Missouri is a destination wedding spot — for 15-year-old brides

Missouri is a destination wedding spot — for 15-year-old brides
high school sophomore Brittany Koerselman, belly bulging, seven months pregnant and feeling like a cow, tucked herself into the borrowed white prom dress that would be her wedding gown.

The Iowa teen didn’t want to be a child bride. But the cops were coming.

She was 15, not even old enough to drive on her own. Jeremie Rook, her boyfriend and the father of her baby, was 21.

It didn’t matter how “infatuatedly in love” she was then with everything about Jeremie — his long chocolate hair, his bad-boy attitude, tongue stud and 28 tattoos. In Iowa, a 21-year-old having sex with a 15-year-old is statutory rape. The evidence was alive in her womb.


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a pedo pol would call that an old hag.

Not a pedo, but is a lot better than a killed baby, a feminist and a cuck, stupidity demand harsh times.

What new forced meme is this?

you people are idiots. seriously

my aunt married my uncle at 15, went on to have 7 children. she passed away at the age of 71 a couple years ago. out of the 5 members of my uncles family, of which ridiculed him even then, they went on to have the strongest family unit and must have more than 30 grandchildren now. They were poor and had difficult times….. just like everyone else but by the time they retired they lived in a 6000 sqft home and it was the center piece for christmas and thanksgiving family gatherings for the other member of the family who "splintered" all through the early 90's and 2000's.

This board is once again is proving to me to be one of the many intelligent things JEWS do to co-opt western civilization.

The point of posting this story is now young marriages are coming under attack and in my opinion, young love is the strongest most idealistic love, and even that is being chipped away by "shame-based" cuckdom. This forum is jew based poison, no wonder you are all so paranoid and miserable.

My god that picture is the textbook definition of a trailer dweller.
But she is some ones daughter and now she is some ones mother as well.

No matter how drained a woman looks after giving birth a real man will love his wife blindly. I doubt you speak from any life experiences what so ever. How many men here have done that millisecond ginger and toe count when their child is born. It's something which must be hard-wired into humans.

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this post looks like it was planned for the thread and this is a slide thread

this is her now (from the article) and she's on every form of government assistance and the father is now paying child support. if you think this is any kind of good idea you need to think twice and re-evaluate your life decisions

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they were pretty poor. In 1989 I suggested my uncle become a real estate agent, he went on to become a very successful broker, in a vacation hotspot in the US, all when his children were adolescents and young teens.

All I can say is, no matter how "trashy" or bad he and his wife looked, it was a quality life surrounded by family during it's ups and downs.

as I said miserable and paranoid. News is politics, and this is a news story from yesterday.

As I said, the Jews which own that newspaper, influenced the writing of that story and have crafted it to "dissuade" young people reading their trash.


no different than the many Jews awake at 3:45am (EST) posting here 24/7/365

eat a power surge, bot

Next time on MTV's 16 and Pregnant…

If by "plenty" you mean literally the same one or two kikes every time. "Pedo-Zig Forums" reeks of an attempt to associate Zig Forums with pedophilia.

MTV is garbage, and you do not even fathom what I am trying to relate from my own real life experiences. One thing my uncle did which at the time I looked down upon was drive a tour bus, one of those tourist trolley type busses which shows visitors the sights……. as blind as you are now I was then, I though it humiliating to drive a tour trolley, however it proved to be brilliant…. his potential real estate buying clients came to view him as a happy family man putting food on his growing families table.

All I can say is watching so many families splinter, and so many of my own family member go at it alone, my uncle who married his wife at 15 created a life long love. And as an aside, government then didn't take the wife.s side if they hose to separate, which they did a very long time ago….. but then decided to make it work, for the children, and because they "had too".

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Kill yourself kike. The more whites in the world the better.

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Still being mad that your previous attempts failed?

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There is one resident pedo on this board, if even that. CIAniggers come here to shill that shit as well poisoning/consensus fracturing tactic.
Doesn't exist.
Literally a lazy cuckchan consensus cracking move. Fuck off.

This thread serves no purpose, doesn't bring anything up for constructive discussion. Reported.

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Burgers need to realize not everyone has a marriage age law of 55 years old (not so much land of the free in that regard now, eh?).
Some countries you can get married/have sex at 16 or younger. You know, when girls are sexually mature.
Mentally mature depends on the girl. I've met some girls at that age or younger who are more awake and on to it than girls in their 30s. Enough said.

Male Internet Defense Force? Are you what, a feminist foreigner on this board?

Do not give up on Zig Forums just because of a few shills. 15 is past puberty for women.

Thanks for the nice story!

I will come to defense of my home state here. I remember in junior high school there was a girl in the class above me who got married to a third year senior in high school. While it was legal, because her parents signed off on it, it was a scandal in the school and in the community. She wasn't looked down upon per se, but the guy was seen in a negative light. That and he was a manlet, and they ended up divorced once she got into her 20s. So while it does happen it isn't considered a normal and right thing. Now when you get into the 17 year old in a relationship with the 20 year old that can be iffy.

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Teen girls can be huge fucking sluts when it comes to dating men, but when its considered that they might want to get into marriage or give birth to a child its instantly a crime.
By the time a modern woman reaches 18 years she is already used goods who slept with 10 men at very least.
Being a whore is a standard for modern society, being in marriage is a curse.

If people don't respect marriage this society is fucked. Nobody keeps virginity to 18 years aside from socially awkward shut ins masturbating at computers. Add to it lack of physical work and you get young people who can't suppress their sexual desire not even for a month.
I just want to warn a usual man who browses this board that his virginity was much more easy to save than the one of a woman same age as him. And even you can't help but masturbate like a total loser because you can't help your own sexual predatorical desires.
We had marriage to both suppress young idiocy and keep babies coming, rubber truly is death of whites.

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We've had better threads discussing how the Age of Marriage changed because of (((feminists))) and the like. Perhaps you should work on learning what a shill thread looks like. The mods are gone between the hours of 9PM EST to sometimes as late 11AM EST almost every day now. The front page has 3 4/pol-tier threads like this one.

Whats with the fucking pozzed hair? Is she in college now or something?

Raised poor — “I’m still poor,” she laughed — she had already been sexually assaulted three times between the ages of 3 and 10 by three people.
She spent time in what she laughingly called “the nut hut,” meaning residential psychiatric facilities, for depression and occasional suicidal thoughts.
“I’ve had a therapist since I was 5,” she said. “What they say is that I’m addicted to craving a man’s love because of everything that’s happened to me.”
She’s not sure the therapists are exactly right, “but I know I’m very codependent,” she said.
When Jeremie swaggered into her life, tall and broad shouldered, with a slew of juvenile crimes like arson and breaking and entering to his name, she was smitten. He had come over to chat and mow a neighbor’s lawn.
“I am a fool for long hair. He had freakin’ long-ass hair,” Brittany recalled. “I’m a sucker for bad boys, apparently.”

this, my mother had me at 14 and my dad was 18.

The only reason teenage pregnancy is frowned upon is because the kikes education and job system doesn't allow us to have children until we're in our mid 30s.

God Bless. There are so many stories like this. Good luck celebrating or even hearing about them in the current media climate.

what a paranoid half-wit you are, it was a top headline viewed by million yesterday on Drudge.

it's impossible to escape the media barrage, such as this story. I'm certain the girl thought she would grow-up and be the CEO of Apple or the ext Jeff Bezos. As you can see so many are influenced here, really everywhere..

retard, I'm one guy posting a headline from yesterday.

I find this tale of woe…arousing…. Is she getting paid for all the cp modeling she did?

Both sides of this argument are ignoring the ever important context that can make either of these positions valid: what is the current society like?

Also, in this case in particular, it was obviously a terrible idea.

You're that trip fag from /b/ aren't you? The one always bragging about banging preteens

Can't wait for the reunion

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But it most probably wasn’t a shotgun marriage with 28 tattoo guy?

The problem is not young marriage, but girls spreading their legs for chad. Usually that ends not in marriage but a single mom, like niggers. In this case the marriage is only made to save tattoo chad’s arse from prison.

In 1989?
Yeah I know that was short after dinosaur roamed the earth and marriages were made by dragging the bride by her hairs into your cave.

Without actually articulating a position on this, do you notice that every time an article like this happens, they always pick out a case where the older guy marrying the teenage girl is some kind of criminal or miscreant? They never show cases where it's an engineer, or a medical student at a respected university, or even a star athlete. They also never give us any sort of statistical data on these types of marriages that might allow people to get a better picture of the overall issue. This is some very slanted, dishonest coverage.

Jealous roastie cunt detected.

Nope and I have never slept with anyone underage.

And? What is there to fucking discuss? Your attempted insults reek of an east coast upper middle class liberal snob background. Shit thread, OP is a fag and a kike.

No, the marriage took place in the mid 60's
in 89 one of their kids had already married however that left a household of kids still in the age range of 16-17, 12, 9, and like a 5 or 6 year old.

it's not like he was my own father, and it was pre Vietnam, 64 or so. They married before, during, or after he was in the US Army and she was 15, and he may have been 19, 21 or 24. Not sure. I simply remember my aunts age because it was so talked about, even then, negatively….. and they were a really happy couple as I remember them during childhood.

My point is, even as poor as they were then, referred to as hillbillies far to often (which they were not) they had the best family (long-term) out of all of the other "more modern" family amongst my direct relatives. Out of the 4 other children, my parents included following the modern JEW model, we collectively had nowhere to go for those Christmas or Thanksgiving holidays by the time I was in my late-teens to early-mid 20's. The passing of the years has proved this to me, young marriage works, and it is better long term, and I didn't know better myself when I was a teen or in my early twenty's myself. But it is near impossible to do when a young wife has 1,700 Facebook friends nowadays. It just seems to me America is on this long term slide into destruction, and no one event or the events of a years reflect what has been happening over the past 50 to 100 years but I do doubt that America will last into the 22nd century or it will be an America populated by people from all over the world and they have no vested interest in the history of the US or what made it so formidable once upon a time.

The uncle I talk about was no angel, keep in mind this was during the segregation days of the US and he was one helluva a nigger fighter, the niggers were known to bring knives to fist fights so my uncle was of a group that went to nigger fist fights carrying a hand saw as an equalizer. Doing such today it would make headline CNN news. It wasn't even a crime them. Imagine Antifa carrying carpenter hand saws. Outrageous.

reported for being a miserable welfare cunt. But you already know that.

exactly and they are attempting to use it to make the age of marriage nationwide 18, not even 16 but 18 it's a pretty significant move no one cares about.


the g is next to the f key dipshit, it's a typo, if you were a father yourself you would understand it being Finger and Toe

But you're to fucking stupid to even make he connection, point made

Sky turn to lead, and crush you, nigger
< his long chocolate hair, his bad-boy attitude, tongue stud and 28 tattoos

< lazy posting
< nigger crap
< a literal whore

I dread to read the comments on Drudge. I think a lot of people do care, but it's obvious that a fair discussion on this isn't being allowed. It's been obvious for a long time. The question is, how do you get a fair discussion going when the whole media is bent on only allowing one side to get a platform?

Come off it, user. Why are you so short fused?

Age of consent should be 12.

12 year old females are not "little girls".


Femen-Zig Forums would rather kill the child.

Any sane white man would wish to see an abortion in cases like this. That kid has been bred to be a future failure.

We wouldn't want white people in Iowa making white babies…..

It's extra-fucked, because while the kikes are attacking the marriage of young, fertile white teens that was once common and considered appropriate, at the same time they are pushing all forms of degenerate jewish faggotry and abortion on kids as young as 9 years old.
While this kvetching over young marriage in the judenpresse is happening, this is what gets published in "Teen Vogue"

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I unironically support this. It's actually what I plan on doing with my daughters. Finding a suitable man, and marrying them off at 13-15. That way she comes to love only him, and won't ride the cock carousel. I don't think the age of consent should be lowered below 16, but marriage doesn't require anything in terms of sexual relations.

So attack the source of the whiggerness. Young marriage is completely unrelated.

Get over it. Theres a six year age difference between the two of them. You think a horny 21 year old has the brain of an adult? In most of the world today 15 is THE NORM for girls to get married. For 99.999 percent of human history 15 is the norm for girls to get married, EVEN IN WESTERN CULTURES. I would rather she hook up with a white dude that is willing to support her than get raped and left in a dumpster by jamal.

That is completely wrong. Whites are limited by economic factors, not genetic ones. As the economy improves, "white trash" becomes less and less trashy. Very stark difference in how whites live today vs how they lived 100 years ago.

Also, there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong with girls getting married at 14 so long as the father of the bride consents.

Willing cucks to kikes will say 15yo is too young.
Absolute retards want to have children born with downs and other conditions that are nearly cured if just for not impregnating women over 21.

Yup. There the cuck is.




Found the kike. White trash isn't really a thing. It's a force insult that doesn't work. White trash are the poor as fuck coal miners across the country that are only poor as fuck because of King Nigger and kike laws on (((global warming))).

Nope, the age of marriage in 99.999 percent of world history INCLUDING the US and Europe. They are going to Missouri because its LEGAL in Missouri. It should be legal in every state. I agree that kids are not capable of making informed decisions, but since you brought it up, there IS an age-old institution that has been used EVERYWHERE and only was killed off by feminism in the modern western world. Yes, ARRANGED MARRIAGES rely on the superior judgement of parents to set their kids up on a good life path. Arranged marriage is objectively the superior method of both protecting chastity before marriage AND ensuring a life-long, stable relationship. Look at divorce rates in arranged marriage and compare it to post-feminist American divorce rates. Also kill yourself.

Hi cuck, answer this;
Females mature mentally/emotionally 5-8 years before males.
Females mature physically 3-5 years before males.
Males are still in puberty in their late 20s.

Are you for stopping the child rapist women who have sex with 25 year old men? But no that can't be! The kikes taught you otherwise!!!! The entire idea of AOC is covered if we go back to the original way whites used to marry: father's consent. It removes the ability to groom the girl completely because you have an adult male that will fuck your shit up and rightfully kill you if you try that.

My daughter is nearly 15. If this was her, I'd kill the guy then kill myself for failing her so badly.

What if he was in Medical school with really good prospects for becoming a doctor?

Would you put your fee fees over your daughter's future and well being?

No. They weren't arranged like they are as the term implies.
The girl still dated, the girl still chose etc. But the father gave his consent for her to pick the guy. The father did not chose the guy for his wants, the girl did.

Read the post; "chocolate hair, bad boy 'tude".
She got boned by a nig

This is low level dog shit.

Argentinian death squads should be called in

That copypasta looks remarkably like kikepedia.

Oh. Because it is.

I expect you to understand that "arranged marriage" - 11 cow for your daughter!!! - didn't happen.

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it seems like shills have recently started trying to push this meme harder. i guess since they gave up on the trump touching wall picture all they can do is flail now and hope something sticks
nice meme. which page of the talmud did you find that on?

oven fuel spotted...

So much Shill today, frogs. {{{}}} are afraid…

Found the kike.
Divisive language to denigrate our own people. Stupid forced memes. (10) so far ITT.

Yeah there's a lot wrong with this picture, starting with statutory rape! But the SR isn't the focus of the post or the article, the focus of the post and article is that it's somehow "wrong" that

The pic has a very obviously White baby in it.

Fuck off, schlomo.

You're fired.

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This article was code for "Muzzies needed for cultural enrichment!"

More kike memes designed to make us hate other Whites.

At least this one had the sense not to post all his shit in this thread using the same ID.

sad, there is a high probability her son will be killed by a nigger now while she is at her part time career


Fifteen isn't pedophilia you stupid fucking nigger. It's ephebophilia. Strange how many Europeans can take note of their great grandmothers starting families around 16. Strange how many of them had 7-12 children.

The reason 18 is a safer age is because it allows a father additional time to control their daughter during puberty and find a proper partner. Jews specifically targeted the traditional patriarchal family model to kill this process, and OP's story is the result. Girls have no idea what they are doing at 15, and will make many stupid mistakes. It takes the guiding hand of a father to prevent these mistakes.

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People have no idea what they're doing at any age for the most part. This is because of cucked up schools. If people were given the tools to know what they're doing, they would.

you sound like a pervert yourself

I'm not condoning a 21 year old banging a 15 year old. But if the parents agree, getting married is the best thing for the child. Parents should decide if he gets punished for statutory.

Sex with post pubescent girls is not pedophilia, it's simply irresponsible give current social economic enviroment. Ideally young marriage would spare girls thotdom

old enough to bleed old enough to breed

The ideal age for a man to marry is in his mid to late 30s, after he's had time to gain wealth or-failing that-wisdom.

The ideal age for a woman to marry is 15, while she's still fertile and is emotionally predisposed to imprint upon her husband.

Amend with

The woman may be ready to marry at 15, but it falls to her father to choose an appropriate suitor.

you seem to live in a fantasyland thinking a girl of 15, 16, 17, is going to seek the permission from her father whom she fucks. And that is what she will be doing. By the time she is 18-20-21 (drinking age) she may as well have hooked up with 20 different guys on tinder or facebook.

Great job protecting your princess roastie

Which is how it was for all of human history and still is that way for most of the world.

Take your white genocide somewhere else, Schlomo.

how does what I said equate to white genocide?

girls ask their daddys for permission to have sex?

I am, and I don't favor outlawing it outside of marriage either. Thots should be allowed to be as thotty as they want. However, the fact remains that most people would be much happier choosing a single mate while they're young and sticking to it. You can provide tax incentives and other such benefits to couples who stay monogamous in order to encourage it instead of creating blanket bans that biology prohibits you from enforcing.


Google "honor killing"

Big reason to lift these bans is to get pIssrael's hands off our congressmens' necks. We all know it's blackmail which really gleases the skids in DC!



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Have you kikes decided that it is time to end the thread because what I see all to often here lately is irrelevancies are posted that don't make a single bit of sense or use intelligence to even express an opinion.

Fact of life is fathers nowadays have very limited input in saying who and who not their own daughters can date, or have sex with, at any age over about 13 at the earliest, whenever they please and stating the obvious doesn't make me a kike. It makes me a realist.

Face it, this degenerate would be in a concentration camp if Uncle Adolf was around. It is your duty to kill these degenerates lest they poison precious stock.

Just a suggestion, don‘t post information leading to easy identification of your relatives and your self.

That's what you did. Now you're accusing me of what you did to take the high ground away from me turning around and accusing you of doing what you actually did. As if people at this site can't recognize basic kike shilling like this.

That's not true culturally or legally. A father can forbid a 13 year-old to leave the house. Girls that are told not to whore around simply don't do it. A few of them might sleep with a longtime boyfriend (who they will probably marry) but that's about it.

Good idea.

I never saw pol saying 15yos fucking and having kids was wrong.

This thread stinks of kikery and retarded lefties.

I think we need to be a bit more pragmatic about it, personally. The white birthrate is desperately low, and there certainly aren't enough traditional families around to bring it up. Children born to white degenerates and/or leftists today can be redpilled tomorrow. If there aren't enough whites to fight in the future we've lost no matter what.

Tor-pedos like you are the reason torfags have a bad name. Gas yourself.