Stanford has a new system to report sexual assault that has no captcha or email requirement

Stanford has a new system to report sexual assault that has no captcha or email requirement.

Maybe black ppo are committing more rapes than ever b4.

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maybe google's captcha actually checks if whomever is clicking is human, so niggers get mixed with robots

We dont need to make up cases of black on white sexual assault to get the point across, we just need to show legitimate statistics. Lying on a college form is a nigger thing to do and will only backfire once some shill from here lets them know

a thread died for this..

This desu



This is what we do,

Step 1: Hit up Facebook’s page for stanford students
Step 2: Look for some Kangz
Step 3: Post their information on here
Step 4: Redanons mass report the Kangz
Step 5: Watch the backpedaling start when its just blacks being accused.
Step 6: Profit

Bad idea because if people find out about the false reports, the real statistics become less believeable to normal people

sauce plz

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Stop watching 2d porn.

Or porn of any kind, for god's sake.

Hang thyself, kike.

I'm sure the 10 or so threads on page 15 with less than 20 replies were so worth the time.


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time to get every kike professor reported

Why not jews?

tbh its probably not lying, just giving the authorities direction

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definitely not a kike post.


99% of the reports are already false and they already falsify the real statistics out of those false reports to re-enforce their narrative.

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It's ogre.

Definitely ogre.


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picture sauce.

Also the retarded nigger complaining about reporting black ppo is missing the point. I posted this here so u pol niggers cause some chaos.

I am at a hotel on holiday, and I turned on bbc world niggers and they said they are trying to catch ppo for spring break rapes using this website.

anyway think of it like reverse affirmative action.

Plus u can write fanfics about kangz fingerbangin ur buttholle

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Fake news.

Be that as it may

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Report eye rape and similar things

Ur gettin the idea user 😳😳

This is great bc we can submit hundreds of reports and iirc it said if they see repeat offenders they report to the police and uni themselves

plus its not under any oath so u can harm the blacks wo ever breaking the law!

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Post more of the better girl Emilia.

im just postin random pix i dled off twitter yesterday idk if i have more ems

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So you don't even know the names of the girls that you're posting? So you're larping as an anime enthusiast?

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The CIA glow in the dark niggers are evolving.

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I like it lewd.

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Seconded, I couldn't find it in my SS Thule Society time stopping vampire hunter turned perfect and elegent medio folder.

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Do you know what this means? This means that we do not have to make shit up. It means wa can report every stanford feminist youtube for transphobuc sexual harrashment. We can fight kikery with kikery. We can destroy them with their own cult.

i only read hentai manga i havent watched amine in years

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ye this was what i had in mind.

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I already gave sauce. Its the twitter link to the artist "TheMidnight"


U just thanked a jew

drop redpills?

Does anyone know if the bastketball/football team is going to be at a party soon? It would be great if we all reported it at the same time saying we attended the party and saw them take a drunk girl into another room and rape her. If there's not a party then do it on the staff maybe?

note: this post is satire. i'm totally not recommending you do anything illegal :^)

Not sure my guy I go to uni in europe, and I am on holiday for the whole month. I just figured putting this info into the hands (gloves) of the internet hate machine might be amusing.

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Why are you posting porn? Genuinely curious why you thought that was a good idea.

all the pics on my phone are porn or this kind of thing.

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Stop making Zig Forums family unfriendly OP

look lets stay on topic here


genuinely reddit

im tryna get some loli towels bruh

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Is melonpan, dare I say it, /ourguy/?

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He's an absolute degenerate and the world would become a better place if he died.

So are u gonna rapeport anyone or just b mad abt melopan

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like, idk how to run ops arent u guys supposed to be experts

That answers my question much better


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Traitors before enemies, user. Report the people responsible for the form for rape first, along with the rest of the gender studies department, etc.

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Not a fan of the blacks or latinos myself. I like most other minorities tho. Tryna get a 2d gf 2 miscegenate with.

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I want to…

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Naturalton is great also Yomu

What is the difference between transgender and genderquerr ? Also I thought transgender isn´t its own gender, just a way to call people claiming they are realy of the opposite gender ?


I read somewhere that all of the fake genders are actually biological women trying to be trendy. They all love the dick too.

I'm glad this board is in such a shit fucking state that there's no visible thread on the THREE fucking bombings in Texas this month but we have this retarded fucking "HURR LET'S MAKE UP AND FAKE RAPE CASES" thread.

I like flats as much as the next guy but it was a sexy picture

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lets make up some real rape cases bruh

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Bastards are biological weapons they, are only good when left behind in enemy territory.

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not an artform.

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While hentai (until now, I thought it was called manga) was obviously in their post to prove to their wives hentai exists. Seriously, while I don't see the appeal of cartoon parn, porn is a multi-billion industry. Pple obviously look at it.

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That is one of the weakest goon bait arguments I've seen.

If someone is unironically this retarded, go watch something normie-friendly like anything by Ghibli or Makoto Shinkai.

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Come on, you know better.

This guy is right you know.

I don't know that this is always the case. Against us maybe but you could actually be helping other people.

For example a lot of the Europeans that went to Japan around ~1500, traded with them, were teaching them things and had Daimyos that insisted they stay and take some yellow peasant woman as a wife.

You really have to think about this stuff.

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Making anyone more European is an improvement. With race mixing its a question of where, in the homeland or abroad, and does it stay abroad. If done at home you are diluting your home, abroad diluting theirs. Either way its genetic conquest.

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jesus fucking christ this board is dead in the water

When I checked this out, it requires registering an account. Odds are they will check it comes from a Stanford IP address too. But hey, someone please use this to exonerate Brock Turner.

dubs of truth, just check their facebook they'll usually be bragging about it to the rest of their troop.

don't forget to use the campus directory and find all the gender studies professors. remember, saying things I don't like == making me feel unsafe == rape

Where is the art?!

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Is this a troll?

How can this be real?

everyone should fill out fake ones. the best questions are "what gender were you at the time of the incident?"

This is actually the worst thing you could do.

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Meant to reply to the dude talking about mass-reporting a specific party or event: I'm pretty drunk.
What I'm saying is this: Filing anonymous sexual assault tips is one thing. A tip that specifically warrants an investigation into an unsubstantiated rape allegation and will result in a nationwide defense of Tyrone is another.

This might be an opportunity actually.

Ever heard of "the boy who cried wolf?"
Although this is just more drowning out of Pizzagate isn't it.

What's the problem?
Roasties will be more BTFO especially when their precious feminism is no longer intersectional

Has a point.
But it would ruin these fruitless accusation mediums.


I love how they're already prepared for people to say stuff like:
"I'm gendersolid not genderfluid, so it couldn't have been me", so they have to specify "AT THE TIME" so that people can't pull that shit.

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>of course not, the feminists are already on this board spreading their shaming language in an effort to protect themselves

can someone provide a list of stanford students?

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Where are the mods to delete this kike filth?


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political science

It's not for NE Asians. It's only useful if you are goal-oriented into producing slightly more attractive and feminine children without caring about their mental stability.

Hapas of both genders are only good as cockslaves and that's only if you completely disregard the guidelines regarding sticking your dick in crazy.

The funniest part with the wherestheartautist is that the painter he posted was mostly painting niggers.