Decorated US Warfighter Thrown out of Veterans' Home PTSD program Kill Jew Doctors and Kiked Staff

Decorated US Warfighter Thrown out of Veterans' Home PTSD program Kill Jew Doctors and Kiked Staff
Dumb cunts thought the Police would protect them
He shot Christine Loeber, Dr Jen Golick, and Dr Jennifer Gonzales
Wong, who was wearing a bulletproof vest, then turned the gun on himself
It is not yet known why Wong, 36, had been asked to leave the program
Golick's father-in-law said she recently expelled him but did not say why
He had served in Afghanistan and was a decorated member of the US Army

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OP is a faggot.

Call me prejudiced, but I see three cunts having played their usual power game, to show/shove it to “oppressive males”.
That “backfired” a little bit.

All those “active shooter” stories not involving niggers or muslims have this pattern. Someone has been mobbed until (usually) he snaps and goes “postal”.

If society would not be as hostile towards men, so perverted that weak persons, women are free to harass without consequence, because “protected by the law”, stronger men, husbands, boys, that wouldn’t happened so often.




Perhaps the is sum ting wong with this story

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Why the fuck are they going after vet/retirement homes again? Trying to get the boomers on their side regarding guns?

The Jew Fears The Samurai

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Jews have a fetish for torturing and killing people who've worked for them their whole life.


Believing the Jew meme that military personnel are dumb beasts appears to be a poor choice of actions for those involved. Think before you target people academics. Not all Vets are as stable as I am.

Also, the womenly harassment of men is seriously out of hand in this country. It’s so bad that you can’t even speak to women outside of the rural areas without walking on glass. If you say one single thing that gets taken out of context, they come after you like rabid harpies.



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It's been at a high level for a long time. Feminist teachers have been harassing, humiliating, down-marking and punishing boys in class for decades.
Starts in school, then you're at college or trade school and have to abide by female lecturers, then you're a professional (someone with a job) and it's HR's turn to put the boot in.
And on it goes.
The taller/broader/higher T you are, the larger blip you produce on their "shitlord" radar. The bigger a "problem" you are to be "fixed" so that "toxic masculinity" isn't passed on.

Screaming if I can't be white I. don't wanna be Wong. Bangzai!!
As he shot himself in the eye.

Best dubs in a while. Based Samurai will be remembered.


for respects

Indeed. May they all be shot.

To all possible postal murder suiciders out there!
Do not despair, there is hope!
You don't have to kill yourself after starting to shoot kikes! Keep going!


There are better ways, lad. He didn't have a very admirable k/d ratio. But F all the same. He was a legit bro, and this is a fact. The kike is the eternal parasite.

I wouldn’t know.


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Bullshitting aside, just like shooting cops, his actions will only be used as an excuse to crack down on the rest of us. As a combat veteran I can confirm the VA system is intentionally designed to aggravate. As soon as an excuse can be created to red flag the veteran via the VA Disruptive Behavioral Committee, he can be banned from the facility. The VA dindus have it all laid out. I signed up for the in-patient PTSD clinic at Coatesville, PA back in 2003 and immediately figured out 75% of the "patients" were actually snitches. The (((shrink))) in charge of the program claimed to be a Vietnam veteran, Navy F-4 Phantom back-seater, but did not look a day over 45. I got kicked out after a week because I refused to play the game. I think the movie "Article 99" sums up the VA fairly accurately. The entire VAMC system is little more than a jobs program for Democrats and other political hacks. There is also an argument that the VA has a tertiary mission of liquidating veterans as a cost-saving measure. The problem has gone on for decades and only gets worse. No congressman or senator can claim they don't know how bad things are, but the VA employees union is monumentally powerful and can crush any politician that dares cross them. Been a disabled veteran since 1993, and Trump is the only man that has done a fucking thing to help us. If the Choice program actually gets off the ground and hit full implementation, the VA will simply dry up and blow away, which is the best of all possible outcomes. No good will come from this.

A Wong made white.

this decorated member of the US Army must have felt no sense in negotiating a settlement when no settlement can be reached and decided to shock and awe them instead



sorry to hear you've had to go through much bullshit.



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Press F to shout out to Simpleflips.

Simply flipped the fuck out of that pussy and ass for shipbuilding industry that do not have a good time in barcelona.

Yountsville's staff is a bunch of flips, niggers and cat ladies, I would not be surprised if they were abusing the patients. The local news was extremely vague about what happened, I do not think they want people to do to much digging on the treatment of veterans.



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Damn, I've only ever been to one VA but it was the creepiest larges facility I have ever been in. Seemed like the campus and building just went on and on. And there must have been miles of tunnels with patients being wheeled around from building to building. Gave me the heebie jeebies.


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wft I love chinks now

The Choice program is unquestionably the way to smash the VA monopoly.
Trump is a fucking genius, I'm beginning to think he's smarter than I am, and that's the highest praise I can give anyone.

Most whites live in Rural/Suburban areas, and that's the only people we want breeding, anyway.

I wasn't even aware they joined the armed forces but I can't say I care.

kek, t. half-chink

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that's where you fucked up monkey face of my nose and the tentacles are too much to ask for a while after tapping into your anus and I don't know what this is but pasting the fuck out of that pussy and ass for shipbuilding company that has climate controlled environment that would have given away his balls. In layman's terms, get with the program you stupid fuck!


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