Martin Shkreli sentanced seven years in prison

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Martin Shkreli Sentenced to Seven Years in Prison

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Wu Tang Clan aint nothin to fuck with

kill yourself

Why are you here?

He wimped out and apologized he should have gone down smug

This is just politically motivated, he paid all of his investors back. He should get out early for good behavior, kinda hope he takes the iron pill in the slammer

He's taking the rape pill.


Shkreli is only seeing prison time because he tried to solicit people gathering Hillary's hair for DNA testing to try and link her to other murders

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This is honestly the worst part. In a just world, officials who actually "think" like this should be hanged.

Note: This post was entirely satirical. I have nothing but good will towards the faithful and principled members of the American judiciary, and those who assist in upholding our morally just law. This post does not endorse any acts of violence or other illegal behavior against anyone, and heavily condemns such acts.


And he'll be laughing all the way to the bank once he is out on a "work" program in a few months. Or on his way to the "therapeutic" golf program, until then. Because nobody dared to touch the money he has stored away, lest it could be their turn if they are caught.

He's not going to pmita prison. He's going to twelve choices of hors d'oeuvre prison.

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Good, now maybe the douchebag will rat on the kikes he made richer.

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I can't think of a more deserving faggot.
Only sad part is the wu-tang album will go to some jew who will release it to the public, for a tidy profit of course.

Can they get any more brazen?

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Am I paranoid or is this a shill script? Seems like less of a shill though.

Enigma Machines.

He used it as a coaster apparently so it will be useless.
Talmudvision were crowing about how he was sobbing in court in contrast to his original brashness and confidence.
Is he jewish, his mannerisms reminded me of a slightly more autistic Ben Shapiro?

He'll be out in 2 on parole.

Didn't he give out almost-free drugs and pharma took him down for it?

Partially this.
On the 9/11 anniversary after hrc fainted from the balmy 60 degree ny weather and was chucked into a van like a side of beef, she was taken to diane reynolds hubbel’s nearby manhattan condo. Pharmabo was on scene periscoping from across the street and heckling her pretty savagely. A bit later, hrc came out to wave to the crowd as a sign she was ok. But even from across the street it was obviously not her but a double. The next presidential debate after, it was also clearly not hrc. iirc the different teeth were the obvious giveaway. He’s obviously a political prisoner and did nothing wrong but be a parasitic ny pharma ceo and famefag, which unfortunately aren’t illegal yet. He’s too distasteful for Trump to pardon, but maybe she’s in one of the 13,000 sealed indictments.

(((Martin Shekeli)))

don't forget pissing off big pharma

maybe someone should archive his channel before they take it down

Trump should pardon him.

Unless Shkreli is a Chabad Lubavitch jew devoted to the destruction of the West, why would he?

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Pretty clear why he is banged up. I actually feel sorry for him, bernie bro jew, secret trump jew, normal but super intelligent guy. Whatever he is.

It'd be a big story. Something good to change the media narrative in the future if he needs it.

Well, pissing off Big Pharma, Shillary, and the FBI, he had quite the ride.

He gave away his drugs for free to people who couldn't afford it.
The whole issue with raising the price for the pills was so he could invest money into Research and Development to make a new drug that actually doesn't have possible side effects like death.

I don't think it's a good idea to pardon him yet this close to the primaries.
Most normies are under the impression Martin is an evil gay hater.

good night, sweet prince

he's going to get AIDS in prison and not be able to afford the pills to not die.

I hate him too I saw a post on reddit he shouted down an african-american journo and I just think that's wrong

the whole aids thing was clickbait bullshit. it wasn't just for aids, it had other uses. and insurance companies would pay for most of it anyway.

Doubt he'll get out early, he's redpilled as fuck and was able to make tens of millions in the stock market very quickly, the bulk of which he used to start a massive "scandal" to shed light on the fact (((insurance companies))) are gouging everyone on prices. In his last months as a free man he made it his mission to heckle Hillary every time she went out in public, quite possibly contributing more significantly than anyone but the God Emperor himself toward her mental breakdown. They want him dead, possibly after getting raped.

He also shipped it free to any hospitals with patients who needed and didn't have insurance covering it. The whole thing was to show how fucked health insurance is, not to gouge prices.

Glad to know what we all have to look forward to, once they pass more anti-white hate speech legislation and start confiscating our property and firearms. Future looks bright.


Albanians are a semitic people. And he could pass for a Jew. And his last name sounds like Israeli. That's how good Jews have it. He just had a pharmaceutical company handed to him when he was in his 20s.

He got a taste of Jewish privilege but if he had the full package he would have never even see a day in court much less be sentenced to prison.

Shkreli circa 2025

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Pics fucking related. How dare you call these ugly goyah Semitic. They practically crawled out of the Middle Ages, with their shitty traditional values, traditional dress, and sparing use of makeup. Look at their ears, their non-microscopic-foreheads, their fymynyne jawlines, their unhooked noses! It's unnatural and disgusting, not Semitic in the least.

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He is a fucking kike, look at his michael jackson tier nosejob
how many high school dropouts you know become hedgefundmanager in a few years .. ? And the (((press))) backing the theif

According to Shrek-elli himself, they actually made the drug free (or pre-hike prices, it was unclear) for those without insurance, while the post-hike price was reserved strictly for those whose insurance covered Daraprim. The fact that the insurance industry makes billions of dollars for not providing anything of tangible value - this is noncontroversial and spin-free, it's literally how they make their profit, fite me - made them an easy mark for his tactics.

That is what got him into trouble: He fucked with big pharma and its Wall Street profiteers, so all the big porkies got together and BTFO the up-and-coming mini-porky, and now you stormderps cry about it. Just a bourgeois pig getting what he deserves tbh.

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>And the (((press))) backing the theif
Links now, you lying stormderp conspiratard.

The enlighten lybyryl press would never support this bad goy porky.

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pick one,
this kind of articles was prominent back then.

Fuck off with the kinspeercies, stormderp. Shkreli is BLUEPILLED and WHITE, and nothing you say can change that.

Pic related; Shkreli has one of the typical Albanian nose types. It's easily the weirdest of them, but common enough among their people that I was able to quickly find multiple examples online - all of them borne by ugly goyah with terrible anorexic bodies, as shown in this pic.

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DISCOUNT tier nose job

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wow the mods are Zig Forums after all under the guise of shitposting.

off to, pig chan is fucked.

Screenshot or alternative source please, that one's not loading. Not even the home page will load for me.

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Use some less autistic browser then
I dont see the point in arguing
The press was overall positive to skreli
But the dumb shit couldn't take a hint and keept attention whoring to keep himself in the limelight, and the attack on hillary clinton was the last straw so he ran out of (((favors)))


A) He's an Albanian Jew. Worst of both worlds. Worst of every possible world.

B) Threatening an investor and his family was the straw that broke the camels back. The fraud had very little evidence, and can be reduced to house arrest/ankle monitor with a good lawyer.


Yeah sure.
Obvious lie.

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Not about the drug
the fact that _he stole his clients money_
They are obfuscating the reason he was going to trial.

You're obfuscating the reason they wrote those articles: To attack Shkreli and destroy him in the public eye so that when he got thrown in prison for decades as punishment for even attempting to cut into insurance corporation profits, people would cheer rather than revolt.

And it worked. Nobody sympathizes with him. Nobody wants him to be free. And most of all, nobody questions the insurance industry's place in our economy or healthcare system.

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He’s literally a lying kike, he said he’d release a bunch of music if Trump won and the;n failed to do it.

I hope he takes miles of BBC.

Gee maybe he should have actually dropped the HRC shit

He didn’t have anything, he was just attention whoring.

Getting rich is illegal.


considering the theories that hillary had doubles, and a hair sample from a double would prove it…

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creepily reminds me of balloon dad's 'confession'

hows ur toe

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male privilege

This really pissed me off. How they're treating Shkreli is far from fair and it's most definitely (((politically))) motivated..

Black people aren't allowed in minimum security "prisions"
They are basically like country clubs.

People unconsciously repeat shit they've just heard or read. It's how neuro-liguistic programing and suggestion works.

user 1 just used an oddball tropey phrase (like the "Stretching their legs" Harry Potter Copypasta), while user 2's brain glommed onto it.

I'm surprised WaPo isn't appearing as shit as they normally do.

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lizard people

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No, that's not real.


Shkreili really played his hand wrong on this one. If you are on trial, you need to be out of the spotlight, appearing to be contrite. Instead, he's on the internet acting like a nigger. What did he expect?

Sage because who cares?

Hope the bloke does OK. He's cool in my book…

who's gonna take down big pharma now?

or does spotlight need to die down before they can cut sentence?

good to know there's a stink

Jesus….Who is this dumb cunt?

lol A shitposter til the end.
He has my eternal respect.

Is this the real power of US legal system? Noice.

This is just people trying to get out of Jury duty… right?

Published on Feb 21, 2016