United states holohoax museum memorial website tells truth about holohoax numbers!

What does this mean?
Freudian Slip, Rogue Programmer, or Something ELSE?
The United States Holocaust Museum Memorial Website has some interesting numbers posted on this page (pic related, MSPaint masterpiece)

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Holy shit kids need to source this on any paper they do about the holocaust.

Those are just the German Jew numbers. Far more Jews lived in territory Germany conquered to the east. Most of the Jews sent to the camps came from these regions.

But these numbers seem quite small…

Archive everything, you faggot!

Those are the "official" number of GERMAN Jews who are said to have died during the holocaust. As I said previously the vast majority of Jews sent to the camps lived to the east of Germany, in territory the Third Reich would go on to conquer.

This isn't noteworthy at all.

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How embarrassing. You shouldn't be involved with holocaust revisionism if you don't even have basic knowledge of the official narrative of the holocaust.

Seems like they're trying to lower the number as to not make the whole thing seem suspicious anymore. A lot of people still think it happened and that the only lie was the 6 million figure.

They're probably lowering the overall number but the figure in the OP is nothing new.

All I get from your post is that you're a kike.

filtered for being a kike.


The OP's article mentions that over half of them left Germany before WW2, when barely 10 years ago they were pedaling that not even a tenth of them could get out. This is them deflating the numbers plain and simple.

OP's not a faggot, just inexperienced.
says it all. They are talking about GERMAN jews in that page, not EUROPEAN jews.

Damage control already? I wonder if Tel Aviv gets a notification every time a thread mentions the holohoax on here.

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Read the thread and you’ll see how stupid you look.

it's a nice strategy and all, but it is still a win.

jesus christ do ost of Zig Forums act like you or are you intentionally being an illiterate twat, not everyone who disagrees with you is a jew, especially when your own reading comprehension is below sub par. Learn more and try again

Here you go kike, now gas yourself

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I appreciate memes and antisemitism just as much as the next guy but posting a pic and declaring that your source isnt a very academic citation

It seems even the Jews suffer from the meritocracy of incompetent millennials.

argh, meant mediocrity. What a way to trash trips.

There’s no source for Steele having ever said that, nor of anyone else saying it, either. It’s a weird quote, because it’s not the number of jews living in German-occupied Europe, either. I don’t know how many claimed reparations right after the war, but I can attest to the pre-war numbers being wrong.

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He said it somewhere (I forget where) quoting somebody else. It starts with "like my friend ____ always says".

Stop being an idiot. Jews were transferred to detention centers during the war, similar to how japs and some Germans were put into concentration camps in the USA during WW2

BTW these are the official Red Cross numbers. What even is this timeline?

Strange that Kurt Gerstien was able to murder 13 million and he wasn't even a part of the 4 million murdered at Auschwitz.

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150k Jews, mostly dead from all of the 3rd Reich starving due to Allied saturation bombing/embargo is the closest thing you can get to your holohoax.
Shutout to the good gy shilling the fuck out of this place

The Red Cross said just under 300,000, and the World Almanac & Book of Facts says that the global jewish population grew between 1939 and 1946. Whatever the case may be, it's clear that there was no genocide planned, ordered, or carried out and that every single last motherfucking thing about "the holocaust" is a goddamn fraud.


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Archived page

They're cutting off points of rhetorical attack before this shit goes mainstream. They're fully aware of the most potent hall-of-cost red pills and are hoping to maintain a "we never actually claimed that, that's folk myth" position when the questions start coming in force from the angry, awakened goy.

And shills like will shift the goal posts, implying that there's still a neat 6 mill out there somewhere, without actually stating it in a manner that can come back on them.


In all seriousness though those numbers seem pretty low compared to the narrative. Only 180 thousand jews killed in germany… and presumably 5 million plus killed in poland, france, and eastern russia?

Pathetic. Germany was the main nation jews flocked to with the highest concetration.

You really think poland and france held 5 million jews?

Nah it's one neurotic jew from 4/pol/ who migrated here it seems. I'm just waiting for (((Aaron))) to post his imgur album and get btfo.

You should really kill yourself, yid. It's the only way to get away from what is coming for your disgusting kind.

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Before the war most jews in Europe were in Poland (depending what one considers Poland) and France.

More then 300000 jews from Poland lived in Germany after the first world war. Those jew didn’t want to leave Germany for Poland even after the genocidal anti-semitic Nazis came to power. There was a real conflict with Poland, that didn’t wanted their jews back.

At the end of the war against Poland, most Polish jews ended in the territory of the Soviet-Union.

Did you count the number of corpses in your picture?

Not yet. Do you think they add up?

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damn facts getting in the way of a good fake narrative

Thanks for jewsplaining Rabbi

I'm not defending the six million figure. I just believe we don't need to argue against strawmans in order to expose the truth.


Daily reminder

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Horseshit. We set the strawmen on fire then we shove your asses into the ovens with them, levi.

You mean all those communist countries the Jews took over after WW1


So how much are they paying you?

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Coincidentally, they seem to block archive.is…for all te good that does them.

were 'muh russian hackers' responsible for this?

No, user, read:
>In all, the Germans and their collaborators killed between 160,000 and 180,000 German Jews in the Holocaust, including most of those Jews deported out of Germany.

No archive. Fuck you OP you go in the oven as well

It still says "German jews". Most of the kikes who were supposedly shoahed were from elsewhere.


It says "by religious definition" so is that leaving out all the atheists etc.?

it just attempts to make the whole thing unclear, enabling the appeal to authority fallacy, where the jews are the authority.

2.4 million
3.8 million
6 million
It adds up! t. Shlomi

Doing gods work user

Obvious yid is obvious, yid.

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You're a retard. Nothing I said ITT goes against holocaust revisionism. That you interpreted it as such means you're either completely ignorant on the topic or you lack basic reading comprehension.

with access to roughly 9 million if no other factors such as Jews possible immigrating away to other countries, 6 gorillion would technically be in limits of possibility if one included diseases, starvation and battlefield deaths against communists into that number. Given the constraints even modern Shoah studies use that date its beginning from latter half of 41 with October-December period usually given, its impossible to believe that death camps alone could have killed so many.

If we are crunching numbers with all accounted factors (e.g. diseases, starvation & combat) I guess something along the lines of 2-4 million might be possible for the entire war period. In Yugoslavia for example Serbia lost all of its ~10k Jews to executions intended against Serb partisans because to Nazi authorities Jews & communists were one of the same. Serbs just laughed and continued their resistance despite these purges. Also Himmler notes in his diary in Dec 41 that estimated 600-900k Jews had fallen in combat & related activities by that point. Curiously he was also concerned about the mental effect these mass killings were having on German soldiers, which Shoah studies originate as the spark for need to develop more effective ways of killing en masse later on. Bad condition of the ghettos & work camps is evidenced by the letters of Generalgovernment's camp commanders who tended to complain about lack of food allocated to them, I think it was either Lwow or Krakow's camp leader which complained that his request for extra grain that had already been accepted still had not been delivered in 1940 letter. Nowadays Shoah studies also make distinction between opinion split among Nazi leaderships among camps: some wanted to get rid of them asap and just left them on their own devices while others wanted to make them pay for their upkeep until they could be deported (or killed after 41).

It should also be noted that even as late as 1944 the NSDAP official responsible for POW's severely complained about lack of food rations allocated to Jewish prisoners that made them unable to work properly. I think it might have been Heydricht, but I might be confusing the guy with someone else.

tl;dr: no sensible person can believe that 6 gorillion or more were killed with chambers, but if all possible factors are included its possible that few million in total died as a result all of the combined factors.

it requires 2.2 dead kikes per minute for 5 years straight without a single minute of pause.

In other words.

Depending on which historian you ask, 15-40 million Russians died during WW2. Seeing how over-represented ((chosen)) were in the USSR combined with the already exiled/fleeing Polish ones its not impossible to imagine that significant portion that number, lets say 5-10% were Jews especially when German forces did kill commie officials on sight and to them Judaism & Bolshevism were same thing. Granted, 6 gorillion would be optimistic number and would also have to include diseases and starvation to be possible.

I guess that best way to get best approximate of the real death toll would be to compare the amount of recorded Jews in the world at pre-war, pre-shoah and post war periods (1939,1941 & 1945 respectively). Then one would also need try to account for birth rate & immigration. For arguments sake, let's use the ~15,7m from>>11358344
for pre-war. If similar survey from 1945 shows significant drop in total to 11 million for example, then one could make argument that approximately 4-5 million Jews did die during WW2 when birth rates are also accounted for. On related note it would be very interesting to see census from 45 or 46 to see if there significant decline.

Prior to seeing such data, my personal guess would be that there is drop of million or few thanks to the wartime conditions but still far lower than the official narrative. It would have made sense for Jews to profit from such by marketing as unique extermination event when per capita Armenian genocide was probably far worse.

fucked the link, meant to type

Russia was not "German occupied" as they were defeated and routed from the country. You can count Poland & half of France, and a few smaller countries where they were not effective in rounding up Jews (due to the goys in those countries protecting them), but that's about it.

The most likely number of dead prisoners I've heard, due to starvation and disease at the end of the war, was around 300k.

Apples and oranges.
The Jew claims 6 gorrillion dead in the "death" camps alone, from gassings, holocoasters of death, being masturbated to death, etc.
You're trying to mix in wartime casualties that affect EVERYONE in a war, including the Germans, soldiers or civilians.

Remember, the narrative is that ebil Hitler tried to systematically murder Jews as an ethnicity, because he hated Jews, and not that he blew them up or shot them as collateral wartime damage.

Goy, the number of bodies they buried outside the DEATH camps was so many, that blood fountained into the air as the trucks (carrying new Jewish victims) rolled by. And you could tell what nationality of Jew was being burned in the massive Jew-ovens by the color of the smoke that was coming out of the chimneys!!!

Oy Vay, it was the worst thing that man has ever done to his fellow chosen ones, in the history of history itself…

They keep changing the numbers. Also,

Checked and correct.

There were absolutely all sorts of people dead from Allied bombing, but if you so much as stole a Reichsmark and you were in the SS, you would be shot. Prisoner abuse was not allowed. NS Germany was more moral, ethical, and honorable than any kike-run country, period.

Holy shit, look at this fuck faggot.

Regions that have no records or were (((soviet))) controlled territories after the war, no doubt.

Kikes all sat in internent camps and weren't shot at any fronts.
That's why they don't even know how the fabled zyklon B works.

The holocaust never happened and it's physically impossible to have killed that many kikes.
They didn't just get teleported into camps, they had to use trains, they had to walk through hallways that limit human thoroughfare, etc.
Corpses take up space, etc etc etc.

It never happened.

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You know? Where they were able to send secret messages to their kike relatives by giving Hans piss stained letters to be delivered to said relatives, like a "recent revelation" revealed.

Or one of the creators of cards against humanities "grandpa" was in a special "tease nazis" division that allowed him to make fun of nazis while toeing a line of not getting killed by them.

Et. pp.

Are these things already memoryholed, or something? It's not even been a year.

Go back to the safe space of leftypol where holohoax denial is against the kike mods rules.

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That's exactly the argument I'm making that the "genius" of Shoah is that its created by conflating the all of the deaths that happened in a war time period such as starvation & diseases with alleged camp deaths. Then when they go on about 6 gorillon and show images of camps people make associations themselves that only break if they actually start looking at the logistics of how 6 million gassings in at most 4 years in wartime would be absurd. That's why I would be so interested in seeing the numbers for post war Jews, because if there is no sizable drop in total amount then the entire narrative would be in doubt for anyone that isn't incapable of basic math.

Obviously Germany did not have complete control, but sizable portions such as modern Ukraine, Belarus, parts of Caucasus and European Russia were under logistically stretched occupation and constantly plagued by partisans. Naturally authorities under such massive stress & logistical challenges couldn't operate as easily as in Poland or France you mentioned, but they did try to enforce their policies such as killing commissars and other party officials etc. Also your figures for starvation are hilariously undersized. For example out of first 2 million Russian prisoners captured in Southern thrust only half survived the winter of 41 because of starvation and diseases. SS & Germans in general weren't certainly mass-murdering at the drop of the hat, but they didn't really give too much about the welfare of Russian PoW's. Which is understandable since logistics of Germany were already being pushed to limits by Barbarossa, but that doesn't erase the massive death toll inflicted on Russians.

If no Jew was shot at any front, then what about the ones serving in Germany & USSR's armies? I highly doubt that either was spared from the frontline duties with the exception of USSR leadership. Like I've already said, ingeniousness of Shoah stems from combining your usual deaths with happen during wartime (casualties, diseases,starvation) with the image of alleged death camps. That's why Zig Forumsacks should be looking at the numbers of overall Jews in the world in the post war period to use as evidence against drops necessitated by Shoah if they want to effectively disprove it. Your average normie is not going to read through bunch of essays and watch videos debunking it unless they already lean that way, simple mathematical before & after evidence would be more effective persuasion tool. After all if 6 million out of 15,7m prewar Jews did die, then the post-war pop can't be much higher than 9,7m even when birth rates are accounted for.


isn't it weird that archive.is is having trouble with archiving the page
(((pure coincidence))) right?

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Let us never forget the true holocaust. Over one-hundred-million of our Chinese brothers and sisters heartlessly murdered, starved, - the survivors enslaved - by the heartless Jew.

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good find OP but this is how you screenshot.

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