San Diego Anti Trump Protests

Kikes and Shitlibs are planning on protesting Trump on Tuesday 3/13 at THE WALL. Jill M sent a text to the wrong phone list and now we have her number. If you would like to respectfully disagree with her resistance you can reach her at:

(858) 295-3866

Anonymous Texting:

Her organization:

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what's the "M" for?

The number is wrong.

It's (858) 295-7866

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abbreviated last name

ok i fucked up this thread with the wrong number, nevermind

Guessing OP is a faggot and is just trying to trick anons into a personal army via a shitty shoop

t. Jill

>Co-Executive Directors, (((Leah Greenberg))) and
(((Ezra Levin)))

this should be productive

May not be the Jill in question.

No, I'm: t. "I know how to use fucking Google"
The names don't match up.

might be related? Maybe Jill is the cunt's alias is being a faggot as usual.

They're literally arguing with a brick wall.

Notice how they only ever protest in their own enclaves, not that anywhere near the border is particularly right leaning but still.

They get a mass of blue haired libshits to carry signs and chant stupid shit, and then kike media broadcasts that to the whole country to make it look like "everyone" is so angry and offended.

I am reminded of a little protest on Adeline street near the Berkeley–Oakland border in the fall of 1965.

If history ever needed to repeat itself now would be the time.

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Would they though? The truly freakish and typical SJW you see online is still not shown on (((mainstream news sites))). They only broadcast sanitized and relatively "normal" looking people so the boomer leftist that watches CNN and MSNBC never sees what an SJW, soyboy, and assorted lefty abomination looks like - of which those are the forefront of leftism at this point.

Anyone who does a shred of looking online already knows that's what a leftist looks like these days over the innocuous regular person. That is something that works to our advantage. The kikes know that they can't begin to show the modern leftist on even TV networks. They're still trying to convince the boomer leftists that the next generation of leftists is as "normal" as they are and are dressed at worst as hipsters are.

Hey, they're kikes.
They literally have a story about how they shouted so much at a wall that it crumbled to the ground.
They think it's gonna be just like Jericho from their ancient book of magic kike stories.

Lel. San Diego already put up a border wall years ago and it was extremely effective at lowering illegal immigration, drugs, and human trafficking from Tijuana.

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>Going to wail at the wall

I can see that thing from my dad's house. It's pretty great.


the eternal I am a d&c kike, ban my stupid non-white ass

How on earth is that effective, do spics not swim?

Difficult to get your garbage bag of weed through that surf.

no shit, Sherlock. I'm asking what that last name is.

Ross Gerber urges beaners to commit a felony by blocking Trump's motorcade, he already tried deleting the tweets in fear of Secret Service reaming him

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Great going.

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They're going to go yell at a wall…

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The only "Jill M" in any of their 6million facebook groups.

Status: Likely

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Isn't (((Miller))) the most common kike last name in Bongistan?

Places near the border are actually more prone to being redpilled because they actually have to deal with the shitskins.

I guess nothing came of this, as usual

Punches you right in the feelz dont it?

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non of those are related, it's obvious you're just starting shit between boards.

Miller is an old job name like Fletcher, Potter. Dont think kikes use it much but i could be wrong.

Jeff Davis County Texasfag here. We're reliably red and touch the border at one point and are the only county to do so.

Terrell county is too. There's about 800 people down in Sanderson and I think maybe 12 in Dryden but they're good guys and it's a pretty nice place in the "tiny ass town with little in it" sort of way. Great people though.

Brewster's red too, though hot damn if the wetbacks and the Sul Rossfags aren't trying their damndest to change that.

t. the only Big Bendanon