative peace, culminating in both economic and political stability under the Tokugawa Shogunate’s rule had existed. The Tokugawa shogunate’s influence and rule encompassed most, if not all, of the land that we know as Japan today, though to call this the “Japanese nation” is akin to calling the German states, the “German nation”, before the unification in 1871. If we look back further, you have almost 600 years vague union of Samurai clans and various regional powers coming together to form a political and military unions, with the strongest and most competent family and/or Samurai leader holding real power, both militarily and politically, over much of the island.

From most historical accounts, the actual rule of the Imperial family started from the 4th century AD, and lasted to the 10th century AD in which rule by an Imperial court was laid. Towards the end of it, by various noble families would be in control of various portions of the power structure; these nobles would start slacking off and go around arsing about and doing nothing, and they hired Samurai to look after and guard their estates and interests. However these Samurai would go onto create clans of their own and by the early part of the 11th century, these Samurai clans clashed with the nobility and came out victorious, thereby creating a rule by Samurai, and the clan leaders would be called Shoguns. While this lasted until the Meiji period, the Imperial family held an important symbolic role, in which they acted as the “God” that gave the various Shogunates legitimacy, or divine right.

I’ll skip a few centuries to the Edo period, in which most, if not all, of Japan’s islands were brought under the rule of a single dynasty. The Tokugawa Shogunate had brought an end to a war that lasted nearly hundreds of years, and brought about 200 years of uninterrupted peace to the island. In this time, culture flourished, the various families given enough power to be happy, but not enough to rebel. The Edo period also saw the closing off of its nation to foreign nations through Sakoku, or the closing of the nation, except for a handful China, the Dutch, Korea of nations. The few people who were allowed to have contact with these foreigners were those closest to the Shogunate, and scholars who were allowed to read books from these nations.


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The late Edo Period saw several famines and other natural disasters and economic depressions that shook the stability of the Tokugawa rule. Meanwhile, the arrival of foreign ships other than Dutch, the realisation that the Dutch were no longer a significant power in Europe, and the news of the Chinese defeat in the Opium wars spread to most of the Samurai clans under the Shogunate, and opened up the eyes of many regional clans to the threat of a foreign invasion. Furthermore, the Tokugawa Shogunate lost prestige when Perry and his Black ships showed up right at the doorstep of the Shogunate, effectively opening up the nation to foreign trade, and foreign invasion. While the Tokugawa Shogunate had to swallow unfair treaties, there was an air of distrust and rebellion against the Shogunate. To the cultured and intellectual, and among the samurai of the clans snubbed by the Tokugawa Shogunate, there existed plans to seize power by urging the Emperor to disavow the Tokugawa Shogunate. This culminated in the relatively peaceful handing over of power by the Shogunate to the Imperial family, which is today, called the Meiji Restoration. Under this new system, the Emperor once again held an influential (note influential) role in all political, military, diplomatic, and domestic matters. Under the Emperor was the parliament and the government, and from there, most people were equal to one another. The political system is similar to that of the First German Reich as envisioned by Bismarck, and to some extent, the British parliamentary system.

The Meiji restoration was Japan embracing Nationalism and her first step in uniting under the Japanese nation, and swearing loyalty to Japan and the Emperor instead of clans and shoguns. The entire nation was united under a desire to maintain their essence and history as Japanese, while taking in the necessary and best parts of foreign cultures. Those opposed to this fought honourably, with the prime example being Saigo Takamori and his samurai who fought with the government forces. In my opinion, the Meiji restoration brought about a paradigm shift for Japan, that was inevitable. It worked out well, thanks to the ideals of 和魂洋才 (Japanese Spirit, European Ingenuity) and 富国強兵 (Prosperous Nation, Strong Soldiers); we beat China, and Russia, and within sixty years of the restoration, we became a formidable power on the world stage. Although this is a digression, this success gave to the Japanese a sense of superiority and hubris that probably played a role in the brash and brazen decisions taken by the military during the Second World War.


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6 is the best. 6 is a meme lord and the kind of girl a father wants to have. too bad they'll all turn out whores regardless, thats why i dont want to have kids

matthew 19:12



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…is that reviewbrah?

Is that you Adolf-sama?

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Or he's just a Jew.

Since Cromwell let the Jews back way back when, I wouldn't be surprised if they wormed their way into the royalty.

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Bumping in good faith

Thus the propaganda will at most reach foreigners living in Japan and hapless weeaboos.

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>(((Japan Times)))
redpill me on the Genki textbook. It’s pretty shit in my limited experience, but every college seems to use it. Anything better out there?



Serious question, you took than loan from jews (you know, when you destroyed ruskie fleets) knowing what will happen?

Does nobody remember the massive raid that took place against this guy on 7chan many years ago? The one where 2ch, and god knows how many other boards from across the world banded together to fuck with this guy? The one where a bunch of the DDOS programs were conceived? I can't even find any mention of this and I'm wondering if I'm going insane and it was all part of my imagination.

But anyway, this guy has been known for ages and he's gone nowhere. He tried to stir up some shit when he went out of his way to find a bathouse that wouldn't allow gaijin in, but unlike amerikwa the nips don't really give a shit about sibil rights.

took the words out of my mouth

no it's julius evola


What a fag. There are lots of places in Japan that don’t want foreigners because the proprietors don’t want to deal with people who can’t speak the language and (((certain ethnicities))) have a reputation for being more trouble than they’re worth. I went in a store like that once (I didn’t see the sign). I just told the owner I wanted to buy stuff but I could leave if he didn’t want my money, and when I showed him that we could communicate he was happy to let me shop.

Most places, especially in Tokyo, are just fine with foreign customers. He could have gone to any one of the literal tens of thousands of bath houses that don’t ban foreign customers, but instead he tried to gather evidence to write a hit piece because he’s a slimy fucking Jew who would look for ways to undermine any country he lived in except Israel.

>David Aldwinckle
oh boy, this shit-ass again.
this fucker cries about racism in japan due to places banning foreigners and also sued 2ch a couple times.


Hello everyone,
This is Running On Empty,
World review!

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You forgot to mention that Jake "muh boryokudan" Adelstein is still around.

Archive links:

I used to be interested in moving to Japan, and I found this guy's site about 10 years ago, he's utterly irrelevant. He was for a time a near Chris-chan level lolcow (constantly approving obviously fake troll comments on his blog, defending himself on other blogs with fake accounts that were obviously him). There was a site called devoted to chronicling his retardation, but I don't know what remains of it now.
Also he doesn't even live in Japan, anymore. During that big earthquake and the fallout (some of it literal), he was in Canada but wrote newspaper articles as if he was in Tokyo.