Fascist fashion at U.S. schools

In the U.S. we're allowed to wear soccer/football jerseys and clothing. It's common. My friends and I go to a cucked school, so we started to wear low-key sportsball clothes from fascist teams.

The teachers really think we all play soccer.

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Nice blogpost.

no kike first posti


What ever gave op the idea that this is a worthwhile thread?
Here i am wondering if the boer in south africa will rebel or just get genocided without even trying to retain their land and you wanna make threads about wearing jew owned soccer team fan jerseys

kill yourself, you little nigger

We have a right wing, anti-immigration, fascist movement going on at school and this is how we identify ourselves.

Fuck off and die fighting ZOGbots from the (((International Community))) in SA, you fucking kike.

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Gas yourself, you fucking kike. Uncle Paolo represents, you JIDF faggot. You hate the idea of fascists in U.S. schools. Fuck you, we're sick of niggers and beaners. Kys

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Gen Z thread. Take it easy boys.

Those are normal, mainstream football teams. I'm sure it works fine as a means of discretely identifying each other, in fact it's best that a symbol used for this purpose is unrelated to the information it's actually conveying. But you're kidding yourself if you think there's any inherent fascist connection.

Nice to see future generations accepting fascism though.

Keep it up, you've got a good idea going. It's easy to spread a trend when the appeal is in-group signals/culture, active lifestyle, recognizable clothing and a focus on beauty/harmony/family.
And once a piece of "identity" is internalized, people don't want to give it up and soften up to the political side, as they know many more from within that same group of "ebil fascists" that are fine people they get along with.
Never compromise. Ignore complaints.

Rome; but who fucking cares! Lazio's not even about football. We've been bankrupted 20 years ago by (((them))) for being bad goys and nowadays all matches are prearranged - we'll never be competitive at top levels again.

But get your info straight; the "team" is not fascist, nor is the owner, but quite frankly, both are utterly irrelevant.
Any team of sportsball is made or broken by the supporters, players and owners come and go - we call them "mercenaries". The team IS the people that follow and love it. To make an example: just like Nat Soc is not Hitler (he is but a symbol and "prophet"), but all those who believe in him, his vision and choose to act upon it; likewise, "la Lazio siamo noi" ("WE are Lazio").

t. Curva Nord user

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I'm not against a cool new fascism clothing but it has to be overtly symbolic, if not what's the point? Maybe a single red or black stylized fasces symbol on a completely black jersey?

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user, the symbols are already there. There's pretty much a shitstorm per year on jerseys because "they're reminiscent of fascism" due to the imperial eagle, but the club won't stop producing it and dismissing the kvetching because merchandise without it won't sell.

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Nope, no red or black. The Black Order ended with Hitler. Blue silver and white.

Blue version of Teutonic Cross with silver border on a white shield. Blue for blue blooded, silver/grey for legacies of the Teutonic Orders and new recruits, and white to replace the brownshirts of old as the first vanguards for entry. If you fail to get passed the vanguard, you can’t join either of the orders. As always salute remains five high.


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You know, you're right. At least for America we need to resurrect the Silver Legion… even though I'm part German, I think it's very LARPy and pushes away White Americans not of German descent.

Silvershirts are back.

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The difference is all mostly wording, Mussolini invented the concept, Hitler then adopted HEAVILY from Benito and then eventually Italia then adopted some measures from Adolf again. People act like they're completely different beliefs but one could say that fascism was a base model and every individual nation built on it.

America is Anglo-Saxon. German-Americans, and other Europeans, are welcome guests.

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Look, we have too many fucking beaners and niggers living off gibs in the U.S. Do you think my friends enjoy we can't express our uncucked sentiments about (((gun control))) and (((undocumented workers))).

Niggers and cucked faggots took the fucking knee during the Pledge of Allegiance in the morning a while back. We identify with these teams because there's a fascist history to them, not because Ronaldo is a cucked faggot. Chile is fucking mestizo shit, but a Pinochet jersey is based.

Fascism is growing in the U.S. more friends who hate niggers and beaners are wearing these jerseys. I want to give a Roman salute during the Pledge of Allegiance fuck every ungrateful nigger in our country.

Fascism and right wing ideology is growing, we may be young, but fuck giving up our country to faggots and shitskins. Plus, we were able to redpill friends joining our movement on the JQ because Lazio fans photoshopped Anne Frank into an A.C. Roma fan. Our friends wanted to know why it was a big deal when we showed them the video on JewTube.

Fuck shitskins and kikes taking our future away. We're growing up.

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In that context, it's called the Bellamy Salute, and it's the traditional means of saluting the American flag. It was only changed in 1942.

You understand nothing. Fascism is the bottomline, the very core of a people, a statement on the willingness to struggle and survive against all odds.

Unlike Germany, there were no elections in Italy - we had nu-(((monarchs))) before Mussolini took power. Fascism is an extreme reactionary response to an otherwise unfixable system; by putting aside squabbles and local identity (a big thing in Italy), we unite to face a (((great threat))). In short, and in terms US anons can understand: Fascism is 1776.

(e pluribus, unum = of many, one)

The only valid criticism towards it was Goebbels', and even in that case it was a practical criticism on effectiveness and completeness rather than an ideological one.

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Guess I'm not fascist then

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A couple of us bought Lazio jerseys with the eagle. It's fucking based.

We tried to figure out a sportsball team that represents Uncle Adolf. German national team is cucked.

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Thanks. Searched for the Bellamy salute. We're going to fucking do it at school. Based af.

Fuck these (((immigrants))) fucking up our country.

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Keep it up user. At the rate things are going your generation is going to be on the front lines for this.

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Thanks, we're trying to get this shit started at school. Fuck these niggers kneeling and disrespecting the U.S. when they have all the gibs in the world.

Want to get this jersey.

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Germany's been hit harder with "de-nazification" and even the slightest hint is enough for criminal prosecution; we're more shielded by history, the Roman salute, the Eagle, etc. are all multi-millennial symbols of our ancestors while fascism lasted only 20 years.
I'd suggest Dresden FC. It's a good way to draw attention to the atrocities of the self-appointed "good guys" and an excellent hook to propaganda & the JQ.



Everyone in this thread.
Generation bright eyes has begun.

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No, we're not.
We've got faggots like you pushing CivNat in a fancy uniform as the means to save our folk.

The Grand Rabbi of Rome was an Italian Fascist.
What more do you need to know?

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Which one?
There is some grounds to this. Fascism was initially bluepilled on the Jews save some out-of-favor radicals; see pictured 1928 JTA story (having trouble with archive.is). But it notes that Jews were also involved with the earlier liberal regime, and today as a rule those who admire Italian Fascism don’t admire its (initial) philosemitic attitude.

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You're a kike demoralizer. Perón was a fascist, fuck Argentina as a country and people.

Kys. We identify with each other through sportsball clothes and growing at our school. Can you imagine the Lazio store getting a shit ton of orders from one small neighborhood in the U.S.? We are pissed about beaners and niggers. Fuck you, kike.

Fuck the Rabbi of Rome. Kikes will shapeshift into any political party to survive like the roaches they are. Fuck you, Tel Aviv. My friends are getting redpilled on the JQ. You scared?

Fuck you, we need a way to identify ourselves without getting shit from teachers and the (((principal))).

Dude, because of Lazio's Anne Frank bantz, I redpilled normie white-bread Americans in the JQ. My friends thought soccer players giving the salute was badass, but didn't get the Anne Frank JQ redpill.

Thanks bro.

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I'm waiting for the punchline.

It's you.

Lurk until you're 18 and then two more years and then kill yourself.

I wonder if there are actually people dumb enough to fall for the fascism vs natsoc D&C.
Also OP you're doing god's work. Forming a subculture within the youth would be a great way to give fascism some more institutional support. With all these young alt-lite faggots growing up, we're probably going to see a massive wave in far-rightists in America. Having some momentum will be important for that.

Good, good!

Shills out at full force. Generation Zyklon showing them the future is ours.

Hahaha, mister marketer, go home.

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An any color of your choice polo and short haircut will replace the Hollywood bad guy skin head look if you have decent pants.

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my man

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NatSoc Germany was built upon it's race, it's people. Italian Fascism, the core principles lie elsewhere.

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What about Mosley though? He cared a lot about race.

Thats why italy had their asses handed to them repeatedly in ww2 and they were a massive drain on military hardware

They also had sort of a split leadership. The monarchy betrayed Muss to the Allies.

Same thing happened to the Romanians. Kings can be huge cucks.

Fuck you, D&C kikes. Ordered this Germany customized jersey. We're starting a fucking movement. Fuck a brand name, I'm wearing this shit as soon as I get it.

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So what school do you go to?
Do you even play soccer?
Do you even know what fascism is?

how much did it cost and where did you order it then?

obvious attempt to dox the lad. please fellate a shotgun

Where's the Zig Forums fashion images?

Retard, the facts were that italy was just ineffective in the war. Japan and Germany were much better. Italy was beaten back several times and required german intervention several times as well, pulling much needed resources to their fronts instead. Had they had a stronger cohesion like the german and japanese it would have not been the case. So fucking chill.


Hey, ADL. Whatcha doin'? Kys, you fucking kikes.

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Fuck yeah! Wearing a Lazio jacket at school today.

keep up the good work
you young whippersnappers
IRL activism
culture war through fashion
and all that

I've always found the gold on white crusader cross of the kingdom of Jerusalem aesthetically pleasing
plus both the kikes and muslums hate it
but whatever, maybe that's not the right "image" or something


America is an amalgamation of all true White European peoples
England is (as in should be) Anglo Saxon
any D&C of White Americans is deeply counterproductive and likely done by shills

ignore the fucking shills
never forget that Zig Forums is constantly under attack by shills
many of the "people" who post here are either leftist shill faggots or actual intelligence agency faggots
they spread D&C (divide and conquer) as well as demoralization and misinformation

fuckin kikes

then it needs to be changed; redefined
anything that calls out the jews and embraces White Nationalism is a natural ally to White Nationalists
regardless of what it is called
besides, the kike media uses "fascist" to mean "racist" or "nationalist" all the time
while semantics do matter, to get too caught up in them is a mistake


keep up the good work

promoting holohoax imagery is counterproductive
the holocaust didn't happen
there were no "death camps"
only work camps
about 500,000 died, not 6 million
and mostly due to typhus in the last 3 months of the war
due to allied saturation bombing destroying German infrastructure
those emaciated bodies are classic end-stage typhus victims

change almost always comes from the youth
godspeed, younganons
the more young Whites who recognize that if White people are to have a future again, then we must take it back from the jews, marxists, and brown hordes who are destroying our civilization

this is not hate, it is just the truth

Good luck user, tell us how it goes

Lazio, Chile, yea, Real Madrid are faggots. Just because back in the day…now they Cristiano "I jack off to myself and make sons in a petri dish with my delicious sperm" Ronaldo, the players have make up mirrors like strippers have in the changing rooms and use them before matches…they put on MAKE UP BEFORE A FOOTBALL MATCH! They are the epitome of the absolute state football has fallen into thanks to FIFA and the corrupt scum and scum collaborators who have monetized another great and beautiful thing that brought nations and cities together.

What a great way for young lads to identify each other.


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You can also try to cimbine with some ultra brands.
Otherwise 10/10

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OP is a top lad absolute madman

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Nice try at D&C, go back to Israel you fucking kikes. We're right-wing and ordering custom Germany jerseys that say "Uncle Adolf" (Onkeladolf) and my buddy ordered a "Heydrich" German national jersey. Nobody fucking knows German at our school unless we wear shit that's too obvious.

You jews are scared!

Checked and thanks for the support. We got my friend's older brother in this. He's going to start a similar group with the jerseys at the school he goes to, he goes to another school in a different school district. I guess the movement is "expanding" because it's a cool way to show we hate beaners and other (((immigrants.)))

Also thanks to you guys for the easy redpilled JQ infographics on fullchan. My friend's brother didn't know so many kikes were at CNN and in the media. It makes sense now. They want to "balkanize" the U.S., he said.

Like, we fight each other with all the PC bullshit while kikes rule.

Wish I could wear the jersey of pic related blatantly with His name on it.

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Black, white and red would honestly work better in Canada imo

Wtf I love Lazio now?!

lurk more


There’s nothing more disgusting that soccer faggots except high schoolers blog posting on my favorite board


Civic Nationalism doesn't call out the Jews and arguably isn't "White" Nationalism.
That's a purposeful action on their behalf, and clearly is has shown dividends.
Read the graphic here:
Words have meanings, and ignoring those meanings because of feels is what Marxist libshits do, you faggot.

kys my man

Kikes love that.
Every time the nationalistic instinct is safely discharged into a useless target, such as the opposing team of White football supporters, the kike breathes a sigh of relief.
A match every week keeps the goyim calm and free from anger. Much like chronic masturbation keeps the urge to have sex at bay and eliminates the risk of White babies being born.
The kike loves both of these useless activities.
Of course they claim to hate it, like the savvy parent will claim to hate some minor transgression while showing disinterest regarding a greater one. In this way the child will rebel in the way it believes most irritating to the parent, but which is actually of the least concern and in doing so remain safe.
The kikes view us as a kind of dangerous child/pet hybrid and knows that allowing these minor transgressions, throwing bananas at African soccer players, waving pieces of fabric, chanting songs and having fist fights amongst fellow White supporters, regularly drains the energy required for revolution while stultifying and dulling the mind required to recognize the true state of affairs.
Sports are soap operas for men.

>Can't even read the first ten fucking questions answered

unknown file extension
books aren't allowed here goy

Love what you're doing OP. Feels like some Third Wave-tier stuff makes me miss my school days

I'm going to refrain from calling you a disinfo shill and assume that you are simply ignorant on the topic. If I'm correct please don't take quotes out of context.

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Some helpful tips:
Learn a trade.
If you can all muster it, learn different trades.
Learn to grow food.
Read up on esotericism.
Each of you fimd a qt and marry, have children.
Stay close, avoid drugs and alcohol if at all possible.
Learn to defend yourselves in speech and physically.
Work towards a long term goal, don't become a gang of thugs.
Always be reading and writing.
Avoid social media.
Avoid the TV.
Keep your eyes open.
Speak forthrightly.
Learn research and opsec.
Learn archiving and documenting.
Aim to own land.
Learn to plan.

Theres more but thats a start of a list.

I want to preface by stating that I don't really care about Pinochet and have no illusions about his lack of action against the jews.
What I don't understand is your hostility to people having fun.
Pinochet didn't exterminate the jews in Chile. So what? He threw leftists out of a helicopter. That's an uplifting thought to think about.
And mentioning him triggers leftists, which is fun. People need fun.

Yeah and Hitler didn't exterminate the jews in Germany or Poland. He just moved them around and forced them to work in manual labour for once in their lives.
Of course Pinochet did even less to antagonize the jews. And why is that? For the same reason why this guy went from one of Hitler's best soldiers to working for Mossad.
Because jews run the world and if you resist them, you die. You think that one of the best of the best of the German SS didn't know about the jews? Of course he did. He was more JQed than anyone in this thread, I'd wager.
Yet he bent the knee like so many others.
And I could name countless others who did.

Anyway, I bring this up as an example of people who could have died a martyr and chose not to. Pinochet had every opportunity to exterminate some of the kikes in his country. Then the USA could have invaded. Killed him. Slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Chileans. And then set up a weak puppet government that they ultimately would have allowed to be overthrown by communists who would have then murdered thousands more Chileans.

The point I'm trying to make is that Pinochet is not Hitler. No one claims he is other than leftists. But it's fun to claim him as a hero anyway because he saved Chile from the Marxists. And ultimately, does it matter whether he was pure or not?
Leftists hero worship Lenin as the great Marxist leader. Yet Lenin did no such thing. He didn't institute Marxism IRL. He just ruled over a state. No different from Stalin or Mao or Pol Pot or Kim Jong Un. Does that bother leftists? Nope. They know that controlling a meme is more important than recording history. They know that heroes and martyrs are more important than the truth.

Anyway, what is your problem with celebrating a leader who threw traitiors from a helicopter?

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I'm tempted. Is this a decent source? Where is a good site to order?



A thread died for this

For fuck's sake, buy directly from the club, not through merchants.


(7). Found the jew. Fuck off, schomo.

Impolite sage for a slide thread.

Hey JIDF, don't like whites organizing and becoming nationalistic, huh? Go open some borders in Israel, you inbred kikes. This is a movement. Fuck trolling, we're going to take over.

You kikes hate nationalism when it's not (((Zionism.))) Fucking dirty kikes.

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How's the weather in Tel-Aviv? Trying to D&C white nationalists from using inane common sportsball clothing as secret symbols for an anti-kike subculture?

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Nothing is more important than the truth.

Wrong post user.
That's exactly what I want.

No one ever asks the victor if he told the truth

I want so badly to agree with you. In fact, on a personal level I do agree with you. To me, truth is more important than being fashionable. However for most people the truth doesn't matter. Most people are lemmings. They believe whatever they're conditioned to believe.
And for those who do the conditioning, the truth doesn't matter. All that matters is victory. And if they need to lie or exaggerate to succeed, they'll do it.

My point is not that we need to fabricate history. Honestly, we don't need to do that. We have the luxury of being on the side of truth. To the average lemming, we sound crazy. However if you actually research the claims of the jews about the alleged "holocaust" suddenly the narrative doesn't make as much sense anymore. When you fact check our claim that the jews control the multimedia corporations, Hollywood, and the porn industry, it's hard to remain blissfully ignorant.
Then one can do some real research into the status of the jews in Germany before 1933 and realize that they weren't so innocent. Or how they dominated the USSR and murdered millions of European men, women, & children.

My point is that it is not a sin to use Pinochet as a talking point, indeed, even a martyr in today's conversations. It's fun to do so. And fun is necessary in order to survive this cruel world. It's fun to think about giving anti-White traitors free helicopter rides. It's fun to post Pinochet's smiling face and trigger leftists.

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Pretty awesome. I have a collection of Italian, Japanese and German jerseys that I like to wear, too.
Footballing mixes well with Fascism.
Also, Calcio Storico is pretty based.
Achille Starace, Mussolini's right-hand man, heavily promoted it in Italy.

Sorry; embedded the wrong video.


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Missed opportunity, OP.

Yeah, I understood the context in which you were speaking, I just wanted to dissent against the particular statement in case others looking on were misled. We certainly don't owe anyone the truth, but truth is our highest goal, as from it is derived all power.

I approve, but then I'm not a kike. Good work user, you know have a right wing, anti-immigration, fascist movement at school. More than I ever did at your age.

He's an underage b&.

So, you basically started your own white supremacist gang, OP? Good going. Just don't do any of the degenerate criminal stuff and you'll be good.

As much as I post Nazi shit and love racist jokes, I'm just not a Nazi. The model of human behavior and "virtues" core to Nazi philosophy, which itself is just an amalgamation of nationalism and social darwinist philosophy, doesn't separate us from animals in any way except that we're a little smarter, and we're kicking all the other animals' asses. It's just tribalism with larger-scale tribes. Just do everything you can to eat and fuck, but do it within the confines of what's good for your race, lest infighting kills off all the men and no one's left to stop the lesser animals from destroying your way of life.

Leftism is absolute cancer; it both represses the qualities we share with other animals while stifling all the aspirations we have as higher beings. If we have nice things, it's only because we did evil things to get them. Good is evil just because some people hate good.

Prussianism/Fascism/Nazism is only marginally better for acknowledging our basic needs to eat, hunt, and reproduce. It demonizes any sort of desire humans have to understand God, why people exist, and what can make us feel good as people in a world where water is basically free, food is so cheap we kill ourselves with obesity, and there are exabytes of free porn at our fingertips.

What about doing something just because you didn't think you could pull it off?
You can fuck a woman, but what about sharing souls with someone who gets you?
What about understanding yourself and finding inner peace (not in some faggy spiritual sense, but reaching a state where your actions and impulses perfectly align with your innermost thoughts)?

If you had a Volk, if you knew anything about anything, you would know better you rootless whore's son.

How does yuropoor football work again?

OY VEY HOW DARE SOMEONE HAVE DIFFERING (albeit pants-on-head retarded) BELIEFS

Get out of Zig Forums, this shithole won't teach you jack. There was a great video explaining fascism in a very neutral manner, but since I can't find it, just start with this: youtube.com/playlist?list=PLo0ThsDnveH5nv5TNviBrGTX9P6IrYfIe
Also, drop "nazi", they're called "National Socialists" (notice how I said "they're"? that's because I'm not NatSoc either, though I definitely sympathize with the cause)

Lurk moar or get out. If you have differing beliefs at this point, it is because you are wrong.

This was the German kit at the 1934 World Cup in Italy.

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