(J)who started WW2?


International jewry, of course! Over ONE FIFTH (1/5th) of whom were based in Poland before the second world war.

Dumping some redpill information on bolshevism, Poland, and WW2.



1917 Russian "civil war" AKA jewish bolshevik revolt
(3 million dead, at least):

Russian bolshevik central government 95% jewish:

1918 German bolshevik revolt
(2 million dead, at least):

German bolshevik central command at least 80% jewish:

"Anti-communism is anti-semitism":

1/5th of the GLOBAL jewish population in Poland

International jewry declares war on Germany

Polish PM, Piłsudski, plans to invade Germany -

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Historical context
{{see also|Events preceding World War II in Europe}}
At the conclusion of the [[World War I|First World War]], the [[German Empire]] signed the [[First Armistice at Compiègne]] on 11 November 1918 as an end to hostilities with France, the British Empire, and the United States during the convoluted [[German Revolution of 1918–19]], which began 29 October 1918.

Negotiations between the Allied powers regarding post-war Europe started on 18 January 1919 in the [[Salle de l'Horloge]] at the [[French Foreign Ministry]] on the [[Quai d'Orsay]] in Paris. Initially, 70 delegates from 27 nations participated in the negotiations. The opposing nations of the [[German Empire]] and the [[Austro-Hungarian Empire]] were excluded from the negotiations. At first a "Council of Ten" comprising two delegates each from Britain, France, the United States, Italy and Japan met officially to decide the peace terms. It became the "Big Four" when Japan dropped out and the top person from each of the other four nations met in 145 closed sessions to make all the major decisions to be ratified by the entire assembly. In June 1919, the Allies declared that war would resume if the German government did not sign the treaty they had agreed to among themselves. The government headed by [[Philipp Scheidemann]] was unable to agree on a common position, and Scheidemann himself resigned rather than agree to sign the treaty. [[Gustav Bauer]], the head of the new government, sent a telegram stating his intention to sign the treaty if certain articles were withdrawn, including articles 227, 230 and 231. In response, the Allies issued an ultimatum stating that Germany would have to accept the treaty or face an invasion of Allied forces across the Rhine within 24 hours. On 23 June 1919, Bauer capitulated and sent a second telegram with a confirmation that a German delegation would arrive shortly to sign the treaty.

On 28 June 1919, Germany signed the [[Treaty of Versailles]], a peace treaty which formally ended the state of war and imposed various punitive measures upon Germany, including [[Treaty of Versailles#Military restrictions|military restriction]], [[Treaty of Versailles#Territorial changes|loss of territory and colonies]], [[Treaty of Versailles#Reparations| war debt, and effective acceptance of blame for the initiation of hostilities in World War I]]. At the time of the armistice, an attempted [[German Revolution of 1918–19|Communist revolution]] transpired (October 1918-August 1919) , resulting in the abdication of the [[Wilhelm II, German Emperor|Emperor of Germany]] in November 1918, and what became known as the [[Weimar Republic]] was subsequently established in the wake of the uprising. The transition from [[monarchy]] to [[republic]] was difficult, and many in the new government were not supportive of the democratic system of government. The officer class gave little support to the Republic, and Germany was forced to borrow money from the United States and others to pay its [[war reparations|war debt]], imposed by the [[Treaty of Versailles]]. In the early 1920s a period of [[hyperinflation]] made the [[Reichsmark]] almost worthless. In January 1922, one [[US Dollar]] was worth 191 Marks, but by November of the same year it was equal to 4,200,000,000 Marks.{{cite web|last=Kalfus|first=Richard|title=Weimar Republic 1919-1923|url=users.stlcc.edu/rkalfus/PDFs/018b.pdf|publisher=St. Luis Community College|accessdate=6 May 2014}}

In 1932, [[Adolf Hitler]] was appointed [[List of Chancellors of Germany#Weimar Republic (Reichskanzler) (1919–1933)|Chancellor of the Reich]] following a contentious election. Under Hitler's leadership, the [[Reichstag (Nazi Germany)|Reichstag]] turned the government into an effective [[dictatorship]] under Hitler's oversight on 21 March 1933 with the passage of the [[Enabling Act of 1933]], and the economic hardships were significantly diminished via implementation of new economic and social policies. After five years in power, Hitler [[Anschluss|annexed Austria]], former component of the [[Austro-Hungarian Empire]] (allies of the former [[German Empire]]), into Germany, despite such an act (specifically, "prohibition on the merging of Austria with Germany without the consent of the League of Nations") being banned by both the [[Treaty of Saint-Germain-en-Laye (1919)|Treaty of Saint-Germain-en-Laye]] and the [[Treaty of Versailles]]. In early November 1938, the [[First Vienna Award]] was signed, allowing Germany to seize the [[Sudetenland]], a German-speaking area of [[Czechoslovakia]] which was formerly a part of the [[German Empire]]-allied [[Austro-Hungarian Empire]]. Soon after, Germany invaded the rest of Czechoslovakia and also gained [[Memelland]] (part of the former German Empire from 1871-1920) through the [[1939 German ultimatum to Lithuania]].

While some sources claim Hitler still wanted more, to create [[Lebensraum]], or "living space", for Germany, other sources claim evidence of [[Ethnic cleansing|hostility]] on behalf of Polish [[partisan (military)|partisans]] toward [[Germans|ethnic Germans]] in the [[Polish Corridor|Danzig Corridor]] (territory lost to [[Germany]] as a result of the [[Treaty of Versailles]]) which may have served as a motivating factor for the [[Invasion of Poland|German invasion]] (often portrayed as [[propaganda]] to justify German [[expansionism]]).

Two [[Western powers]], the [[United Kingdom]] and [[France]], gave [[Anglo-Polish_military_alliance#British_Guarantee_to_Poland|guarantees]] to [[Poland]] that they would declare war if Polish independence came under threat, as presented in a statement to the [[House of Commons]] by British [[Prime Minister]] [[Neville Chamberlain]] 31 March 1939 (formalized by the British 6 April 1939; not ratified until 4 September 1939 by the French):

{{quote|… in the event of any action which clearly threatened Polish independence, and which the Polish Government accordingly considered it vital to resist with their national forces, His Majesty's Government would feel themselves bound at once to lend the Polish Government all support in their power. They have given the Polish Government an assurance to this effect.

I may add that the French Government have authorised me to make it plain that they stand in the same position in this matter as do His Majesty's Government.[avalon.law.yale.edu/wwii/blbk17.asp Statement by the Prime Minister in the House of Commons on March 31, 1939.]}}

Although they honoured these guarantees by declaring war soon after Germany's [[Invasion of Poland]] on 1 September 1939,{{cite web|last=Rapten|first=Pema Dechen|title=Political Disorder: The Weimar Republic and Revolt 1918-23|url=mtholyoke.edu/~rapte22p/classweb/interwarperiod/politicaldisorder.html|publisher=Mount Holyoke College|accessdate=6 May 2014}} and although the [[Dominions]] of the British Empire quickly followed suit, so little
practical assistance was given to Poland, which was soon defeated, that in its early stages the war declared by Britain and France was described as a [[Phoney War]].

Further, neither the [[British Empire]], nor the [[France|French]], ever declared war upon the [[Soviet Union]], which invaded Poland on 17 September 1939 (17 days after [[Nazi Germany]] invaded from the West) and held sway over the former-Polish territory at the war's conclusion, having become a part of the [[Allies of World War II|Allied front]] in the course of the [[World War II|war]]. At the insistence of [[Joseph Stalin]], the post-war [[Yalta Conference]] in 1945 sanctioned the formation of a new provisional pro-Communist coalition government in Moscow, which ignored the [[Polish government-in-exile]] based in [[London]]; a move which angered many Poles, who considered it a betrayal by the [[Allies of World War II|Allies]], and, as a result, [[Anti-Communism in the Communist Bloc|as elsewhere in Communist Europe]], the Soviet occupation of Poland met with [[Cursed soldiers|armed resistance]] from the outset which continued into the fifties. The consequences of the [[Yalta Conference]] subsequently added new permanence to the end of [[Poland#Postwar communism|Polish independence]] on 22 July 1952 with the creation of the [[People's Republic of Poland]], a [[Communist]] [[puppet state]] of the [[Soviet Union]] which held sway over the territory from its inception in 1952, until [[Poland]] once again achieved [[independence]] on 13 September 1989, following the toppling of the [[Communist]] regime and preceding the [[dissolution of the Soviet Union]].

One fifth of the world's kike population.

You are being too ambiguous.

WW2 started when the UK and France declared war on the Reich.

Churchill is on record saying he declared war because NS threatened the interests of (((banking and finance))).

Therefore Jews are DIRECTLY the cause of WW2

t. butthurt polski
Read OP

Only newfags who don't know history think this.

No, WW2 started before war was declared.

buttblasted triple post jej what a fag
The kike and the eternal (((Polska))) was to blame for WW2

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Irrelevant, stay mad Kurwa

From wikipedia itself.
You can't make this shit up.


Except then you wound up in the hands of Stalin.
Oh, you were trying to say declaration.
Poland didn't declare war on Germany - they got invaded first. That said, as detailed above, they DID sign a pact with the British/French that said anyone who threatened Polish sovereignty would have war declared on them by the British and French… And then the Germans invaded Poland, and got war declared on them by the British and French… And then Stalin invaded Poland and the British and the French allied with Stalin. Then they gave Poland to Stalin.
Wew, yeah, no wrong-doing on Poland's behalf!

Stupid bait.

Further evidence that the eternal Pole is on par with kikes.
You only "won" the war because Hitler removed all of the kikes from your country. The only reason you're not overran with shitskins is because of Hitler.
A huge number of countries were already in breach due to military long before Germany.

Technically, the war started with the Treaty.
Which, it should be noted, was rare in its time - after WWI, when such treaties had dragged the whole world into a war over some small regional event, the great powers generally stopped making those kinds of treaties, to avoid that same result.

Then the British and the French made one with Poland and dragged the whole world into a war based on some stupid regional event.
Because kikes.

Who started WW2?
Regardless, in the end, Hitler lost, and history is written by the victors.


You stupid nigger.
The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact wasn't signed until August 1939 - you vermin signed your agreement with the British/French in March of 1939.
In point of fact, the alliance appears to have been a response to your verminous kin's actions.
You wound up his bitch either way, didn't you?
Yeah, ya did.

>I may add that the French Government have authorised me to make it plain that they stand in the same position in this matter as do His Majesty's Government.[avalon.law.yale.edu/wwii/blbk17.asp Statement by the Prime Minister in the House of Commons on March 31, 1939.]}}
Stupid bait-nigger.

Why do Polskis even use this board tbh. This board is openly national socialist and all polskis ever do is whine about "muh krauts" and take zero responsibility for their jew-infested country playing a major role in fucking up Europe for everyone, while they mock everyone for having shitskin muslims while their country is overwhelmingly (((christian))) and colorblind.

In 1933?

Hey Polak, why don‘t you buy your self a history book?

And why did all British territories declare war over Poland being invaded?
Oh, right, the treaty.
Stupid bait-nigger.

Are you one of the remaining Jews in Poland?
I mean, by that reasoning, well, Poland belonged to the Soviets as defeated territory.
You were just conquered clay, eh?

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You argue like a kike.

According to Wilson, the league of nations, the Versaille treaty the border had to decided by referendum.


Yeah, Poland attacked Germany, with the help of France despite a so called seize fire.

Silesia voted 75 percent pro German, Poland didn‘t accept that and tried to grab land it had no right to.


The Treaty, bait-nigger.
Objectively false.
Which mess? The one wherein you made an agreement with the Allies and they used you as bait and you wound up the Red army's fuck-stained pet for another 30 years?
Hardly - though, thanks to the war your folk started, the entire West IS being subjected to such, yes.
Thanks a bunch Poland - without you, World War II could never have happened!

You lost though, faggot, and wound up a bait-nigger.
Bro, you're not eve a real country, and in all likelihood you're about to be set up to act as bait-nigger again between Russia and Western Europe.
Its like you people truly never learned anything - probably because you aren't people. Just the bait-niggers of Europe.

You're that faggot that keep spamming those "The Jews aren't Jews! GERMANS ARE THE REAL JEWS! NOT JEWS!" Threads aren't you?

Bro, you haven't figured it out yet?
This is a Jew.

Its behaving this way as a wedge.

That would make sense.

Me, OP?


No, d7b373 is who I refered to.

For reference

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Why don't you stop sucking circumcised cock for a moment you fucking polish swine and read a bit


You are the worst shit in all of Europe. Now go into the oven like a good kike that you are.

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He's not Polish, he's a kike larping as a Brit larping as a Pole.

Great General, great strategist… Yes indeed, but France cucked out.
Of course, this was due to him knowing that WW2 would happen. So he wanted to prevent it by immediately subjugating Germany.
Every reasonable leader would had done that in the position of Poland.
We saw it coming. We didn't involve ourselves with kikery though, except when Pilsudski died.

Have some Balfour Agreement, too.
(File exists because it's important, so I post it all the time.)

Don't worry, only the first half of this video is relevant, the other is about Christianity.

This is required watching, by the way, even if it's a bit long despite only watching the first half of it.

It ties in with "Judea declares War on Germany" and the boycotts as well.

pic itself is unrelated, mostly.

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Your country was controlled by jewish finance and had the largest jewish population in Europe and most of the world.

That was the case when democracy was introduced until Pilsudski did his coup in 1924. We also suffered economic depression.
Meanwhile after 1934, the year Pilsudski died, we had a supposed to be antisemitic PM…. I don't trust that one bit.

Ambassador to England, Joe Kennedy, said Churchill wanted London to be bombed, and he had warned that he would engage in false flag attacks to provoke the war.

Actor, Norman Shelley, was giving speeches, not Churchill. He was a double with a clearer voice. Churchill was always drunk and would slur his words, so they needed an actor.

>The Jewish lobby, (((Stephen Wise))), (((Morgenthau))), and FDR
>The Jewish lobby, (((Bernard Baruch))) and Churchill's 'The Focus'

Secret Kipling poem was sent from Winston Churchill to FDR, on October 27, 1943. He wrote a letter accompanying that explained the gift should be kept secret. Went keep a poem secret. It is now public and titled, "Burden of Jerusalem." The poem describes rabbi fur, "movie kings," and Jewish hatred.

FDR responded by saying he had seen it already and it was gem-like.

It's quite possible that Churchill was a cryptokike, but it seems that freemasons have always pushed a bizarre Jewish agenda. Apparently Zionism originated from the freemasons and they had to sell the kikes on the idea. It wasn't until the rise of anti-semitism (largely started by Karl Marx) was it that kikes started supporting a jewish state in the Levant.

t. gyro

The banking cartel have started every war. Hitler fought the banking cartel.


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elite gentiles own most of the world's stuff, by far (pic 1)

these elites know how ornery their serfs get when the economy goes to shit, launch periodic culls (pic 2)

helps maintain goy IQ

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Meanwhile, in imkampfy's basement.

enjoy loneliness @ /8pol/ tranny

They're cryptokikes themselves. They ALL go in the oven too.

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Never forget: Albert Pike Kike explicitly states in 'Morals and Dogma' that highest level freemasons are given the secret worship rites to become jewish and serve moloch/lucifer.

stalin split with the program and killed the (((old bolsheviks))), all the while communism was spreading trough europe. Anglos, burgers and french got scared shitless of it spreading to their backyard so the allied interwention happened in the early 20s.
then when the soviets became a actual state power and the first red scare started it was obvious they need to be taken out.
but anglos dont wanna waste their own men doing it so they think they can turn germany against the soviets and have them both annahilate eachother.
everything goes on fine up untill the late 30s when both stalin and hitler realise what the anglo plan is. thats the whole point of the molotov-ribbentrop pact.
ofcourse the anglos go on an autistic damage control and declare war on germany.
but because they were expecting germany to fight the soviets not them they werent ready (with the exception of some preventive measures like the maginot line)
so the german army cathes them with their pants down and fucks the anglo in the ass at Dunkirk.
the problem then is ofcourse that you still have two continental superpowers toe to toe; germany and the USSR, and hitler wouldnt wait till stalin attacks first. not to mention germany didnt succed in crippling england yet and the italians were throwing shit at the fan in africa. so germany tries to take out the USSR before its too late, but it was already too late.
ofcourse the USSR begs for anglo gibs to survive and the anglo complies because germany is a bigger threat at the time than communism. ofcourse after germany is kill its back to trying to kill stalin and his rouge castle, so you get the cold war.

ww2 was a big anglo fuckup that only amplified the results of ww1:

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SMH jidf isn't sending their best

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Fun fact: OP post is felony in the Russia.

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anglos have been the no.1 golem of the jews since the 18th century.
noone was ever more loyal to them. every war fought eversince rothschild sent one of his sons to london the anglo has been warring for the jew

Does anyone have any good sources or articles about the Jewish nature of the Sparticist party in 1919? I know Rosa Luxemberg is a jew, I wonder to what degree their mid level managers were also Jewish like they were in countries like Poland and Hungary

Is this the KGB version of WW2?

most of the original stuff got burned either by the NSDAP when the communist elements were purged and a political unification of the german people was needed or after the war by the allies that were trying to destroy nazi propaganda

communism was a threat because of the social and state collapse it could cause. western establishments have been trying to prevent that since the 19th century. the whole reason why we have welfare, goverment regulations, minimum wage and syndicates is because the establishment is trying to give the working class just enough welfare to keep them from rebelling. it sounds alot like what marxists say but its true, and the welfare policies and average living standards skyrocketed during the red scare.
another thing is that the eternal anglo will always do anything to stay on top, even if it means dragging everyone down with him.
this was the whole reason behind every major war england fought from the 17th to the mid 20th century.
its why ww1 started, when germany was declared an empire, and its why england became the US greatest ally right after the american revolution.
they couldnt beat them, so they befriended them to keep them under control and to weaken france.
germany was always an english enemy because its the most powerful nation in central europe. UK joined the EU to try and balance power in europe with germany, and whn they failed Brexit happened

get fucked rabbi

Not to the Jews who owned UK and France. That's why instead of taking Germany up on their offer to fight Stalin, they goaded and attacked Germany instead. Anglo's always feared Germany so they weren't hard to convince. The Jewish Media kept any talk about Soviet to a minimum while printing progressively worse anti German articles throughout the 20s,. 30s and 40s.

use your brain. in the context of your parody of the last century nothing else except WW2 would make sense.
not even the british and french abstinance from cracking down on germany when hitler was rising to power, even tho they had all the means to do so or the cold war

leave Poland alone

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>>>Zig Forums

>(((eternal anglo)))

Fucking each other up the ass and burning children in a fire alive. It's not that much of a secret anymore.

In masonry the G stands for gay.

I’ve Studies WWII for decades and the Jews won. It’s the only way to interpret everything and have it make sense.

not an argument

you have neither contradicted nor affirmed my post

I didn't see anything about 2 million in the German revolt section. WW1 killed a total of around 6-7 million civilians.

Also, the Pilsudski summary is *very* suspect. No source and explicitly states it was likely a maneuver. Pilsudski and Hitler weren't friends but they certainly had an understanding. Both were staunch anti-communists after all.

Don't fuck up an otherwise solid info thread with discrediting over exaggeration.

He wasn't, the Churchill house was ruined in the big market crash, all he owned was in fact own by a friendly Jewish bank.
That's when he went from traditional British nobility to the leader of the banker cartel in UK parliament.

Freemason thing is older, back when the freemason were actually secret orders largely anti-monarchic masonic lodges was the place that the jewish money lenders and rich jews could interact with the local bourgeois/noble elite outside the public sight of the religious system of BOTH that openly and often violently frowned upon such connivance (IE without Rabbis and the Church finding out).
Since it largely started as a conjuration of blasphemer (for political reasons and not faith ones) they decided to go all the way and adopt a mystique and rituals similar to a Church, largely as a in-tongue joke and called it a recreation of "egyptian" rites that are in fact largely inspired of the Kabbalah which was at the time still largely considered a jewish heresy that proper rabbis, the same that would have sermon you for getting friendly with goys, would deeply frown upon.

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His father was deeply indebted to Jews and Churchill's extravagant spending habits made it worse. Jews paid off his debts and funded his political career. He himself wasn't a jew, but he was promoted and controlled by them.





It's more than you deserve, moshe.