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Need something more than one picture. Keep looking.

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bump for free gibs

Bump for a kaffer holocaust

any more info available? I can't imagine that if shit really starts hitting the fan, there's only one twitter account posting about it

News headlines in five years

Headline after that:

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hi moishe


Monkey see monkey do

Hi Sally

He said this is not government done.. waiting for more info.

the government doesn't have to do anything except stand back. after that, every nigger will want to claim their own and it's happening.

Holy fuck I thought they’d seize deeds and then allow the niggers to lay legal claims and such, at least give it a veneer or legality, but this is going to be a large gang action, you can keep the land if you manage to defend it from the other hordes of niggers.

It’s going to be an ongoing, mass riot until they figure out how to formalize the land ownership change (IF they do) and until that happens, we’re simply going to see the most brutal gangs of nignogs gradually taking over.

BTW it’s almost time to reap the harvest, anybody think that will happen now? We won’t have to wait years for them to start starving, it will happen within weeks.

Guess it is just a matter of time. From what I've been reading it's not seizing farmland (not sure the owner), it's a test.

I created >>>/boers/ to help the social media fags get their shit together. Please feel free to post relevant info there, but best not to link them back here. Many most of them are retarded

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Bantu cannot plan or coordinate on their own on this scale, so, obviously it's being orchestrated.
White-owned farmland will be next, in short order.
I think it's to gauge international reaction before the final push for genocide.
Expect to see YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook accounts that cover the Boer plight get shoahed during this time.

The situation may be a lot different than zimbabwe was, with social media and trump and the current politics. It's a lot harder to cover up stories now than in the 2000s. All the silent polite majority now have a good reason to share the news about it.

How long until that spot is a shantytown?

I hope you're right.
However, normies are typically retarded and rely on the MSM for all their information, which are most definitely complicit in concealing this.

I think it more appropriate to call it a forward operating base, since it will be used to launch raids on nearby farms.

Obviously, neither the American government nor any government is going to do anything about this. They are essentially sheep for the slaughter with nobody willing or able to stand up for them.

I think we should start marrying the White South African women so they get green cards and can immigrate to the USA where it is safer. Some sort of social networking site designed for White South Africans to marry people from other western countries in order to emigrate machetestan could be helpful.

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I am optimistic, so far it's just threats to seize land and as far as I know no official seizures yet. South africans need to be uploading more video about this.. that stuff can go viral.

we should push the poisoning of animals on the normalfags… harder to ignore than huwhite pepo

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Exactly. They've done a piss poor job of that. Imagine the campaign Zig Forums could wage with hundreds of hours of video & pics.

People should flood the area with german sheppards/wolves and let them run wild.

they have a breed of mastiff called "Boerboel" that hunt lions an shieeet

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God damn user. that dog could probably eat through a steel pipe.

I still don't understand what stands to be gained from all of this.
Typically, your rootless, international clique doesn't go to these extremes unless there's no other way (short of getting the Americans to invade – but, that wouldn't fly in this case), and they were getting everything they wanted the way things were already going.
What gives?
Did the black golem slip his leash, or something?

That's… not a bad idea.
Boers tend to have a strong work ethic and a love of farming that's sorely missing in modern, Western society.
And I've always wanted to farm, just couldn't pull it off alone; I would need a strong woman supporting me.
I wouldn't object if she looks like Irene Nell, either…

That's assuming they haven't been trying, but, have been getting shut down by the main social media platforms.
If we're to get the message out, we need to get South Africans to start using unpozzed sites.

Zig Forums or liveleak (?) could be a start.

I guess this is how they are going to do it, without any formal declaration, just grab the nigger packs and do it. When the farmers go and ask what's happened, they will simply not answer untill all land has been seized. This is happening right now

At this point, anything that isn't the big 3.
I haven't heard of LiveLeak going SJW…yet.
Bitchute looks promising.
I also just noticed there's a new streaming service that's now embed-able here.
Haven't looked into it, yet.

We also need to keep abreast of whichever sites get infiltrated, 'cause that seems to be the current modus operandi.

I had a shooting buddy here in central Texas who has one. His family is rich an does a lot of safari hunting. They have webbed feet too.

More like five months, if not less.

Every farm should have 5 of these bastards. Right Wing BoerBoel Squads.


I like this initiative

Beautiful Mastiffs

fuck yes

RIght on, I am eager to mod it and keep it tidy, but I do not want to dampen SA posting on this board in any way.

Yup, I hope they eat kangz daily

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Checking my own post

Im a military user working in the Navy. How would you reccomend that I am able to marry a South African woman? Even if it is just to help her get citizenship.

This position is growing at a rate of 900 people a day. Need to boost this shit lads, fire up the twitter and send this into the normiesphere.

I want one of these

The Mastiffs will eat hundreds of kangz daily.

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Proven correct once again.

Wife is a Saffa. Apparently those dogs are used a lot for home defense now. You keep them outside and try not to get too attached because you know full well what their purpose is - nigger home defense. And sometimes the niggers kill them as they try to come in to rob rape and murder you.

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are also a cool breed from there and used to hunt lions as well. Not the small pussy ones we have in america but big ones back in South Africa.

I somehow missed this the first read through.
Great job!
You're doing God's work, user.

I'm afraid I don't know much about marrying non-citizens (t. Burgeranon), but, you are in the Navy, which means if you can't locate a fellow serviceman who's done it (the process can't be much, if any, different for marrying a SA woman), chances are some will know of one who has.
What little I can add is that many times South Africaners have mentioned their government tends to hold family and assets hostage to ensure any Whites who travel abroad actually return, so, you'll have to plan accordingly if you go through with this.
As for actually meeting one, I'm gonna start digging to see if any sites already exist, a la .
I mean, I've been on certain online communities where members have wound up marrying internationally, so, it happens.
Also gonna start following >>>/boers/ to see if we can get some brainstorming going on.

Thanks for dropping by.
Any advice you can give this guy: ?

I'm not sure how I feel about feeding mine kaffer meat. She deserves better.

If it were 5 years ago I'd recommend Mxit. Nowadays there's no good way, really.
As to the situation here, the attitude to everything tends to be "what can you do?" Because there's not a whole lot we can. Reasoning with them is out, because they have none. They're barely human, and we all know this even if we pretend we don't in public. Revolution is out, they outnumber us 10 to one, we're barely armed and the best we'd have are some pump-actions if we got an armed response company or two on our side. Almost certainly no automatics, and hardly any semis that aren't pistols. Nevermind ammunition issues. Add to that, if it came to war we'd have as much support as Rhodesia did. That is to say, none. A couple of Zig Forumstards and Zig Forumsommandos aren't going to make much of a difference. Everyone's just hoping they get out before the kaffers start murdering us in earnest. Ag maar, wat kan jy doen?

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The notion of abandoning your homeland is vile, but in this case a retreat might be called for. Personally I'd rather have you all safe somewhere else.

If the whites all left the place would fall to pieces at shocking speed.

All White Christians will come to South Africa soon, don't lose hope Boers. It's dark now but remember the words of Oom Rensberg. Have faith and stay strong.

What about separatism?

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How to marry a South African girl? Fuck if I know. I married the only one I ever met - met at university. Got lucky. Saying they are rare where I live is an understatement. But goddamn if her and her family aren't some of the best people I have ever met. Good values, intelligent, hard working, and strong focus on family. Fairly anti-degenerate. More often than not white South Africans are exceptional people. If you ever find some, make an effort to befriend them. They were raised in a naturally red-pilling environment so its easy to relax and just talk to them about anything because they understand how reality works, at least in regards to the races. For example, my wife hates non-whites just as much as I do. She has even come around to the Jewish question because she is so easy to redpill with facts and statistics. Her parents and siblings don't hold any punches either.

Then try sending them to them to the west.

Jesus christ. Its the same niggocolypse that happened when the apartheid ended and these fucks flooded into the country.

I agree, but needs must and all that. As much as anyone will try to say otherwise this is our land. We claimed and conquered and tilled and brought it from wilderness to civilization. I'd hate to leave it. More than that, I'd relish the opportunity to fight for it. Ask anyone and they'll likely tell you the same, but we're not left with many options at this point.

I'd pick a different part of the country if it were me. In any case it wouldn't work. Everything other than the spot we picked would go to shit within five years and then we'd have 60 million kaffers battering down our doors. Can't just shoot them all without incurring international fury. Can't keep them out, no matter how high a wall we build we'd need men to guard it, and there won't be that many of us for a long while.
The only real option, if we want to stay here, is complete genocide.

Does Lesotho get to be independent just because they're niggers?

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We need to get this spread around as far as possible. The WH needs to be forced to look at the issue. Needs 88k signatures. Pretty disgusting it's taking so long but I think we can get this thing done.


You basically stumbled onto history. Every time white people expand an empire, they bring in non-whites, they fracture, then separate again.
Now America….

The white ethnostate is inevitable. It's happened before….

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You cant really do separatism against millions of niggers who sorround you, want you dead and your kids raped.

Should have continued the nuclear program.

>To absolutely noones surprise, white nation, despite (((international media))) backlash for being a white nation does well and black nation run into the ground due to incompetence. See:Haiti, Liberia, Zimbab…oh wait, Rhodesia
>Niggers see nice white nation next door and begin to flood in for jobs, gibs, and money (they are allowed because at no point in our discussion were (((they))) taken care of


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Acutally, does South Africa still have nuclear enrichment capabilities?

I can't stand this madness anymore.

Fuck the modern world.

Fuck civilization. Those people shouldn't be there.

Colonialism would have been so much better if our ancestors just wiped out the indiginous populations wherever they settled. God I wish I could see the reality wherein they did that. You don’t really see us bitching about the Sioux, Iriquois, or Cherokee breeding like rats and abusing the welfare state, do you?

I'm just gonna leave this here.

Thanks for the reply.
I'd like to see that other user get his wish.

That's all right!
I heartily keked.

Draw your own conclusions, user.

Tasmania. Wiped them out root and stock. No problems now.

The questions is whether it's possible for the Boers to manufacture a nuclear weapon to prevent genocide.

I'm just ready for some fresh SA RWDS footage.

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Never thought about the indigenous problems in the US. I thought you guys had wiped them all, or most of them at least.

I read once about mexicans claiming "muh indigenous heritage and righteous land" to get some gibs and free pass through the border, but that was a isolated event, and was during the Trump campaign with his talk about the wall and so forth.

We should've wiped them natives all out, or shouldn't be going there at all. Just look at how bad skin cancer is in Australia.
Look at how much shit they (the boars) are going through.
Imagine how much people we lost while killing cannibals amerindians.
Look at Haiti history.

Shit is fucked, mate. But we did that because we had greed kings, influenced by the bourgeoisie, and their jewish tricks.

Shit goes back before the creation of the modern state. The jew came back to Europe after the crusades, and with them came "commerce", mercantilism, metallism, the plague, the new bourgeois class… You name it.

Inb4 shareblue calls me a zogbot

Checked, until the kikes are killed off, that'll keep happening and/or happen again.
Seems they don't want word getting out.

Ah, got it.
Tough to say, considering (((who))) was supposedly involved, there are so many possible angles.
If they had access to raw ore, it wouldn't be that difficult to get a program up and running from scratch.

But, why, though?
You've done nothing to suggest such a thing.

Gonna keep an eye on this one.
Thanks for sharing.

I'm beginning to think that the savages believe that food is magically and automatically produced by farms, and they will get all the food by just being in possession of the farmland.
They do not understand that the land is worthless without the Boer farmers doing all the work on it.
I can't wait for the primitives to starve to death. Hopefully by then the Afrikaners will be safely in Australia.

They do LITERALLY think that. They evolved in a region where they did not have to conserve resources - food was everywhere, just go and grab it. No winters. Putting effort into acquiring resources does not compute. They see white people with more stuff that is also nicer stuff and cannot begin to comprehend what it takes to produce it. They just think that the white man has/found it - not that they worked towards it or created it with hard work and ingenuity - just that whites have it. And they want it. Because all that nice stuff doesn’t take work or thought so if the land stuff or money is redistributed, they can have it too

what is the music on the 2nd? it is what I imagine SA hardstyle sounds like, or maybe it's just dutch

This, and Africa too would have recieved this treatment if not for some specific ((("people"))). Rules of nature are long due.

If i remember correctly, they're dutch-south african musicians called "die antwoord". Song should be "i think u freaky" or something. Their videos are weird as fuck though.

Never understimate the autism of shills

Beat me to it.


lol nice.

This is a different breed. I feel like it's seeing men under hard times.

Yeah, they're definitely different.
Here's some of their latest.

There you go, dude.

Thanks to whoever started that thread.

This is kinda funny, seems political but over the head of the blacks there.

Please sign

They're pro racemixing unfortunately.

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Die Antwoord is degenerate stupid shit

Video of nigger

"Whites must be happy we are not calling for a genocide"
This was said by the immensely popular "Julius Malema in a speech this week, the same man that said they are not calling for the slaughter of all whites yet."

wtf are these savages doing in that pic?


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Public castration in South Africa.

Go back to sleep, goy.

Yeah i've been thinking about it
as nice as it would be to just show up at the airport and immediatly start cleansing apefrica i think we need some sort of a rally point
and how can you publically anounce a meeting point without it getting infiltrated?
for a revolution one needs
men arms ammo food water clothes shelter transportation
it can be done
there is the problem with reactionism, if you only react to some imaginary line being crosses then you get caught out
this landgrab was known about for a long time, i wonder if anyone actually prepared to revolt, if people organized

more pls

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Take note anons. White mark on chest = animL of the white man. No, nothing just because the color is white. Look into it. Applies to many species.

What is needed is never vile. We can regroup and take it back later.

We cannot aford to lose 50+ decades of whites over some land. Let's open America up to them and reclaim their land in 10years time.

They're not allowed to leave, effectively. Very few nations will accept White South Africans as immigrants.
They aren't diverse enough.