British Police State detains Identitarian “leader” and Brittany Pettibone

The speech was supposed to take place at Hyde Park’s Speakers Corner where for well over a century the British State has tolerated an open platform for anyone who wishes to communicate their message so long as they remain lawful. Perhaps ironically a speech on free speech in a location celebrated for it’s “free” speech was deemed beyond the pale.

The two detainees remain in custody and are expected to be deported within 24 hours. Regardless of your opinions on the movement or individuals involved this arrest further solidifies Britain as an oppressive police state

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Of course Bongistan is a police state, the fact that they lose their shit over somebody as milquetoast as Sellner tells you a lot about these people.
The place is so deeply disfunctional that I expect both Germany and France to unfuck their shit before anything to the pyschos who run that place.

The absolute state of Britbongistan in CY+3

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Sad, but they know we have the momentum of the white psychosphere with us. They're honestly afraid of it getting any more mainstream.

I believe that beneath the judeo-zeitgeist in England is a very strong sense of White identity, and it has been growing for a long time now.

It's like they are begging for an uprising

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Brittany Pettibone & Martin Sellner are being held in a detention centre in London. They have been there for 2 days and don't know when they will be allowed to leave. The immigration officer told Brittany she was being detained for 'planning to meet Tommy Robinson, an extremist"

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is the extremist Tommy Robinson still at large, and if so, why?

Except it'll never happen.

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Why arrest him if you can instead everyone trying to speak to him

England is much more psychologically fractured than any other European nations, there's no solidarity across class lines.
Middle class Brits will rationalize grooming gangs away because they believe all the children targeted were low-class fatherless ferals and thus presumably deserving it and the Upper class finds that shit positively hilarious.

Just look at the 19th century, other nations went to the barricades for independence or representation.
What did the British do? They handed in a bunch of strongly worded petitions, got told to fuck off and did nothing for the next 30 years.

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What a load of fucking horseshit.
Tommy Robinson is not (as far as I know) a proscribed individual - he’s a British citizen, and meeting with him/interviewing him isn’t a crime. He might well be an MI5/Quilliam operative, and who’s to say Pettibone and Sellner aren’t also operatives? They are certainly what you’d call ‘Alt-Lite’…
Sellner hosted Millenial Woes recently, and Pettibone and him had a chat which they posted to YT.

not supporting what was done but americans should really just stay on their own side

Said the shill.
No fucker. This is about worldwhite white solidarity. We should just be cautious about the ‘characters’ and ecelebs being fed (pun intended) into the breech.

we've been receiving American "help" for a century now

That’s because of (a) jews and (b) genuine white Americans who feel they have a duty to maintain a connection to their roots in Britain. Which one are you concerned about? Hopefully not (b)!
I know you Bongs and Euros are cautious of Yanks, but your innate caution is due to the invariable influence of heebs who you distrust forgood reason. Britain has a bigger heeb and crypto-heeb problem than America, truth be told.

It's those dishing out that "help" that locked them up for thought crimes and want them, at least Brittanny, get assaulted to break their spirit.

One small advantage of being old as fuck is having seen shit happen that was never going to happen. I remember when the Soviet Union was going to be with us for centuries. There was no realistic chance of it going away - it was a global power, a superpower, and a fundamental element of the global power balance.

Then in the space of a couple of years it just vaporized. Never say never.

How mindfucked do you have to be to justify or relish the raping and exploitation of your own people? Even in burgerland, with all the multiculti shit, that is not the case.

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This means we have already won, to be perfectly frank. The only means they have to maintain the status quo is this brutish use of force. All we have to do is keep memeing into the normalfag sphere and keep the kike away from determining the terms our enemies will surrender by.

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Serious question, who is to blame for the state of the west, especially the UK?
They have become the second most cucked nation in all of Europe, and paradoxically the most authoritarian. The police officially has taken the side of foreigners. They threaten their own citizens for literal wrong thought and opinion. This is far beyond of just "doing your job", they truly seem to believe this is the way to go.
The answer might be simple to some, but i have a hard time seeing the bulk of the people as innocent. My political views formed naturally without external influence during school and have changed little since then. Even through i grew up in the white guilt capital of Europe.
So can we really put all the blame on state and merchant? In chase of the UK, the people came willingly all the way to this point, over many, many years. This level of complacency is far beyond any kind of propaganda and brainwashing. Brits where willing to go in that direction. They are the second worst, backwards nation in Europe after Sweden.
Is it fair to say, that they truly deserve everything the UK has become?

The po lice do this by simply existing.
It's like outlawing "genders".

“Relish” is harsh; whilst some individuals have been cognitively broken into siding with child rapists over child victims the vast majority simply feel hopeless. They are reminded daily that the state will crush them should they object. People aren’t bad but most are weak. For the British mentioning the wide scale torture of native children by Saracens is akin to the Chinese mentioning the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 in terms of punishment. It’s a really awful situation in Britain but very few relish the abuse of children.

I don’t wish to turn this thread into an argument but I disagree that Britain willingly ushered in its Police State. The circumstances that justified it’s creation were achieved via stealth and without public consultation.

they entire 1984 system was cooked up in the UK

cranking up their MK Ultra programing no doubt

didn't work to well for Mosely, he sat out WW2 in prison

British society is very class concious; what accent you speak, where you live, where you went to school etc. You defer to those above you (even if you resent them) and hope to emulate them one day while relentlessly shitting on those below you in station.

In short, if you grew up there you simply wouldn't see them as "your people" but rather a bunch of barely sentient animals who are now expendable because there are no factories or coal mines to staff anymore.
ffs, I had discussion about this with Britbongs on imageboards who took that position.

Read "They were White and they were Slaves" by Michael A. Hoffman some time and pay attention to the fact that the British middle class and aristos never gave a single fuck about gangs kidnapping people to sell them into slavery by another name ("indentured servitude") or poor criminals being shipped to overseas prision colonies en mass for petty crimes while clutching their pearls at the "horror of negro slavery".

You just have to look at some political milestones of the last years. Brexit alone was extremely close, with mass protests from following it. At least half the population is in favor of mass immigration, displacement of whites and globalism or at least complacent about these issues.
For whom exactly are you trying to fix the world? The only motivation that drives me is my own egoism, i want a world/home i can enjoy living in. It has become very hard for me to give a single shit about most of the population, are they not to blame?

The British have been zogged for nearly 300 years, grasp that for a second. Zogged for longer than the US has existed.
If anything it shows you the strength of Britons to not have buckled completely.
In contrast it took Sweden 50 years to surpass Britain and start "melting viking heritage for scrap metal", among everything else you know about them already.
Nobody could endure this Jewish plague better than they did.

You mean the Jews will jump the shinking ship of Britain like they did with Russia? Probably.

I won’t accept defeat and submit to selfish individualism, I believe in right and wrong, I believe in truth. Even under total subjugation there is evidence of dissatisfaction. I care for my people because they are just that and I will not lose faith in them

I wouldn't say its a matter of enduring the Jew and more a matter of the fact that until the latter half of the 20th century the kike hasn't been rushing the destruction of the British people. After all a parasite can't afford to destroy its host until it can furnish itself with a better and more suitable host and hadn't even conceived of the mixed-race golem up until the 19th century.

An arrogant parasite would. They had a lot to destroy before they got to multiculturalism.
They pushed degeneracy in the US long before the two world wars.
Less than a day after Napoleon lost they bought London and monopolised the stocks and bonds market.
They destroyed Britain on the eve of the end of WW2, even though they didn't dominate the world.
They brazenly replaced Kennedy with the first Jewish president and proceeded to attack the US.
Jews are arrogant that's one of their best flaws for us to exploit.

They did.
A century ago.
Didn‘t you notice how they transferred the assets of the empire to the USA with the second world war?

But a collective consists of individuals, and the stronger the individual, the stronger the collective.
Like i said, my ideals came naturally to me, even though i grew up in a leftist environment. I just cannot relate to people who disregard their own kind and future, it requires only little thought evaluate ones believes and its consequences. Most people are willing to go along with multiculturalism, racemixing and globalism.
Maybe it is an extreme view, but i think that these people either lack a proper sense of morality or they are too stupid to understand their actions. Both possibilities are not desirable, like a genetic disease.


Fuck uk police.

Events like this can cause a diplomatic crisis. lol. Brittany is gonna be famous and someone in britain is gonna lose their job.

Sellner should sue them,
cancer uk police

Martin is an absolute top lad.
What he has done and keeps doing is of invaluable significance.

This is political terror by uk police and should not go unpunished

lefties on twitter try to reason that he was to do a speech for money so he broke migrant working laws but he's an EU citizen and airstrip one is still in the EU so what the hell?


See this is what fighting for us really looks like, no one on this board is willing to get arrested for his race.

Yeah we're all more hardcore…. in our minds. Not in real life.

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They did the same to Jaciek Miedlar

Fuck the uk police. Hope they die

cancer uk police


It took some time for me to accept, most people are like cattle, cows and sheep, even the educated and supposed intelligent ones.
All the people, everywhere.
That is normal and in a way necessary for human society to exist. You can’t have a society were everyone, every time questions authority.
You and me and the most of the rest here are contrarians, anti-authority figures, who wont accept without question authority. Contrarians, anti-authority types are necessary for society as well, just less. They check and control and if necessary fight (for) leadership.
In principle our task is the same as the jews, just for the benefit of society and not it’s destruction. The jew is our competitor and the competitor of the leadership. Any party trying to ally with the jew against other parts of society is going to lose, to the jews. That were the contrarians who allied with the jews against the French king and it is the British leadership who allied with the jews against its people.

It is a naive, childish believe, hope that everything is going to be OK when “people awake” and do the right thing, the illusion of democracy.
I never met a politician who believed in democracy. If you would stand on the street for years, distributing your party propaganda, talk to the people, you would become disillusioned as well, that beside of the fact that “democratic parties” are not democratic at all in their inner workings.

How many on here just shitpost on this corner of the internet and never actually do anything?

They already have, user
Remember: Hate is the Immune System of the Soul

This guy fights for us despite death threats by communists, despite media assasination despite being ostracized from law work.

I have tremendous respect for him, he is a hero.
He does what we do but he does it unafraid of consequence because he knows he is doing the right thing.
Somewhat like Rise Above Movement

Maximum respect!

Defend Europe….

What we did (and Martin started) put us here

They be dead scared.
Fuck uk police. They need to be sued.
Enough is fucking enough.


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fuck cancer uk police


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Here is an interview with the guy Brittany called.

I do stuff on other sites and real life. The world is not immutable especially the smaller news sites which are always looking for stories or interesting facts including historical perspectives.


You know Martin is a law major.
He should sue them and we should blow this up.across every fucking media outlet in the world
Just like we dominated them for two months with Defend Europe

Saging like the scared little bitch you are
Fuck your sage. Be afraid

We are talking about country that used it own citizens as slaves, sold them as cattle, created largest famine in the European history, literally forcing entire nation to run for their life to America because muh profits, used continent as prison. And reminder: after all these atrocities they never had revolution toppling elite doing this shit to them. Eternal anglo, eternal slave. Small breath of freedom in recent post WWII UK history was just a fluke.

Someone said it's illegal for them to detain over 2 days.

I want TRUMP to make a stand on this. Remember he got some basketball americans pardoned a month ago, and got NO thanks for it?

If he doesn't do something about pettibone its gonna look REALLY bad.

The English are a whacky bunch.
But this current shit of theirs is getting old.

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Soviet Union had greatest weak point. It was communist. communism is false teaching and doesn't work, in retrospect failure of USSR was natural.

Of course modern multiculty has its own weakest point it postulates that shitskins are equal to white race. It is false teaching too and this will lead to their countries failure as there would be not enough whites to exploit at one point. Too bad this scenarios means nothing good for whites too.

this is fucking major

>won't can't stop gangs of Muslim pedos
>"Good lord, William! We must stop these e-celebs!"

Sellner and Generation Identitaire are not ecelebs. They are dead serious and dedicated to /ourcause/ They are using the media to their advantage which is why lefties, msm and jews are fucking afraid as hell of them. They reach massive audiences and engage them

Good post though

I was talking about Pettibone. Your sarcastic end to that post is pretty faggy by the way.

Mods you should sticky this. With right approach we can blow this up across the world for another massive victory.

Interesting pic. It sounds like why they lost their empire

this is the guy who said it around 4 minutes

I would like to at least confirm he is correct about detaining for over 24 hours.

I know man, no hf.
To her account and i forget the name…. laura? They did perfectly their job. We reached masses which are specifically their target audiences and don't overlap with us

What you said about Trump catching air on this. It is perfect.

If anyone in Trump.admin is reading this get on it stat. Pettibone is US citizen and is being unlawfully detained in UK

Tweet it do what the fuck ever but get on this.


Well that wasn't hard to find, they must be suspected of a "serious crime". Doing an interview is on the same level as murder in the minds of UK police.

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uk police is pure unandultured cancer of Cuck™-rally-1608560


Why? He doesn't even know she exists for fucks sake.

A bunch of basketball players that the media cried about for years was known by hundreds of millions. Pettibone is known by tens of thousands - if that.

It IS why they lost their empire.
They got on board with the whole "ITS A NEW ERA ITS CURRENT YEAR YOU CANT HAVE EMPIRES!" thing

We need to get this out of the Eceleb sphere, into the Drudge report sphere and it should get to trump quickly. It would be nice if it got to him BEFORE she is released so he could make the demand himself.

Can also bump the 4chan breads
Or make more of them.

She is US citizen. And unlawfully detained by an (((ally))) of fucking UK.

If someone has means to reaching Trump.admin please do so immediately.

Well agreed. This would look great for Trump if he addressed it before she is releas3d

Alright there is an article about it.

Strange though, when I google for it nothing shows up. I guess gateway pundit is completely censored on google news?

Regardless he can't know the case of every one of millions of US tourists detained for pissing in public after getting drunk in foreign lands. It's not going to reach his desk unless we push it there.

That asshole is saying that if Trump automatically doesn't do anything, it means Trump is somehow fucking up. Despite not being aware of what the fuck is going on.

I reported this twice for sticky.
My third and last address for it:
uk has a history of being racist against whites (jacek miedlar)
so we established pattern
2. gi + ms have enormous social media presence which could gain us tv exposure if handled correctly
3. Keep it up for 24 hours as central thread to.coordinate our steps

Yeah I searched it too. Msm is trying to bury this hard

Pettibone is probably CIA, the glowniggers won't be happy about that.

Why they are trying to bury this:
They know it will blow the fuck up in their face just like Defend Europe.did

Mark my words, this is going to be huge.
Get on it before they are released

Maybe we can generate search traffic and /ourmedia/ to report on this before they are.released. be damn sure this will explode once they get out. Think that jew that went to deadman forrest.

This will blow up in sphere which is normally beyond our reach (fb, tw, yt)

You are misinterpreting me.

While it is our responsibility go get the news part of the way, it is also trump's responsibility to have the right people giving him info. He has been handed an incredible opportunity to help our allies (white britons) and it would be a shame if he didn't use it. Anyway, not worth it to argue over this now, we gotta get the news out.

Keep tweeting about it, commenting, whatever. You would be really surprised what you can do with just a few well written tweets. I just got retweeted by someone with like 100,000 followers.

I do not know these laws, but one thing I wonder about.
why are she being detained?
why is she not simply returned if denied access?

She looks like a Ukrainian porn star who goes by the name Sybil A. Would be funny if that was her, and she was just given a manufactured back story to act as a Judas goat. I'm joking of course, but I do half suspect that of Edward Snowden.

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Straight from the horse's mouth

Some of this info is through pettibone, no official statement I think.

mmm.. pepperoni

24 hours
I suspected this, it used to be the same here too, but I think they increased it to two days. That is, they are to let you go after this time unless they get a court order to jail you in another temp jail. This is only used in high crime cases such as murder.

No I cannot see how they can do this, this is more and more outrageous when I think about it. On top of it, it's a citizen of an allied country.

Great job mods. Can we get this to [email protected]?

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hmm.. this is a very good point

this guy gets it

Everything liberals said wouldn't happen, has.

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