Zionist group get Police, including Counter Terrorism Officer, to pressure Theatre into not hosting David Icke.

NO! This is full on
You should care, and we should have his back.

Ironic that this is the place. athenacb.co.uk/
Athena, Goddess of war, and the management couldnt even stand up to some police that had no real legal power to stop them. They were scared of a protest. Show them protest athenacb.co.uk/contact/


Explain who he is, I haven't heard of this gent

Laughing stock of the British caliphate

really? Well he's an ex footballer who got ridiculed in the early 90s for coming out on tv as having had a spiritual experience and talked like he was right in the middle of it. He then became a researcher looking into the global conspiracy of control (some of which is very good) and controversy claiming evil reptilian entities actually control the elites. Some think reptilian is a metaphor for Jews but he will call out Israel too and therefore has seemed to create Zionist enemies. He must be onto something if they hate him so much.

Controlled op MI5 gatekeeper.
Used to work for the BBC on daytime TV.
Intended to make fringe look silly.
And to keep you far, far away from naming the jew.
He was literally claiming to be jesus first time around.

any proof of this? He just got shut down by an anti terrorism officer.

I agree that he has fringe ideas but that is not the issue, he has a right not to have his show shut down.

He is the definition of the poison in the well, unlike Alex Jones he doesn't have money or manpower to build a shill empire and strike back at jewtube.
I for one say fuck Icke.

Ah, alright. Just another crazy bastard.

If nobody took him seriously whats the problem with police shutting him down? nobody was following his message anyways.

There is never proof that someone is working for the secret services.
Just look at the evidence. BBC is the state's propaganda arm and you want us to believe that they give a man having a psychotic break a premium slot on the top talk show of the era?
Look at the roles he performs and what he doesn't mention. Forensic evidence isn't required, same way you don't need forensic evidence to know someone is a cultural marxist, you only need to know how they behave.

Wow this place really has changed. Actual Pro Zionists here. Unbelievable.

It's meant to make you think "wow, they shut him down, he must have been getting too close to the truth, he must be LEGIT, (((/ourguy/)))???

You do realize that Icke is just a ex soccer nobody who got little too high on sugar pills one night and started having (((visions)))
Oddly enough jews are never named, neither are mudshits,
Icke is completely useless poison in the well

I know his research isnt water tight
but name someone that is legit then?? Is everyone a plant?

Why dont you get on stage and start naming the Jews then?

I have to congartulate for falling for a literal ayylien believer, whom never provided any proof. Ever

Lurk 2 years


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that's not the point you fucking idiot, this is about free speech being shut down by (((them)))

The disinfo fake news guy used to work for Icke as well as the BBC. Its all pretty fishy, but he is definitely seen as a credible threat by jews and has been shut down and harassed by them for at least the last 4 years. Of course, this doesn’t preclude him being a spy.

Accurate but annoying wordfilter on Y0urNew5W1re > ‘disinfo’

>Free speech is violated on (((Youtube)))
No shit the platform is run by kikes, ADL and hordes of hesheits

His problem is his information partly comes from tripping on various substances, that was obvious from the word go by the way he talked and the company he kept.
How he differs from most here is he differentiates between zionists and jews. In general (I think)most people here that aren't agents of the kippah believe that international jewry and loxism in its seemingly endless forms are the problem and zionism is just one facet of it.

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isn't this the guy always talking about shapeshifters and lizards?
good riddance

It's more about enforcing apathy in normalfags so when they think about the topic of censorship, they're thinking about David Icke being targeted and end up saying "So what? It's not like they're targeting anyone who sounds very credible". One of the fundamental problems with their crackdown efforts is how quickly people get up in arms about it. So it's natural to think they'll try to target more out-there target to enforce a false sense of security and play on the absurdity argument to creep it in. As long as people are made aware of this creeping in strategy, it will inevitably fail.

It's possible that was allegorical so that he could continue giving his talks which were targeted for shutdown by the various jewish "anti-hate" groups. They certainly thought it was allegorical. Cold blooded masters of disguise - shape shifting lizards….same.
Unsage. There is debate to be had.

the only one is russia mafia and chinese intel


Kicke is controlled opposition.

Even if the reptilians are true, which I doubt because I haven't seen factual and objective information proving it, the kikes are their tools and judaism itself, just as all kikes, have to be wiped out regardless.

Anyone noticed how youtube is exploding with disinfo channels the last years ?

Earth is flat
Mountains are ancient petrified trees /giants/ pyramids/tombs
Airplanes dont use fuel but antigrav technology

gaslighting to the max

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It is do distract inquisitive minds from the real issues.
And if somebody get redpilled on something like the holocaust, said person runs the risk over overshooting into flat earth territory.

he looks pretty reptilian himself
wtf is those plates growing in his forehead ?

Attached: WE_HAVE_REPTILIAN_ENTITIES_WHO_RUN_THIS_WORLD_-_David_Icke_-_YouTube_-_2018-03-10_13.51.47.png (271x304, 161.65K)


Daily reminder that Icke's "lizard" theory is just a new-agey/non-racial version of Christian Identity. One of his most cited sources in The Biggest Secret is The Curse of Canaan by Eustace Mullins.

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Icke doesn't go as far as he should, but he does call out the jew while calling it "Rothschild Zionism", and has even acknowledged the accuracy of The Protocols, although in a somewhat kosher manner. He's definitely better than Jonestein, Shouldice, Thernovich, and all the other kosher conspiratard types, which is why he gets the most real push back, instead of the credibility building ADL "attacks" like the others get.

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This isn’t about ADLtube, it is about him being no-platformed from physical venues where he has been welcome for decades. Britain is an authoritarian state hell bent on ethnociding it’s native sons. Icke has been mocked by the system for longer than most of us have been alive but he has never been no platformed. This thread simply serves as further evidence of how hard the boot is on the neck of Britain’s natives. If you don’t work to promote their genocidal plans then you don’t get a voice.

he's basically completely based except for the fact that he says jews are space lizards

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Oh fuck you, sensationalist cunt. Wake me when they actually raid the place.

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Fuck it, we all know the kikes are a different species. Why not use this event t get the fuck on his forums and redpill the fuck out of al of them?

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The absolute fucking state of newtards

Full Documentary: Basically, he's a conspiracy theorist who believes that body-snatching shape-shifting reptilian aliens control the world and farm loosh by using deception and fear. It just so happens that pretty much everyone he calls a "reptilian" is coincidentally also jewish. A few years ago, after he was really popular, he started talking about the danger of, not "Jews" but, "Rothschild Zionists." In another ten or so years he'll be preaching full 1488 GTK-RWN

This is spiritual guidance and God conciousness

Do what rave promoters do. Sell tickets, but only announce the venue at the last minute to prevent (((trouble))).

That's pretty much 99% of the "conspiracy" industry.

Why would they name the jew when they act like the jew?

Lefty kike detected, just say kikes.


i always assumed that this was either his 'cover', or that he was designed by some agency as a gatekeeper/controlled op. hes done some interesting things if you can look past the ridiculousness of the shape-shifting reptilians controlling the world thing. he definitely pulls no punches when talking about zionists. its not surprising that he would get shut down seeing the way things are going on the internet lately

thats oversimplifying things user. there are non-jews who identify themselves as zionists, as well as jews that oppose zionism. simplifying the term and ideology this way is dangerous to new peoples understanding of the subject.

david icke is a shill you homo

I'm going to ignore all the shills who just call everyone controlled opposition without any proof, so as to prevent us from ever actually having a movement or supporting anyone. Instead I'm going to ask: what has he been saying recently? Did he say something oy vey inducing?

there is no such thing as a good jew

more than likely. but as always with conspiracies, its up to the listener to discern the reality from the disinfo. thats why most tinfoilers come across as completely retarded. its because they are. they are too intelectually inept to not succumb to counter-intelligence. they gobble up massive amounts of shitty youtube tier conspiracy videos and just regurgitate them everywhere, never even attempting to sift through the garbage for valuable info.

im pretty sure icke was the first person i ever heard talking about zionism in a negative light. and i always thought the reptilians part was just funny.

checked. exactly user. hes said things before that were true. and even if they were mixed in with lies (either for protection, or a paycheck) then it deserves a second glance.

hes had the same script more or less for decades. he must have done something that pissed em off. the only question is what?

that wasnt even the point you dolt. im saying that zionism is more wicked and complicated than that other user was making it out to be.

sage for double post

there is no difference between kikes

A hell of a lot of people take him seriously and his body of research exposing elite families, their bloodlines, ties to Zionism and conspiracy to enslave us all under the crushing weight of debt and is staggering. Read one of his books from the early 90's and see how fucking right he was about everything, especially the Clintons. It's prophetic. And it's all sourced.
Reptilians and religious experiences aside, this man has done his homework and has gathered more evidence of elite cabal control of finance and government than, I would argue, any man alive today. He has been exposing these baby eating fucks for decades and talked about pedos and satanists among their ranks 20+ years before pizzagate. He has also been a staple of YouTube since the beginning. His old talks focused on bloodlines and finance are huge redpills and plenty of people are still being turned onto that work, even today. Almost every "conspiracy" theorist selling books or giving lectures today rips their shit directly from Icke.
It doesn't matter if you think he is a loon or a shill, his sourced information is tight and exposes these inbred fucks for who they really are.

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I'd like to see all these new age, christ-consciousness, brother hood of man, one-world humanity shills lined up in a field and shot

He really pussyfoots around Religion of Cuck™ though. Correct me if I am wrong.

Like Alex Jones, and the best disinformation agents, Icke follows the 80/20 rule: 80% truth and 20% utter horseshit. Many of these agents get a following because they have legitimate insider knowledge and do give information that no one else is giving. To be honest, I preferentially listen to disinformation agents because 80% correct is better than almost all legitimate researchers, and so much of that 80% can scarcely be found elsewhere. The problem is that normies typically latch on to the 20%. As long as you can spot the 20% falsehood, then there is no problem. It's obvious in Icke's case; it's the, "Ancient aliens! The Moon is a mother ship! George Bush is a transdimensional alien/reptilian hybrid that needs to drink human baby blood to keep his human hologram working." stuff that you need to disregard.

PS Icke's lecture on subliminal messages is exceptional and guaranteed to blow your mine a few times. It's one of those rare lectures where he forgot to put the 20% lunatic ravings.

PPS I had heard of disinformation agents before, but it never clicked until I saw Glenn Beck's show for the first time. His show format was so obvious: a few minutes of insane shit, a few minutes of highly intelligent original content, a few minutes of insane shit, ad infinitum. No one can be that smart and produce such utter shit, especially at regular intervals every few minutes. Once you know the pattern, you can fast forward through the disinformation segments.

he was pretty spot on about the jimmy seville thing but i think that was an open secret for a long time even long before his death

Icke has recognized the pattern of Jewish power while being unable to consciously accept that it's the Jews. He's a New-Age boomer, and will only see things through that lens.

Also, if you listen to him explain how he learned the problem with Western elites is possession by hyperdimentional lizard demons, it seems pretty clear MI5 or another intelligence agency was feeding him disinfo. They knew he was gullible and out of his depth, so they gaslit him.

Attached: if-cherub-agents-are-used-to-hide-among-adults-are-mi5-agents-used-to-hide-among-kids.jpg (480x480, 42.91K)

The "Ancient Aryan" thing is fucking hilarious once you realise Himura was Japanese.

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Look at him, look at him and laugh.

you have to go back

He has been revealing the true "lizards" lately

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David kike can get fucked like all the other e-celeb cancer that are getting nixed at the moment. I care not for infotainment, as I have another thousand approx books to read in my lifetime that explain the jewish problem better than any of these fucking losers.


He spoke about the rothschild dynasty many years ago. The guy works FOR THEM, via oxford university handlers. His good friend Hague who does his artwork and promo is a total new age kike worshipper. David Kike is a zionist shill who pushes the good jew meme alongside his CIA ziocuck friends like alex jones and michael tsarion (who disappointly used to say great things until they got to his head and turned him into a zogbot liar).

We are all that's left; Deal with it.

He is using metaphors, Icke is smarter than you think. You need to read between the lines, and listen to the silence between the sounds.

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Lurk more, he has been directly calling out the Jew lately, like in the video I posted.

Fucking christ newfag this video is from years ago

I tried to read his book about the order of the serpent, but I just can't'. He is such a moron, to put it plainly. You know his first 20 years of his life entailed playing soccer and taking drugs, right?


Plausible. The same might go for Alex Jones.

Holy shit. Can't unsee.

Jonestein isn't being duped, he knows exactly what he's doing. I remember hearing Icke on his show years ago, and even though he (Icke) was calling them "zionists", he was speaking fairly honestly about jewish power. After they got back from the commercial break, Alex shifted the discussion to the lizards.

Which is very useful sometimes.


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I heard he was a goalie that took too many headers.

>(((russian mafia)))

Known quantity.

I wish they'd read their own fucking manual on spies by that Sun Tzu chap. The "Chinese method" (at least on the west coast) is simply paying cash for intel, like fucking Crimestoppers. This invites scrubs that just make shit up for the lolly. You get a lot of intelligence, just not of very good quality.

He needs to move to Ireland. They don't tolerate that (((sassenach))) kikery.

His "jet fuel CAN melt steel beams, goy" episode ranks up there with the faked moon landings.

b-but sometimes /ourguys/ shill for the official 9/11 narrative and it's ok, r-right?

He's the guy that named the pedos (like Savile) 20 years before Pizzagate, when many of them were still alive and could have been jailed hung for their crimes. People discount him because he had a "I'm Jesus" episode about 30 years back.

The mayor and police chief of my town like young boys. But unless I use my dead hand data about the serial killer who had help from the dirty cop who fucked with me a few years ago, I can't go after them.


Would certainly explain your previous postings in another thread, I can see why you would mistrust the law.
Stay safe buddy, we'll get these bastards soon enough.

^ This. He knows things, hides it in his weirdo scifi stuff.

For example, when he calls someone a changeling or whatever, he's pointing out they're a tranny.

Icke worked at the BBC with infamous pedo Jimmy Savile. But he's a victim of the zionists? Fuck David Icke. He's a red herring.

Oh and sage.

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I bet you've never even heard of the notorious Zyklon Ben.

There aren't great Windows browsers right now, but IceCat, Dooble, and Qupzilla (soon to be renamed KDE Falkon) are the best full-feature ones around right now. IceCat is run by kikes and not being updated for Windows anymore, but runs better than the other two. Either Falkon or Dooble will have to be the future, but they need funding.

It is literally just Google with a proxy. Given that Google is now the worst search engine because of the extreme censorship, Startpage is complete shit.

That's a weapon, not a defense. The point is to have dedicated machines running it as an attack against Google. This list doesn't even mention uBlock Origin, uMatrix, or NoScript which are must-have when using a browser (NoScript is not compatible with the others.)

That company is hostile and insecure.

Just like our president, right? The shameful mass delusion we once had that he knows and believes everything we do, and that any dumb shit being said is just posturing or shitposting irl, is blatantly false. If someone is naming the jew, and then he proceeds to talk about bogus shit like lizardmen and staged moon landings, or even true advanced spiritual redpills in the presence of an audience who might have no idea what the fuck the speaker is talking about, if they have nothing to do with the subject matter at hand, and that someone does not explain why that relates in a sensible manner, that someone is poisoning the well.

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>It's meant to make you think "wow, they shut him down, he must have been getting too close to the truth, he must be LEGIT, (((/ourguy/)))???
Evidence: See Alex Jonesteins entire career.

Instead hes (((/theirfaggot/)))

Goes to show what is actually in charge.

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did Icke basically just rip off "reptilians" from Palladium Books? the idea of shapeshifting blood-drinking reptiles was out in '87, which book did he start talking about them in?

Attached: Dar'ota from page 159 of 1st edition Beyond the Supernatural in September 1987.jpg (299x755, 70.62K)

a few years back
interesting connection

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A deeply misguided pseudo-green pilled individual.

t. Atlantis and Ancient Aryans researcher

The alien guy?

100% oy vei.
read his kikepedia page
website down, imageboard raid?

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