A "White Male" by the name "Blake" has been targetted and attacked by his "Communist" teacher and the University team. His crime? Refusing to be humiliated in front of 100s of people! Take your time and read his story, he had to take a MANDATORY "Religious" class in order to graduate, in that class they were forced to watch a 15 minute+ Trans rights video and get educated on "Evil white males".

When Blake voiced his opinion on why he thinks this was wrong, he was thrown out of class and threatened to be kicked out and fail to graduate. Now here comes to the vilest piece you can hear, he was given an option and what an option it was!

His only option is that he will need to stand in front of his whole class and apologise for being a "Straight WHITE male", after which he will be subject to humiliation by the students and the teacher for the sheer fact that he was born as a "White male".

Help us spread this, everyone needs to know what's happening across American TAX funded institutions so that others can speak out.

Help us get this trending on facebook and twitter by sharing and reposting with #ClassWar

Contact the student for interviews at [email protected]

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Other urls found in this thread:


Generation Zyklon; Right again!

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I'd bet my life savings the professor is a kike.

Share these and bump these posts ASAP new Operation facebook.com/DfShills/posts/420216575081225 twitter.com/Millenniel…/status/972202079661027329

Send it to Tucker.

THIS. If he isn't going to cover it already, this NEEDS to get to him. Is it as simple as a Fox News tip email or Twitter? If so, we better rev up those sock puppets.

Op is a faggot his name is LAKE INGLE!!! Not Blake. kek

Attached: IMG_0321.JPG (604x340, 44.46K)

thats a bad bet, user
the so-called professor could easily be a hardcore liberal

but you should look into it anyway

Oh look, the Marxist "struggle session" brainwashing technique has made its debut.

Especially since hes doing his "male advocacy" thing or whatever this week. Fits the bill to a T.

He/his family is not suing why?

they are

we need more media attention

perhaps they're liberals too, and are ashamed of their son

Many professors are the shabbosest of shabbos goyim.

Also, from kikepedia (en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Struggle_session):

It's the Bolshevik/Marxist jew brigade. The reds are here, they're queer, and we need to gas them before they turn us into Soviet Union 2.0.

Reminder that if you send your child to communist education camp you're letting the kikes abuse your children.

He thinks that’s humiliating? Sorry user, I can’t take this shit seriously. Some of us have endured far worse than having to be told he’s an evil white male.

Why would you want white men to be forced to keep their mouths shut while trannies and niggers get to say how evil we are?

Sounds like someone flunked at the Film Your Marxist Professor operation. Get it all on tape ans in writing and then just sue the shit out of them - it beats working for a living.

Decent chance he's just a conservative normalfag that's not even aware of it.

You can easily find the professor by googling the class name and University name in the letter image… And her email.

He should use it as an oppurtunity to expose the jew and encourage resistance. Even if he gets kicked out, the jew has to deal with the fallout. He should also sue the school and the professor personally.

If you’re asking me why, then you have no idea what’s actually happening in the world right now. There’s a literal war going on in almost every major city in the country right now. The Civil War started in the ‘80’s. It just hasn’t hit the media or gone hot yet.

You should support those on your side in that war.

On my side? Who’s on my side exactly? I have no peers. I am not sure who you think you’re talking to, but I am not involved.

Here's a good template for an apology.

Wars have sides, you can't on one hand say that there's a war going on and then on the other say that you're uninvolved and have no peers.

Holy shit

Filthy leftist here. It's shit like like that makes wish the right wing death squads would get off their asses and do some commie purging.

Rolling for Tucker.
Would be great, doesn't he have a special month on white males or something? I'm sure this would fit right in there.

The kike bitch.


All these jews looking to get a kvetch in before temple

Doesn't look like a kike, more like a horribly brainwashed cultist… or a tranny. How the fuck was this creature allowed near a teaching institution?

Attached: Alison.jpg (477x599, 82.78K)

Attached: NeoMarxistProfessor.png (1738x1266, 1.65M)

get retweeting at tuckerson




meme responsibly. I would recommend some old fashion Friedkorps treatment, but I've got a feeling she will be her own demise.

Attached: school shooter..jpg (319x373 8.93 KB, 54.69K)


film everything, get a fuckton of spycams in pen, key-fobs, belt-buckle, glasses, and have him and some friends wear them
video and sound quality may be sub-par on spy-cams, but with several sources we have the means to produce high quality rendering revealing many details
THEN he can sue the shit out of everybody who participated in this insult to education

the guy would have to be coached/supported by friends however, the psychological pressure will be significant

Jesus user. Repair your jewdar, for christ sake. That goblin have at least 8 ashkenazi/neanderthal traits, starting with "wiener face". Pure fucking kike.
t. classifier

Attached: neanderthal abomination.jpg (768x1024, 82.41K)

Also. We call that tipe of a jew "spinerjew". Frog mouth, joker smile, etcetra…

Attached: neanderthal female.jpg (399x600 82.78 KB, 41.98K)

He should tell them to gas themselves, heil in class and march off, never to return.
Also topkek, the prof is a downie.

Fucking this. Body cams are a must.

So … not really a white male, not really called Blake, his teacher wasn't really a communist, and the video wasn't really about evil white males. He was asked to apologize tongue-in-cheek for not really being white, and he was targeted because he wasn't white.

Stop using quotation marks if you don't know how to use them.

Pack some kike gear, pretend you're a kike, call the ADL. It's causing a shit storm with Farrakhan. We can out play kikes.

Maoist struggle session.

SJWS are the maoism bend of commies.

The punishment the student is facing is literally a Communist Struggle Session.


Attached: Struggle Session.jpg (660x660, 65.5K)

My buddy went there. It's a shithole.

>At this time, disabled by mental illness, he lives in an AA recovery house, surviving on Supplemental Security Income of $740.00/month and SNAP food allotments.

>I usually enjoy our weekly visits, during which we sit at a coffee shop or do an errand. But I never know how he will be doing. When he is doing poorly, my own tendency to depression means that being present as best I can, even for just a few hours, to his deep suffering may utterly deplete me for the rest of the day or several days following.

This creature is allowed to teach others.

Thank kek for no dubs.

She has serious problems. It should be no surprise to me at this point but part of still thinks some #imwither bots had a brain. This woman is insane. She should not be teaching others. Absooute lunacy.

Not even trying to be subtle anymore Schlomo?

Attached: 1432017156220-0.png (800x764, 426.71K)

One of the comments

I would recommend a book ‘verbal abuse – how to recognise it and how to respond’ by Patricia Evan’s.

If you did challenge them, it might end up with them focusing on why you are not smiling as opposed to anything they’ve done wrong.

They absolutely sick minded.

if i ever have kids i'm gonna buy them an apartment and make them live in it for a year or two before i pay for their school, and send them money every month. they can do whatever the hell they want, get a job, go out and party every day, become a drug dealer, get into art, but at the end of two years they don't get a penny more from me unless they're going to school or learning a trade or working, and if they're working i'd still try to get them to go to school or learn a real trade if they're working something like retail or waiting tables. the place will be in a slightly shitty neighborhood, not enough that it's really dangerous but enough so they have first hand experience with every variety of shitskin and tweaker.

that way their minds are fully developed before the final stage of brainwashing and they know what real life is really like before some kike professor can fill their heads with bullshit, plus as a worst-case scenario two years isn't enough time to become a full blown heroin addict or something.

I fucked this comment up. Here is the full comment.

This is a real person, alive today…somewhere in my United States of America. Makes me angry.

Their whole schtick hinges on your being conversant with their neologisms and redefinition of commonly accepted terms and words.

It's literally Newspeak.

...and they all somehow got doctorates. The system is rigged against us, user. Theirs no white man in history that would sit around and listen to, let alone study, this absolute verbal vomit.

The fact that she teaches others is ultra insanity. Something must be done.

Attached: 781926d754c109b55a319784991b1e4ce18b31fc240f7b0262eb2c0503db6041.jpg (467x453, 85.73K)

I want to help him but honestly if someone is this stupid they are probably just going to get in deep shit again as soon as this is over. I don't have the time or the patience to babysit this fool.

Reminds me of this shit.

Attached: Strange Course Description.png (1672x875 867.6 KB, 301.5K)

Must figure out way to discredit & destroy brainwashing camps. Modern university needs to be financially destroyed…

Blacks hate successful Asians more than whites because they prove that America isn't racist.

I wish they would have tried this shit so openly when I was in school I would have caught them of campus I would have clowned them infront of the entire class then found them off campus and assisted in their heart felt suicide by hanging from a lamppost.

Attached: 3201253974_e4e1f79f5e_z.jpg (1280x720 123.55 KB, 90.08K)

Theoretically speaking, what if someone cut that shylock's cunt's nose off and let her bleed out in front of the class?

WHAT IF? Theoretical question only

leave the nose so everyone knows the corpse is a kike

Actually, yes, yes, it is.

Hitler was 34 year old.

I will be 34 years old in November 2020.

Attached: Affirmative Action_in Action.jpg (1574x829 46.52 KB, 73.61K)

but they (lefties or whatever) feel free to tell us what to do/ say/ think all the time

God Damn Hypocritical Bitches

Anything good in this world they want torn down, defiled, and destroyed

She actually wanted to MURDER people for being happy.
What a monster

but they force their leftist/ marxist/ jewish "verbal abuse" (that actually is abusive) on everyone around all the time
a constant stream

we are an occupied nation
and the "people" pulling the strings will not stop until everything good and decent in this world is ash

You almost can't blame her - she is a monster, but she was not born a monster.
This world made her into what she is, this sick world overcome by the influence of a parasitic evil - and so the evil must be broken, this world must be destroyed, and rebuilt, remade in the image of Beauty.
Thus is the Will of the Divine.

Attached: Imperial Eversori.jpg (1472x9336 274.51 KB, 3.48M)

Literally what in the fuck?

This is a grand idea. You know what to do.

The fuck are you doing here, kike? We've fucking proven this shit already.

This this this. It's the same fucking shit everywhere you look. Kikes and their communist goons trying to brainwash everyone in universities and abusing the "education" system to enforce their bullshit on everyone, by threatening the young by withholding their degrees that they paid for, from them. I'm the OP from that thread, I'll help how I can if it can be done.

Don't forget Crowder either. Pretty popular in the slightly-edgy crowd.

Most whites I see lately are sucking up Ben Shapiros slop.
Tucker is good, but that kike is getting their minds,

Semites are Homo Sapiens + Homo Neanderthalensis hybrids. Middle and Near East were areas of mixing/hybridisation.
You should know better. Ask your rabi. Or read some honest jew literature. Or even better. Search for 2010 Svante Paabo&Krause (Max Planck Institute) research. It shows, Middle East is 20% - 40% Neanderthal admixed, while North Europa 0%.
Educate yourself and be proud of your Neanderthal heritage, David.

Attached: hebrew.jpg (706x706 66.03 KB, 291.01K)

Attached: Palestine neanderthal-Amud cave.jpg (672x900 71.83 KB, 71.23K)

You've proven shit. Neanderthals had the highest encephalization index among all hominids and semites have the typical brachycephalic sandnigger cranial capacity of 1300 ccm.

Pilipul is too general a term for when white presenting jews tell whites to self harm.

We need a new one.


Why hide the name when we can easily find it with the course name with univ. name?

kys pedophile

Well, Kikeanon, are you sure you know what is cephalic index and what is cranial capacity?
Sure JIDF can provide someone with basic anthropological knowledge…

Attached: shalom David.jpg (602x600, 67.4K)

holy fuck that nose…
Neanderthals breeding with cromags = modern europeans.

You're going to need to directly cite the info for this claim.

Attached: goy.jpg (591x320, 51.93K)

The point is to convince someone of bullshit double standards, not worship of (((Milo))). How dumb can you be?

And here's another stupid fucking nigger that can't into arguments and redpills. You faggots are the reason we still have shit like OP going on.

Prof. Dr. Svante Pääbo&Prof. Dr. Johannes Krause, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Archive, European Ancestral Genetic contribution.
You will need some serious academic credentials. It is well hidden.

Attached: proto jew.jpg (736x1078, 82.61K)

Next thing you're going to tell me is that "[email protected] only came to europe 8 kya right?
Anyway, I hope the bitch gets her comeuppance.

Jun 2010 research.
- Middle East - 20% - 40% Neanderthal admix
- South East Asia - 10% - 20%
- South europe - 4%
- Central Europe - 2%
- North Europe - close to 0%
Europe + Asia statistical 6%
Statistical for Europe + Middle East

Attached: 3-svante-paabo-swedish-geneticist-volker-steger.jpg (598x900, 60.46K)

you have to cite your sources.

Hmm. Maybe, just maybe, you are not kike but brainvashed with kike neanderthal white washing BS. Ok than, I can help you, just ask.

Attached: cro-magnon.jpg (843x397, 169.7K)

Attached: brain size.png (405x465, 17.7K)

That sources are restricted. Find some fellow jew with academic credentials. All data you need I allready posted. Search Archive.

Attached: neanderthal vs cromagnon (2).jpg (255x135, 9.84K)

No one is disputing this.

You made very specific claims that the middle east had 20-40% neanderthal admixture and you're yet to cite your sources.

Cro-magnon = 1700 ccm
You forgot that.
For sure, Neanderthal have big skull. But, because of sloped forehead, they luck higher functions. Like emphaty.

Attached: Cro-magnon (2).jpg (496x661, 64.56K)

Attached: Coach_Wittenberg_1.png (259x194, 106.15K)

What do you want? My user and password? I cant give you that. Also, I cant copy restricted data.

Attached: neanderthal.man.1.jpg (809x1212, 488.93K)

Incorrect. Neanderthal remains have been found that point to the caring of the seriously injured and they also knew of the existence of aspirin and other remedies.
Moishe stop trying to derail the thread.

This is the perfect scenario to send through to Tucker. White male steps out of line and is forced to kneel at the altar of neomarxism by his feminist overlord.

That is just jewish whitewashing of Neanderthals.
Because of aplied genetics, they know from 2005, they cant keep that secret any longer. So they started neanderthal whitewashing for goyim. All pics are renewe, rebranded. In 10 or so years, Neanderthal went from beasts (they were big brained beasts) to philosophers and musicians. Naive goys (like you, probably), believe that shit. Aspirin, hohoho. What's next? Rocket science?
Pic related is, how jews portrait Neanderthals novadays. Like lily white cro-magnons.
user please. Just why would kikes propagate Neanderhals as whites ancestors? Great musicians with knowleadge about Aspirin? Because they like us? Jeesus, dont be so naive.

Attached: neanderhals for goyim.jpg (600x434, 63.75K)

No one is buying the 20-40% neanderkike meme which you so obviously cannot provide any evidence for.


Just drop it.

(((national geographic)))
Are you serious? Or just trying to be funny?
About evidence. Please provide evidence, Neanderhals are ancestors of white Europeans.

Attached: Neanderthal_close.jpg (335x359 170.62 KB, 36.83K)


Attached: 5ee68c923420f9a4391b4826a020960d44b1b03d942d531219e2b9e4f058b528.jpeg (603x403, 40.63K)

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