pro-abortionists trolled by fascist BUF logo

Some crafty Irishman handed out signs with the British Union of Fascist logo on at pro-babykiller rally and kvetching has ensued.

This is a top-tier troll and precisely the things that anons with agency should be orchestrating. Hats off.

Twitter sauce:

Pro-babykillers to troll

Friendly reminder: killing babies is a decidedly semitic practice and religious groups of the Canaan have engaged in this disgusting and barbaric practice for millennia and still do, to this day.

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Placing a bet on women being painfully stupid and infinitely gullible is the safest bet in the universe.

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Likely some cuckservative boomer psyop because abortionists are such evil nazis and we totally goteem xD.


Fuck off, people like you ruined Zig Forums.

Jew detected.

Says the (((nofunfag)))
< stop trolling people irl goy

and Zig Forums being bought by freemasons and subsequently fillled with redditniggers and shills like you is what killed Zig Forums

I have to agree

this "top-tier troll" was obviously not meant to spread National Socialism, but to show what evil baby-killing nazis abortionists apparently are
the fact that newfags like you can't see that speaks volumes about the average Zig Forums poster in 2018, now lurk more


Nice strawman, faggot. You sure got me there.

if you're against eugenics you don't belong here

High quality trolling. I approve.

LOL. Friendly fire incoming. gotta love leftists.

Shouldn't you be off licking windows you sped.

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Checking those trips

"Oh wooow! Does that sign say strike and repeal in the Star Wars font? How Current Year, and it's got the Fantastic Four logo on the front too! Thank you- soooooo~~~ much! How thoughtful."

< only newfags disagree with my mong-tier analysis of a scenario that we have basically no information on
A) you're probably wrong.
B) even if you're right you aren't it's still a funny troll, regardless of the intention it rustled jimmies and made shitlib whores look like idiots.

Would make sense but I don't think boomers are that intelligent.

All this "top tier troll" did was reinforce the same old narrative that National Socialists are evil baby-killers.
Wait for OP's pic to appear in the next Steven Crowder episode on how SJWs are actually Nazis #48172.
You don't advance National Socialism by being fucking contrarians.
You don't advance National Socialism by doing everything you can to "piss off leftists" and "troll muslims".
Should we all start supporting Israel just because it would upset leftists and towelheads? No, you retarded faggot, but that's exactly the kind of shit your boomer ass is shilling for. Go back to watching PragerU.

That's some top tier trolling.

Since when is this a narrative that leftists even use?

Literally this.

Any publicity is good publicity.

Boomers can't even remember who's President, let alone who the British union of fascists were.

This. Abortion is only bad when it kills healthy huwhite kids with a chance at a good life.

Also what's with all the, "This is to give National Socialists a bad name" stuff? Mosely was a fascist not a NatSoc.

This thread is about abortion, faggot. Eugenics is fine, but even if niggers and spics are #1 in abortion they’re still outbreeding whites on a global scale. I see 1 nigger in OP’s pic, you’re supporting the death of the white race if you support abortion. Eugenics is a different topic for another time.

Nogs and spics get 30 abortions but birth 50 shitskinlets.

It's a narrative that cuckservatives use (abortion = eugenics = literally Hitler).

This. Its also Republic of Ireland which is still very, very white. I see many white women marching for abortion.

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That's not true, Carter has been doing a great job.

white women's sentience is a defect

Why are some of the march participants with censored faces while others are shown?

You get it.
But you make one error - why do you think they were trying to advance nationalism? heh.

Boomer Evangelism

True Zig Forumsack

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No, no, you have to insist that these people really ARE evil fascists and they willingly chose these fascist signs. The Left must denounce!

Fucking based kek.

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Cuckchan pls go

Sterilize the inferior instead of aborting them. There, problem solved, eugenics without the child sacrifice.

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Would putting abortion clinics in the middle of the most dangerous ghettos and closing the ones in wealthy white areas encourage that? Make getting an abortion as easy as going to pick up a 40 oz from the store, and whites would probably fear for their lives and reconsider a trip to the bad part of town for a dangerous procedure. A bonus is putting (((doctors))) in danger, just tell the niggers these clinics get paid in cash and have a huge stash of funds on hand.

This desu. Christfags need to shut up on this issue

So they're reaction is to go straight to sexual violence, but of course they're better than us… you know, because they're more moral and caring.

But what the fuck am I talking about, it happened at a baby-killing rally.


You only need a clinic for late-term abortions. Before it was legalised doctors made house calls. It's not in itself a dangerous procedure (except morally, when it's pretty much fatal).


OP you fucking nonce. Please tell me you're a kike or there's some serious fuckery about. This is just another twitter account i've checked out personally and the guys who are claiming to be cargocultists are well balanced people against jews. Fucking hell…. This dude is going on about Jewish Blood Libel so I find it strange you've capped him as well as the ex soldier who got red-pilled after leaving the forces. I find it funny how I cannot find the screencaps on their twitter and how they are anti-jews in all of the cases… except when these recent screencaps have been showing. Has shlomo finally found out how to use photoshop or are we look at mentally deranged schizos? Are you taking half truths and doubling down by fake twitter screenshots at the JIDF or are all these recent screenshots just a figment of our imaginations? Sincerely asking because this is getting absurd now.

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No Holocoaster for you then, yid, straight to the ovens.

To clarify, was not calling you a jew and while your source is valid, these twatter accounts are fucking Schizo. Are they bots or legitimate? Second example can be found in the canuck thread. They appear to flip flop and it's a very big deal considering they seem to be (((alt-right))) but turnaround and become leftards overnight. Serious fucker going on. Sorry for sperging out, just trying to point something out.

learn about jewish occult practices user.

what the fuck are you talking about, you maniac?
this man is a kike >

Sorry bud, i'm just losing my shit. I've been on several threads where there are caps of people's twitter. When you go check their posts out, they are pointing to the opposite which makes me think there is fuckery afoot. They're not doing it blatantly but any logical person would look at their posts and disagree with their findings, they're basically red-pilling people by their own disadvantages. Just check out all the twitter accounts being posted lately though, there's some real fucker about. Check the SALT mine, a guy is being sarcastic by saying "i'm literally shaking" but yet it's being posted as salt. Fucking shills are shilling.

p.s. you are correct in what you said. did not mean to accuse OP of shilling, re-read the posts but it should be noted that a lot of caps are appearing and disappearing. They are also not consistent. Not necessarily in this thread, but over the board in general.

back to leddit

Yeah, no.



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Oi m8

You could also make it rainbow colored and hand it to gay pride paraders

You're probably right, but who cares.
They still managed to get a bunch of women to march for the BUF.

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why d othey presume its a guy all the time? O-o

do women somehow have some kind of biological predeterminism to be more agreeable?


Those double dubs say the truth

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am i still banned from this shitty board

And when that bitch gets fire slapped out of her for trying to fight a man, i wonder is this little faggot going to be there to help her back up.

It's just British Union m8. BUF was the older name. The party was renamed to include national socialists and regular brits.

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Could this be the start of bongs uncucking themselves?


Who is Steven Crowder?

As always the divisive issue along with religion. My view, pro-White and 100% pro-life is no contradiction if you also support deportation.

But no matter the motive, this was just FUN! Trolling like this feels 00’s retro.

I've only listened to a couple short speeches by Mosley, but I'm already reading his quotes in his voice.

Try not to desecrate another decent symbol with the anime girls treatment.

the word you're looking for is "improved"

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No, absolutely not. Utterly cringe-worthy.

Goons Get Out

Not a goon, just someone with taste and not into cutesy, kitsch desecration of decent symbols; on what ought to be a more mature board.

oh my god, just fucking kill yourself you dumb little fucking loser

The Eternal Anglo strikes again!

Just a heads up but this might be a clever "feminazi" troll by linking feminists with fascists. Reminder thats something we dont try to promote, but still worth a giggle. Hopefully its just some guy handing out the signs to troll them instead of trying to be some Sargon tier cuck.

This, see

I see him and I are in complete agreement, not sure if thats what you wanted to show me.



Jog on, Goon.

I'm as pro baby-murder as they come, but holy shit, that guy is literally the poster child of "soylent diet".

Its going to be pretty funny walking my grandkids If I survive the habbening through a museum of our victory and seeing every second relic plastered with anime girls.

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Wow, that's pretty HAWT.
Mmm… innocent, aryan, Christian Thighs…

Was the grateful dead logo coincidence?