Career Womyn BTFO

Fertility clinic informs hundreds of patients their eggs may have been damaged

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nothing of value was lost

You gotta cook your frozen potatoes right away or they get sorry if you try and refreeze them. The texture comes out all wrong. What was the point, that you're a faggot?

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My inner wizard is giggling.

Don't put all of your eggs in one basket.

Whoopsie doodles, we totally messed up.
Sorry. Who could have forseen that?

I knew there was a reason I waited until my 40's to find my 21 year old fertile qt waifu and settle down. This crop coming up saw they older sisters experience the bankruptcy of feminism.

You’re obviously fucking bullshitting.

i agree.
i still have to hear a woman expressing horror, or even some mild unease, when pondering the fate of "emancipated" women, i.e. lonely or married in their mid forties, after a divorce, to some moroccan immigrant who threatens to behead her if she doesn't convert to Religion of Cuck™.

First Cleveland, now Frisco. How many more to come?

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To be honest. Faggots probably doing less damage to the genre pool than career Womyn. Career women are no better than coal burners.

People should start sabotaging the power supply to clinics like these.

eggs get destroyed and it's a national tragedy, millions of children get aborted and it's empowerment.

You have to go back.

You're obviously a cunt. Tits or GTFO.

Get cracking.

feminists already do this

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Odds that only the white eggs are damaged/destroyed?

happened in australia a while ago
power went out, backup batter failed, see pic

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Did you forget a y or is that what you call frozen ovum?

sucks losing all those genres
no more scifi for you!
oh no—- there goes musical comedy!

seriously though,
feminism is a war on women
"career women" have destroyed their own lives
in order to become wage slaves
and enrich the megacorps and the jewish bankers.

that is one facet of White genocide


Holy fuck lol

are you a woman?!
praise kek

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It's a good feeling, numbs the pain for a bit.

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Fucking whores, #YesAllWomen

I wish we could pay an illegal mexican to go into said clinics and destroy all those men anchors from these whores.

Faggots always existed, but it as always in the closet. MANY fathers were faggots but it all went to shit with the coming out of the closet crap.

t. NOT a fag but with wymyn like this, I can understand them

Because each of these eggs in the (((fertility clinic))) serve to anchor men to a whore… all she has to do is marry him, and even if she divorces him a minute later, she is entitled to MORE THAN half of the man's wealth he acquired with effort while she was getting fucked by other men #YesAllWomen

Boo hoo hoo

How many men have their lives destroyed because of women (or lack of them as in Dylan's Roof's case) and wymyn bitch more just because a FEW of them did get a family while they were whoring themselves everyday?

Shut the fuck up cunt, all wymyn are the same where ever you go. Of course, if you actually had the balls to solve the problem, you would.

In China (unlike Western countries like Mexico, Salvador and Bolivia)', the government saw whores (#YesAllWymyn) were getting married just so they can divorce and rob the man of all the wealth he acquired while she fucked certain men. You know what the government of China did when they found out about that civilization-destroying problem? They passed a law a wymyn from stealing a man's wealth through divorce!

Only whites can afford to pay the fees offered by the (((clinics))) that suddenly sabotage their facilities.

Why is it that a white woman can afford that crap?
All white women should make less money required to pay for those services!

If you want to make an omlette, you gotta break a few eggs.

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Dumb cunts. Be smarter, ladies.

Because it's a white genocide plot to destroy the traditional family and replace it with kosher (((alternatives))) that don't actually work. Since a normal family environment makes the individual happy, and a happy person isn't one you can profit off of easily. You wouldn't sell a good life away no matter how great the price. So they convince you that no, you aren't truly happy unless you become a hedonist indebted degenerate since young folks don't understand that happiness is earned and not given.

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((( )))
Can't tell if you're retarded or a woman.


God just imagine how many insufferable "muh career woman" battleaxes will never be able to breed because of this. Best thing since Trump was elected tbqh.

What's the question? That (((feminists))) are pushing for equal pay so that kikes can profit off this crap? Yes and obviously they should be kicked out of power.

I actually don't believe this to be an accident, seems way too convenient. Either this was intentionally done to destroy the eggs or to cover up they where already long gone, sold to some genetics group/company for some kind of horrible experiment.

This is why sex robots don't work, for all the trouble a young woman can be, she does keep her eggs at a solid temperature.

More like bitch on Twitter more, call men pigs and ask the government for more shekels. Also start a patreon or some shit.

More like "in a frantic panic, a catlady realized her biological clock was basically up in her late 30s, and since no worthwhile man wants to shack up with an older woman, she had to buy the cum instead."
And a child was spared an elderly, bitter, single mother
Top fucking kek. I have zero sympathy for these cunts who think they can "have it all" when all they want is to have a kid, but that doesn't garner as many faceburg likes in the current year as being a successful career womyn

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Feels fucking good tbh.

It's like China's *trying* to get smart western men to immigrate!

"but user, dose evil men, it's their fault, don't they like strong independent women like me?!?!?!?!!, why can't I have my cake and eat it too, fucking patriarchy!!!! Fucking assholes, guess I'm gonna beg for internet donations from retarded white knights now."

Digits don’t lie

We were warned.

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I think the tech was oversold. It was not supposed to be done on such a massive level for so many people. If word got out that after 40 women cant have kids and science wont save them, it would be anarchy in coporate murica. Combined with that comifornia law that pretty much makes it legal to sell babies; i am suspecting that the career women are not going to be mothers in this lifetime.

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Call them for what they are: WHORES

No matter what a man makes, a whore (#YesAllWomen) will destroy, even for something as trivial as getting Chad's attention.

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Most western men are NOT smart though, 50% have sub-100 IQ and most in the other 50% are cucked by propaganda.

Most men (((believe))) that they can get a smart/independent wymyn who is "virgin" or that there are good wymyn out there despite LAWS in the west INCENTIVIZE and HELPING wymyn fuck Chad.

The most "redpilled" most men can get is thinking they can get a wymyn who had as much sex as them (which is retarded because most wymyn spend their best years fucking in the cock carousel).


10 bucks says it's only white eggs that coincidentally got damaged.

It wasn't hundreds it was 2000

The only people who could afford and would pay for this type of shit are upper class white liberals (and handful of wealthy minority shitlibs). Black and hispanic women aren't often going to find themselves in the position of having a successful career and having the foresight to think about if they want to have babies 15-20 years from now.

Mgtow is in my mind is a clear give away as to how week and pathetic most white men are now of days that's that I'm trying to black pill or something but it's obvious to me that it's the symptom of something that's not just simply boiled down to women are whites though they can be. Women will follow any one who shows strength and dominance the modern white man is not that. With sound you ever want to drop out and quit is completely beyond me. Yea shure step away for a while to improve your self and equip yourself with the proper tools to rise to the occasion but don't just mgtow and drop out like a cuck, that's not the solution to the problem but merely another problem in search of a solution. Be stronger than that…

Basically, the feminists, and the cucks are committing suicide. Nature's checks and balances are taking effect. We'll come out stronger in the end.

Meh that's what I'm hoping for

Namefags don't belong here. You've been politely warned.

WHat about the atrazine & shit that is literally feminizing the male populations? That shit ain't just gonna balance out.

Exactly. Last I checked, birth rates among conservatives/red states is somewhere between 2.5-3. Every conservative family that I know has at least two kids, usually three vs the 1.0 for shitlibs.
This is why they're targeting kids now because at this rate libs will die off and then its white vs everybody else. Can't run their agenda with nogs running the show.

That's a commercial grade weed killer isn't it? I mean I get were you're going with it and I do agree with you but what does that have at all to do with the topic at hand? And why should we try any less harder because of it?




genepool gets stronger as those unwilling to reproduce the normal way die off.

We're better off. The children would have grown with no sense of duty.

Oh no, there are endless oceans of available and marriageable men just in your local city, to say nothing of the White Western world as a whole. What these cunts are mad about is that every 5/10 woman (3/10 without makeup) thinks she's entitled to a 10/10 6'4" triple-Ph.D. multimillionaire pro athlete CEO bodybuilder/Olympic athlete cowboy astronaut secret agent, just for having a vagina, and then they find out that they aren't worth nearly as much as they thought they were. Instead of accepting reality and either being realistic about their prospects or, God forbid, working to improve themselves in the looks and personality departments, they ragequit and either convince themselves they're lesbians or become an hero. There are reasons it's not uncommon to see young women with older men, while reverse cases like Emmanuel Macron are an anomaly.

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Roastie pls, your beef flaps are showing. You gambled and you lost. You have to deal with the consequences of your own decisions. That's just how the life works. Not everyone can be a winner.

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I was bothered by this story for about 5 seconds until it clicked that they are all women who sleep around in their younger years, then get jobs or whatever and plan on having kids at like 48. Fuck them.

You kikes really do have some fucked up notions of how things should work.

are you an virgin?


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not really, i just like making fun of retards unaware of basic biology :^)

Woman is immunized against all dangers: one may call her a whore, a slut or a harlot, it all runs off her like water off a raincoat. But call her a roastie and you will be astonished at how she recoils, how injured she is, how she suddenly shrinks back: I've been found out.
That being said, if you really are a woman, get the fuck out immediately. We discuss politics here and females have no say in such matters. There isn't anything positive to say about women's right and only Jews and cucks believe in them so please know your place already.

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don't you think it's kind of pathetic that your only 'defense' is accusing the other party of being a woman? i feel genuinely sad for you

Don't you think it's quite pathetic never providing any counter-points?

More precisely, bitches can't.

I know you're a kike, and the day of gas is coming for you.

counter-point to ad-hominem? how does one do that?
his use of roastie/beef flaps implies that he thinks the poster he's reacting to is a woman. he also probably believes that 'roastie' as defined by average virgin poltard is a real thing.

You argue like a Jew and can't provide any counter-points relying instead on simple name calling. I don't think you are a Yid really. You are just young and naive but don't worry life is a great teacher.

How did you come up with that?

fuck off rach


Ah, so you are a butthurt woman. I think you know the rules.

how is this a good thing?

come up with what exactly?
that average virgin poltard which is different from average non-virgin poltard thinks that riding cock carousel ends with pulled-pork looking vagina? not sure, maybe with the common use of beef flaps as you can see here


pic of tits with timestamp and then you can leave, roastie

Everyone knows what to do with these. Just filter the lady's ID; she's not going to take the hint.

leave a picture of your tits for us too

no, i implied he's a virgin because of his use of 'roastie' and 'beef flaps'
if he weren't a virgin and had triple digit IQ he'd have realized a long time ago that average housewife gets a lot more of cock-mileage than average weekend hoe


Any one have a gore folder for this thing?

nice argument, double digit IQ

sure, just spam the thread with gore
i'm sure it'll make me leave

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Alright let me explain your retardedness in a simple post.

Right here. This where you fail to understand the whole "roastie" thing, not surprising because you are one and will thus do everything in your power to defend it and insult people and call them dumb virgins but cry like a kid when someone namecalls you back, as one should.

The reason why a housewife gets the pass is because she sticks with one partner and will most likely create a stable family, where as a slut fucks around with lots of different men (I'm sure you can relate with that you filthy fuck) which decreases her value as a women and as a trusty (future) partner thus making the slut the roastie. That's basically it.

you roastie

If you just post a picture of your tits we will have enough gore for months, you know what to do cunt.

It's pretty obvious from the way you post that you're either a woman or a man with the T levels of a woman, tbh fam.

let me explain your sub-par intelligence in a simple post.

you actually believe that a lot of cock-mileage causes beef flaps. it's not true. my woman for 6 years now is in the same state as she was at the beginning. ofc you'd know that if you had one as well. some of the biggest hoes have perfect innie after riding the carousel for 10 years, and some of the youngest girls have beef-curtains size of a wienerschnitzel.

but yeah, keep calling me cunt and roastie, that will sure change the facts :D
double-digit IQ