Britain's 'worst ever' child grooming scandal exposed: Hundreds of young girls raped, beaten...

Britain's 'worst ever' child grooming scandal exposed: Hundreds of young girls raped, beaten, sold for sex and some even KILLED

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The scale of the abuse uncovered in Telford – population 170,000 – is feared to be the most brutal and long-running of all.

The Rotherham toll was put at 1,500 – but that was in a community of 260,000.

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Must've been Japanese or Koreans

Don't worry guys, I am sure the MSM will pick this up and this will be the event that finally wakes British people up to change things around!

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Like part and parcel.

*laughs in lapist*

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Most of the bongs don't believe the first word of their own national anthem let alone their imports invaders, so aren't too different from their Swedish cousins in cuck level abandonment of their heritage and customs.

Hey thisll wake the people up,and,itll be a huge talking point like Rotherham right? I mean so much came from that.

Learn to OP, faggot. Fucking eye cancer.

Hang every cop.

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So are they going to actually do something about it this time?

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Of course, they will stamp out online hate and bigotry

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I'm ashamed to have even a little British ancestry.

Just got off the phone with Theresa May. She said she's horrified by these reports, and to stop them going forward she's going to need control of the internet. These Nazi outrages will not be allowed to continue, and Britain expects every man, woman, and miscellaneous to do their duty. Report hate speech now.

Yes, because it isn't like all white nations are controlled and turn blind eyes to these types of things.

Who has the archive for Facebook asking questions about pedos?

Because IIRC they weren't doing it in America, Facebook was doing that in the UK.

Perfect bot post.

You fell for the bait.

This isn't news, brits have known about gangs raping children for a good decade. They aren't allowed to report on it.

This thread is being logged and reported to GCHQ for hate crimes. All IPs are being logged and traced. Expect visits from your local agents. Okay thankyou.(Ironic shitposting is still shitposting)

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Fucking hell brits, get your shit together and kill your local minister of truth.

Get brit/pol/ on this shit
Why hasn't this happened yet

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Note that "asian" in Britain includes south asian/indian/pakistani/middle eastern and various other ethnicities that other countries wouldn't call asian.
Names of the 18-strong Newcastle gang.

Brit/pol/ are civic nat cucks. At least they were when they left to make their own board.

Of course this happened in another town besides Rotheram (and other "minor" incidences across other towns). The root of the problem is all over that island, not just located in a single place.
This is why I get so infuriated with leftists who say "well it's just once example".
"Anti-racism" and brown people protectionism is everywhere you go in Britain, everywhere in the West.
Jews + bribed politicians and lawmen + white guilty sheep + brown people + defenseless white girls= rape, rape, rape, abuse, grooming, trafficking, killing every SINGLE time. It is not a theory, it is a guarantee. Gravity is a theory, shitskins raping the children of white guilty liberals is an indesputable universal law.

What kind of emotion should one be feeling right now? Rage, sadness, regret, frustration… If nothing cathartic happens soon at least I can rest assured these defective white genes will not survive the great replacement. That these traitors and weaklings will die off or be absorbed by the brown horde, and one day we will rise again like a phoenix as we slough off the ashes of the dregs of our race. May these betrayers suffer eternally.

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dont be so intolerant tbh its their culture

We have freedom of speech over here, faggot

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Better bring back up faggot, I have an unlicensed spoon.

lol nigga
people in your country have been sued and arrested for speaking out against muslims
wake up nigger
and do something about your soon to be shithole country

British prisons need to be taken back by white nationalist skinheads. You take back the prisons then you take back the streets. You get into prison by taking back the streets.

Yeah? Show me cases. I will quote exactly what those people said on a forum and I won't do it behind a VPN so for any glow in the darks, they have easy access.

go ahead, give me some sauce

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poms are truly worse than abbos

Didn't some woman from Britain First get sentenced last week for posting a video of of the trial for 3 muslim rapists? I know she has a prison sentence.

Verified that they don't give af about your freedom of speech
So then…
wake up nigdick

I've never stepped foot in Britain and I'm an American you morons.

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Couldn’t be any further from the truth, it was for the exact opposite reason that the splendid isolation was declared. Maybe you are thinking of halfchan.

Remember: report hate speech.

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Keep waiting, we have more time than you. The math doesn’t lie.

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Obliviously this happens in all 1st worlds but why is the UK so prevalent in this? Or is the other countries just as bad?

It's this bad in the UK because the UK government is run by child-fucking evil faggots who like to be spanked, and the Arabfags who oblige them are backed by Saudi money. The Jews who populate the City of London like this arrangement very much, so nothing will ever, ever change. Also, the Britfags have gone farther down the road than most in the muh-racism propaganda horseshit, so you can't say boo to the dune coons.

The British IOTBW needs to just be "Rotherham, Rochdale, Telford" on plain paper, nothing else.

People say Sweden is bad but from everything I read and hear the UK seems much worse. The Swedish police deal with their rapists most of the time, even if it's a slap on the wrist, but the UK police will not only not bother to make any arrests but they'll threaten the victims with accusations of racism.

Sweden does retarded stuff like putting black people in important positions of power. What they do makes them seem worse than they actually are. In fact, their major cities are still majority white, unlike Britain with London, which is no longer racially or culturally British in any real way. In reality, Britain is collapsing way faster and more chaotically than Sweden. Britain in way more screwed, in comparison. England is, without doubt, the most ruined, being the epicentre of the multiculti transformation currently happening. Don't fall for the Swede cuck memes; they may look like faggots but they aren't as bad as we think. Suffice to say, Britain may be the most completely fucked place in all of Europe.

bots get it first on DOTR

Every European nation puts niggers in power. Even Italy has some nigress senator or some shit. Many of them are just window dressings but the ideology is still the same.

This guy has been grooming girls for the dubai royal family. he grooms fresh english meat personally rapes them then takes them to dubai for orgies

Abdul Qadir Al Kaylani
citizen : United States of America
Resident : Dubai
born in : Amman Jordan
Wife : Dinara from Kyrgyzstan

copy of document cannot post image over tor

WTF Britain? What happened to being a fucking badass? Seriously?
What the fuck happened? I remember meeting a couple of Royal Marines that would of pulled one of those motherfuckers inside out by reaching down their throat and grabbing their asshole.
Now all I hear about is "bin that knife" and rag head rampages.

You poor bastards are better off just starting over. All that fucking tradition hasn't done shit for you.
Maybe help with the new white ethno state in Africa.

To me, Sweden seems to take feminism just as seriously as multiculti, so when a woman gets raped by a brown man it's still seen as a heinous crime since they genuinely believe in feminism. In a strange way, radical feminism has almost helped them not to become the ultimate cuckolds (though they are as close as you can get).
The Brits have got the narrative lock, stock, and barrel. They make no compunctions over feminism when a shitskin rapes their own, because they understand that multicultural is a higher priority than white women. It's all about replacing the native white Europeans. While feminism used for that purpose, nothing is more effective than literally letting your young women get fucked by packs of feral invaders.

Swedes are just goofy and stupid and genuinely buy into all the ridiculous propaganda, the most ridiculous. They seem like clowns in this regard.
But Brits… they're just ready and waiting to be replaced by niggers ad pakis. They'll take whatever blows by whatever means so long as in the end their race is subjugated.

Britain really is the lolcow of countries

you mean on top of Sweden right?

It's kinda terrifying.

There's not exactly a lot of hiding possible here - only a total political overhaul would do anything.

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Look for the Freeemasons. There's always some masonic cops that cover these things up for one of their brothers-in-kike.

Good idea.

Similar things in Saudi Arabia

Zig Forums thinks this story is good news but in itself it is covering up the Rotherham event which had a much higher total number of victims than 1,000.
And these are just two areas.
Even if you kill EVERY MUSLIM CONNECTED TO THE ABUSES you would still be left with the Whites and KIKES who enabled it to continue and granted protection to the perpetrators.

At what point do you begin to hate the population for doing nothing instead of the muds doing the raping?

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It's a little more than "some" in the UK. The police force is the enforcement arm of the modern masons.
Even in one small Scottish city there have been 3 or 4 cases of schools and children's homes turning out to be historic hubs of sexual abuse. One of the most brutal was run by nuns. When they killed a child they would just bury it in the grounds of the building. Row upon row of little skeletons are being found - accidentally dug up during modernizations and development after the institutions sold off their land for housing schemes.
The entire island (and beyond - Jersey, Guernsey) is rotten to the core.

Most of them don't even know. They're so isolated from the truth.

Yes goy, blame your own people, not the zogbots, feminists, leftists and jews covering for the perps.
The public didn't know about it.
The BNP tried to tell them way before the story was eventually and reluctantly published by the MSM. Nick Griffin and Mark Collett were both charged with hate crimes for publishing a story about the Muslim sex gangs.
The end result of the case was a ruling that the BNP be broken open to admission by non-Whites, essentially destroying the last ethnonationalist political party in the UK.

The trial served as a warning to anyone else who might want to speak out about what was happening.
Brits live under a kike totalitarian regime, how dare you blame the victim.

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It's a funny headline because the cops are the freemasons. Pretty much all British cops are masons.

seems the line in the sand has already been drawn, bucko

Reminds me, the kike rat who infiltrated the BNP and provided evidence for Griffin and Collett to be charged, eventually causing the party to be opened to shitskins, was never traced.
We still don't know who he actually is. Maybe investigations should be reopened in light of much more robust intel gathering capabilities we have these days?
Here's the documentary for any young anons or foreign WN interested in the recent history of British WN and why we have no WN party.

They don't list the race of the victims, do they?

Pic related for (You).

Probably not "Asian"

It's that moment when you realize the inquisitions were for a good reason.
The same way McCarthyism was actually right.
And Kennedy was assassinated by the same sonsabitches.
Tolerance is the enemy.

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Well, I've been repeatedly saying that if anyone wants to fuck with me over the Constitution or generally try to intimidate my ass, to take a run at me, and I've been around a long time.

The truth is that most people are pussies, including feds in Rottenchild's pocket. Why do you think they do hoaxes all the time? These amateurs know damn well that if they brush up against real resistance, they could fucked up fast. Why do you think they target children and the defenseless. They are pussies.

They rely on bluepills for defense, which is the gayest thing you could possibly do.

Fuck that. Start illegally notifying the public you fucking Britnigger cucks.


The English foreword to Hexenhammer actually explains this. The inquisitors were battling a sort of proto-bolshevism which hid behind witchcraft.
Much like Wicca is a cover for radical feminism.
Will post the excerpt if I can find it.

McCarthy was right. There were numerous spies later caught by the Venona project.

If law enforcement refuses to do anything for decades while arresting anyone speaking against immigration aren't you far past the point of peaceful solutions?

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Most law enforcement doesn't refuse to do anything. It's a handful of masonic rats. The boys in blue (blue lodge) that cover these things up.

Sarcasm is shitposting?
I'm glad I got that out of my system back on halfchan.
Keep up the good work mods…

I'm behind 7 proxies.

petrol mixed with Styrofoam in a metal bowl would be a good solution


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You have to look to know.
It's like "if you don't redpill at this point, you are something not human."
There is little hand holding at this stage.

I get that there are still low i.q. people who don't want to rock the boat. But who are they?
The fucking world is being overrun by pedo sick fucks and low i.q. fucks saying "well, its good for my retirement fund."

Reading this makes you realise this is a battle between good and evil.

Jesus Fucking Christ Britiain!

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You can shove the data right under peoples noses and they will refuse to acknowledge it because it 'must' be wrong.

they'd only want him if he was fresh out the manger m8

You know, if I were Oriental (and NO, the word "Oriental" is not a slur, go fuck yourself), I would be outraged that the media is purposefully blurring the distinctions between shitskin sand-niggers and everyone else with the use of the word "Asian," because it usually is interpreted as Oriental.

I've noticed that people from the Orient are very like whites, in that they don't make a huge deal about whatever word is used as a designation for themselves, and I can only assume it is for the same reason, that they aren't ashamed of who they are, so any word used to describe their race can't really be made to insult them.
But in this case, the MSM itself is trying to lump a shameful group in with them, and that is more of a lying smear than any casually-flung moniker.

In b4 "well, technically, everyone not from Africa is "asian…"

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Of course, it “must” because otherwise they would live a lie.

The consequences of admitting the truth are so horrible, they couldn’t sleep a night. It is not only the horrific crimes, but also what that signifies for them self; they are branded cattle for the slaughter.

Just imagine you wake up one day in a facility were all indicators are showing that at the end of the hall there is abattoir wait for you. You are not alone, there are masses of people and all are pushing you into the direction of the slaughter. Scary, isn’t it?

You would think it would be an impetus to finally push back.
You know, get your guns and…

Never mind…

The blood of those dead girls is on their hands.

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S-see, goys!! It's totally NOT a race problem! T-ther's a honkey, right there!

Yeah, Amercans are heading for the hills like the Taliban. No place is safe for the infiltrators. Only last week they rammed a dump truck full of explosives into a hotel and proceed to kill every foreigner they encounter within…

…you know they don’t do that.

Battles are won with the mind.

The term "grooming" must be changed into something that reflects reality better.