Castreau's gun grab bill ‘scaring the hell out of the Liberal caucus’

The weekly national caucus meetings held by each party are a forum for all caucus members to have an open and frank conversations about national issues, and the issues in their respective ridings, with their party leaders.

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The dude likes to play dress up and has an ego the size of Alaska. Discussions are out of the question when it comes to his image.

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Why would they need to make additional gun laws? I thought Canada was safe now?

Why the fuck would you support the Liberals as a farmer?

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It won’t be safe until Canuckistan is a real Communist Faggot Caliphate

They're going Hogg-wild with what they think is a viable 2019 re-election strategy.

Scheer is a cuckservative but the election is really his to lose at this point.

Because they want total gun confiscation, not restriction. The liberals seem to forget that their last grab completely failed last time too. Get into rural canada and nearly everyone has a gun. Legal, illegal, doesn't matter people likely have one. That was the case with that native who got his brains splattered in the car out in Manitoba back and they were freaking the fuck out over because the guy got off. The more rural you get, the higher chance they have a gun to boot. Whether for self-protection, or against wildlife. If you're out in the prairies and wilderness, alberta, saskatchawan, manitoba, guns and x-bows are common. No one likes to get attacked by bears, wildcats(of various flavors), wolves and so on. But even using safe dumps and burning your garbage, you attract them.

so tldr some weak canadian congress person quietly and politely speaks up and faggot Trudeau talks to him with a stern tone of voice and he tucks his tail behind his legs immediately and they're crying that now elected canadian congress people won't speak up as much because they are afraid of the stern talking to.

why have we allowed canada to be a country this long

They are scared of a faggot. KEK.

Imagine being so big of a fucking pussy that Trudette intimidated you. The Canadian government ladies and gentlemen.

whoa, he doesn't look too bad as a musketeer or a soldier.

thats a suprise considering he doesnt fucking know how to fight at all

This. Every time the liberals get gun-grabby, first it ends up not working and making them look even stupider, and then it ends up losing them the following election. With the incoming majority, what ever firearms legislation they will introduce can and probably will be reversed. They are carrying themselves like they know they are going to be re-elected for fact, meanwhile Trudeau's approval ratings plummet like a fucking rock. Their PR advisor said that more anti-gun laws might win them the election, which would explain why they are now trying to suddenly push it; they KNOW they are about to lose the next election and are doing anything they possibly can to win it. They're fucked.

The CIA is meddling in the Canadian elections to keep him in power. Then when Canadian collapses, we will anex it, kill the men, and rape the women.

My cousin asked me why it would matter if Justin actually is Castro's cuckoo. I couldn't think of an answer at the time, but I've thought on it for a couple of weeks.
1. He traded on the Trudeau name to get votes, so if he's not even a Trudeau, the truth needs to get out.
2. As illustrated by this article, the rotten apple doesn't fall far from the tree. As a dad I can tell you, it's nurture AND nature that have a say on what kind of kid you end up with.

Hitler dubs for the siegetard.

Jesus Christ.

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haha have you SEEN the women in English Canada lately? A nose full of coke, hell a bottle of $10 wine and they'll be happy to suck the snot out of your nose and swallow it.

Anybody else think his voice went super high-pitched when he spazzed out?
I bet he stamped his foot too.

Because Turd's beloved Muslims won't be safe while Whitey can still fight back.

Well, his mother married Trudeau, and in the liberal mind that means she's entitled to everything that's his.
And little Justin the Cuckoo also as the progressively designated "My Wife's Son".

I'm getting real fed up with Castro's shit and how he is somehow making Canada.

Some dumbass abo got shot while trespassing a while ago so I assume it was that.

Those first-Americans who accidentally wandered onto a racist farmer's land and got shot at while accidentally stealing a vehicle of his?

But its not a country, its still technically a british state.

Canada has been this way for a really fucking long time (Probably since the 20's), Castros kid is just another notch in the belt. I see Canada as the fall back safe space if America goes full gas chambers for the kikes.

Spoken like a true cia nigger. Do you glow in the dark?

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This is why they check for wine at the border.

why are you responding to shitskin kikes?

You can use gun for self defense from wildfire in Canada? In based Russia just carrying the gun in the wild lands legally counts as poaching. No legal self defense from bears using guns, real Russians fend them off with bare hands :^)

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If we don't get direct democracy instated soon, its over for the white race.

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Russia is kike central, I am not suprised.

Good joke muham bin dun

Good insult, mordechai. Nigger whose job it is do it for you called in with a hangover this morning?

The absolute state of Canada.

Nice image but that has been going on since the civil war.

Just how controlled is Trudeau?
Yup, that controlled.

marxists/ jews/ globalists/ etc
will never stop until Whites are TOTALLY disarmed
then they can move onto later stage genocide of White people
there is no reasoning with these people
there is no common ground

they are rapid dogs
and they want us all dead

Take a step back and look at this article as if they were talking about someone you didn't hate.
It's "sources say" rumormongering. As much as I'd like to shit on Trudeau, the liberals are "scared" of a bill that may be tabled? Does anyone have text of this bill? I'd like a few facts with my drama, plzkthx.

It's called "outgunning the opposition." Do you really think anyone would fuck with you if you had claymores, NVGs and a technical with an M2?

you mean the tyranny of the majority?
i'd rather we just cut canada down the middle and have edmonton as the new western canadian capital

Subsidies. Supply management.

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Canada's already a goner, if this tool wasn't removed when it came out that he had received billions of dollars from the Chinese, a gun grab won't do it either.

More and more it seems like Ted was right about leftists and their "lust for power" but you guys should know Canadians do not have much of a choice because we do not really have any good politicians and political parties. For example the cuckservatives in Canada are just as bad and more cucked than many leftist parties in other countries and slightly more corrupt. It's just there's no way out.

Gibs. Modern farming is almost entirely welfare.
No, you just can only own a certain number of hens. And since you got the quota to own those hens given to you for free, and there is no more being given out, you are in a position of never having any competition. You are the winner of a rigged game, this is why existing farmers fight to keep the game rigged, and why people who want to become farmers are fucked.

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His father was PM from 68-79 and 80-84. Justin was only elected in the current year (2015).

The last excuse they used was an Algerian half-breed who shot up an engineering school for women. The feminists milked that one for about 20 years.

Yep, it was a hang-fire accident.

Meanwhile chugs fuck up people and intimidate them but thanks to the Gladue ruling, they're treated like underage retards. (Which most are.)

There is an ongoing coup going on in Canada right now. The number 2 military commander is being ousted via political assassination via CBC/CTV and 90% here still trust the TV. They are turning us into Venezuela at an alarming pace, this will be a massive security risk to the USA since we've also slowly been bringing in Chinese governent/military "employees".

Were being told over and over how much we are winning as our world burns.

He's Beaverposter. They all lurk here.

If they get too uppity, tanks roll east and north from Maine. (I'm serious.)

I'd rather be ruled by a king or a military junta compared to all the pretty boy faggots, old homo's and pedophile lesbians the west is currently led by. China's new emperor is even appealing when looking at this faggot.


Easy to say, harder to do. Richard Spencer psyop scared a lot of you into staying home while the commies march freely on your streets. South Korea went outside by the hundreds of thousands and removed their PM, what are burgers doing exactly?

Your claim to seriousness would work better if you had a grasp on basic geography.

I drive up I-95 all the time. There is also a connector going into the autoroute that runs south from Quebec.

It feels like forever.

South Korea discovered definitive, digestable evidence its government was run by an occultic cabal. Most of the general public either doesn't want to put it together or can't due to racial inferiority.

And? How does that support your bizarre claim that the US military has a plan to deal with "uppityness" by going directly away from the problem and what, going fishing I presume?

This is how you know your country is fucked.

Wasn't my claim, Schlomo. Take the cock out of your mouth and stop putting words in mine.

If they wanted to invade,not only are there many direct routes, but also don't forget there is also the 10th Mountain Division stationed at Fort Drum in New York ready to march on Ottawa and Montreal. Canada exists at the pleasure of the US Military.

Then why did you reply to try defend his idiocy you dumb homo?
And east of Maine is New Brunswick you retard. "Lets invade by going the opposite direction we need to for no reason at all!" doesn't sound like a very serious plan.

Nice trips. What do you mean by "they all?" Is Trudeau reading my shitposting right now?

He might actually think Gerald Butts is a made up person…
Burger Posters are at times completely misinformed.

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They read this place because this Upper Voltian washing machine maintenance board has a lot of political clout, as evidenced by Trump's election. The Liberals are just as plugged into ShariaBlue as the Clinton machine is, many work for both campaigns.

Gun crime in canada is at an all-time low as gun owners keep rising so they are trying to get a bill in the door in the wake of the florida shooting before the gun ownership gets too big to fail. They underestimate the stubborness of rural canadians and the complete logistical cluster-fuck it would be even if it went off without any unexpected problems. Reminder that all liberals want all guns to be banned.

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BTW, only losers uses ATIPs. A few years ago a bunch of USB keys with undetectable zero-days were left around the Rideau Centre and other places. The entire government apparatus is pwned.

You misspelled National Socialism.

Reported for supporting communism.

This is my own copypasta from the QTDDTOT thread but I'll just put it here in case any leaf user can answer my question.

Can a leaf ITT debunk this for me, please? I've seen some patriotic and "nationalistic" Canadians in my time and they're all pretty weird. Some of them are convinced that all White Americans are "racist trigger-happy rednecks", willing to shoot any black "person" that gets in their way. Apperently they think this is a bad thing, (((they))) think it's an "evil" thing to do as well.

One leaf made a slide thread here once saying it's the US's fault why third world nations, specifically bantu African nations, are still third world despite massive amounts of foreign aid being wasted upon all of these Kangdoms. Said leaf also said Trudeau was a "real man" compared to Trump, this was when I realized how fucking delusional he was because not even the average leaf would ever call Trudeau that maybe.

So leaf anons, what's up with these types of Canadians? It's as if patriotic leaves are almost all predisposed to be suckers for (((Leftism))) just like how patriotic burgers are almost all predisposed to be pro-Pissrael.

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The only time I've seen anyone up here like that is it's one of the communistic city dwelling "I'm glad to be Canadian because we aren't American" Canadian "Nationalists". Most people I know out here in Rural Alberta are generally one of three things: a walking 'hate crime' good lord I hate the term 'hate crime', Whites who are angry about the situation, but don't do anything because they're worried about an American/NATO intervention if a civil war kicked off, or disillusioned boomers who are watching the 'wonderful' 'hardworking' Chinese buy everything out from under everyone.
According to some friends out in Newfoundland it's pretty much the same deal out that way, but with more alcoholism.

There's nothing patriotic about the people you describe. I've never actually seen or heard of another patriotic Canadian. Ironically, the closest thing is a Puerto Rican professor in New Brunswick.

I assume you are confusing some fag with a leaf flag for a patriot. By definition anyone with a leaf flag is anti-Canadian or completely blue pilled. That flag was created by communists specifically to help erase Canadian culture, heritage and identity. In order to give the masses a replacement identity that doesn't involve our European heritage, they re-defined Canadian as "not American". This is why idiots who wave that communist flag always pretend Canada is better than the US. They know nothing about Canada, but they think anything we do differently makes us better, even though most of the time its something we do worse (guns, free speech, etc).

They're city folk.

They're absolutely frightened that the gun owning populace outnumbers and outguns them 20:1. A gun grab will spark the powderkeg.

I'm gonna leave this here, for when libtards say guns would be useless against a tyrannical government.

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Ricardo Duchesne is pretty great, and it's interesting to see how he steadily shifted more towards the importance of race over culture throughout the years. The only Zig Forumsish Canadian I can think of is DLN, although he is pretty infrequent with creating and uploading videos.


They're alright but they really need to work on cross-disciplinary training. If things ever went tits-up for them I think they'd be in trouble.

I don't know what kind of faggot places you visit where white leafs are this cucked. Are you a jewniversity student or something?
Go over to Zig Forums and you'll see what I mean. Lots of gun owning, law abiding, tax paying, Canadian patriots there who are waiting for the next race war.

Law abiding and tax paying are not patriotic, they are blue pilled communist flag waving idiocy.
Yes, 3 people on Zig Forums is very representative. I live in the whitest community in Canada, with one of the highest gun ownership rates. The only person I've met here that isn't completely cucked spouting "we need more immigrants, lets all get along, I will help anyone no matter what color their skin is, rainbow crosswalks are a good way to spend tax dollars because we need everyone to know it is good to be gay" is my wife and I brought her here with me. Canada is completely fucked, we need to wake up white Canadians.

S..sure thing, I totally believe that..
Tbh user, you sound like a defeatist cuck. Maybe grow some balls and redpill the weak whites you surround yourself with.
t. Albertan

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Try looking at a map of voting history you chucklefuck.
I don't surround myself with anyone you retard. Obviously I have been teaching the cucks here, that's the point. What part of "we need to wake up white Canadians" is confusing you? Are you just here to try to shill for abortion? Cause you are doing a hell of a good job, I already think your mom should have had one more abortion.
Ah, figures. The brown province that still thinks its white. Go back to your shitting street pajeet.

Sorry my comment got you all riled up Herchel.You claim to be from the whitest community in Canada but shit on Alberta, AND brought an immigrant wife into Canada for gibs.

You're not fooling anyone. Kill your wife first, then yourself. Defeatist cuck.

Pointing out the fact that Alberta is brown is not "shitting on it", that's what you pajeets have been doing. Go back to pouring coffee for the few remaining white people.
Which part of "brought her here with me" makes you think immigrant you fucking tard? Moving from one province to another doesn't make either of us immigrants, or get us any gibs.
Nice try pajeet. "Everything is fine goys don't worry about anything just relax and let your race go extinct! I heard there was one guy that doesn't like nogs so everything will be fine! No need to redpill anyone, just keep watching tv. Don't discuss the problem of bluepilled and cucks whites, they are actually totally red-pilled just like my replacement daddy jordan peterstein!"

LOL, sweet jewkepedia link, did you think I wouldn't open it?
Keep dodging the fact you're a defeatist kike from a liberal province. Your d&c doesn't work here. The way you get riled up while calling others brown shows you're clearly a mudskin.
Literally moved for gibs

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no. we will classify them into those worth keeping and those who are not. all who are not of European ancestry will be purged. The rest can stay right where they are; they'll just be living under a new flag.
Lower Quebec and Toronto will be turned into glass.

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You just can't read it? Which part of "highest % European" is confusing you pajeet?
Every province is a liberal province, that's the problem. Alberta is 81% urban, 30% non-white, and elected the communist party to run the province. Trying to pretend Alberta is a model for the future of Canada makes it very clear what your agenda is.
Timestamp with your hand pajeet.
Yes you caught me, I moved to a province with lower welfare payments because I wanted gibs. You sure are a smart one.

Your turn kike.

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That feeling is growing but in places like Surrey I've seen hard core white nationalists re-appear. SS tattoos on forehead type crazy.

Oh, OH

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Al-bertans make the most noise about immigrants while not only importing street shitters but also Mexicans, or at least their drugs (thanks, Slutterites). They are also the most projecting. Even Quebec doesn't have the chutzpah they do.

My experience with them has been uniquely negative.

t. Maritimer working in New York City because they at least fucking pay me

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I think his shift must have ended

Red Scorpions?

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Hallo, user.

Get out, I work on tallships in that harbor. How the fuck are you?

haha shilling aint easy. He also had to pick up his wife's son from Hebrew class.

White groups are forming here. Everyone is getting armed and ready. Good luck anons.

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Oh don't worry, he'll find a way.
The conservative party is a fcking dumpster fire and Canadians are politically retarded. We're a country of naive children who have never faced any real hardship, but don't worry, we're about to.

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