How Poland And Hungary Are Forming A Powerful Tag Team Against Brussels

>Hungary and Poland have come to each other's defense on and off since the Middle Ages. And they are doing so now as the European Union increases pressure on the two countries to tamp down what (((Brussels))) views as their attacks on democracy.

>The power of their alliance was evident during a meeting Thursday in (((Brussels))) between European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. The two were trying to resolve concerns the EU has about the independence of Poland's courts after the government dramatically increased its control of the judiciary. That action led the (((European Commission))) last December to trigger an unprecedented Article 7 proceeding against Warsaw. Nicknamed the "nuclear option," it could ultimately lead to Poland losing (((EU))) voting rights if it fails to comply with (((EU))) demands by March 20.

>The power of their alliance was evident during a meeting Thursday in (((Brussels))) between European Commission President (((Jean-Claude Juncker))) and Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. The two were trying to resolve concerns the EU has about the independence of Poland's courts after the government dramatically increased its control of the judiciary. That action led the European Commission last December to trigger an unprecedented Article 7 proceeding against Warsaw. Nicknamed the "nuclear option," it could ultimately lead to Poland losing (((EU))) voting rights if it fails to comply with (((EU))) demands by March 20.

>It started on Jan. 3 when the then newly appointed Morawiecki chose Budapest for his first international visit as Poland's prime minister. He had been expected to first go to (((Brussels))) to try to smooth things over with the (((European Commission.)))

>For (((Brussels))), the alliance couldn't come at a worse time. (((EU))) officials — led by France and Germany — are seeking to better integrate the bloc economically and politically. They want to develop a viable refugee policy and reach a consensus on the next long-term (((EU))) budget.

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Get italy in on this.

Exactly how right-wing is Italy's new government? I missed that election.

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Poland, Hungary, Italy
Also Czech, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia (soon)
all right wing government

Salvinis platform was anti-immigrant along with anti-eu, lower taxes, etc. Has been quoted as saying "Fuck the EU". His proposal to deal with the 500K savages? Toss them all out and put the Italian military on the libyan border to block all incoming boats.
The other "anti-establishment" M5S was a completely kike run meme dumpster fire. Basically proposed income welfare and within days said: "It will take years to come up with the forms…if it gets done".

not yet enough

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Hungary and Poland forever.

Remove kurwa EU.

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Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth ?
that was the only moment in history where Poland was actually relevant as a european power, helping those cuckish germans (or austrians, it's all the same for me) against the turkroaches back in 1600.

This is a good thing, brotherhood instead of war. Love and peace. But if those fucking jew loving sheeps who whorship alien god spam this thread with "deus vult" and kike fuckery i'm gonna marry a loving wife and have 4+ kids and tatto an ancient mongoloid nature god on my forhead. Your minds are infested with jewish tales and subjected to jews. Don't waste this thread with your bullshit jewish schemes.

Orban is controlled opposition, but the best controlled opposition, dont trust them vote to fidesz you faggots, you know the fidesz that lets chinese gooks with money to buy citizenship and force their pruducts onto us Brussels is not the only enemy.

Also we shoud make plans to reconnect some lands that belong to us 1938 style.

Hitler was Catholic, Schlomo. I'm filtering you. Take your D&C elsewhere.

Problem is China has been flooding Hungary with cash.
Fuckin EU starves countries out and China buys them up for pennies on the dollar. Just a coincidence though goy

Provide evidence please. I'm hearing you out but I'd like to read more on the subject.

is China going to force them to take refugees or disband borders?

No evidence just posts from twatter so grain of salt but its not the first time I've read that.

I really hope this isnt the case. Need to stand against kikery,

>(((NYT))) (((Reuters)))

He asked for proof, I gave it. Stop attacking the source and provide counter-data.

spewing misinformation dont help you neither name calling, think it trough. Your mind were conquered by jewish ideas, jewish laws, jewish traditions.

Name a religion more jewish than christianity.

the amount of d&c shills on threads about Poland and Hungary must mean they are doing something right

seems by this map that the good goys didn't really like hitler that much

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This would have been my argument but I wanted to be sure first. China has dealings across the world and while you can't trust the yellow peril it is possible to make deals with them while keeping them at arms length. Eastern europe has been a major trading bloc with China for a long time now and it's not flooded with them the same way Canada or Australia is.

Seems pretty strict and brings investment and opportunity with it. I understand your reaction but I think it may be an overreaction. It seems controlled and mutually beneficial.

This thread is getting far off topic now.

that's because they had their own catholic party that they voted

That was my thought, honestly. I don't necessarily like it, but…

Though I will say, the thing I like even less is China buying real estate anywhere they can. They're up to something.

To me it seems the Chinese only get a way with what they are allowed to. Hungary put a strict policy in place which China abides by while the US and Canada let them get away with murder, in trade, immigration and real estate. China seems to have the mentality that they would be a fool to let a sucker keep his money. But if you're firm with them, they will abide.

OMG based Christian NatSoc (which wasn't even true) this makes up for the 99.9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% Christian traitors in the world.

He was a Baptized Roman Catholic, Christened Adolphus, and he sang in the church choir as a boy.

He even considered becoming a priest when he was a child.

The references for these facts are

Christianity has traditionally served as a strong moral community structure. Just because its cucked at its heart and will have to be disposed of, doesn't mean that it hasn't had utility in the past and can't have utility now.

Instead of pounding a fracture point, why don't you praise Hungary and Poland and condemn the Pope and the cucks.

Dr. Goebbels said

Good Christianity is better than bad paganism/esotericism/atheism/whatever, and good paganism/esotericism/atheism/whatever is better than bad Christianity. All forms of religion have their advantages and disadvantages. But only a free people can make the choice.

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Religions deform to the people who practice them. People will always use a religious vocabulary to express their racial truth.

He is on record saying that he would not act against the church because he was sure that it would wither and die on its own. He wanted the German race to supplant Christianity. Source is David Irving's book "Hitler's War", chapter "Extreme Unction".

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Hungary sells EU citizenship to Chinks in exchange for a interest free loan from them. The Chinks move away from China and move to countries like Germany and France, and hide their money from their chink government. It's a thing.

Again, this is the Chinese doing what France and Germany let them.


No it is Hungary selling citizenship, which enables the Chink-Hungarians to move and deal free in the EU, as “EU citizen”.

To prevent that France and Germany would have to dissolve the EU. Hungary is not the only country selling “EU citizenship”, Spain, Portugal, Greece and some more countries do that.

That is one reason more, rampant corruption, why the EU needs to be ended.

Sounds like 4d chess from Hungary tbh.

China is generally pretty present in ex-communist countries currently.
And the relations are quite good as well, that is between Poland and China and Hungary and China.

Although I wouldn't go as far as to say that Orban is controlled opposition. It is actually quite obvious that he is a true national. His goals coincide with his country's goals. Probably wants to be well remembered.

Now to the "muh christianity is jewry" kikes.
Catholicism ended Communism. It also created the country today we know as Poland. It also helps us retain identity and actually ally ourselves with others on a supranational level.
If this is supposed to be kikery… Then it must have backfired.
And us central europeans don't give a fuck what your local kiked church says.

It is corrupt, because when the EU dissolves those Chinese are deported back in their “homeland”, Hungary.

EU citizenship =/= Hungarian citizenship
Also as stated in the RT piece here the immigration bond expires after 5 years.

Are you dense? The only reason those Chinks are allowed in Europe is they got Hungarian citizenship.

Cool, Hungary has no more money but 10000 more Chinese Citizen. Maybe Hungary should ask Canada how good an idea it is to allow mass immgration of Chinese.

Fucking cumans.

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Incorrect. They have an immigration bond.


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If they are not Hungarian citizen, then free movement within Europe does not apply to them.

The freedom to move to another EU country to work without a work permit is a right for EU nationals.

Countries with no agreement
For nationals of other countries – that have no agreement with the EU – the right to work in an EU country mainly depends on the laws of that country,

Any country will welcome anyone with money. Just the harsh reality of things and the nature of materialistic ideologies like capitalism and communism. It helps too that orientals aren't exactly well known for rape and murder as other invaders are but still I see any migrations as concern naturally.


Well, they're doing it in small numbers for now. It's just, like I said, I don't trust that China keeps going everywhere they can and buying up land.

yeah they came totheir defence by partitioning poland together with germs and russkies alright

nigga we don't even have a gubnmnt yet, we just ensured that (((PD))) and Europe won't be AS MUCH of a hassle as they currently are. Full on right wing policies will never come until everyone who voted M5S realizes these CIAniggers-backed idiots are just promising gibs they can't possibly sustain, as the people of Rome can tell you.

Youll see soon enough

All of them, since Christianity is the antithesis of the jew. Reported for intl.

Holy Roman Empire when?

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they dont pull their weight

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Hitler literally was Catholic though, are you retarded?

Hitler was so catholic that he, with disdain, referred to the bible as "that jewish artefact", and further commented "Any Sane German can only clutch his head in dismay at how this jewish outpouring, this priestly babble, has persuaded his fellow Germans to cavort in a manner that we used to ridicule in the whirling dervishes of Turkey and the negro races."

Hungary refused to take part in the invasion of poland, didn't allow the german army to use it's territories for such a purpose either and allowed hundreds of thousands of poles to cross it's border to flee.


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God bless the protestant people


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Don't mention it to poles it causes massive butthurt to connect them with Germans

They're still in negotiations on who will take over.

We're still arguing about who won the elections, we're going to need several weeks before we can even think of having a government

Latest from Salvini: (Google Translated)


we will have an eastern EU
With Vienna as its capital as the richest city.
Fucking Habsburgs

You realize that this method of arguing can full well be used against you, yes? Video related…

A Polish priest has been called to account for his actions after wishing an early death on Pope Francis.

Father Edward Staniek, a parish priest in the southern city of Krakow, had apparently been angered by the pope’s call for Catholics to take in Muslim refugees because it was their Christian duty.

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Hungary also, big support from Slovenija.

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People are decisively with you.
We need to ban soros ngo's just like you did and Russia as well.
Big support

This user is correct

Vid related…

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Shame the Jagiellon dynasty died off.


Don't be butthurt, this is a good strategem.

Has there been any updates regarding Italy?

Chinks even appear in Poland.
They literally drop shitload of 'student' on Uni.

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No nukes. Just a target for BASED countries.