Africans are getting killed cause of Black Panther

Thanks to Disney black panther. We could see a black on black civil war or genocide in Malawi in the name of killing vampires.

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Went to space

Think vampires are real


shit you just made me remember this little gem.

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we need to troll africa some more

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You ain't seen nothing yet. Check this out.

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Zig Forums is it wrong to sexual relations with Malawi girls under 18?

I think ive seen this before years ago

All sexual relations are wrong until you know they're clean, even if you're doing something wrong ( fucking a nigger ) try to do it right.

Bestiality is wrong by default, user.

That's great news!

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Is it better or worse that nigger switched from cannibalism to blood stealing and drinking?

Can niggers be trolled into thinking twilight and blade are real?

link or gtfo

UN pulled outta Malawi

There's no way the financiers of this visual programming tool could have foreseen anything like this happening. There is no way that they would exploit unrest in Africa for gaining access to resources. That would be sheer conspiracy theory goy.


gay niggers from outer space when?


But vampires are real.

Post a fucking source you dumb nigger.

Nice try, Yahweh boy.

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Still struggling with the AIDS bluepill user?
Let me help there, you good-natured rascal. Jewtube embed because it deserves views n likes

Checked and REEE'd


inb4 derail

Where's the link, OP? C'mon man, you should know better than not posting the link to this juicy bit.


Checked my man. Once I learned of jews' blood rituals, vampire myths became all the more real. And the worst part is, they live among us and very few notice.

Any mention of rhus fucking movie should be a bannable offense. Fuck off with it.

I was in Malawi when I was 18 and still a bluepill cuck. I gave blood at a village hospital.

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that's why the vampires can't be found

cloaking technology projectors are dissimulated in cameras
the journalists and tourists who come here are complicit and help the vampires hiding
since the movie, they have improved it and it's now inside smartphones

Has nothing to do with Black Panther. Still hilarious. Though of course libs were deadset on blaming colonialism for the vampire scare:

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what a fucking shit threat full of literal fake news also


Fuck off.

wow your blood is in some fly faced nigger. a new low. kys yourself.

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Zero reference of this anywhere on the internet.

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What part of being a bluepilled cuck didn't you understand? Did you come out of your mothers cunt with a brown shirt on maybe? Or did you have a gradual transformation like everyone else?
I would never set foot in that continent again.
You don't know how useful that trip was for me as a shield against cucks wanting to derail discussions I have with them when they want to throw rasicm accusations at me.
kys yourself wow, you're a retard

So it's wrong to give blood within your own nation? Whats your point? Only give blood if your friends or family is in a life-threatening situation. Idiot.

they will ship malawinigs to Europe next

I believe it, but post source

Don't mind the illiterate paint huffers that plague this board.

Since no one has mentioned…

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How do we explain to the lil niglets that the Kikes are the real vampires?

superstitious niggers BthemselvesTFO, love this timeline

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Fuck off back to leddit.

Yes jew. It is.

i chuckled

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Eddie did it in 95 kid.

That wasn't her cunt.

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Is anybody going to tell these Malawi people it's hte Jews?

They already said jews.

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A garlic a day keeps the vampires away

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Agreee Hitler.

Rappers are absolutely embarrassing.

(((They))) are real.


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You don't. Niggers just won't get the difference between whites and jew's. Been trying this a work and I'm the only white man. Luckily niggers also only care about their group so no one really bats an eye when I talk shit about jew's or indians.

Who is this sacred man? Polite sage

How do black vampires drink blood?

After they've sent it to lab to make sure its ebola free.
Natural selection has resulted in nigger vampires being unusually smart and cautious compared to normal niggers.


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Good thing I bought some brain shoes.

I'm not entirely sure what the fuck happened, but man did I fuck that up.

But we all bleed the same blood goy!

Don't spread it, you'll look stupid.

Why not? The media does it all the time.

I've wondered for a long time. Googling "Vampires in the Temple" a link to a jewtube version of it.
It also seems to bring up a site called, "Temple of the Vampire."
I'm guessing he's some kind of goth/vampire who is wise to the Jew. Video looks like it's from the early 2000s, maybe late 90s.

You have to add at night and this is so crazy it might just work well beyond our expectations

Depends on what timeframe you consider to be effective. It did cause some panic when some smaller outlets picked up on the pranks and claimed that white people are out to get them using the power of voodoo



Here in this very post.

I actually know that negro vampire irl.
Small flat world

I mean the negro vampire in OPs post. His name is Theo and he literally does do the whole occult vampirism stuff.
Seemed like a decent groid.
I mean besides being a monster and all

definitely not a kike

With they fangz an shit

As funny as this is, I dont think it will top the spic chimpout that is to happen next Saturday after Goku is knocked out of the ToP, and Freiza ends up winning it all by cheap shotting Jiren out.

The spics, all of them from Mexico on south, will riot.


I think you'll find the proper vernacular is "vampiyaz in sheeeeeit".

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Oh, I forgot to add, local governments in Mexico are financing public showings of the DBS episode next week. Drunk spics, in public, in large amounts, seeing something they dont want to happen, happen = taco chimpout.

Vampires are real though.


I think they might be onto something tbh fam.


When is the gas coming?

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The most hardcore way to larp.

I thought modern cameras fixed redeyes?


Its fucking africa

and the Oscar goes to…

Yeah. Nice how sargoy slips that in after the un-sourced and ridiculous sounding supposed quotes from "the UN" apparently egging the vampire war on.

I thought it was the blood letting of goys

Are we really going to fight over that when we have kikes to gas?

posting these because OP is a faggot
link your source on Black panther + wakanda cloaking technology

This has potential. Why don't we start photoshopping fangs onto pictures of niggers?

Goes to show disinformation campaigns to prey on superstitions would be an effective tool to gradually destabilize African nations in the resulting hysteria.

goes to show you don't even need to be bothered astroturfing shit when africans are so fucking dumb they'll make up their own superstitious nonsense without any outside influence.

Blood libel is actually a term they invented due counter the countless (truthful) accusations of ritual blood letting and occult killing committed by (((the tribe)))

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Has Blade made an appearance to liberate his brethren yet?

All that is needed to complete a memetic cycle is for them to think vampire blood sucking cures ebola.