Ethnic Germans are being robbed, raped, stabbed and killed by migrants every single day. Bodies being found everywhere every day. Another genocide of Germany is happening and the whole world is watching live. Look at these news links below, they're just the tip of the iceberg from the past couple of days as many crimes don't make it to the (((news))) at all. Most of the time migrant crimes aren't prosecuted by authorities and if, migrants walk out of court on probation while ethnic Germans are jailed for thought crimes alone. THIS IS A FUCKING GENOCIDE!

15yo girl found dead

14yo girl killed, stabbed 20 times

16yo girl attacked with knife by migrant

84yo robbed and severly injured

Children found human skull

Police-man knife-attacked and severly injured by 19yo migrant

Teacher attacked and injured by knife by a 7yo(!) pupil

20yo mirgrant sexually assaulted 12 and 15yo girls

Migrants knife-attacking walkers

15yo girl attacked und injured

15yo girl attacked and injured

18yo raped by migrant

33yo woman knife-attacked and severly injured by migrant

33yo man knife-attacked and severly injured

19yo boy knife-attacked and severly injured

17yo boy knife-attacked and severly injured

29yo man knife-attacked and severly injured

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at least they shop at IKEA and have cellphone service, that is all that is important.

Well what did you expect when you let the government pay the Middle-East and Africa to move in?

What "government" are you talking about? There hasn't been a legal constitutional government in Germany eversince allies arrested Dönitz government 1945 and there won't be a legal constitutional government until there are peace-treaties for Germany. The UN was founded as enemy state organisation against Deutsches Reich and it STILL is enemy state organisation. The (((war on Germany))) is still on as you can see above. Just the weapon has changed. Germaniam esse delendam.

law doesn't matter, . monopoly on violence is what gives the state its legitimacy. might=right. krauts better make suer they have the might when shtf

We can help. You only have to submit and ask for it.

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Wurdest du auf deutsch/pol/ so hart auseinander genommen, dass du deinen Schwachsinn jetzt an Anglos verbreiten willsts?

Oh, nach welcher Gesetzgebung wurde DDR-Devisenhändler Schalck-Golodkowski 1996 verurteilt? Etwa "wegen Verstoßes gegen das als Bundesrecht weitergeltende Militärregierungsgesetz Nr. 53" wie es auf seiner Wikipedia-Seite steht?
Ich wünsche dir von ganzem Herzen eine kleine bunte Bereicherung mit Stahl aus Soligen, du Pisser.

Yeah, and let's not forget they're occupied by the nation that almost has more kikes inside it than israel.

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Hans, 70 years years we screwed up that date. Sorry.


Ok so what is your fucking point?


There are like fifty allied military bases in Germany and several more on German territory. The official excuse as to why they haven't been closed is that they form a bulwark against Russia and provide stability for post-war Europe, a ridiculous notion, but that's the official narrative. There are practically no consequences when US soldiers rape German and Japanese women. US soldiers rape Japanese girls and women on a regular basis and it's virtually always swept under the rug and the Japanese are told to keep their fucking mouths shut.

Oy vey! Help those (((Syrian))) refugees and stop complaining!

B-but the Germans have universal health care!

What Germany and Japan need to do is ask their government to comitt to spending enough on self defense so that the US can withdraw.
Its nice having someone else take care of that for you. But as your examples show it puts you in a position where you can be taken advantage of.

Those deals belong in a bygone era.

The japanese have been asking the americans to withdraw for more than 50 years. They have no choice. Don't think for a minute that the japanese want to be raped and blackmailed by the US from here to eternity.

There is NEVER a bygone era.
There is no such thing as a de facto obsolete law or contract.
They are binding until absolutely and officially repealed, etc.

They don't have that.
Burger and their knowledge about the world

This is going to take fucking forever fuck me

Like I said if they are serious they need to start spending the appropriate amount on defense.
If you do that before you ask the US to leave, its going to be more convincing.

The US economy would be better if they didnt have to defend Japan. But if nobody defended Japan and they get bullied with threats of invasion by China thats even worse for the US.

Obviously I meant the agreement has run its course. Nobody is worried about Japan or Germany trying to take over the world anymore.
Also in the case of a defense agreement, they arent bound by any laws anyway.
For example Ukraine gave its nuclear weapons to Russia, based on an agreement that said France and the UK would defend them militarily if anyone invaded.
Decades later Russia invaded Crimea and nobody helped the Ukraine. But Ukraine couldnt sue the UK or France for not upholding their side of the agreement. It was just a meaningless promise made by a previous government.

Doesn't matter as long the government can just enforce what they want. That's the crux with sovereign citizens, they may be right by some ancient laws, but if the government says "no" they have no power to do otherwise.

How the fuck did spell check get spoofed out of process???

Not too long ago a German was sued because of an "obsolete law" that covers "no insulting foreign heads of states", in the case of Erdogan.

There is no such thing as "ran its course". It has ran its course when it's fully repealed.

A defense agreement between two countries is quite different from your example.
Think of it more like a gentlemans agreement. The only thing that is at stake of you break your side of the agreement is your reputation.

I gave an example in my previous post of countries breaking those types of agreements and nothing bad happening.

Take care of what? The Russian threat from the East? Sorry to disappoint you, Chaim, but the only threat comes from the West. Don't lose your shit when shit hits the fan and Germany finally realigns with Russia again and you'll get exiled from Europe.

Maybe you should start killing bankers and politicians, hmm?

The fuck are you doing?

I can find you similar articles from the US. Do you think there are less nigger and spic crimes? It's bad and everybody knows it, that's why thousands protest in Cottbus and other cities. That's why PEGIDA goes onto the streets every week. That's why the AfD is the second biggest party after a couple of years since it was founded. That's why Antifa illegaly blocked the women's march against immigration. That's why censorship is on commie level. But to speak of a genocide is the most retarded thing I've heard in a long time. US everyday life hit Germany, it was only a matter of time. Everything that originated in the US hits Europe one election cycle later.

Well, that video just enraged me.

US-citizens also go 10 months to jail when forming a swastika from beer cans while illegal migrants walk out of court on probation for gang raping young girls? Didn't know about that. Seems USA is fucked up.

Your defense budget. I thought that was obvious.

For example Germanys defensive spending as a share of its GDP is half that of France.
That is billions of dollars that German taxpayers do not have to spend because US taxpayers do insetead.

Could I get a source on that?

In that case German voters should ask their government to spend less on holohoax compensation and more on defense.
I understand Japan is starting to increase military spending. Germany should follow their example.

I am not a Merrican. But if the USA got out first, then you decided to rebuild your military there would be a period in the middle where you would be vulnerable to pressure from foreign countries that do have a proper military.

You cant put the cart before the horse as they say.

What's gonna happen retard. Is Poland going to invade? Is Denmark? Is France?

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Posting in D&C thread

Can you even imagine the kvetching if Germany was to cut into their holocaust compensation budget?
Also the average Japanese is probably a lot less brainwashed than most Germans, just suggesting something like that could cost you your job here.

I wouldn't put it beneath Poland, and with the sorry state the Bundeswehr is in, they'd probably succeed too.

Greece will invade and go in to the german banks and smash up all the computers with greek debts on them.

Also by that logic Germany could save even more money and reduce its military spending to zero. Since nobody is ever going to invade.

That is really trumptardish nonsense.

The Japanese are not allowed to have armed forces, by the USA.

Nobody asks you to “defend” Japan. If the USA would piss off, that would be OK.
It is nearly a decade ago when a non-LDP party did win the elections in Japan with the promise to (re)move the US bases. The new premier had to publicly apologize to the Japanese in the first week, “it is impossible to move the bases”. That is because “Japan is a sovereign nation”, not.

I just thought of a third one.
Turkey could mobilise an invasion force of the people it currently has living inside Germany.
Invade from the inside out.

Shit someone should tell the USA about their plans to massively increase their army and navy. What if the US nukes them again for being naughty boys and protecting themselves?

The world has forgotten was Germany was defined like by the allies. Look at SHAEF Law No. 52:
"GERMAN" shall mean the area constituting "Das Deutsche Reich" as it existed on 31 December 1937.

Where's the peace-treaty with Deutsches Reich? Where has Deutsches Reich gone? What you call GERMANY ain't no constitutional state - it's a UN trust administration led by jews.


The mosques are full of weapons. The muslim takeover of Europe is already planned by the kikes.

What saddens me that native germans are either
A) Left leaning hedonists
B) Cucks that bought the jew taught self loathing and pathological altruism. Both Rabbi Shekelberg and Imam Dinarian dindu nuffin. You are ebil gnatzee if you say otherwise!

IKEA is Swedish.

Yes, destroy the economy we're highly dependent on, then get Kosovo'd. The world isn't a video game, we'd only start getting ideas if Germany does increase its military capability.

That's retards logic. Not even going to lecture you on why, you're just dumb.

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check this thread:

Check this:

It is not the USA's business to decide over the Japanese budget, just piss off!

law matters when the people with POWER make it matter
law doesn't matter when the people with POWER choose to have it not matter

law is only words
unless it is backed by cultural and physical force

White genocide is very, very real
It is happening right now in most White countries.
There are three main thrusts at the present

1. propaganda in news, movies, and TV to discourage Whites from having healthy families (stable man + woman marriage with children) and from making White babies

2. similar to above, propaganda to encourage Whites who do have families to have non-White babies (mixed race couples) or to adopt non-White babies

3. massive non-White immigration into White countries, along with government and legal systems that favor said immigrants

more forceful measures may come later
for now the jewish backed White genocide plan is working exactly as intented
look at how low White birthrates are in most White countries, and how brainwashed for "the diversity" most Whites are.
(the low birthrates in Japan are related, but with some different causes)
Things are so much worse than most people would believe.

they are already being invaded
by "the diversity"

in terms of all muslims in Europe
that is literally the plan
the imams talk about it all the time

Aaaaaand Hooton is a kike. Every fucking time. I want off this ride.

A fair bit of anal I would wager.

This is for all your germans trying to fight the good fight

Bitch is a snitch

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The peaceful nations of the world.

Soviet flag goes by. Good grief.

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"Diversity" isn't a foreign country.

You Nazifags are responsable for it, partially at least. Internationalists / Cultural Marxists were able to use the Nazis to scare decent people from caring about their interests in a reasonable way. If we had some party like AfD 20 years ago things would be better.(cuck)

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Fuck off, retard.

Holy christ, commit suicide.

You simply do not have even a basic grasp of human psychology, sociology, and the power of the mass media. Nor do you have even an elementary level of historical knowledge. The National Socialist Party was emmensly popular in Germany.

Progressively dilluting genes in another gene pool is genocide whether that's palatable to normalfags or not. These sort of crimes are just a small contribution to the genocide in question.


It's just darwinism. Jews are winning because jews are killing. While good goys think voting to make the rich give more of their lunch money to bullies will fix everything.

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None of the links posted involve the traitors you voted for, yet you complain they are serving you with genocide?
Well, to be blunt, it is what you asked for, but when we told you that you wouldn't listen. You should have listened.

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It was called the FDP and Möllemann got Mossaded.

Also Schillpartei, but he got CIAed.

It's happening here too and Trump's approved around 15 to 20,000 Afghan refugees under the title of translator. If Trump don't change immigration policy then it's a matter of time before we become Sweden. That number doesn't include their family members, trump has to end chain migration or we're fucked.

Oh my God they are sending children now!

Did you hear of the Republikaner, Schönhuber and his book “Ich war dabei”?

Möllemann was just a paid by the Arabs cuck and traitor who crossed the Mossad like Barschel

It's being carried out and directed by the US military. This is what happens when you let 56% occupy your country. It is not a coincidence that the next worst country in this regard is Italy.

Yea lucky germans, instead they get to pay taxes because some African country needs more money to pay for refugees. Same with the EU, everyone is always angry that Germany seems to be the only one to profit but all the money that flows to Germany then flows to Africa and Antifa projects or some shit like that. The German citizen will never see any of that ever.

nice digits
but the world is run by violence, not words
if you can not enforce your ideas unto the world then they dont change anything
you might be able to chage the minds of a few rational men with reason
influence emotionally some vulnerable people
but unless you have the armed men to force the rest to submit then all the autistic sperging about rights and protocols and legal definitions wont mean shit
I'm sure you already know this ofcourse

Is there any news whatsoever of migrants turning up dead in suspicious circumstances yet?

the good guys lost world war 2

That guy is a usual in the Deutsch/pol/ and no he does not realize that his legal definitions dont mean shit unless he can back them up with force, no matter how often people tell him.

Since you are going to be jailed for your thought crimes anyway, why not fighting? If you fall ten will come to fill the gap. (if you fall loudly enough, of course)
You can not fail me Germany, you are no Sweden.

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The world owes peace-treaties to German people. Instead all the world allied in UN against German people. 52 states are still in state of war against Deutsches Reich. My idea is justice. Maybe I'm just too idealistic in a world full of evil.

In defense of the German People, you do realize that most Germans are lemmings. Between 90-95% of all Germans, of all people of all races are lemmings. So it doesn't matter if a small number of intelligent and skeptical people recognized where this would lead. We'll be out voted by the unthinking masses every time. The lemmings will vote for whatever they believe or are compelled to believe is (((fashionable))). And guess who sets the tone for that?

Not that easy after 70yrs of psychological warfare, indoctrination and reeducation. Anybody opposing is attacked with the Nazi narrative. Many people would prefer dying happily in order to solve their "German guilt".

It's thesame mentality as the sandniggers who are mad at Americans for invading their country as the people profit in any way from that. As sson as you point out the Jew all that bs falls appart.

Paraphrasing Dr. Pierce?

Germans were turned into lemmings by holocausted 1000 of their cities, killing 12 mio of the best Germans after surrender, raping millions of girls and wives, by decades of psychological warfare, holohoax and guilt cult. After 100yrs of continous wrong accusations Germans are nothing but traumatized human life stock working for holocaust reparations.

Seems legit Mr. Prime Minister.

Decades of leftist indoctrination post-WWII, but the guilt factor isn't there anymore on a large scale, if it ever really was.

The current crisis stems mostly from Angela Merkel and the elites being pieces of shit just like they were/are in the American elite/deep state scene. Same people. Germans are held hostage by this vicious nasty cunt, the nasty SPD that controlled things for years, and a big chunk of the business-types who want cheap labor in CDU/CSU (Merkel's side). Same thing as the "conservatives" who want a bunch of Mexicans coming in the US.

Krass, all of it.

Germans need to find their DDR buddies who are still armed/trained from East German army and anybody from the Bundeswehr in hunting clubs and whatnot and take real steps to change the government, or Germany is doomed. It's not complex.

Democracy is disgusting. The german people have been squashed as no other people have, but I do believe that the German spirit can be rekindled, and that the kikes are still afraid of that, that's why they erected that 1984-like censorship system. Kikes are today very afraid, because even though they are closer to their objective than ever it may all blow in their faces. holohoax exposure laws for example are relatively recent.

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You know it.

While your dubs check out, I'm afraid that most Germans were lemmings before the war too. Sadly this is the state of most people. Only a small minority of people are capable of critical thinking. However this is not something to get upset over. It means that even though most Germans were lemmings, Patriotic Germans managed to regain control of Germany and win over the hearts and minds of virtually the entire country.
That means that we can do the same.
The key is not bemoaning the fact that most people are lemmings, but instead to educate the small minority of our kinsmen who can think critically and to reach out and influence the lemmings through effective propaganda.

Agreed user. The more one understands about sociology, the more idiotic the notion that democracy affects the "will of the people" is.
All democracies are actually oligarchies. And the oligarchs are those who run the propaganda outlets. Which unfortunately, means the jews.

But it appears true that the kikes are afraid. Their censorship is getting so outrageous and so offensive for regular people that even the lemmings are starting to resist. Blindly, without focus, and without direction. But things seem ripe for a leader and a movement. Nationalism is the only contender.
While most people are lemmings, all people are to one extent or another nationalistic/tribalistic. It is basic human psychology or human nature. It is in our blood and genes. It is evolution.

The only thing I'm worried about is making sure that the kikes are completely exterminated when the revolution comes. To borrow one of their phrases, Never Again

time for some self-liberation, lads

Ideas are great on paper but they mean nothing without military might to back them up. The pen is powerful when backed by the sword so to speak.

top kike.

Oh German profiting meme, where profit is paying for all the scammer, the scammer stil having a worse economy, but personaly profiting living a comfy life, the Germans having the lowest standard of living:


It ain't that easy.
The US remains as the biggest threat of "self liberation" to the entirety of Europe/The West/SA/etc.

They need the liberation the most. They're the bottleneck in the whole deal, as are all the other good golems.

That said, I do advocate for maknig it as hard/difficult as possible for governments.
Don't self censor, they bank on this low effort plan of scaring everyone into shutting up when everybody should just openly be a "shitlord" 24/7.
They cannot arrest all of us and even if they did then they'd run out of taxcattle.

Also, memes are very effective, we also need to take back control of shame and blame.
Despite me liking to post "liberty_the_ass.webm" I am not one of those people who think there's nothing to be done and woe is Germany boohoo.

In fact, people like me are probably the majority of those who aren't cucked (and Germany has always been SUPER resilient even in extreme dire straits, I would call it the most resisting nation all things considered. Sure, Hungary and co seem more based on first glance, but their situations aren't as dire as Germany, the "diesel cheating" thing alone was a Nuremberg trial of the modern age, totally out of propoprtion and the money DOES need to come from somewhere.)
tl; dr; America needs dekiking the most, Europe, or at least Germany isn't as lost as it seems.
I am not kidding.
Gute Miene zum bösen Spiel is a thing.
It means, put on a good face during an evil play.

People are fed up and traitors ARE scared.
It could be worse.

USA needs more work.

To put things into perspective:
In recent history (aka the past 200 years or so) the only other nation to ever gotten as boycotted and sanctioned as Germany has been Rhodesia.

Rhodesians might never die, as they say, but I still think Germany still made it out better.
And that was just in recent history.
30 years war and all such things, whew. So, yeah. Don't count the "doom" chickens before they are hatched.

Kikes love to say that whoever opposes them perishes, but I think it applies to Germany more than anyone else.
Case in point: reality.

kikes ruin those who help them, not who oppose them.

When the inferior DNA hits hard, you are too chicken to kill yourself and can only hope for at least virtual suicide by mod.

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I haven't lost hope, but for Europe to be dekiked the Jews' Golem, the US has to be dekiked.
If the US are dekiked, Europe will be dekiked. If a few European countries are, the keks will use the US and their European colonies to boycott, impose sanctions or even take military action.
What gives me hope is that even though the US is probably the most zionist country, it's also one of the most anti-semitic, white nationalist and undoubtly the country with the most well armed civillians.

Balfour declaration 1917 turned German empire into a dead pledge. The US must get back control of FED to fix this.

The job (((they))) did there is incredible. I still hope the fire is creeping under the cinder. Sometimes you just need to start.


the question: is there any pushback/muzzie deaths?

Hooton Plan

Does anyone have those "At least I wasn't called racist" images, usually on top of a planet of the apes screen cap? I need them for bantz.

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Not sure how my message came out like a chink wrote it… Must be losing my mind.

Only migrants killing each other, there are no real German actions on immigrants. 99% of "crimes" against foreigners are "hate-speech-crimes".